Quincy Jones Dismisses Kanye West Comparison

UPDATE: Quincy responds to his Kanye remarks, says he meant to disrespect to his "little brother"

In an interview with Us Magazine legendary producer Quincy Jones brushed off a Kanye West comparison they made. After the interviewer said "Kanye West is similar to you in that he's the producer everybody wants to work with in the last decade...." before Quincy cut them off.

"How man? No way. Did he write for a symphony orchestra? Does he write for a jazz orchestra? Come on, man. He's just a rapper. There's no comparison. I'm not putting him down or making a judgement or anything, but we come from two different sides of the planet. I spent 28 years learning my first skill. I don't rap. It's not the same thing. A producer has to have some sort of skills that enable him to be a producer. It's totally different to know what to do with 16 woodwinds you know from piccolos down to bass clarinet. It's a whole different mindset. No comparison. None."

When pressed what he thinks about West, he didn't offer up much. "I don't think about him much. He's a great rapper, but there are a lot of good rappers. I just did The View with Ludacris, who's one of my favorites. He's a beautiful human being and college educated. I joke with him and say, 'How did 'Move Bitch Get Out The Way' come out of you?' But I was raised around the Mafia when I was a kid in Chicago in the 30s. Chicago's rough. I'm from the streets, I know what's up!"

(November 23)

UPDATE: Quincy Jones posted a response on his website to ensure people he meant no disrespect to Kanye West. 

“I have nothing but respect for my little brother Kanye and what he has achieved in his young career and I look forward to watching his evolution as an artist. There is a reason why we put him on the new We Are The World 25 for Haiti – he’s a great rapper. But having been in the music business for more than 60 years and having been fortunate to accomplish what I have over that time, it’s not unreasonable to put a comparison of Kanye at this time in his career and myself into the proper perspective. This is not dissing Kanye, this is simply trying to express that I’m not a rapper! I don’t need to take anyone else’s props away from them. Let’s all just try and keep the record straight.”


  • Mikey Supreme

    I havent been realllly impressed and a huge of a fan of Kanyes since collee dropout that was my favorite. And Quincy is a legend but to compare the two is just stupid. Also to say sampling of producing hiphop is easier or retarded compared is just an opinion im saying this as a producer. Music in ALL forms is an art and not everyone likes everything. I mean i font jam to or understand polka dancing but i aint goin to down it, its just not what I like but im sure to a fan of that genre its different so just let artists be who they wanna be and hey even if they only affect one person..hey that better than not affecting anyone at all...STOP COMPARING

  • bobbyVision

    I cant believe anyone would argue this....Kanye samples Quincy tracks not vice versa. I've been with this scene since the beginning and I love alot of Yeezys material but he is in no way whatsoever anywhere near the Composer and Producer Quincy Jones is.PERIOD

  • mebeburke

    Kanye producer first. I put up with him rapping like I do Dre. And like i never will with Diddy...

  • drew

    Dude, this guy may have produced thriller and all that but that doesnt make him a better producer than kanye west or dr dre or dj premier or any of those guys. They all have their own unique sound, and do things differently and are very creative people. none of them need to take any advice or tips from Quincy Jones, having a good ear for good music is all they have or ever will need, they dont need to be able to play an instrument, they can all get an orchestra or musicians to come into their studio and play for them and hear something they like and put into a song at the right spot and make a hit, just like a movie director has a bunch of actors and photographers and camera men and make up artists and set designers come in, and tell them what they want out of them to make their idea come to life. The fact that he called kanye just a "rapper" IS disrespectful and ignorant, Kanye is an artist, he now has a short film under his belt, designs clothes and shoes, he is always heavily involed in every artistic detail in everything he does. He is a better Artist than any of these other music dudes right now, and is most definately a better artist than Michael Jackson ever was. Oh and none of the sounds and things that these people talk about creating is NOT theirs, they did not create any of it, it was already out their in the universe and just happened to come to them, and they took advantage of what they heard and what god gave them, I've have had many ideas pop up in my head many times and see someone else do the same thing I was thinking of. They just happen to be in the right place, in the right time and have the tools and resources to make it come to life. That is the only damn thing they should be taking credit for.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye like other rap producers dont create sound they use sound that already exist from other records and minipulate them into hip hop records just step it up and use real instruments thats all.

  • Anonymous

    Be forreal he isnt lying rap production compared to real musical arrangment isnt even close. I think Kanye needs to step it up. learn an instrument or record with a symphony orchestra and work on his lyrical content. because ye's lyrical content has fallen way the fuck off since graduation. p.s. Kanye you are in your 30's and im only 18 all that bitchin isnt even cool like forreal

  • Anonymous

    Quincy was right though. this man affected culture he produced songs for artists from sinatra to mj and produced the sound for every instrument on the beat. This man also produced mj's 3 highest selling albums and he went diamond not platnum diamond most selling consecutive 3 records in history.nuff said

    • Luck

      Did you catch him in the last interview say that the Jackson FAMILY never thanked him. That's a real-time reflection on where he fit into the success that they had. There are a lot of producers who are where they are for having been at the right place at the right time. Whether that means to work with talent, or to apply methods and ideas compatible with their own when the industry was going that route. Tell me why it is Will.I.am as successful as he is...dude is whack.

