Jay-Z Signs Jay Electronica To Roc Nation

An already solid roster is bolstered as Hov adds Jay Electronica to the fold.

During a secret performance Friday night at The Box in New York, Jay-Z announced he has signed Jay Electronica to his Roc Nation label.

“This next wizard that we’re about to introduce…We’re very excited,” Jay-Z told the packed crowd. “You guys have been supporting him in a major way, and he goes by the name of Jay Electronica. He’s an official Roc Nation signee.”

In October, during an appearance on the Hypemen Podcast with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal and Jensen Carp, Just Blaze hinted that a new Jay Electronica release was coming “sooner than later.” Nearly a month later, Electronica gave a sampling of the song “Shiny Suit Theory,” a song Miss Info exclusively reports is a duet between Jay-Z and Jay Electronica. Additionally, Jay-Z’s verse was one of the motivating factors in bringing the New Orleans native over to Roc Nation. After a few years of being mentored by Diddy and Just Blaze, how did Jay Electronica end up as labelmates with J.Cole and Willow Smith?

“Jay-Z made me an offer I couldn’t refuse,”Jay Electronica told Miss Info exclusively. “And I have the freedom I need too.”

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I'm officially putting the entire game on notice.about 20 hours ago via TwitBird



  • DaRocknessMonstah

    Too bad Jay Elec doesn't make an fucking music.

  • Blackman

    Jay Electronica is ill but this shit is funny and true as hell http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woGkWp1ZJ1M

  • Desu-Ops

    Good move. J. Cole, Jay Electronica? Jigga got a damn good lineup right here.

  • mike

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  • Jeremy Orr

    maybe Jigga will light a fire under his ass to make some fuckin music instead of doing interviews all the damn time!! #actionspeaklouder

  • EddieMurrrphy

    another waste of talent. this cat gon' be broken hearted being on a label that will put out willow smith and fly her to japan and around the world. before they give him a forward for a crappy ass timbo beat two years later. i bet willow smith will be two albums deep before we get this dudes mixtape and ep promoting nothing. and jayden smith will have an album date before him

  • digga

    noooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. come on. this is a fucking travesty. this is a fucking nightmare. where the fuck nas was at yo. perfect artist for nas to mold. now jay is gonna make him a tool. i'm predicting it. he's gonna change.i'm telling u. he's gonna be on sum lavish bullshit.trust me, where the fuck was nas? nas should;ve signed this cat. this ruined my night

    • Anonymous

      Yeah soooooooo stop ya crying. Nas doesn't successful sign and put out artists... In fact, nas can't even manage his OWN career. He has NO power and no INFLUENCE behind the scenes. YES they do rap alike, but BUSINESS is deeper than rap style.

  • asap

    Chess not checkers. Now Jay can say I just signed one of the most anti establishment, artist in hip hop, illuminati my ass, now get off my back suckers. I'm from Marcy. Jay wins again, good luck Electronica.

  • Right On

    i havent heard a jay elec track in a while. hopefully this will start making him produce more shittttt

  • sdf

    good, Elec deserves a big label (even if Roc isn't what it used to be...)

  • Gregory Mandizvidza

    its aight...we'll si wat the nigga gon do...num sayin'

  • was12

    jay elec jus sold his soul to the devil

    • EddieMurrrphy

      he's saying he predicting he gonna become a whore. i bet jay elect joins will.i.am, and wyclef in the stretched out asshole gentlemen's club. don't forget to grab your hand towel from the in-bathroom band, the roots. nice work on kimmel you fuckin house-niggers

    • Gregory Mandizvidza

      wat is u sayin?

  • G'

    count down the Jay Electronica "sold out" bandwagoners in 3, 2....

  • bringi

    jay z trying to make a new era of ROC, but still it wont be as dope as when it was beanie sigel and memphis bleek on board, and he might also fuck jay electronica over like he did beanie..

