Drake Requests DJ Premier For Sophomore Album

Drizzy looks to one of the greats for his next solo set.

For his sophomore album, Drake will look to accomplish what many see as a rite of passage for Hip Hop artists: securing a beat from DJ Premier.

In an interview with vibe.com, Preemo revealed that he linked up with Drake by chance. "I met Drake at the Jay-Z and Eminem concert at Yankee Stadium. A good friend of mine does some charity work for Derek Jeter and was also working with Drake," explained the producer. “He told me Drake wanted to come say 'what’s' up real quick before he got on the stage with Jay.”

Premier described Drake as humble and genuine, and the two watched the rest of the show from the same suite.

Drake then asked DJ Premier lace him with one of his signature beats. "He said 'Yo next album I want to do some stuff [with you]' and that’s pretty much the end of it."

Drake is currently working on his second album, after setting aside his R&B mixtape.


  • Anonymous

    Yeah Drake is backwards. He made his "808 and heartbreake" album FIRST, and now he's going back to the raw. It's a good look though. But I would have STARTED my career with the Hip Hop album.

  • Jacob Lopez

    DJ Premier with Drake WILL be illlll .! Can't wait. I really can't. After listening to Drake's older mixtapes (Room For Improvement and Comeback Season) I'm convinced that Drake can spit over a Premo beat and actually make it sound good. I mean, he's working with 9th Wonder again for his sophmore album. He just needs to get more underground producer's on the album (like maybe Illmind, Black Milk, ect.) and then have the usuals like Boi-1da, 40, and Kanye. As for guests ... J.Cole, maybe Nas, maybe Andre 3000, of course Wayne, Jay-Z, Kid Cudi ...

  • gutter man

    heres the reality. drake realizes he needs musical and creative integrity if he wants to last- so thats dope- smart move- and hopefully a good sounding one. drake: be a real cat not a clone- please

  • GuttahMastah

    I'm excited about this one. My young mainstream ass friend hates DJ Premier. So when he hears DJ Premier with Drake he'll be like wtf LOL. But yeah, I have faith that Drake will rip this beat up. Drake can be pretty dope when he wants to be. I think he's way better than Eminem. I get most of my inspiration from Premo. I hope to get that gutter, NYC street like sound that Premo has, as well as scratches and cuts, when I make it to the music industry (i dont wanna copy him though) I know Premo will keep his rawness, even if he works with Drake. If he uses those 80s kicks and snares, like how cats from the south use nowadays, Ima be disappointed. But Premo never disappoints me, so I know that'll never happen.

  • Eva Datdiva

    Drake usually chooses good producers so this was smart on his part. But do any of y'all drake fans really think he is gonna have something substantial enuf to say to be worthy of this beat? think about songs like mos def mathematics, and Lox recognize, Nas is like, Jay Z so ghetto etc. I just don't think Drake is gonna give that caliber of performance.... He will make it enjoyable, with a crazy hook, but I'm not expecting much else. And if he sings on that shit....Oh Lawd..

  • frank

    yall haters stop hating on drake!!!!

  • ddriz

    lol drake has worked with preimer before, also with bun b. dj primier and drake are tight if ya bum ass niggas that always be hateing on the newer songs And still stuck in the 20th century rap, drake can rap, i mean idnt like hows he going now but he might go bck to his so far gone comeback season flows. so all u street niggas dat think u have to be hood to rap, go suck one. fuckin hatin ass lil bitches with no optimisism.

  • Anonymous

    i'm glad these young nicaz don't feel too proud to be paying homage to a living legend. Don't you think it's about time preem got his just due..i mean he still the "best" to this very day!

  • murdock

    why would we want to hear drake on this?if we want to hear dope premo shit we can listen to all the dope shit hes made.drake cake is weaksauce

  • murdock

    he needs to quit hes wack as fuck.Premier shouldnt even give this weirdo a beat

  • holla at cash

    Drake is dogshit his nasely stuffy nose voice would ruin a sick Premo beat

    • fuckoff

      Fuck you, nas, raekwon, and all the other fat bitter motherfuckers.

