New Eminem Album Coming Before 2011?

Alex Da Kid claims we'll have new Eminem music that he worked on before Christmas

Alex Da Kid's discography isn't very long just yet, but the British producer has proven himself to be a hit-maker already. The DXnext alum produced smash singles "Airplanes " for B.o.B. and "Love The Way You Lie " for Eminem, and worked on Nicki Minaj's Pink Friday. He recently let slip that Eminem may just have something in store for us before the new year.

Rap-Up TV spoke to him and asked him about his relationship with Eminem. “I see him a lot now. I don’t really have that many friends and nor does he, so I think we’re probably both losers,” joked Alex. But the real news came when he revealed that Eminem will release new music before Christmas. He wouldn't say much on the matter, for fear of his life he joked, but did say that “when it comes out, it will probably be the biggest song in the last 10 years."

No word if we'll just have a Recovery re-release or a companion album similar to what he did last year with Relapse: Refill. The 7 song Refill was released on December 21 and featured songs recorded during the Relapse sessions and left off the original album. HipHopDX will keep you posted.



  • Shady 1

    Why is em getting all the hate this guy has done things that no other white rapper has done in the past,anyone who hates this man does not know music at all,yes he has transformed him self into something differnt then the past shit were used to,that gives no one the right to say he sucks,if ur any better lets see u do it!!!!!!,just try it and u will look silly,so give the guy a break hes doing it and ur dont say that shit dat he sucks.......

  • Donna Verstraten


  • Donna Verstraten

    Does Eminem have a new cd coming out in 2011?

  • Anonymous

    top five rappers 1.slimshady 2.eminem 3.b-rabbit 4.em 5.shorti

  • edwin

    em is dee best than all muthafucker who think they can swag like him

  • Andrenaline

    Em is dee best!!! than all the fresh muthafuckers thinking they can rap nowadays. Da lyrical God!!

  • Anonymous

    em is coming out with really good shit now and is sounding like his old self. none of that toool shit hes recenttly came out with. his new songs from 2011 are real good


    its nat pop or emo its eminem he doesnt have to follow the "hip-hop" trend watever genre it is its still good music, whoch people can relate to and thats what makes eminem special, hes always been well known for his lyrics not his beats, hes been through a lot, and has grown more wiser and is releasing more mature music, and i appreciate him for it truely an all round legend for the lyrics hes been labelled the modern day shakepeare now thats saying something, rap aint about a couple of beats in a line its the words, hopefully his next album will be just as good or if not better!


    look eminem is da best and the sales figures dont lie, he was the best selling artist from 2000-2010 so there, and hes the best selling hip-hop artist which beats jay-z and lil wayne, and if they were reading these comments rite nii theyd laugh there nat in competition with each other there all mates, and there expressing there opinions through there music together to be heard and speak for normal people who cant be heard, em makes good music that has a reality to it which helps people relate to it i dont were the fuck i would be without eminem

  • Ariel Gibbs

    eminem is so awesome

  • anon

    His next album is going to be 2x better then recovery.

  • josh

    eminem is tottaly aswome i am his biggest fan he is a lyrical genius

  • justin

    ya man, recovery wasn't all that great. But from hearing his colabs with other rappers like his song with Nicki Minaj was totally dope. His new album will be ill. fuck all you haters. if you like lil wayne yall are just in it for the beats not the actual talent.

  • kaleigh

    eminem is a lyrical genius, i don't care what you guys say because there is no denying it. He is better than all the new crap out now a days. He is real Hip-Hop unlike everyone else. I guarantee that his flow and lyrics in the new album will be 100% better than Recovery. Slim Shady will be alive again. No doubt.

  • Anonymous

    eminem is da king, beats all other rappers by a long shot

  • JEFlksajldf

    Fuck you haters if u dont like emienm dont fucking look at the page fuck face

  • Francine Lizotte

    Excuse me Mrs Mathers who his your friend am what me if you can answer me and am ajust my comportement to what categories am for you Mrs Mathers.

  • AFrica

    Em is dope, numbers dont lie, u faggots must accept, he know how to do it, i dont have top 10, i have just 3 , they continuing changing the game every time they drop a album, Em, Jay weezy.

