Kanye West Buys Rights To 10 Fatburger Restaurants

Kanye follows in the footsteps of Pharrell, Qeen Latifah and E-40 as he delves into the burger business.

Kanye West's ever-expanding business portfolio has just expanded, as the Chicago rapper has purchased the franchise rights to 10 Fatburger Restaurants in his hometown.

According to TheDailyBeast.com, Ye, whose other ventures include clothing design and film, purchased the rights through his holding company, KW Foods LLC.

Gee Roberson, Kanye's manager, explained the thought process behind ventures ancillary to his music. “Music is the foundation for everything Kanye does, but he doesn’t want to be defined only as a musician. He’s really a designer. He designs his sounds, his raps, all aspects of his tour. He wants to do deals where he can have his fingerprints on the product.”

Kanye, who already owned two Fatburgers, is joined by Pharrell Williams, Queen Latifah, and E-40 as Hip Hop artists who own or have owned the restaurants.


  • LilBabyHeysus

    I wish Pippen could have given back to Chi the same way.

  • YungLean

    Now i really believe this mothafuckas really apart of the Illuminati. fucken sickens me and im from the Chi!

  • 212DiamondCitydotcom

    lol http://www.212DiamondCity.com - Mens and Womens Hip Hop Jewelry - Designer Watches - BLACK FRiDAY SALE !!!

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Nigga tryna be just like his big brother, on his businessman sh

  • Connie Chung - International Graph Writah

    Let's use our fame & fortune to further exploit the poor by serving them the most unhealthy food possible so they can experience health problems & obesity. KANYE WEST DOESN'T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE

    • Noble

      hahahahaha..... "is this nigga guy serious???"

    • bighurt_jk

      Funny but wrong... I', from the Chi and I bet none of the 10 Fatburgers are going to be built in the hood. Most will be in several upscale mall regions in the Chicagoland areas. Too bad, the southside can use the development...

    • Connie Chung - International Graph Writah

      @Bowski how dare you disagree with my statement. im gonna shove my dick in your butt and rape you slowly

    • Jay London

      I agree, totally

    • Bowski

      Your comment could'nt be more ignorant, as if you would'nt do the same thing if you had his fortune and fame? Stop pointing your finger at those that have worked hard for theirs, stop hating and do you. I don't see anyone forcing ANYBODY (Black, White or Other) to stuff their faces with unhealthy foods, so get off Ye's dick already. Oh by the way have you checked out the stats on Black on Black crimes lately? BLACK PEOPLE DO NOT CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE!!! Now put that in your crack pipe and smoke it BITCH....

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      LOL thats awesome

    • Wonzo

      Maybe he'll change the menu... Or maybe people should use their brain and NOT consume fried chicken all the time, only in moderation. "I'm fat" or "I have high blood pressure, therefore I'll blame KFC or McDonalds" Whereas, the buck stops at you, the greedy eater. Kanye West is in the building!!!

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