Dr. Dre's First Single To Feature Snoop Dogg, Akon?

The first single from "Detox" may be ready, according to various sources.

Detox may finally see the light of day, as it seems that Dr. Dre has finally chosen the first single for his long-awaited project.

Youheardthatnew.com reports that music video director Joseph Kahn (@JosephKahn) has revealed via Twitter that he is gearing up to film a music video for the legendary rapper/producer.

Further insight was provided by L.A.-based entertainment agent Twyla Johnson (@entertainmentag) that the song is called "Kush," and features Snoop Dogg and Akon.

While the recording history between Snoop and Dre is well-documented, fans may not realize that this trio has recorded together before. "Boss' Life," from Snoop Dogg's 2006 release Blue Carpet Treatment, featured a hook from Akon, and production by Dre.



  • Jacob Lopez

    Fuck Detox. He's NEVER gonna release that shit.

  • Kingtruth Dopeboyz-Ent

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  • dredaynigga

    yo real shit...dre has put himself in a position where as long as detox does actually drop...mad mother fuckers are gonna go get it obviously...so yea the detox talk is annoying but the reason everyone gets all hyped about the shit is cuz they know there gonna go get it...real shit

  • D!z


  • Blair Necas

    As far as i'm concerned the west coast has left dr. dre behind. sure, when detox drops i'll prolly cop it, but i think everyone is sick of hearing about this album. dude is obviously still a monster in the mainstream but for me the west coast is more about fresh rappers like blu + co$$. These guys may never get mainstream shine but who knows. They're a couple of the 2 best rappers in the game. #my 2 cents.

  • kennyken

    damn detox got a song called kush boss lol

  • Anonymous

    LOL "detox may finally see the light of day"

  • bwsryda

    I love this already! you can't go wrong with snoop dogg and then akon on the hook! akon has that westcoast vibe to him! this is gonna be some Westcoast shit for sure! this is what we want! some Westcoast music! make it Westcoast and the rest will appreciate real music!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast West Coast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast westcoast

  • lukeknocks

    All ya'll who keep saying detox will never come out r hella funny. who gives a fuckin shit if it does or doesn't, life goes on, I'm from Cali, if it does come out I'm sure it'll be a god album, ya'll just read way to much into this shit.

  • DeFo

    i hate to say it but Kanye might just be a better producer than Dre

    • nunya

      That's the most retarded shit I ever heard. How can someone with almost 10 years of production be better than someone with over 20? Plus, we are talking about Dr. Dre. Guess it depends on taste...if you like sped up samples, I guess. Kanye should produce better vocals of himself singing. He sux ass at singing...dunno how that shit gets on radio.

  • Anonymous

    detox will never see the light of day

  • Anonymous

    Not very creative, how about something real and non comercial for a change. Something different!

  • Sean Felder

    Can't wait for that Detox Album to drop.Dr Dre is a legand man,got the Chroinc album back in 1992.He's a master in crteating beats and production is sick.Check out his album Still Dre 2001

  • kennyken

    i knew that boss' life was produced by dre, just from listening to the beat. i already know detox is gonna make people happy. dre is the man on the boards man, and this album shall prove it to the nonbelievers.

  • Anonymous

    if his first single is with akon i will laugh for 1 week straight dre talking about he wants to make everybody happy with detox.. did you hear anybody lately waiting for that hot akon/dre reunion ? lol didnt think so come on dre dont scare us like that

  • Southside Balla 31

    I mean these new rappers, Dre's album gotta be THE ALBUM, not just another, ya kno'

  • Southside Balla 31

    Dre and Snoop always did good stuff togetha, but this album is taking too long to be released, damn ! Dre is the best producer, I just don't understand why is it taking so much time ! Hope that when it's done, it's the Gangsta's runnin' again, not them young new fools !

  • Insaney

    Lmao Yall still waiting n this album!? smfh... fuk Dre, fuk snoop, Fuk Game, Fuk Akon, Em & Nip is where the Aftermath & west coast is!!!

  • bringi

    i thought this album never gonna see the light anytime soon cz he keeps delaying it besides i didnt expect another lame ass hook by akon he gonna kill the whole vibe of the album what a shame

  • Dion Juju Williams

    How long detox suspose to b comin out ? No matta what ppl r going to be underwhelemed because it take 10 effin years 2 come out . . .the title of this album should b delay

  • Cogna

    Current Snoop Dogg = Completely fucking wack.

  • Anonymous

    staten island king. new brighton

  • Anonymous

    yo i got more anticipation for lloyd banks hfm2 than this! dont get me wrong dre is a legend but every year they say this! and banks been spitting hard as hell. HFM2 nov 22

    • Purp

      Dre found em, em found 50 cent, 50 cent was in G-Unit with Lloyd Banks so by the distributive property Dre is better than Lloyd Banks By this same property Detox will rape hfm2....