  • Bvbvbvbv

    No Em just don't do it. Stop releasing albums. JUST STOP RAP MOTHERFUCKER YOU SUCK ELEPHANT BALLS RIGHT NOW


    Em will forever remain hot,am his great fan i lov is message u knw his not 4 everybody, is lyrics has a part in my everyday life, its really rough but i get hope from him.Em ur fans need u

  • yeayea

    Eminem had changed a ton musically because he's changed a lot personally. I love all the sides of Shady we've seen throughout the years. Dude is a beast on the mic, whether you like him or not.

  • Effyo

    I can't understand all this negative comments.. Recovery is so damn good! really i can't understand! if you are really Em fan you would have notice his artistic coherence from infinite to way..

  • Lee Lewis

    Lets hear it for new york, what a wack ass song, nas is nice. But eminem is real, he doesnt rap about the same shit in every single song. Em sold like the most records in 2010 fucking faggot ass jayz dick riders. He looks like a fucking camel.

  • Anonymous

    OK OK Listen Recovery was not a classic, not saying i hated it, but REALLY compare eminem to 2000 to 2010 hes a completly different person and rapper. Eminem is really a crazy dude go and watch the howard stern interview in 1999 is CRAZY how he had an accent, acted like some punk trailor trash who had a liking for extasy. Now...He saying how lil wayne and kanye would kill him in beef or "Get my ass handed to me" HES WEAK he is a victim of himself and the industry. Hes sounds beat up, when a decade ago was confident, agnry, and a heavy weight MC. Now he dont care hes on some POP SHIT beleive it. This shit is no where near SSLP< MMLP or Eminem Show not even close, the worst song marshall mathers is better than the best song on recovery. Bottom Line Eminem is forcing his image and wants to be viewed at in a different light than how he was looked at years ago which mad him famous.

    • Cealix

      lol, I find this very ironic when people say Em has gone pop, especially since Recovery was the only album that didn't have a "funny single." lol, if Em's gone pop, then tell me why none of his songs are played in clubs? OH BUT HEY, WAYNE ISN'T POP AT ALL!

    • rain.m.a.n

      i kinda get what your saying but name 1 artist who hasn't changed over the coarse of 10, 11 years.its just getting older and evolving hes a grown ass man let him mature.i agree he wont ever be on the same level as marshall mathers lp/eminem show status but dude just did damn near 3 mil in sales in 2010's horrible cd sales market.yea he lost a step but far from fell off

  • Anonymous

    I'm not hungry, here you can have mine because I think I'm going to be sick. Nov. 22 Kanye, Nicki Minaj, , Ne-Yo or Trunk Muzik 0 to 60 by Yelawolf Jay-Z The Hits Collection Volume 1 (Deluxe Edition) Fuck washed up Unit/EMI (graveyard)

  • kingben

    i cant beleve ppl can say that jay z is beta than em fuckn hell hav u ppl eva acually listend to the shit he talks he is one of the all time fakest rapers eva and how is the mainstream pop song he done wit alicia keys any beta than em doin love the way you lie nas is hot but lets face it he hasnt droped nothing real good since still matic and it pissis me off that ppl hate on em for being white an doin black music does that mean all white ppl should hate on jimmy hendrix?????????? im pretty sure u could consider his genre white music eminem is one of the all time greatest artist ever along with tupac strictly because they both use the music to express them selves and its real not just fake ass words that rhyme that every one else puts out

  • nucca

    cool hope em makes a classic

  • jae

    u see certian rappers that been in the game since the late 90s or before that are older can still do it cause they are special artist,like em,jay,50cent,nas,busta,dr dre,snoop,fatjoe,lil wayne,wu tang,lox,camron,an few others its about keepin coming out every year with sumthing an haveing everyone hear it an kno it,thas the way it is.once u stop the fans stop u gotta keep going intill your point is reached to hear no matter who else comes after they still look at u as being on for underground hiphop i like the music but they dont try as hard to let everyone know who they are.ems style been the same, he jus uses dif beats with more popish hooks sumtimes.u can still spit hard an be on top,look how pun an biggie did it.

