T-Pain's iPhone App "I Am T-Pain" Releases Original Beats For Sale

Fans of the top-selling app from "Teddy Bend-Her-Ass" are in store for weekly beat-packs from him and Young Fyre.

In September of 2009, Florida singer T-Pain released his top-selling iPhone app "I Am T-Pain." The technology allowed users to try their hand at using a vocoder, the signature style of the Nappy Boy Records founder. Just over a year after the highly-successful app was launched, "I Am T-Pain" is releasing weekly beat packs, to update the usability.

Each Thursday at 6pm EST, T-Pain and in-house producer Young Fyre release $0.99 collections of five originally produced instrumental tracks. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

T-Pain is presently at work on his fourth solo album, RevolveR.


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