  • tonychase

    Before we get too happy with the singing of Jay Electronica let's truly examine this.I remember when Joell Ortiz singned with Aftermath and i also remember when Nas signed with Def Jam etc.How many times have we seen an artist sign to a big label(Saigon/Papoose)and never drop or become frustrated with the politics of the industry(Lupe Fiasco)Jay Z is a great artisit but he has never shown that he has cared about another rapper but himself case in point J.Cole just dropped a hot mixtape and where was the promotion when he was in charge of Def Jam he had a golden opportunity to make changes and do what is right but what happened he had a group like the Roots and they received no promotion whatsoever.I would love to see J.E get the right push but signing to Roc Nation may not be a good move and J.E fans and JZ's fans are not the same.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      acutally bizzle what you're saying is irrelevant. really read tonychase's post idiot. open up your real third eye and examine that shit, it seems you really need to focus on it to get it. ignorant idiot. ne-yo, rihanna, rick ro$$ and all those other r&b turds jay signed during his tenure as president were not hip hop. he was in charge of def jam, making shit right to quote tonychase, in a real hip hops mind would be signing and promoting some real hip hop musicians getting them the recognition they deserve. instead of getting ignored, and having people like ne-yo and rihanna shoved in your face. fuck the money for the label and those talentless fucks, i want to see people with real talent get that paper. especially on def jam records, a primarily hip hop label. they got to support real hip hop, not give another outlet for pop music. they makin it hard for real cats to survive

    • Bizzle

      Ur crazy, when jay was prez of def jam, NE-Yo, Rihanna and Rick Ross's careers took off, so what ur saying is irrelavent

  • Dooby

    Jay-Z + J. Cole + Jay Elec = The Free-Jay-Sons

  • black gretzky

    Dame & Diddy lost

  • thank me lata

    dis nigga jay elect finally signed ight now make some music damnit elect niggas is feenin

  • Good Vibrator

    "Regardless who you vote for if the mind dont glow/and the poverty line dont go/but the dope keep comin and TV keep flashin images of a sports car, then you bound for a coke war/the meek get clowned by the coke law/the sheep get drowned in the folklore/ them logs asleep by Tom Brokaw/ humm what a pity/the hope on a politicians tongue never ever trickles down to the city..." --Jay Electronic----

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    G.O.O.D. Music and Roc Nation should just combine since their respective founders are like brothers to each other and it would be an incredible force to be reckoned with, if you think about it... "G.O.O.D. Nation, niggas!! OUGH!" - Jay-Z

  • The_Ghost_BKS1

    Tonight @ 11 pm est - 8 pm pst on bks1radio.com the live in the vocal booth team discusses violence in our streets. What can we do to put an end to the senseless violence that is claiming our youth at an alarming rate.

  • VKUSH412

    what's funny is, didn't Dame have Currency,Mos Def,and J.Elec doing an album together.. now Mos is signed to Good Music and J.Elec is signed to RocNation.. Rocnation got J.Cole, J. Elec, Jay-Z and Wale too..

  • Anonymous

    No matter who he sign with jay electronica is the shit..respect to Jay for recognising real talent before anybody else could swoop the kid up. Thought the guy would have ended up on a label like Duck Down, but we'll see what Jay and his team can really do with a harcore head like Electronica

  • Nastynas4life

    Nice, J.Cole and now Jay Electronica are on the same label, thats awesome.

  • Sensaye252

    Wow. Back when Jay Electronica was nothing he gave me his demo tape. It was okay. Definitely never thought he would make it this far, I gotta admit. Hey Je'ri, how 'bout now that you're on and I'm not, you give my demo a listen.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    now we got 2 jay'z on roc nation lol. welcome 2 da family, jay. da more, da merrier. roc nation bitch!

  • Anonymous

    I'm pumped Jay elec is signed to roc nation i just hope it doesn't hold back the 'conscious' ish he writes about. I mean I'm pumped Hov is behind for distribution but is 'Roc' nation gonna effect jay elec spitting?? still doubt it. Do ur thang big ups

  • G

    imagine if slaughterhouse and elzhi were with roc. and sha stimuli. good lord it would be a new world order

  • yugang

    hope this means we'll get act2 finally

  • Anonymous


  • CJF

    Who is all on Roc nation? Id take young Bleek and Beans anyday though.