  • the_truth

    Music is an Art.... just like any other forms of art, you can be taught or it can be a natural gift that you then perfect. Quincy was taught. Kanye had a natural ear for sound and took that and run with it..... Quincy does not respect Hip Hop plain and simple. You can tell by how many HIP HOP artists he has produced. A lot of great composers in history were not taught. Bach took music lessons but Mozart just sat on the Piano and started playing then perfected it..... I actually think Kanye is more of a producer than Quincy because with enough patience anything can be taught to anyone.

    • sam

      Figures your ignorant ass would think kanye is the same as quincy.

    • jon

      uhm....Mozart didnt just sit at the piano and start playing...his father was heavily involved. and there is more history that im NOT EVEN gona get into...read a musicology book on Mozart before u say he just sat at a piano and played

  • 80'srapconsumer

    it's not about what everyone else thinks of either of them. it's about how tiny kanye must feel in the presence of someone like quincy. there are more people in quincy's league that deserve comparing than kanye. like hundreds more. now....in RAP music....yes kanye is the genius and top of the pops for ten years now. he still has many creative years ahead of him. kanye samples and admittedly does not play an instrument. he is like all of the rap great producers in this PROGRAMMED form of music. quincy is a musician and did everything kanye does now before the advent of sampling and PROGRAMMED music. quincy is correct in putting people in perspective. as good as kanye, dre, premo, timbo etc are they all shrink a little inside in the presence of past greats. trust me, or they wouldn't be where they are today.

  • No Class

    Nobody really cares about the technical details and woodwinds, piccolos, clarinets or any of that shit. Quincy and Kanye are more alike than Quincy wants to believe. Two primadonna arrogant bitches with no class. Heard more about them than I care to this past week, and I for one seriously limit credit that I give to producers in the first place. Michael Jackson without Quincy Jones is Michael Jackson. What has he been smoking? Seems like an alcoholic or something.

    • Tru dat

      "Michael Jackson without Quincy Jones is Michael Jackson." Tru dat. No vice versa on that quote. Quincy is drinking his own piss, poppin' off about having eaten off of more m'fuckas. At least that's what I hear.

  • Stigg

    This is ridiculous. Quincy Jones has won 26 grammy's in a career spanning 60 years and has worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra - legends. Not to mention film production, musical scores and TV achievements. To even compare the two at this stage is ludicrous. And for those doubting his 'true roots' as a musician, he was also a trumpet player in a prominent jazz orchestra. One day Kanye will be old and 'not relevant either' and when that day comes, then compare the careers of the two. And just for the record i'm in my twenties and hip-hop is my favourite musical genre. Peace.

    • Anonymous

      Stigg: This is ridiculous. Quincy Jones has won 26 grammy's in a career spanning 60 years and has worked with the likes of Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles and Frank Sinatra - legends. Not to mention film production, musical scores and TV achievements. To even compare the two at this stage is ludicrous. And for those doubting his 'true roots' as a musician, he was also a trumpet player in a prominent jazz orchestra. One day Kanye will be old and 'not relevant either' and when that day comes, then compare the careers of the two. And just for the record i'm in my twenties and hip-hop is my favourite musical genre. Peace. ...................................... Exactly thank you. Kanye just does different things than other rappers and expects to get credit for doing it. Like that runaway movie shit it was all over the place


    its pure disrespect to label Kanye only as a "rapper". First and foremost hes an incredible producer / beatsmith who brought a lot of fresh air into hip-hop production. kanye singlehandedy brought back the vintage soul into hip-hop, aside from a lot of technical shit nobody ever did in hiphop production (just check the arrangement of Jesus Walks and tell me that wasnt groundbreaking for Hip-Hop production). If it wasnt for dudes like Kanye (or even a Primo or Pete Rock before) Quincys whole body of work wouldnt be as relevant as it is today. I hate the fact old heads dont acknowledge the art and craftsmanship of excellent hip-hop production, beat programming and sampling. And by the way: Kanye has done incorporated live orchestras and shit. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImKfG8equzY Not too hard as well when you work with great musicians. I doubt Quincy plays Cello himself...

    • Hannibal

      Dog go kill yourself. We talking about Quincy Fuckin Jones man, Even Kanye would not make that comparison. Just the era Kanye is in where software does most of the work make him not even compare with Quincy who had to deal with actual instruments. Anybody saying that he's not in demand now while Kanye is is a fuckin clown. Quincy is fuckin 80 yearsold. But bet that guys like Dr Dre are askin him for advice . Orchestras and shit.smh

    • C

      "instruments and shit"... lol...this is the type of dumb shit that is the reason hip hop doesnt get any respect...please go back to schoool, and stay awake this time

  • sofian

    i think you guys need to read the question again. because the question was about popularity. they didn't compare the production skills of kanye and quincy but the fact that a lot of people wants to work with kanye just like a lot of people wanted to work with quincy. and the next one who says kanye ain't a producer i kick his ass.

    • @sofian

      why because you are trying to make money off of people? gonna kick they ass huh? If they don't pay you and follow your orders that ye is a producer right? that's so important yeah right.

