Wiz Khalifa Speaks About Last Week's Arrest, Says Jail Time Unlikely

Taylor Gang's head tells Angela Yee that speculations about her arrest were blown out of proportion, and states his innocence.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania emcee Wiz Khalifa was arrested last week in North Carolina for marijauna possession. The Rostrum/Atlantic Records artist has not spoken on the matter since he and a reported nine members of his entourage were apprehended last week, despite lots of media speculation.

Breaking his silence with Shade 45's Angela Yee, Wiz Khalifa dismissed reports of a plea, as well as speculation that he may have to serve time for the out-of-state offense. "I should be okay," said Wiz, before asserting that marijuana is a mild offense, "Trees aren't that bad." The rapper also stated his innocence, when asked about his co-defendants, "I'm not even sure who was there, 'cause I was coming off stage."

RapRadar.com has ripped a large portion of the audio interview for fans to listen to. There, Wiz also speaks about his line of wide rolling papers, and his cooperation with police after the arrest.

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