Dr. Dre's "Detox" Allegedly Gets February Release Date

Will valentines everywhere be giving the gift of "Detox"? Some sources say yes.

While it has not been confirmed by officials at Interscope, reliable sources are saying that Dr. Dre's long-awaited Detox will be given a February 2011 release date.

Since Detox was first announced in 2002 it has been tagged with a few release dates, all of which have obviously come and gone. But with "Kush " being officially released on iTunes November 18, it is a step in the right direction as Dre has never released a single for the album. 

In addition to "Kush," a song called "I Need A Doctor " also leaked. The Alex da Kid produced record features Eminem and Dre dedicating verses to one another.  Along with Eminem, Skylar Grey, Snoop Dogg, Akon and Slim Da Mobsta, Jay-Z, La Roux and The Game are also expected to appear on Detox.

Last week Dre spoke to radio personality Big Boy and said the project was almost finished. "I see the finish line right now. I’m wrapping it up. I need about two or three more songs, and hopefully I’ll start the mixing process at the end of next month. From that point I’m about 30 days out. One of the reasons it was taking so long was because I felt like I was doing it more out of obligation as opposed to actually feeling it.”



  • Drefan since 91

    I will only buy Detox it's 1.A fresh new original bangin sound from Dre. 2. Raw/Hard/Real hip hop(not poppy). 3. No corny popstars on Detox

  • crAcKadoMe

    steal our style and run that shyt 3000 miles, hahaha plus didnt those skinny azz pants played out 20 yrs ago before hammertime? wuts next cross colors and high top fades, fuk no this is WEST COAST SMOKE CHRONIC MUSIC Bytch!! W

  • Adam McDade

    If anyone from aftermath or The Good Doctor Are reading this please let this be the release date the album has been pushed out so many times and you have real fans out there that are ready and waiting... I usually download one or two songs off an album but when detox drops i will pay for it cause every track that dre is responsible for is a hit to the westcoast...

  • Walter da Paixão

    I need this album...

  • Desu-Ops

    Yeah right. This'll probably drop in June or something.

  • insanemacbeth

    'the people' need to see some cover artwork; maybe then...people will believe that 'DETOX' will be released!

  • Nico 3

    Dre knows getting Detox out has taken way too long. It's basically now or never, so while Feb seems unlikely, at least it's coming out.

  • Anonymous

    HFM2 LLOYD BANKS ALBUM OF THE PAST 5 YEARS!!! detox whats that??

  • carter

    i put a million down that detox is gonna be wack.. extremely forgettable and all hype. it's sad because of dre's legacy, but it'll be like when mj came back as a washington wizard. Yeah he had some moments like when he dropped 50 in that one game, but for the most part, dude averaged 20 ppg. thats the equilvalent of dre having a couple dope songs on detox and it sells like 800,000 total. i feel like he should just cancel it cuz it wont live up to TEN+ years of hype

  • former Drefan

    Dre will get insecure again cuz lotta people think "Kush"is wack and not drop the album. Detox better be a lot more original than "Kush" or else it will be the biggest letdown in hip hop history.

  • jack johnson

    given aftermath/interscopes history of february release dates it will probably come out in june or later. relapse and recovery were both scheduled for a feb release date but got pushed back to june

  • Anonymous

    this makes me laugh so damn hard , detox is a myth , it will never drop , get over it

  • O. From Da BLocK

    Dr. Dre need me on the Detox album!!! free Download a classic!!!! BLack Friday 11/26/2010 OfromDaBlockGSNY (Certifiable) LP It is the third official release from L.E. Fam Records recording artist, O. From Da BLocK! the album features - Bob Marley, DMX, Foxy Brown, Jonell Monae', Samuel L. Jackson, S. Dot DoOGy, Ni$ee, StevO SWaGg, Pook Dukes, Spadez Perez,Stax, and Vincent DePierro. with Production by - Timbaland, Ski Beats, The Cyph.E.R., Platinum NoVa, Shotz, Vincent DePierro, Kyron "Kronik" Ellis, Justin Stacker, and Melee for One4five Productions. All Original Production. If you need a beat holla?!!! lefamrecords@gmail.com download whole album out @ www.ofromdablockgsny.blogspot.com in zip form which contains 2 alternate album covers and extra artwork some tracks on souncloud.com

  • bwsryda


  • MusicFiend

    "While it has not been confirmed by officials at Interscope..." There you go, it's just more rumor fuel to the fire. Detox is gonna drop, but don't get excited until you see an official release date and posters up in the music shop w/ a date on them.

  • freshyboi

    no way in hell this album is dropping in 3 months, i thought it was supposed to come out in the fourth quarter of 2010?? remember when they said that? right....

  • Maris Pelshs

    realy sad there is not any Ice Cube collab..

  • RyanMaxwellHHK

    It will either be pushed back further, or released as a "safe" album.

  • nodoubt

    Yo Dre should put Devin and Xzibit on to complete the list. I'd like to hear some new collab with Em n X again, Snoop n Devin.. Em and Devin! bring them in Dre

  • Indeed

    I'm thinking more like May instead. February just seems to quick. Plus u know Dre's music got that Late Spring/Summer/Early Fall type of vibe to it so I can't really see this album out while it's still freezing outside lol. I mean if he does I'll be happy but I seriously doubt he releases it around tha same time as his birthday. Maybe, but I doubt it.

    • The future

      I agree with you 100% on your statement. I believe that Dr. Dre’s album will probably more than likely be released in April/May. Dre’s albums always have that spring and summer time feel. I just can’t wait to hear the finished product. I am glad Dre took his time on the album, even though I was becoming a little impatient, like so many others. This will be another classic album by one of the greatest music producers ever, period.

  • Alex Mendoza

    album might go gold, but there's no buzz for it. The original buzz for it died out years ago

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. Album is gonna disappoint because of to much anticipation in 10 years. The Kush wasn't al that.

    • Jesse Lund

      hell yeah it was all that dumbass that song was dope, how about you smoke some and listen to it then see how it sounds

  • Megan Fox lover

    Ha Ha, Yeah right Dre. On a real, i grew up with Dre, Snoop the 90s music but this clown is getting more sad by the day. 1st off, lets face it, the West coast is dead son. Aint nobody poppin from the left coast except maybe B.E.P, Katy perry, those dougie fags and Ice cube's sons. wow. thats bleak. hahahahaha The game? The game who? exactly. Seriously doe, Dre fucked up by skipping out on an entire generation that has changed how artists relate with fans (1999-2011) thats a lifetime in Hip hop to stay quiet. Sadly, the fact is today's kids wont appreciate Dr.Dre as much as us who knew him from N.W.A n Chronic and Detox will sadly be held under the same scrutiny as the Drakes and the lil Waynes of today. Which is unfortunate.

  • B18

    We don't believe you, you need more people...

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