  • Anonymous

    rappers have big heads when it comes to music, sorry to say. most of them can't play an instrument, can't read a note but want people to respect what they do on the same level as everyone else and get mad when people don't. Neither Dre or kayne are anywhere near Quincy's level. nowhere fucking near. They are collage artists at best that rely on the expertise of others.

  • senjo amen

    quincy? wasn't he in black dynamite? who the fuck is this fruit fooling with rose tinted glasses? homie needs to sit the fuck down. 'does kanye write music for blah-blah-blah?' AND THEN go and say 'nah, i aint mean shit by that.' fuckin old man. fuck kanye too. you like kanye? then you like the devil...illuminati.

    • Hannibal

      @ senjo amen, enroll in a community college and learn a trade, expand your mind then get a job and get some hobbies, then googele your comment about kanye and the illuminati, you'll be EMBARRASSED

    • Anonymous

      i like the illuminati i hope they would kill you all

  • Anonymous

    fuck Quincy his time is done its over for him bitches hes out

  • Il do Che

    Why are these two niggaz even being compared. Quincy was the shit in his day, no one who knows the industry can doubt that but his time is done.. He is relegated to the past tense. Today.. Now..Can't nobody fuck wit kanye, not dre, not timbo, not the neptunes. Don't even come close.. Go out and cop that fantasy dopest album in a long time! Pay homage to the old school but be excited that we have someone with the depth of creativity of kanye for our generation.

    • @guttah

      You are going to make it. And "making it" doesn't necessarily mean become famous through media. You can acheive all your dreams and you can do it without media. Good luck, wish you the best.

    • eujong byok kun

      17 eh? you ain't gonna make it.

    • GuttahMastah

      Kanye is a bitch....he rejected a Premo beat and is thinking about working with soulja boy's wack production. He has only been in the business for 6 years. 6 years compared to the one and only Quincy Jones' 60 years of work is NOTHING. They should not be compared at all. And I am not some old freak who is against hip hop music. I love hip hop music, and I am only 17 years old. I am also speaking about this as a DJ/producer.

    • @ill do

      quit with the fake advertisement shit

    • Charles ExSavior

      My problem with the new album is that 2-3 songs sound like Kanye actually did the work. Even the first song sounds WAY more like a RZA beat than 'Ye, don't front. Having 9 other producer inputs (Mike Dean and another dude did 3/4 of the production) hardly suggests Kanye is the driving force of his own music anymore, it's guest appearance driven.

  • RealTalk98

    man y'all need to be honest. yeah quincy is a legend of back in the day. but who's music do you have on your ipod who's music makes u bump ur head and go yeaaaaha thats that ish!! for most of the younger generation its kanye and quincy needs to respect that. music is about how ppl feel about music and a lot more of this generation get that feeling from kanye music over quincy. be honest. and oh yeah kanye IS a producer. and has had a hand in the career of one of the most successful and prbbly longest remembered rappers ever Jigga. so if you bring up the quincy and michael connection you gotta remember kanye n jay as well. bless.

    • @real talk

      All these media artists you see who you think is making the public "feel good" are hand picked by the top CEO's the multi-multi millionaries the ones who have the connections with the 6 companies who control mainstream media. They're NOT making the public feel good, they are only tricking them because if they actually were making the public feel good THE TOP LABEL'S WOULDN'T SIGN THEM!! All the top bullshitters, the billionaries who hold annual meetings, the CEO's, the top TV stations the last thing they want to do is make the public "feel good". So they are tricking you and instead of you understanding the way things are you say the celebrities make you "feel good" because you don't want to come to the reality that these people are only trying to take advantage of you and get to your income. That's it. The "feel good" line is bullshit. They want money, the "feel good" stuff is bullshit.

    • RealTalk98

      My arguement however, is simply that for the younger generation, Kanye is one of the biggest producers out. We can argue all day about instruments and musical theory but at the end of the day atleast to my understanding music is to feeling. And relevancy talk pisses me off as well when its used in the wrong context but in this case I really think my arguement stands that atleast in our time as in the interview "Kanye is the go to producer" he brings out that good feeling music is supposed to bring out. Now im not trying to say kanye is more of a genius that quincy was or rather is but simply that I think quincy needs to respect that Kanye is doing something for this generation in terms of making music to make them feel good and he IS a producer no one can take that from him maybe making music has changed for the simpler and blander but regardless. Kanye is one of the leaders of creating the music of today! and it irks me when old timers act like what the young are doing is bullshit... you know what? if the way thriller made my parents feel is the same as what graduation made me feel (hypothetically!!! not trying to equate the two) then what right does quincy have to not even acknowledge kanye as a producer?? thats all.

    • I'm At Work And Bored

      hahaha. wow, kids these days. Quincy made Thriller. This is like trying to compare Tupac to Ja Rule. Just stop it.

    • Charles ExSavior

      ^ EXACTLY. Quincy did in one album only a handful of musicians accomplished in their lifetime. People and their "relevancy" talk piss me off because they wanna use TODAY'S music as an example. I'm sorry (not really) but FUCK anyone dumb enough to think Mr. Jones holds no weight in music out of ignorance. Sure he's not "big" on the scene today but his work spoke for itself in their respective times. Not knowing who he is is one fault, but not understanding the astronomical difference between working with an MPC/keyboard and an orchestra is foolish to me.