    • Anonymous

      i would much prefer banks over dre.. i mean banks is a real artist he writes his own shit and is a real mc! i like dre but its well known he dont write his raps and even production aint always him but he credits it.. HFM2>detox

    • Billy

      Seriously...lloyd banks over dre.. you are a retard.

  • H4ZE

    "Detox may finally see the light of day"... i cant even count how many times have i heard that line in the past 4yrs! shm

  • rainer23

    surprised that nobody said a bad word for Akon.. i was expectin Nate ,but Dre knows how the shit done,thats gonn be interesting..

    • billy

      Nate Dogg had 2 strokes and cant even speak right now...unless dre pulls something out of the vault of scraps he has we might not here Nate Dogg...and I wouldnt mind that at all...nor would it suprise me

  • The MG

    I did it again, commenting without reading the article...

  • The MG

    Is it called Under More Pressure?

  • westsidewarlord

    maybe this will bring the real snoop back since all the shit hes been droppin has been complete garbage, and since nate dogg's out of commision i guess they had no choice but to grab akon, thinkin maybe kobe woulda been better for the westcoast sound or k young but w/e if its the doc you know its gunna be a banger

  • Damn SMH

    this is whack....snoop dogg is garbage...it's going to be a corny song....snoop dogg is NOT saving hip hop

    • DAMN SMH

      I'm hoping so...Snoop was good on Chronic 2001 but that's because other dope artists were on the song too...I would much rather Detox be filled with better emcees but I guess he needs to keep it west coast...let's just hope Eminem and Crooked I get a lot of time on this album

    • billy

      Snoop doesnt sounds appealing to most of us because he doesnt rap "hardcore gangsta" anymore.. remeber snoop with no limit.. suckd...The game is to be...etc..(1998) when he supposively was dead in rap.... put snoop witht the right people "Chronic 2001" (1999) who do good rap music and he will sound fine... never call garbage on dre and snoop callobo...

    • sharpsh00ter155

      still DRE was good

    • bostongeorge6512@yahoo.com

      Yea your right man Whens the last time snoop and dre made a decent song?

  • lashawn

    hopefully it will be a good one and shut da fuck with all that trash talk and be thankful to have hiphop.

  • Love_Cali

    If Nate would have been fine he would propably be on the song. Dr. Dre, Snoop & Nate damn it would be so good

  • Tom

    I'm not gonna believe it until it's in my hands and I'm listening to it going "this took nearly a decade?!"

  • kelso13

    Snoop & akon? Shoulda brought out da big boys, eminem, wayne, Drake, 50,kayne but who knows i will neva doubt dis man again! Hfm2 nov 22 support real hip-hop

    • Anonymous

      glad to see some people not buying the hype

    • sharpsh00ter155

      tonedeff isnt fucken real hip hop. hes a wannabe twista who literally if you slowed him down nothing makes sense

    • Anonymous

      what the hell is up with all these people talkin' about "Lloyd Banks blah blah blah.. support real hiphop!." are you fuckin' kidding me?! Lloyd Banks is REAL hiphop?. you have no IDEA what the fuck hiphop is if you think Banks is hiphop.. he's a rapper.. a "gangster" rapper if you will.. a wanna be fabolous.. nothing about him is hiphop.. you want hiphop?. listen to Ef@amm, you know?. tonedeff, packfm, all those cats.. listen to Reks, listen to Atmosphere and Living Legends, listen to Blu, listen to Grieves, listen to J. Cole, Wale, Wax, Fashawn, Sapient and the rest of the Sandpeople, now THEY are hiphop.. Lloyd Banks?. NOT, i repeat, NOT hiphop..

  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    lets hope its not another Under Pressure...

    • billy

      Sir Jinx said he has listened to Detox and it is not going to sounds techno ish under pressure.. he said songs on it go more along the short clip of the beat we heard on the dr. pepper commercial.. that beat sounds dope as hell and so dre...

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Kush? Why Kush?...Name aside, this better be West Coast, and it better be dope, or I'm pretty much done with Post-2001 Dre

  • A Real Nigga

    I'm Happy To See That The Good Doc is about to drop and save hip-hop from all this gay shit going on. When DETOX drops, all these wack ass niggas won't exist.You Have Been Warned....

  • ye

    not a way to jump start your hype with snoop and akon lol! I pray he shocks the world.

  • Jugo

    I will believe this shit when i see it. Tired of waiting thats for damn sure.

  • 310707

    One can't detoxify himself with "Kush"

  • AfterHour

    Kush is the name of Dre's new drink

  • shady

    Well I dont believe it till I see it lol. It was too bad under pressure did't had a nice beat, jay's verse was nice.. But this better be good!

  • sharpsh00ter155

    under pressure was suppose to be the first single also until it sucked ballsack

  • Allan101

    this single from detox better be good. haha akon is a good singer 2.

  • Ricx

    Nooo Waaaayyy !! (FiRST !)

  • patty ashes

    the concept of detox is so absurd that it's not even news/blogworthy.

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