  • Absalute


  • emmarshshadfan

    Eminem is dead soon he is confused of wo to work with and he has got pressure from game so the death is close

  • thewhat

    Yo let me ask u guys one thing- Em done a song with rihanna on the hook. People only hatin cos of how big it blew up. Jay did 'run this town' with rihanna and more and done more true 'pop' songs than em ever has. I seen some Jay lovers on this post actin like he still on top his game or something- he fell off years ago. And man people gotta grow up, Em is 38 years old. things evolve, deal with it. Yeah ok alotta production on recovery should of been better. But watch, Em will come with a hard freestyle over a raw beat and start makin tracks over hardcore hiphop beats and youll all be prasin again. I liked Recovery on the whole, I prefered Relapse but still. Is Recovery MMLP? no. Is Blueprint3 Reasonable Doubt? no. Think about that u haaters who love to hate em but say nothin bout Jay. People need to grow up.

    • sinisterminister

      agreed!you gotta evolve or you disappear-tupac said that himself.i guarantee you,all of you wouldn't be satisfied if eminem had kept his style,and would still be complaing as much as you are right now.

  • c4

    eminem tryna get it in he know wayne gonna take over the game again so he gotta go hard before wayne drop tha carter 4

  • Anonymous

    recovery was supposed to be a double disc, he'd better come out with another one before xmas, we were shafted on the that last one.

    • Anonymous

      okay eminem is coming out with good shit. not that recovery shit, but songs like difficult, syllables and cocaine are real good. He's actually sounding like he used to before the last couple albums were out.

  • Jason Rubin

    he has sold the most albums of any hip hop artist ever you Should know that and don't disagree look it up, hes changing his whole style with recovery and i expect more change don't really like mainstream not lyrical enough for me but he is a beast, check his first album in late 95 Infinite lets see all you people hating do it better and sell 85+ million albums.

    • Zeek

      Eminem is almost on 90.000.000 Tupac is on 75.000.000 You people need to get your numbers straight.

    • Dallas Tre'5-7

      wow...let's not pull stats out of our asses here guys. According to Neilsen Soundscan, Em has sold more albums WORLDWIDE in the past 10 years than any other artist in any genre....period. A list that only included two rappers in the top 10. Nelly @ #3 and Jay-Z at #7. But ask yourselves does sales matter all that much if fuckin Nelly is number 3 in the last decade?!? But the fact is...Em is the highest selling rapper of all time. And I can guarantee if he dies in a random shooting, his sales more than quadruple (i.e. Pac & Biggie) Just some facts for that ass...

    • Trevin

      nah actually tupacs sold over 75 mil world wide and em with over 80 mil

    • Anonymous

      lol hes right 2pac has sold more than eminem. eminem is number 2, and jay z 3.

    • Doc

      Pac has sold more and Pac only had 3 or 4 years to market his music Eminem has had over a decade marketing his...

    • r u serious...

      tupac is the highest selling hiphop artists of all time.

  • Anonymous

    there are already 3 confirmed tracks 1. I love to suck dick & sell out feat kanye west 2. up thee ass feat lil wayne & 3. Viva popmuzik feat the backstreet boys and justin bieber , lol

  • Primevida

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  • No Love

    Too many little kids in here thinking Em's shit is deep. I should expect it from cats who JUST started listening to rap yesterday.

    • Anonymous

      I been listening to rap since the mid 90's and I like his shit, go on with that high and mighty "I dont like it so everybody who does is this and that" punk shit, lol

  • jason

    HE IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME! And now he is not more good because he is mainstream? He is since 12 years mainstream. Which Rapper is not mainstream? Jay-Z? Nas? Kanye? Lil Wayne? Drake? Now everyone says J.Cole is dope. But if he makes 1-2 mainstream Songs then everyone will say he is whack. The old Cole was dope.Bullshit! Elvis, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Nirvana and and and. They all were mainstream. But now they are all Legends. And that is what Eminem is......a LEGEND!

