Jedi Mind Tricks Protested in Amsterdam

Gay rights activist groups plan to protest Jedi Mind Tricks's performance in Amsterdam over issues with their lyrics.

With a performance in Amsterdam slated for tonight, a number of gay rights activists have protested underground Hip Hop heavyweights Jedi Mind Tricks. After scrutinizing the groups's lyrics - with some which contain anti-gay lyrics - the gay rights activist group Centre for Culture and Leisure (also called the C.O.C.) has organized a massive protest against the Philadelphia group's performance.

“In a city like Amsterdam, where we are cracking down on discrimination and homophobia, a statement must be made against this kind of music," said the C.O.C.'s Amsterdam branch. "The so-called apologies made on Wednesday are the band’s apologies to the Melkweg for the commotion they caused. It was neither a gesture of goodwill towards the city of Amsterdam, nor to its many LGBT citizens."

The managers of the Amsterdam club De Melkweg have refused to cancel JMT's performance. They argue in favor of the group's right to free speech, and say that the group haven't performed a number of the songs with anti-homosexual lyrics in question in many years.

"Another consideration is that some lyrics date from their early days and have not been sung by the band for years," said representatives from De Melkweg.

Most recently in a guest verse on Celph-Titled & Buckwild's "Eraserhead" Vinnie said, "you phoney motherfuckers never held a ratchet ever/you was in the fag bar with Kanye, strapped in leather." The lines would come to no surprise to anyone who caught Jedi Mind Tricks at the 2007 Rock The Bells in San Francisco where Vinnie Paz went on an impromptu "faggot" laced tirade towards Kanye between songs.

Jedi Mind Tricks is currently preparing their seventh album Violence Begets Violence, due in stores 2011 on Enemy Soil Records.


  • STFU

    Ok, it isn't just JMT dropping the fag in the raps. Why don't these backward-boxer wearin' ass fags complain at others? Better yet, don't listen! "If you can take a fucking dick, then you can take a joke!" -Immortal Technique


    Saying goes, it takes one to know one Vinnie. Keep calling out homos and telling on yourself dude.


    jedi mind tricks are phony no talent angry fatsos give up wak ass je#s cliff 11

  • Guest

    No one has seen the episode "The F Word" of south park... Not a big deal, relax people.



  • THE 'son

    JMT runs it. Well, I should say RAN because that last album with Jus Allah stinking it up all over the place was bunk. They're getting to far away from heavy metal style lyrics complimenting Stoupe's amazing beat work. I Love JMTs music. Visions of Ghandi, Violent by Design, Legacy of Blood all amazing. After that it starts to get a little too away from the roots. Servants in Heaven Kings in Hell was still good, History of Violence. . .if you get rid of every instance of Jus Allah is decent. That being said a group of Fags is like a group of any other like minded individuals pushing their agenda. We don't have to like you for your way of life to be validated for yourself so put down the picket sign and pick up a dick, thats what you're all about anyways it seems.

    • BWS-Fish

      'so put down the picket sign and pick up a dick', hahahahahaha. That is by far the funniest thing I have heard today and sums up everyone's response to this article.

  • Brandon Payne

    haha, I don't even fucks with jedi mind tricks like that, or care about this issue but when I read that the name on their faggotty flag read c.o.c I just had to comment with a aaahhahahahahaha

  • cezeOne

    can't wait to cop that new album. i will keep supporting FREE SPEECH.

  • BraveHeart

    Why do gays think its alright to do this sortta shit? If it offends you don't listen to it! They call people who don't like gays pathetic because they don't understand gays, thats cool but it dont't make it right by forcing someone to accept gays either, it make you just as bad as them. fucking pathetic bastards!! they'll get bombed out bt JMT

  • m.dock

    lol thats just funny.if your a fag your a fag get over it and lt them get busy.the show lasts what a hour maybe.vinnie will say fag a few times and its done.

  • Jay

    This is typical dutch. Lol Im from holland and here its always the same.

  • CJF

    iTS BOUT TO BE 2011, who cares if dudes wanna be gay. Let them live more women for all the straight dudes to get feel me.

  • BWS-Fish

    I dont like discrimination but fags are an exception to that because the idea of 2 men together is repulsive. With that being the case, I dont have anything to do with gays, so why cant they take the same attitude with hip hop - if you dont like the lyrics, DONT FUCKIN LISTEN!

  • Damien Juen

    Vinnie gotta make a song with Elton John...that would be unreal!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I bet you Vinnie is secretly hoping the controversy gets bigger and he gets an interview or 2 out of it When are people gonna realize the more you complain about something the bigger you make it?? Did the Eminem protests in 2000 accomplish anything???........ Other then helping him go Diamond I mean..... All that controversy took Em from Triple platinum to 10 x's platinum Groups like this are 2 stupid to know when its better to leave summin alone, JMT aint even that big, there an underground movement, If Perez Hilton were to comment on this situation there sales will probably spike 50% overnight SMH @ Gay people thinking there gonna force everyone to open minded

  • the.watcher

    faggots can fuck off, always starting some shit over a non-issue.

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    JMT is my favourite group of all time, I Paz has said some of the harshes gay bashing only outdone by Buju Banton's "Boom Bye Bye". He seriously needs to tome it down.

  • Anonymous

    Fags need to relax

  • HenRoc

    HaHa, Beat a Faggot till he ain't gay no more.............Vinnie Paz!!

  • Ian Lawrence

    Bigots are everywhere, spewing there hatred and bile at our lesbian and gay youth! stop the hate

    • the.watcher

      I can't tell you how much it pisses me off when people don't know the difference between "there", "their", "your", "you're", "its" and "it's". "So I had to take action/ Like "Idiot, separate possessive from contraction/ The possessive of "your" would be like "your new girl used to be mine", so obviously/ The contraction, "You're a bitch" - needs an apostrophe"/ And honestly I won't stop/ If you don't understand "it's", "their" or "you're", you should be shot" -Mac Lethal; Rattlesnake vs Mongoose; Love Potion 6

  • ASEE

    COC!!!! Seriously though, they have a right to do this. Hip Hop needs to check itself on the hate from time to time. There's a certain irony in celebrating the power of one minority group by degrading the status of another. People need to stick together and stop alienating others based on something as trivial as sexual preference. The hip hop community has always been based on respect, and I think homosexual members of the culture deserve that much. That said, COC is a hilarious acronym though.

    • Anonymous_7

      truth right there. hip hop should include all people, gay or straight. as hip hop fans, we need to have an open dialogue with the gay community about how we can work together for social betterment,

  • AxeMurder

    Been waiting on word of the new album. Praise Allah

    • EddieMurrrphy

      me too, first i heard of it. and the title, its pretty sick, i'm glad they got plans already. on their own label too. def. comin out, shld be a nice and hard dope record. fuck babygrande!! heads are ready!!!!! "you like to sit around with women watching will & grace" LOL fuck them faggots! LOL

  • Alex Hayford

    HAHAHA!! The name of the gay rights group is C.O.C??? LOL! It doesn't get any better than that..

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