  • TempoClash

    I wrote an article "Jay Electronica: A Deeper Look Into Jay Z's New Roc Nation Signee" http://tempoclash.wordpress.com/2010/11/13/a-deeper-look-into-jay-zs-new-signee-jay-electronica/ Hope you enjoy it

  • jay

    jay z should try to get lupe over to roc nation that would be sick


    Jay-Z has got an eye for talent; first Cole and now Jay? Damn they got some of the most fierce upcoming artists.

  • Alex Mendoza

    Man this is great

  • I Know, I Know

    YES!! J Cole and Jay Elec on the same label. Sounds amazing to me. Hopefully they do a collab soon even though its 2 different sounds.

    • Killa

      [Jay Electronica] We magnetizin’ the ghetto [J. Cole] Yeah, now here’s the memo Haha, that line surprised me.

    • Christopher Johnson

      Try Reflection Eternal f/ Mos Def, J.Cole & Jay Electronica "Just Begun" which Jay Elec & Cole both slaughter

  • rydersix10

    now i wonder how many of you are gonna start shitting on jay electronica and turning your backs on him since he is now officially on a major label???...i can see it now...oh dude done sold out??..he's not hood and street anymore??...and 2 all the critics that was complaining about how jay z wasn't signing dudes and helping other artist out and for all you who were saying that he only looks out for himself when he was the Def Jam President....he seems to be putting together quite a impressive label and helping a lot of artist out. I hope he makes a Roc Nation album with everyone on it...just like Young Money did. Personally i think Roc Nation is waaaay and i mean waaaaaay more stacked with talent then Young Money...

    • rydersix10

      listen up...Jay Cole is a better rapper then Drake...Lil wayne been admitted that Jay Z was the best rapper alive and better then him...and Jay Electronica is better then any of the other dudes on young money....shit in a few years willow smith might even become better then nicki minaj...lol

    • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

      gayrozay17th, shut da fuck up! rydersix10 got it rite. roc nation iz 1000xs betta than cum money u fruit. lil gayne, flake, nickgay minaj-a-tois and tyga (tha yung gay azzhole) all suck dick. da rest of cum money r benchwarmerz so i could care less bout them. jay-z! smashez dat entire homo label wit one line. go jack off 2 suck me later u fag!

    • spittarozay17th

      no duderydersix is fucking out your mind saying roc nation is better then young money please nicki smashing half of roc nation drake killing half of roc nation tyga killing half of roc nation and weezy nobody in roc nation is better then wayne so chill out and any way u can't compare roc nationtoi young money want u say cash money an cash money is killing roic nation period with everything

    • djnook

      Duckdown Records got every hip hop label on smash. If you want real hip hop that is who you should follow!!!! People need to pay attention to the music more and be less focused with the politricks anyway. Music is what is really important and if we loose focus we will loose touch with what is real. Don't take it for granite because without real music you can relate to, life sucks!

  • Moses Esan

    Hell YEAH, Jay Electronica and J. Cole on the same label, Fuck Yeah.

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Jay-Z, J.Cole & Jay Electronica as: The 3 J's Like the Dallas Mavericks in the 90's (Jason Kidd, Jim Jackson & Jamal Mashburn)

  • TempoClash

    JayElectronica: A Deeper Look Into Jay Z’s New Roc Nation Signee. Read here: tempoclash.wordpress.com I spent time putting together a thoughhtful piece on Jay Elects move to Roc Nation...Religion, the comparison between Jay z and Jay Electronica and the possible impact on hip hop. If you have the time I'd really appreciate it if u read it and gave your thoughts on the site thanks

  • TempoClash

    JayElectronica: A Deeper Look Into Jay Z’s New Roc Nation Signee. Read here: tempoclash.wordpress.com I spent time putting together a thoughhtful piece on Jay Elects move to Roc Nation...Religion, the comparison between Jay z and Jay Electronica and the possible impact on hip hop. If you have the time I'd really appreciate it if u read it and gave your thoughts on the site thanks

  • ASEE

    This is big fucking news. Jay Elec is easily one of the best new emcees and he needs more people to hear his voice. I'm glad that he added that comment about his "freedom" because that's the very first thing that popped into my head. He's an experimental artist and that's where most of his fans are at too.