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    Recovery: Fully Recovered EP? Idk, but yeah, it's a re-release, Em bout to have a #1 smash hit again

  • Anonymous

    People have hated on every album eminem ever released I remember being online when the SSLP dropped and people complaining about his high pitched voice, his lyrics being rediculous, the beats being flat and My Name is being a sellout pop song Em and his camp should start to worry when people stop hating Either way, getting away from the same Eminem arguments that have been ongoing for 12 years.... I'm pretty sure this is a re-release of recovery, a couple days ago I seen Joe Budden saying that slaughterhouse was working with Em on a track called "Session 2", so I'm asuming that will probably be included

  • Edy Miguel Carrillo

    Get the fuck outa here em has not fallen off Recovery is the dopest CD in along time every track is solid as hell u just a hater and jay aint got shit on em get ure fucking facts right and u got a bad taste in music thats why u dont remember ems songs dont get me wrong jay and naz r tight but em is ontop

  • blah blah blah

    First of all, all the folks sayin em's gotta go back to his old stuff, figure it out. He's 38 years old, he's a completely changed artist. That's what happens when you age, so does your art. It's a refreshing thing to see because how many people have we seen fall off? Just look at someone like 50, used to be hot, but now what is he? Fell off, HE COULDN'T EVOLVE. Times change, music changes, and artists change. To see Em come out with Recovery was great. Though it may not be a masterpiece as many perceive it to be, it works with what music is today. And it feeds his fans. A lot of fans were not thrilled with Relapse, I personally liked it, but he knew it was time for change. And people completely ate it up and begged for more. It works, what he has right now is perfect, amazing expression, disgusting wordplay, and undeniable fire from his emotions.

    • Trev

      i think why people think he's gonna go back to his old style because if yo listen to his newest features it has that Slim Shady feel instead of that Recovery feel. but word about 50 fallin off. get rich or die tryin, the massacre and get rich or die tryin soundtrack was his best shit then he fell off.

  • em fell off

    that nigga fell the fuck off, his new shit is so ass i dont even remember one song from recovery or relapse....thats why i will always put jayz and nas ahead of him cuz they are still dropping hot shit like they never lost a step....fuck eminems drug addict sellin out ass

    • Tfraaa

      keep ridin em's dick fuckin faggots. Em is an average rapper, shit start listening to real hip-hop. are u really gon tell me that any record on recovery is even above average, then u stupid nigga. love the way u lie couldn't be more fuckin gay

    • dibi

      em fell off are you fucking kidding his last cd was his best dude nas really when is the last time he did something worth listing to last nas song that was worth it was one mic after that hate me now cant think of any more... jay z in my opion is over rated i like him but hes not the greatest like everyone says... really em is one of if not THE best ever no if ands or buts about it

    • losers

      i agree with the first poster eminem fell of hard but the problem is his stans have their head so far up his ass its disgusting, recovery sold 4 million W O W, does that make it an amazing album cuz of how much it sells? GTFOH...and nas drops a hot album every 10 years? omg you must be like 18 years old or just live on that jay z line like it means something, Nas's last album Untitled was a fuckin great ass album and the most recent one Distant Relatives with Marley was a classic, eminem fell the hell you brainwashed motherfuckers....i love em's old shit cuz he had substance and didnt have the same damn flow on every song like he does now....dont do drugs kids, it kills your favorite rappers


      yeah he fell off righttttttttttt shut d fuck up faggot, eminem recovery = 4 mill moved and gone in U.S. ,jay z bp3= 1mill nas=one good album every ten year average (jayz "takeover")

    • psh

      christ the hate ridiculous recovery was dope you sayin ya didn't feel shit like 25 to life? Blueprnt III was absolute shit if ya think Hov is on his game your opinion dont even count Jay's the biggest sell out in rap history since pretty much after Reasonable Doubt

  • Anonymous

    Alex clearly said it would be the biggest SONG in the last 10 years...not album...

  • traye

    unless he does and album/collaboration with ill mind or premier my ears will avoid this as much as possible!! em needs to go underground, there's no way he could fail. Hes the modern day Elvis Presley magnified!!