    • Anonymous

      and the younger generation needs to respect whats happened before them.

  • hiphop don


  • Anonymous

    Kanye can't wipe Quincy's ass cheeks

    • @real talk

      No. not done. The music isn't good. It sucks. You want to say you like it becuase you don't want to admit that these people hold power over you and want to take your income. Yeah making $30,000 a year when these top billionaires are holding annual meetings "feels good" doesn't it, because of the music right? No. That's bullshit. You're trying to say we should "respect" Kanye because you want him to take more money out of our pockets. I respect people who I personally meet and personally know and who I can know for a fact is actually helping people. Those are the only people I respect.

    • RealTalk98

      talk of relevancy is not bullshit if one is using it to point out that even if kanye is no quincy. he still is one of the biggest producers putting out good music in this era and therefore doesnt deserve to be completely disregarded as only a rapper. i dont mean to use kanye being more relevant now to the new kind of music in any negative way against quincy. just saying that kanye is active now and either we all just listen to thriller for the rest of our lives ( i know quincy has a lot of other records just using thriller to make a point) or we respect the ppl atleast attempting to put out new good music like kanye and not completely dismiss them. done.

    • @realtalk

      "who's more relevant now" dude that's not real talk that's straight up bullshit. Obviously someone who is 50 years younger than another person is going to be more active today. quit with the bullshit.

    • RealTalk98

      Who's more relevant now though?? Kanye is one of the biggest producers at the moment. and I would dare say more relevant now than quincy jones. respect the guy but u would rarely find me bumping a quincy record. i guess its good music but like a huge chunk of our generation for some reason dont really vibe with it.

    • C

      LOL Agreed. Quincy is right; let's keep this shit in perspective. Kanye is great and all, I'm a big fan, but that's QUINCY FUCKING JONES right there. He still spending "Thriller" money. lol

  • Anonymous

    UPDATE: Quincy responds to his Kanye remarks, says he meant to disrespect to his "little brother" "says he meant" - dx, you need to fix that, or was it on purpose?

  • balls

    YO. QUINCY COULDN'T BE MORE RIGHT. He is totally right. THis guy is a goddamn real musician. There is absolutely no comparison. Kanye is a hip hop producer and rapper. bottom line.

  • Anonymous

    says he meant to disrespect to his "little brother" this is what you put as the update. i would change that.

  • edubb1977


  • Confused

    I don't understand....is Quincy Jones basically faulting our generation for having TECHNOLOGY? lol. I get not to compare him with Kanye because of the sheer legacy. Kanye himself probably wouldn't dare compare in that respect. He might say he's the Quincy of OUR generation, but anywhere near the actual man's is nonsense. Even his ego isn't..well nevermind But still, it seemed like the interviewer wasn't even asking tha kind of question. He's straight up wrong if he is really faulting music today just because we're technologically at the point the naturally inclined like Kanye don't need to know theory to jam out a good product.

  • Anonymous

    Quincy is a phenomenon simply put, but Kanye is not just a rapper. He's a great artist & producer who's carrying the torch for good music & creativity. Quincy needs to check Kanye out then check himself! LOL

    • Drew

      LOL...ya....the dude who did Thriller and prbly half of Kanye's samples should shut the fuck up. Its almost as if he thinks he's a black legend or anyone Kanye should aspire to be in thoughts, words and dare I say deeds. Stupid Quincy Jones

    • anon

      yeah the guy who assisted in producing thriller needs to check himself.....

  • Akim

    The way He talks about rap is like rap is not a respected music but rap music as far me and millions of people disagree ,rap is by far the highest selling music in the world right now and the most creative music in the world.for example look at Nas,cee loo,outkast,Talid kwali,2pac,Big,Kanye and etc.As for Kanye He is right now the most talented music producer in the world and the most creatve artist.I have respect for Q but Kanye is up there in music

    • ilexx

      Yeah bro get your facts straight.. Rap music is by far NOT the highest selling music art form right now. I do think that Kanye is pushing the envelope of Hip Hop music and he always has been ever since he came out. Kanye has his own sound that others really cant get a piece of unless they go to him for production... He is a genius but Quincy is most certainly on an entirely next level with his understanding of Music theory and music history.

    • Anonymous

      rap music is NOT the highest selling form of music in the world

    • jpepsi

      Nah man he's saying that Kanye is just a rapper period.Not a producer like him. Kanye's a great producer for Hip Hop culture but he still have work to do for music itself...(I'm a fan of Kanye BTW but I totally feel Mr. Jones on that.)