    • Gregory Mandizvidza

      yeh man thats true ..that kid is not that gangstar to be premos beat..num sayin that kid shld go to the runners and we the best cz premo nds niggaz like NAS,REAKWON etc

  • thecityofsteel

    Drake officially has my respect now, real recognise real, for Primo is a true pioneer of hip hop production, hopefully Drake will lead by example for the young skinny nigga era if he does put a few joints on

  • Cogna

    Premo is known for making not so great rappers sound amazin. Still, if Premo has the time to do a track with Drake, he has the time to do a fuckin track with a dozen other dope rappers.

  • Atl2Trill

    Drake is a poptart artist. He can either butcher that beat or step his game up. We'll all see.

  • blackula

    how dope would this be if this article read "Nas requests DJ Premier for next album"? that's the kinda news i'm waitin on.

  • Robert Laryea

    man yall are some bullshyt niggaz how do yall whine and whine about drake being a punk and shyt and how real hip hop is dead and then when the guy says he wants to get a legendary producer on his cd yall think he cant handle it or shouldnt attempt to do it because hes wack. just shut up and at least give the guy credit for even acknowledging primo as a legend and wanting to work with him. at least hes trying to take it in a dif direction than what hes use to. im not a drake fan but i give him mad props for wanting to get with primo and make some god music. i guarantee if drake get on the track he will come harder than he usually does.

    • jon murdock

      man shut up drake is a weak mc so stop all that dumb talk.your a drake fan your a poptart fan and shouldnt even make a comment like that.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking for myself, Drake could have an entire album full of Premiers sonics, record might turn out to be a classic but he would still be a mediocre artist In my mind Take Snoop Dogg for an example. To me, he was always a mediocre artist, Basically even in his early years he took the same sexism and Gangster vibe first heard from Ice T, Eazy E and Too $hort, and repeated it. With that said, I still consider his work on The Chronic and Doggystyle timeless music because he had the luck of being Backed up sonically by a Mastermind in Dr. Dre, who was at his creative peak during the recording sessions The results were impossible to argue with. I consider Doggystyle on oe fht etop ten rap albums of all time, but Snoop himself wouldnt make my top 50 MC's list So, to sum it all up, Drake could easily make a classic record with the right producer, I would listen to it every day and still call him whack, because he is

  • KeepinIt100

    I don't think Drake can handle a DJ Premier beat. You gotta come hard with the lyrics and content on a preemo beat and all drake talks about is girls, money, and cars. That shit just aint gunna cut it. The only way this is gunna work is if preemo diggs in his Christina Aguilera bag and give drake one of them beats.

  • Anonymous

    Using primo wont cover up the fact that your whack, Limp Bizkit used him once too

  • Balls

    Premo, don't do it. Haha, I don't know about this. It would b good for hip hop I guess, and put premo kind of bak into the spotlight again, but I don't think drake deserves it ha....

  • merk

    If you dumbasses can't see it already, I am about to spell it out for you: DJ Premier just might save Hiphop.

  • Nafuckthat

    we all DJ Premier is one of the most respected and dopest producers and may i mention REAL. If Premier does produce a beat for this faggot ass nickalodean rapper ima be ashamed of him cause it really aint all bout money. P.S : SLAUGHTERHOUSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  • Desu-Ops

    Ima just say this: If Preemo cooks up a beat for this dude, Drake better be spittin enough fire to make Hell look like the Arctic. Otherwise, ima be dissappointed big time. Then again, it's kinda a good thing. Maybe Drake can spit fire over real hip-hop beats instead of some fake-ass synth bullshit. And who knows, he might drop a good verse or two.

  • ChrisGsus

    Wtf He Aint Earned a Beat From Premo yet give a beat to vinnie paz or apathy or joe budden

  • Alex Mendoza

    If drake goes back to his comeback season sound then by all means this sounds pretty cool. but if he keeps up that 'money and women and blunts' played out bullshit then even a 9th Wonder beat won't save the album.