  • Bubu K

    Fuck eminem hes tooo overated! ya hes good but hes not the best! ANd i hate wen white people allways saying "YA I DONT LISTEN TO HIP HOP OR RAP UNLESS IT EMINEM!" Cmon wtf !!!

  • Relaxx

    Wayne is gonna kill Em's shit and I know I'm going to get a lot of bullshit responses for this. So fuck it, it's true. The old Em gets at Wayne, the new Em, no.

  • Outta here

    I'm being honest, Em use to be loose, unpredictable, controversial and had a swag to his shit. It's ALL forced and sounding the same now. Same with Dr. Dre, he use to drop bombs easily and be miles ahead of the competition. They both suspect right now. The only reason Detox hasn't dropped is because he knows it's WACK. Fuck the formula and do what's in your heart.

  • Cool but

    See Hip-hop is lagging right now because TOO MANY of you fan boyz put an album like Recovery in the classic spot. If Recovery came out in the 90's or early 2000's the shit would go double wood. It's a crossover formula album, no different from Lady Gaga. If you like that, cool but don't say it's on some Illmatic shit. Not even close.

  • Calling BS

    OK! What fucking dope songs are on Recovery since all yawl swear by it? Name them please. What? Not Afraid? "put down the sissors and cut the crap" You can't be serious with that line.

    • Big A

      i don't care what none of yall say Em is still doing it, hes still spittin hard! name one rapper in the game right now that fucking with him lyrically? nobody. The man has matured hes 38 years old! hes not gonna make the same music he use to do dumbasses! that would be stupid. hes grown as a artist, hes sober now and he had to change his style up in order to stay relevent cause music is constantly changing. I think hes getting better and Recovery is a classic! i don't give a fuck what nobody says that album is fuckin dope! every song is good, some beats coulda been better but the album is fuckin great. Fuck all yall haters!

    • house111

      his verse was tight in no love and in your never over he goes into some deep shit

    • Anonymous

      Not Afraid is ill first off dumb ass. He ripped Wayne a new asshole on No Love. Jus cause Wayne couldnt hold his own doesnt mean bash Em. Seduction wanged & lyrics went hard as fuck! What album did u listen to!? Going Through Changes = needed to complete theme & swagtastic! Spacebound = dope! 25 to Life, classic, PERIOD! Almost Famous = everybody quit! The Warning [Mariah Carey Diss] = dead blonde we'd all still fuck! Verse on Airplanes 2 = perfect! Verse on Forever Remix = who want it!? Verse on Drop the World = im definitely better than Wayne! Em runs the game! Wake up bitches!!

    • Calling BS

      Average shit but one of the better songs on the album, I guess. Most of the songs Em doesn't even ride the beat like he use to. He just runs through everything he's on with the same cadence now. The one with Pink and Almost Famous he actually is one with the track. Anything else?

    • mikethaniel

      Cold wind blows.

  • ...

    RECOVERY WAS POP AND LETS SEE BESIDES THE GAY SONG WITH RIHANA, THERES A GAY SONG WITH PINK AND A GAY SONG WITH TANK MAY I GO ON? that cold wind blows was wack also as well as the lil wayne collabo

    • dashitfoo

      drakes cd was pop it was intened for the radio sounded liek what was on the radio...just cuz revovery sold like a pop album doesnt mean it is...not afraid toldly differnt then what u hear on the radio when did someone make a song liek that....and not afriad isnt even my fav on the album...and yea i agree 25 to life best on the cd...dumb ass poeple dont even no its not about a girl but him and hip hop

    • Yeppers

      The one with Wanye is wack, I agree and I think Wayne is great. But that song is OVERRATED!

    • Cealix

      Doing a song with an artist outside of their genre = pop??

  • Arcy P.

    I hope he doesn't come with another Pop album. I never gave Recovery a chance because the production was too pop. I was excited to hear Em on a Just Blaze track but the beat was just garbage, same with all of the rest of the album. I like Em's serious stuff way more than his silly stuff too but the production has to match the lyrics. Em and the Bass Brothers were a perfect match, I would say even more so than Em and Dre. Recovery was probably dope lyrically but Em just doesn't connect very well with the beats he has chosen for Recovery. Production-wise, I'd have to say Relapse was better than Recovery. When I say I want Em to make another SSLP or MMLP I mean production-wise, cuz lyrically I would have to say that he is still a beast.