  • Leroy The Mack Daddy

    F*** Quincy Jones, he only made one decent album all his life, which was Thriller, after that he just remade oldies. Quincy Jones is the P Diddy of the 80s, making corny elevator music like Body Heat.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Quincy Jones IS GAY

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    • Anonymous

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    • dmize-one

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  • Will-I-Ain't

    well, it's pretty clear, Quincy can't sell or keep up with 'Ye. So, He sits in the dark dreamin of when his sound counted. W/out Mike he devoloped into an industry addict without anybody. Mumblin words like he's half asleep. "Mumble Mumble... Kanye! Kanye!!! Kanye... Mumble Mumble"

    • Anonymous

      Nope, he wont ever. As, since the Tech Advance of the tape recorder it's never gonna happen. But, Quincy is living in bitter it would seem. Like, a Man's Ex. She would insists that that new thang ain't shit. When, in reality, she just gpot old and started to sag.

    • Anonymous

      Are you retared? Kanye will never be able to sell the ammount Quincy has or make as much of an impact on the musical world as Quincy. Quincy has more money than Kanye will ever be able to imagine.

  • Unexpected Flava

    Both them niggas gay.

  • @mindframe416

    i have the utmost respect for this man and his career, but it's a new day and a new age...the torch has already been passed for better or for worse.

  • Anonymous

    Quincy has every right to say he isn't like kanye

  • insanemacbeth

    Q.J. wwas conducting an orchestra, writing scores, and had knowledge of music theory, at 16. Q.J. is a musical genius....and a lot of people in rap really don't KNOW about music, nowadayz. plus this guy's responsible, for M.J.'s "THRILLER" album.

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is quincy jones fagoot

    • balls

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    • wunjesus

      who is Quincy Jones im sorry but that is so disrespectful if it wasn't for him you would not be listening to half the shit your listening to now you should have more respect for a legend like him

  • Anonymous

    quincy is a mad cow

    • Jaffrey Jenkins

      Nobody cares what QJ or KW did KW thinks he should be in the bible.. what has KW done?? he claimed he would be in the bible like honestly the bible knigga? He raps like mos def / talib kweli intelligent hip hop but hes not way better than those guys hes done nothing really for society like he said "george bush doesn't like black people" he hasn't dedicated his life to help black people out or donated all his money for katrina relief..

  • Anonymous

    quincy needs to die

  • JB

    I got respect for Quincy's accomplishments, but after saying this, I don't got respect for him. Yeah, I get it. He WRITES music. He knows THEORY. Fine. He's classically trained and more musically skilled. I can live with that. But the way he completely dismisses Kanye, rap, and basically every hip hop producer EVER is WACK. A music legend and pioneer should support and inspire the next generation, not rub in how he's so much better. What an idiot.

    • Production God

      First Off. Any fuckin Monkey with a Key board can make Rap music. I am a rapper and I undertstand this.,.,Fuckin Kid Kudi and Kanye west and all these other monoton " Rappers" that do nothing more then talk aver a beat ARE SHIT>

    • anon

      i totallay agree with balls at the end of the day kanye is hip hop, he will never live up to what quincy did as was said half the samples ye uses are from quincy. secondly ye isnt even original whos productiont echniques are so heavily influenced by rza its untrue

    • balls

      Guy above me....also kill yourself. Everything you said is VOID because you can't spell for shit. Kanye is the modern day Quincy? Kanye is just "Hip Hop", not just music in general, fuckin idiot. There is ABSOLUTELY no comparison between these two. Any person who has brains would totally agree with Quincy.

    • Anonymous

      i fully agree..u get a thousand thumbs up..lol..i had the utmost respect for him till today..its just not fair..kanye is the modern age quincey..he is raising the bar in music whether or not pplsz wanna believe it..after this album all the other artist gotta catch up...nd plus qj has been out for almost a half century maybe more..kanye less than a decade..of course they gonna think its no comparison..but give him some more time..wen kanye is qj age we would see that he's a legend..prolly of higher status than even "the great Quincey Jones"

    • wunjesus

      he was not rubbing in how hes better but to compare Quincy to Kayne west is like comparing Eminem to 50 cent there both good but Quincy has been around since Motown that means all the classics even samples that Kayne west himself have used has come from this man. he wasn't saying they were wack but how can you compare them

  • The_Ghost_BKS1


  • mindrelated

    I respect Qunicy Jones but to continue to ignore the fact that Kanye is a producer is insulting. Plan and simple Kanye is not just a rapper, he is one hell of a producer and because he doesn't produce music the Quincy does should not take aways from how talented he is. The question was not asking whether they were equals but rather equals in the since of everyone wanting to work with Kanye. I hate the baby boomer generation who instead of uplifting those who came after them, they find fault or ways to put them down. Hopefully Kanye does not respond to the comments and make the situation even worse.

    • da1

      Nah quincy is alot older then the baby boomer group. Baby boomers are the sixties this guy is one of those thirties baby's dude.One of those old old timer as niggaz. I respect them both though.

  • Anonymous

    fuck 2pac gay ass got fucked in jaill if you dont know fag

  • D!z

    I remember people used to compare Dr Dre with Quincy Jones. You definitely Cant hate on Quincy for that statement. It was such an honor to hear him speak at Howard U.

  • Maurice D. Randle

    OMG you people amaze me!!! Quincy Jones is def. one of the greatest producers of all time. However, Kanye is def. in the running to be a legend himself. With that said, first of all, you CANNOT pretend that Quincy Jones NEVER used synthesized sounds in any of his music. That's just plain stupid to think that. Second, to act as if Kanye doesn't know or couldn't learn how to write orchestral music is preposterous. Nobody's saying Kanye is better than Quincy, but to pretend like Kanye isn't the go-to guy in music right now is just laughable.

