Cee-Lo Says Goodie Mob Is 10 Tracks Into Reunion Album

Ten years after releasing an album with their full lineup in tact, Cee-Lo says, "We're just getting started."

The full Goodie Mob roster hasn’t released an album in over a decade. But Cee-Lo says he is now moving his solo work and his Gnarls Barkley projects to the side to give his Dungeon Family brethren his full attention. Following 2009’s reunion and the domestic and European tour it spawned, Cee-Lo says Goodie Mob might have an album worth of material, and they’re still recording.

“We’ve started kind of unofficially,” Cee-Lo told MTV’s “Extended Play.” “We’ve got at least ten or fifteen songs as Goodie Mob. But you know, a lot of the times when you’re recording, the first few songs hardly ever get used, so we’re just getting started. Now that Lady Killer is done, and I’m out of that space, I can give my undivided attention to Goodie Mob and make sure that that’s seen all the way through.”

After clashing over the direction of 1999’s World Party, Goodie Mob went on a hiatus to pursue solo careers. In 2004, Khujo, T-Mo and Big Gipp released One Monkey Don’t Stop No Show without Cee-Lo. Meanwhile, Cee-Lo released two solo efforts and saw mainstream success with two Gnarls Barkley albums. His latest solo effort, the aforementioned Lady Killer album, was released November 9.


  • dirtdawg

    a real nigga for not letting go off his roots

  • The MG

    Great news. I can't wait to hear the new material from these guys. Hopefully, it will help the South get back on its soulful side that's been lacking for a while.

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Articulate1

    This crew (Dungeon Family) made the south, point blank, period. How come all the bullshit artists from the dirty never followed these guys lead and made quality, genuine music?

  • A.S.

    Hope Cee-Lo's solo success can rub off at least a bit on this.

  • tha truth don't be mad face it

    Dungeon family muthafuckaz is real southern emcees

  • Twan

    I wonder will the kids today even know who Goodie Mob is. I was in high school during my senior year the last time they came out with a album. Now I am pushing 30 years old.

    • Tidomann

      They won't know fa'sho...I recently pulled up @ a colleague's party pumpin' "Automatic" by MC Eiht then flipped to "Renee" by LB & the colleague's son & friends were like listening to sum Lil' Wayne or Drake whatever & they came by askin' us like 'Wut da hell is ya'll listening to...pump sum Young Money, blah, blah!!' We just looked at those 14,15 year olds like 'Stay pumpin' yo stuff', u won't know these types of raps...


    good news for the south

  • Christopher BlackIce Bell

    Great news to read on a Monday morning... I look forward to it! DF!!!

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