    • Arcy P.

      It did suck, Em is one of my favorite artists so of course I listened to it. I listen to albums all the way through before I make any comments. Production-wise it was just horrible, I wouldn't give the album a second spin, but some songs were alright. This album was about as cross-over as Wale's Attention Deficit. I don't want to see my favorite artists cross-over for some extra sales or for some extra spins on the radio. I would probably think Recovery was dope if the subject matter didn't come off as forced. If I Had, Cleaning Out My Closet, The Way I Am, Rock Bottom, Etc. were all amazing because you could hear the emotion in his voice when he spit.

    • JerfyT

      I love all of these "I didn't listen to it, but Recovery SUCKED!" posts. Nothing like completely ignorant opinions.

    • Nerd Ferguson

      Recovery was pop? Were you actually listening to the album? "Love The Way You Lie" is probably the only "pop" song.

    • Mylie

      wow thats exactly how i feel. i still like some songs on Recovery tho.

  • Anonymous

    Whatever the shit is, can't wait. It's about time Em in the limelight doin' his thing. Ya'll hate on it now, but fans didn't really get a whole lot from this dude between 2005 and 2008. He knows it, fans know it, it's about time he take over the game. Who gives a fuck if he change up his style and go even more 'pop'. He's getting older now, might as well go out with a bang.

    • Relag

      Wrong! We want grown man hip-hop not calculated formula bullshit that Em himself doesn't care for. Recovery was for the masses not hip-hop fans who know what we're listening to. In fact you can make a dope song that works on radio too. He use to do it. Jay still does it at 40.

    • Drucifer

      Thats what fans dont get, they want homie to be a 40 year old man filled with teenage angst

  • thecool1

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  • SutterKane

    Probably just a Recovery re-release Personally I liked the album so 5 or 6 new songs in that style wouldnt bother me any, people sittin around goin "uhhhhh, I want the SSLP again, uhhhhh" go listen to summin else cause I doubt a 40 year old dude wanna run around makin magic mushroom stories and fart jokes again, he tried it on relapse and it was embarassing to watch, lol

    • SutterKane

      Yeah, the production on that joint was really my only problem, even thought it wasnt bad I still would've liked to hear a few more Dre joints, evebn some of his ow beats or them bass bothers cats Alot of people forget that most his best stuff is self produced, Em aint really the give a beat to everyone type cat but "The Way I Am" , "Lose Yourself" and alot of his other hits were home made

    • Anonymous

      Cosign. Exactly. I like Recovery and all right. But here me out. All im asking is that Em switch up his voice (not his flow) a little bit more. He be sounding like Batman too much these days. He switched it up a little bit on Recovery, but on MMLP nigga flow switched like 10 times in one song! (CRIMINAL) Imean, Eminem show was a dope album and he didnt really switch his voice up on that but im just saying. Another MMLP would be nice, but Recovery similar to Eminem Show in style so I guess thats cool too. Or just 5 or 6 songs of you rapping over DRE beats would be nice too. I dont like them pop producers you was working with on Recovery. Stick with Dre and Bass Brothers just like old times and you good with me. I aint lost faith in you my nigga. You getting your footing back now drop something thats gonna make niggas respect you again like in 2000-2002 when you peaked.

  • The.Watcher

    Whatever Em comes out with, I hope it's better than his last 4 albums (Eminem, Re-Up, Relapse, Recovery), cos after those wack releases, the good will he generated with me from SSLP and MMLP has almost dissipated.

    • The.Watcher

      Whatever, kids, I'm not here to argue with anyone, just stating what I think. It might be just that my taste in music has changed over the last decade, and while I will always love SSLP and MMLP cos it represents a particular moment in my life and therefore possibly transcends its own actual quality in my eyes, I am pretty sure that there isn't really anything Em can do to bring me back. I just don't fuck with that type of music anymore. Em defined himself for a new generation, an achievement that very few artists can boast about - so more power to him.