  • Anonymous


  • yo

    Big up Quincy for setting the record straight. The interviewer can't be serious when he compared them.

  • truevibe302


  • YouSerious?

    Quincy is right because he MAKES and KNOWS his own music. He writes down the scored and can tell you what notes are played by what instruments. Kanye, meanwhile, probably doesn't know any music theory at all. He just smashes in samples and notes that sound good to his ear and he puts them toghether. I enjoy music by both of these guys, but Quincy Jones's musical skills and experience are so far beyond Kanye's its not even funny. Also, as others have said, the interviewer is a dumbass for asking such a poorly worded question. Why even bring that up?

    • Anonymous

      he does actually read music. if you knew how to you wold realize that it really isn't as necessary unless you're an instrument driven artist/producer like quincy jones. Kanye is not and that doesn't really make him less of a musician and tbh if he learnt music theory when he was younger it wouldn't have made a difference because in some countries 12 year olds have to learn it as part of their school curriculum.

  • artmie

    i get was quincy is saying, but, damn, he was a little brutal wasn't he? he could've just said "we make different types of music" and left it at that. and another thing, if kanye was born in a different time he would make a different type of music. the same can be said for quincy. if the tables were turned, kanye west would be conducting orcestras and quincy jones would be making beats. it's all good music in the end anyway, so what does it really matter?

  • Hump

    Sorry you Kanye fans who have no grasp of musical history outside of your ipod and cosign any and everything that Kanye does as an act of Godly creative genius. They don't belong in the same sentence. Kanye is not a composer. Like many Hip Hop 'producers' of today he gets a good share of his 'hits' and sounds through sampling what someone from the past composed from scratch. They are very talented, but sadly won't be in the same league as Quincy Jones, Prince, Gamble and Huff, James Brown, etc...

  • Nico 3

    QJ, you're an old, clueless dinosaur. That new Ludacris song is hot garbage. A man of his experience should know better than to say something about another rapper, while clearly dick riding another.

  • G'

    lol Quincy was hitting them drum machines just as hard as Kanye....in terms of comparing them on that level they can be comparable. I dont think he remembers he was the KING of the drum machine with MJ. Also, QDIII made the Fresh Prince theme if I recall....not Quincy. Quincy is silly....

  • artmie

    quincy like "im quincy jones, bitch. get at me, motha fucka." lol

  • MarcDog

    Kinda fucked up that Quincy just dismissed an entire genre of music because they don't write music. He doesn't even sound aware that Ye is a producer. And the "Quincy knows 16 woodwinds" thing means nothing, because all that matters is the end product. Ye just happens to live in an era where computers can be used to make music. If Ye was born when Quincy he would've learned an instrument. In this generation, he doesn't have too

  • Anonymous

    damn what are yall saying? fuck quincy??? really??

  • Anonymous

    I dunno, everybody on here supporting Quincy, might as well leave it alone, the people who are smart get the picture, and the others are gay, and there's nothing you can do about it. This generation is hopeless.

  • Anonymous

    Quincy Jones is a house nigger

  • Anonymous

    Quincy go fuck yourself and ludcris 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'intros looooollllol

  • yeaaa man

    obviously Quincy Jones doesn't know exactly what it is that hip hop producers do. Dude didn't even seem to understand that the interviewer was comparing them as producers. But oh well, who cares.

  • Anonymous

    FUCK Quincy and all 16 of them wood winds!Kanye's an amazing producer..tell jones to go back to making 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'intros..He'll never be a Micheal Jackson or Prince or even a Stevie Wonder.or a west..he's jus a old nigga that grew up back in the day;so he feel he's extra important.

  • Anonymous

    i only fuck with hip hop so fuck it

  • T Dot Movement

    Why the fuck are dudes catching feelings on here? Quincy is right. He's been making music longer than many of us will LIVE, you think he doesn't know his shit? The point Quincy was making is...it doesn't take NEARLY as much effort to produce hip hop as it did for him to produce jazz, bossa nova, funk, swing, soul, R&B, big band, etc. Get off Kanye's jock!!

  • Anonymous

    Man people don't even know music. Someone said down there that he produced Thriller. C'mon, did you people already forget who Michael Jackson is. Haha, none the less Quincy has made such amazing music and his skill isn't even comparable. That shit is like comparing the "greatest of all time" so to speak, with todays hot topic, just for the sake some of dumb media comparison. I hope Kanye isn't as dumb as some of his fans, but sometimes I have doubts. If quincy didn't exist, a lot of the rap you've all come to enjoy wouldn't of been ripped off for your enjoyment. And on top of that your parents probably wouldn't have even got down and you wouldn't be here in the first place. Have a little respect for the old timers. And check your history

  • HRH Louisx

    'Pac Fucked his daughter in the cunt, ass and mouth. 'Move Bitch Get Out The Way'

  • Enigma Sept

    When did Ludacris become college educated? I don't remember anything in Luda's bio that said he went to college. Kanye is college educated, he just didnt finish. Not to be on Yeezy's dick. Quincy Jones is right...he's a musician. The man writes music, not just humming some melody in his head and have some studio musician recreate it. But he got to get his shyt straight if he's gonna dis somebody.