  • Charles ExSavior

    I hope he releases his music at a consistent rate now, he got Jay-Z backing him now. But daaam, J. Cole and Jay Elect on the same label is a serious threat.

  • maks

    Jay Electronica sucks. Sorry.

    • Anonymous

      The wet bandits: Jay electronica is a bum what has he ever done? i saw him at a show in detroit and all he did was tell stories, he didnt even perform the one song he has. he lost my respect. will never support that clown again ^^ never support that clown again?? yeah right nigga. As soon as he drops act 2 or a full project your gonna throw your fickle tendecies out the window and ur gonna cop it especially if it gets a good response from fans. (Never say never)

    • lookwhostalking

      @the wet abndits yeah talk shit about a man who literally was homeless sleeping on the streets real mature, and not that money is more important than someone's rap skills or anything but who are you calling a bum?? i bet hes making more than your hating ass. Lastly what has he he ever done? exhibit a,b and c, toured around the u.k. and sold out shows, created a buzz for himself off of several singles here & there, not to mention this roc nation deal AND doing at all of this coming up in the game at the age of 35!who else can say that?? Fuck outta here!

    • the wet abndits

      I actually had to work late missed elzhi blackmilk and royce perform. and payed $25 to see his bum ass walk around stage and tell stories.

    • Anonymous

      you probably didnt even pay to see him

    • The wet bandits

      Jay electronica is a bum what has he ever done? i saw him at a show in detroit and all he did was tell stories, he didnt even perform the one song he has. he lost my respect. will never support that clown again

    • Fail

      Your tasteless opinion doesn't matter. Sorry.

  • ok wewill see

    Might NOT live up to the overhypeness of Exhibit C!

  • ok we will see!

    His music will be sitting on the shelf just like J Cole's album for 2 year and all the rest of the R&B/hip Hop acts signed by the Roc Nation. This is exciting for now but similar to the hype of Exhihbit C and Act II his music will not be pushed because Jay as an artist will only ride hard for Jay. Jay electronica is lazy with putting out music and has used every excuse of why Act II has not been released and he just recently admitted being scared to release music because it might live up to the overhypeness of Exhibit C!

    • Jay

      Jay Elect already works at a sporadic pace so Jay-z can't be blamed for any delays concerning him now that he is signed to Roc Nation! Cole, on the other hand I just don't see his shit sitting on the shelf. If he doesn't get backed by the label he will put his shit out independently. His debut album keeps getting pushed back so what does he do?? He drops "Friday Nights Lights" to hold us over until the label decides to release his shit. Kanye rode that same formula to success. I think any artist under any major label will go as far as they are willing to go. They can only get soo far using Jay-z's name. J.Cole has already displayed that he will get far with or without Jay backing him now it's Jay Elect's turn!

    • Christopher Johnson

      I agree, I think Jay Elec is an amazing artist but his music is too far and between, he does seem to be a bit lazy which could be to his detriment.

    • untouchpuertorocNYC

      It's either that, or Jay's artissts already turned these albums in, and it's soon going to be a market flooded w/Roc Nation material.

  • Anonymous

    Finally Jay-Z is doing something for hiphop!

    • Jmd2

      @GuerillaJones SuckHisDickAlready. HeDidAllThatWhileDestroyingMusicToo,InGeneral.

    • OneNaTrillion

      Guerilla got me laughing and I cosign what he says. Jigga has been doin work for hiphop

    • guerilla jones

      you mean doing something other then making money?giving us kanye?being consistent?finding avenues for hip hop to become more progressive?stimulating hip hop with a beef where no one died?outselling athletes with his shoe?looking smart and relaxed in interviews?out producing his rivals? eying potential talent?going against the grain and actually marrying a chick?yea...finally hes done something for hip hop!lol your a clown.

  • G

    HOLY FUCKIN SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nice

    he deserves it, i can't wait to hear what he's going to put out

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