Ski Beatz To Perform Jay-Z's "Reasonable Doubt" Album Live

The man behind "Dead Presidents" and "22 Two's" will honor some of his most notable work tomorrow in Brooklyn.

Producer Ski Beatz is responsible for four of the tracks included on Jay-Z's 1996 classic debut Reasonable Doubt. Then known as "Ski," the Original Flavor member who had previously worked with the pride of Marcy Projects on "Can I Get Open" and "Many Styles" on their 1994 Beyond Flavor album was largely responsible for his introductory sound. Ski produced "Dead Presidents II" (and the song's first 12" version) as well as street hit "22 Two's."

Now working from Dame Dash's DD172 Studios and Blu Roc Records, it has been announced that Ski Beatz will be performing Reasonable Doubt live tomorrow night at Brooklyn, New York's Public Assembly. While the event bills "surprise special guests," the lyrical portion of the album will be handled by Senseis.

In addition to releasing his own solo debut, 24 Hour Karate School earlier this year, Ski Beatz produced a bulk of Curren$y's Pilot Talk album.


  • wishfulthinking

    I really wish they could bring the Roc back almost like it was without the ignorance. I'm glad for the Dipset and the way they handled their reunion...I also hope that the Game and Buck get back on G-Unit...I know its far-fetched but hip-hop needs to man up and let the past be the past and move forward!!!!

  • FrankEC

    Yes, it is possible. Any musician or artist can perform any song from anybody's album in concert. They just cannot sell the footage or the recordings without going through the same process an artist placing a cover version on their album does. That's why mixtapes reuse instrumentals and there aren't lawsuits.

    • bebz

      Really I don't see the point in performing Reasonable Doubt live...It just seems odd and out of place especially with a guy named Senseis that nobody even knows about and Jay probably don't know him neither...Dame must have something to do with this since Ski is under Dame this a way fro Dame to rekindle his relationship with Jay?

  • EddieMurrrphy

    ski beatz is super duper bad. illy ass producer

  • Anonymous

    Is that possible...the lyrics will be handled by Sensei, who in da fuck iz dat......Jay-z dont own the masters to Reasonable Doubt, he does but not all of it which is one of the reason Dame Dash and him arent good friends anymore so itz not that much he can do i guess....

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