  • MAC


  • kiddzues_

    stop talking shit quincy jones is your favorite rappers' favorite producer

  • Truthenola

    i understand , but i dont,. thats just some distasteful shit to say about Ye, , whatever quincy, the younder generation doesnt have a clue who you are , its like comparing alexander greame bell to steve jobs. you are a musical legend , but ,.... what you done lately ??

    • Anonymous

      yeah, who cares about Kanye. Back in those days you had to be somebody great before you even had the chance to spread bullshit over society. And Quincy Jones is just saying, that's like comparing marvin gaye to J. Cole. It's offensive to Marvin Gayes standpoint

    • Anonymous

      What said was total bullshit

  • Jersey Finest Kings

    I love both of their music... It would be great to see them work together.. Yo check out my facebook for some ill hiphop.. I put my heart and soul in to this.. Always open to criticism...

  • bkstylz

    Here is the big difference between the two...Quincy Jones writes the kind of music Kanye samples. For that reason, there is no comparison. I respect Kanye's skill, but rap producers don't need to be musicians.

  • candyrayne215

    they need to ask why quncy jones only mess with white women....

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    lmao yall niggas is dick riders and haters

  • Close your mind

    Granted, dude did jump the gun on the interviewer. I mean, anyone who knows music knows this isn't even a comparison. No need to go in on Yeezy, but come on dude produced Thriller!! Check the rec: "an American music conductor, record producer, musical arranger, film composer, television producer, and trumpeter. During five decades in the entertainment industry, Jones has earned a record 79 Grammy Award nominations,[2] 27 Grammys,[2] including a Grammy Legend Award in 1991. He is best known as the producer of the album Thriller, by pop icon Michael Jackson, which has sold over 110 million copies worldwide,[3] and as the producer and conductor of the charity song “We Are the World”. In 1968, Jones and his songwriting partner Bob Russell became the first African-Americans to be nominated for an Academy Award in the "Best Original Song" category. That same year, he became the first African-American to be nominated twice within the same year when he was nominated for "Best Original Score" for his work on the music of the 1967 film In Cold Blood. In 1971 Jones would receive the honor of becoming the first African American to be named musical director/conductor of the Academy Awards ceremony. He was the first African-American to win the Academy's Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, in 1995. He is tied with sound designer Willie D. Burton as the most Oscar-nominated African American, each of them having seven nominations. At the 2008 BET Awards, Quincy Jones was presented with the Humanitarian Award. He was played by Larenz Tate in the 2004 biopic about Ray Charles, Ray."

  • me

    composing original compositions instrument by instrument is a WHOLE OTHER LEVEL than sampling compositions and adding to them. quincy jones knows music, inside and out. kanye knows beats and sounds. huge difference people.

  • DazzOne

    Mr. Jones is absolutely correct. If Kanye had a third of his talent he would be an even greater producer. Kanye should try to live up to his standard if he really wants to take this music game forward.

  • DR Jam

    Sir Quincy has spoken. Meeting adjourned! And if you try to counter him, you will be painting the walls with your foolishness.

  • Anonymous

    this nigga has worked with the biggest retards ive ever met. he doesnt think much of kanye, and his favorite is fucken ludacris because hes college educated. stfu, you old ass motherfucker. kanye is a top 10 hip hop producer, and has worked with a shitload of real intruments with his career aswell.

  • Charles Staten

    FUCK Quincy and all 16 of them wood winds!Kanye's an amazing producer..tell jones to go back to making 'Fresh Prince of Bel-Air'intros..He'll never be a Micheal Jackson or Prince or even a Stevie Wonder.or a west..he's jus a old nigga that grew up back in the day;so he feel he's extra important.

    • H.I.T.T.M.A.N.

      Dog, just look into Quincy Jones` discography & STFU. In modern day the closest producer to Q is Rick Rubin,and I`m basing this on the different types of artist that Rick has produced & had success with. p.s. The interviewer was a jack-ass for attempting to make that comparison in the 1st place.

    • Doc

      your an idiot...suggest you go check his bio fool

    • khordkutta

      Dude I'll help you find it.....Obviously you have lost your mind Q is that dude. He'll never be... Neeeeegrooooo puuuuhleeease. The cats you mentioned would cosign Q all day over Ye.

    • dft2000

      kanye is jus a old nigga that grew up back in the day;so he feel he's extra important.

  • Pellz

    Kanye is good but he is no great. Quincy writes music from scratch. These new producers program music, and sample from the originator. Different ball game to me.

  • DJ R.

    Word Up. Quincy is totally right. He is a Genius. He´s longer than the most in the business. Music is a never ending story. You never learn out. Every day is a new experience.

