Ol' Dirty Bastard's Son Talks Sixth Anniversary of Father's Death

Young Dirty Bastard talks to MTV about the sixth anniversary of his father's passing and how his style has impacted his career.

MTV News recently caught up with budding emcee Young Dirty Bastard, the son of the late Wu-Tang Clan member Ol' Dirty Bastard. With this year being the sixth anniversary of of his father's tragic death from an accidental overdose in 2004, Young Dirty Bastard talked about his father's legacy as an artist and his favorite memory with him.

"It's good to get family together," he said. "We wish we could do that more throughout the year...but it's still beautiful on days like this...[Ol' Dirty Bastard] was a person that was trying to change the world, and he had a different view but nobody really understood it. If he would have had just a little more time I think it would have happened. We all for the people. We all here for change." (MTV.com)

He added, "[My favorite memory with my father is] him eating clams with hot sauce. That's probably the first time I had clams in my life. That's something that I do on the regular. I just went to [a] sushi bar last night." (MTV.com)

The up-and-coming 21-year-old emcee, who is currently gearing up to release two mixtapes, Certified Crack with DJ Symphony and Food Stamp Celebrity with DJ Absolut, also spoke on how his father's iconic style influenced him as an artist. While some criticize his delivery as overly similar, Young Dirty Bastard says he is very much his own artist.

"It's in my blood, it's supposed to be like that," he said. "Some people be just hating a lot, 'He's not like Dirty, he's trying too hard to be like Dirty.' It's in my blood...he's my pops...I can go from making Soulja Boy music to making Nas music. I'm a real artist, I don't play." (MTV.com)

The full interview can be seen below.


  • gnigga_pleeze

    still no sign of that posthomous album i see. i thought it would be his best one yet, even when he was still alive and it was gonna be on the roc.

  • Anonymous

    lets see what your abou,t young dirty bastard..oh yes the name is corny but obviously you had some good mentors growing up so we expect you to be all the more wiser

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Moses Esan

    He's trying to use his father's legacy to kickstart his career. NOT COOL. You gotta learn to do it by yourself.

    • Jsal

      @Moses, you are so right! This guy is doing nothing but showing us how much of an artist he's NOT! no disrespect fam, but you gotta show the world what you have... your pops already showed us what he had. l8r


    RIP ODB... we fucking miss u. Too sad how everything ended. It would be gangster if Young dirty bastard changed his name to Baby Jesus WU TANG 4 LIFE BABY

  • Miller Lincobey

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  • EddieMurrrphy

    Rest In Peace first and foremost to a hip hop great. a legendary pioneer and all that good stuff. but young dirty bastard??? thats the first time i heard of dude. i am really curious to see how far he goes/how long his career gon' last with a corny name like that

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