  • Doc

    That would be hands down the Greatest waste of a Preemo beat of all time... you should have to learn how to spit properly before bein allowed near Preemo beats

    • Joe0226

      Nah biggest waste of Preemo beats was Group Home in '95... the beats on that album were some of Preemo's best EVER, but damn did Group Home suck it up

    • Jeff S H Lee

      HAHAHAHA! thats jokes and could be true, and it most likely will be. im from the dot and im still not fan of drake. fuck where you from, if you can't spit i aint fucking with you. but think of the alternative, maybe a premo beat will be exactly what drake needs to raise his soft ass bars.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      not the biggest rape waste and robbery of primo beats we've ever seen tho.... thaat Christina whats-her-face had straight heat wasted on her. the best primo beats heard in a while straight thrown down the trash gutter

  • Doc

    That would be hands down the Greatest waste of a Preemo beat of all time you should have to learn how to spit properly before bein allowed near Preemo beats

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    That's wussup, I want to hear Drake rapping over more hip-hop beats his next album

  • A Ral Nigga

    DJ Premier Does Not Work With R&B Singers, So Maybe wheelchair jimmy needs to go work with Darkchild,Jermaine Dupri or someone to produce this R&B Diva.

  • Wolfman

    Alright, nice... I sure hope his 2nd album is better than his 1st one, cause that shit was AWFUL.

  • The Ice Cold Phenom

    Drake is already top 5 (by today's standards) in the game. That kid is nice on the mic.

    • The Ice Cold Phenom

      @ Jeff SH Lee I probably forgot more about hip hop than you currently know. You sound like some 21 year old thinking you know what is or isn't hip hop. Skyzoo is "ok" but he isn't killing anyone lyrically. I've heard better. Hip hop is more than just being a lyrical assassin. It's culture, it's creativity, it's a lifestyle, and it's worldwide. Open your mind young fella. Everything evolves.....even hip hop!

    • Jeff S H Lee

      ok...when it comes to HOT/POPularity, yes drake would be in top 5 but SKILL wise he fucking sucks. And I don't consider myself a head, i listen to EVERYTHING mainstream, underground, EVERYTHING. thats how i know in comparison DRAKE IS GARBAGE! Yea he's popular but since when does popularity have ANYTHING to do with skills? Go to a cypher in any city and you'll find doper emcees than drake. List a bunch of rappers nobody in mainstream gives a shit about?? Gucci did a collab with Sha, Weezy did a collab with Fashawn...9th Wonder AND Nottz produced for Skyzoo... you clearly don't know shit about hip-hop. turn off the tv faggot and listen.

    • Anonymous

      @The Ice Cold Phenom: Agree someone says drake top 5 and all the butthurt hip hop heads come out and list a bunch of rapppers nobdy in mainstream gives a shit about! So to back up Phenom when it comes to mainstream rap yes drake is top 5. I'm sick of hearing the same shit in hip hop it's all the same from the underground to the mainstream. Niggas need new concepts instead of making the same played out faggot hip hop. And so I ask why can't there be a rappers that can make synth pop rap as well as hard hip hop beats? Why can't someone make mainstream and real hip hop at the same fucking time?! SMH at people who haven't thought of this yet!

    • The Ice Cold Phenom

      For the record, I said by "today's standards." In terms of relevant artist today, Drake is top 5. Having ill skills on the mic died with Pac and Big. Now it's about creativity, good lyrics, mass appeal, and having something fresh to say. The kid is nice. And I'm hip hop through and through.

    • Jeff S H Lee

      honestly there's really no point in arguing with people who say wayne and drake in top 5. REALLY NO POINT. trust me. they haven't heard anybody outside mainstream and MAYBE Kool G Rap. they're your typical listen-to-the-radio-and-watch-BET stans. but ice cold phenom if you want some good ish you better peep Skyzoo, Sha Stimuli, Fashawn, Ras Kass as aforementioned is definitely ill too.

    • TheRapBox

      I agree with Doc... shits laughable. top 5?? Have you even heard of people like Vinnie Paz, Reef the Lost Cauze, Ras Kas, Alucard?? There probably in the top 100.. not 5 though.. and you say Drake is top 5?? Barly even hip hop.

    • Doc

      LMMFAO top 5 he isn't TOP 100 by any standards period you clearly don't know shit about rap...top 5 lol that shits comedy

    • Jugo

      Agreed. How ill would that be to hear him spit over a Premo beat??

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