  • Hey Dumb Assess

    The only way that the interviewer compared them is by saying that they are similar in that THEY ARE PRODUCERS THAT EVERYONE WANTS TO WORK WITH!!! He's not comparing their accomplishments, he's not comparing their styles, he's not comparing their status in the industry.. He's only comparing how everyone wants to work with them... stfu

  • Charles ExSavior

    People like Rolling Stone reviewed Kanye's work as "genius". Quincy Jones is the realest producer ever in my opinion (Thriller anyone?) and he clearly drew the line between his genius and what everyone else THINKS about Kanye's production. He wasn't taking any shots at Kanye, it was the interviewer's fault for jumping on Kanye's dick in the presence of a true legend. I mean c'mon, one man who can do his production on his own versus someone that recently needed 9 other producers to help work on his music isn't a fair comparison at all.

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    lets stop making comparisons. Quincy Jone is a legendary producer... Kanye West is an upcoming legendary producer... They both made great music that will be heard by future generations and that's all that matters.

    • Alex Avram-Rusu

      I'm sure that Kanye knows music theory, otherwise he couldn't have built an masterpiece as Dark Twisted Fantasy... if that was the whole problem :|

    • YouSerious?

      Yeah, the only difference is that those generations wil think Q and Kanye are on the same level musically, which is NOT TRUE. Tell me what Kanye West knows about music theory...lol

  • Killa

    I have to agree with Mr. Jones. The interviewer is the ignorant one, you can't make that comparison, at all. Kanye is good at what he does, Quincy is great at what he has done for over 40 years. You look at the two bodies of work, and their is no comparison. Let's see what they say about Kanye 50 years from now!

  • Anonymous


  • retirement home

    it was still no reason to cut down kayne as if kayne himself was the one that brought up the comparison. if u dont agree fine. but he needs to retire, hes burthering all of MJs music, Tpain? Akon? 50 cent? really... then he has nerve to big up luda, um kayne college educated as well and kayne has said way more deep thans than ludacris, i wont throw luda bus cause he cool but come on

    • truetreu

      cosign that shit doc, peopel forget kanye is so heavily influenced by rza who can write and compose music snm

    • Doc

      @getout I stopped reading your post @ top like em and jay since if you believe their the top you lose all credibility Em has 1 arguably 2 dope albums thats it so he isnt close to being worthy of classin him near the top Jigga is a proven biter, biters by default are not considered near the top by anyone who knows Hip Hop

    • GetOutOfHere >>>

      Quincy just brought up Ludacris because he's close with him and they have established a close knit bond together for the past few years...If Quincy and Luda weren't close I'm sure Quincy would throw him under the bus too...Plus Luda ain't nothing spectacular...He's pretty much tapped out of any conversation that'll put him up there in the top with Jay and Em so Luda pretty much made himself into an afterthought to say the least...Nobody is even thinking about him anymore and pretty much this new generation has completely moved on away from Ludacris and on to some other new shit that's poppin'... It would be harder for Luda to make himself large again as he once was...So Quincy needs to hop off of Luda's dick and keep it moving because a masterful producer of Quincy's stature shouldn't be slightly worshiping somebody like Luda in a conversation...and 'Move Bitch Get Out The Way' ain't nothing spectacular...Quincy just has a problem with the profanity in that song...Don't know what he sees in Luda anyways...If anything Quincy just needs to keep quiet and enjoy the praise of being the greatest producer in music instead of coming out and throwing rambles about somebody like Luda who's made himself into an afterthought...as Ed Lover would say "C,mon Son! Get The Fuck Outta Here With That Bullshit!!!"

  • JaySaysWERD

    ...who makes that kind of statement, yo? THIS IS QUINCY JONES. Five decades in the music business. That's two different eras of music. WTF. Disrespectful. Kanye cool though, Quincy. Don't go too hard on 'em.

  • raoul

    Finally, someone has managed to speak the truth! I'm a big Kanye Fan but I gotta admit, doing beats on a computer and making music with an orchestra are two different things.

  • Andre Bk Johnson

    I feel what Mr Jones 100% but kanye is a great producer and writer...I mean he wrote 808 & Heartbreak...and thats damn near genius...

    • rahrahrah

      There are no qualifiers that need to be added to what Quincy Jones says. If you've every tried to perform classical music or Jazz, or if you've listened to Off the Wall you know what's up. But if you are one of these kids from the 80, or 90s then you're easily impressed by someone who has more talent Miley Cyrus. Don't buy the hype, there are real musicians out there. Kanye excels at his chosen medium, give him his props but don't do him a disservice by comparing him to others outside his genre.

    • Donte Whosyourdyrti Harrington

      Kanye is one of my favorite Hip Hop producers. But he didn't "Write" music for 808 and heartbreak. He made the beats, and wrote lyrics to it. Quincy plays multiple instruments which can't be compared to someone who deals with 90% computers, and effects.

  • Dat Le

    ಠ_ಠ Kanye West doesn't need to know how to operate 32 different types of woodwinds to make awesome music.

    • T Dot Movement

      There was no such thing as a sampler back in the 50s and 60s. That's right, Kanye would've had to LEARN AN INSTRUMENT, or two. Respect the origintors of music.

  • Mr Flamboyant

    Yep. Quincy finally states what I've stated for quite some time. Let's stop with all the talk and comparisons to this man with cats who make beats from his music and others. These dudes are the originators.

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