    • Anonymous

      are you kidding me?. so bad was the best song on the album.. that shit is sick.. nice verses, bad-ass dre beat, and the hook was catchy as a mother fucker.. so bad is so good..

    • Grow Up

      WTF! Recovery was dope as shit. Granted that the production wasn't what we were used to from Em cause Dre wasn't doing all of it. I think some beats were great and some were just too poppy. I hate the fact that everybody jocks Em now just because of LTWYL with Rihanna. But whatever, dickriders gon be dickriders. Just like ^haters gon hate. I means seriously, the whole album was great. (Except for So Bad which was just So Bad) Relapse was the shit too idk why ya'll niggas aint fuckin with that. I mean Stay Wide Awake still blows my mind. And Re-Up was a collective album u dickhead. It was aight too. Not that good tho. It had a few nice joints on there tho like You Don't Know. As for Encore, aside from the funny silly tracks, there was some dope shit on that. Mosh, Yellow Brick Road, etc. Especially the bonus tracks with We As Americans and Love You More. Personally, I think all ya'll who say Em fell off after MMLP are dumbasses. He matured. Grew out of the "Kill You" and "Criminal" stage and moved on to the "Cleaning Out My Closet", "Like Toy Soldiers", "Deja Vu" and "Cinderella Man" stage. Em is growing up. We as listeners should grow with him.

    • Anonymous

      You count Re-UP? Em was only on like 4 songs on that album. 3 classics in a row and people tryna act like he suck now. They need to make a Forgot About Em song. 3 classics, Encore had a couple cuts, Relapse had a couple cuts, Recovery a lot more cuts then since Eminem Show so I dunno whhat you talking about.

    • SutterKane

      Might as well just stop listening then, aint nobody gonna repeat what they did a decade ago

  • J.Dub

    Idk about you people bitchin'. I mean I suppose it depends on the how you look at Em. Personally I like his Recovery stuff for the most part simply because when as much as I like his funny shit as Shady, I respect him much more when he's serious, and talks about real issues.I also feel people are getting too much with this "Anti Pop" Image.Just cause you have Rihanna on a track dosent mean it cant be dope (LTWYL track aside)

    • Drucifer

      Co Sign I always liked his serious stuff more anyway so the recovery CD ws fine to me, only thing I didnt care for really was some of the production *Shrugs*

  • ruthless

    evn doe em aint tha same em from stan, the way i am, or real slim shady, he still tha best, who else can sell hve TWO albums bacc to bacc n sell bof a million plus, not evn tha average rappa wayne. so fo tha simple niggas dat dnt like his new shit, thurr is 999,999 moe maphukkas dat doe.

    • bobby atl

      you should be ashamed of yourself . why is it cool to ignorant ?

    • The.Watcher

      I really tried to read what you wrote, but I just couldn't seem to be able to decipher your jumble of random letters. You probably need a fucking book-code or something to make sense of it. This is the reason why it pays to stay in school, kids.

    • Young Melon

      American education system in full effect, y'all.

  • JPipe

    Get a Bone Thug feature

  • smiff

    Just Blaze also let this slip -he said he was giving a beat away so Budden could be on "the em album" when he was moaning at Budden on Twitter over MM4

  • HardyHarHar

    Who's gonna' be on it this time, Bon Jovi?

  • Woodrow Wilson

    Hopefully its as "pop" and "emo" filled as his last one...

    • nosaiddate

      @TheRapBox.. Nah man, been listening to em since day one.and im down with rakim too, stop assuming shit, I aint a fuckin little kid u waste.

    • Cealix

      @TheRapBox... You do realize "pop" has ALWAYS been known for being the shorter word for Popular, right?? FUN FACT: Nas' Illmatic was always high on the....YOU GUESSED IT....POP CHARTS!!! Damn underground geeks sound like high horse christians.

    • TheRapBox

      Okay.. to you people saying only 2 songs were "pop"... you are just plain wrong, i am assuming you started listening to "rap" about the time recovery came out.. or maybe even as long as 2005... Listen to "Backstabber" off infinite if you are not willing to lsten to anything by a different artist.. and if you arent completely ignorant to good music, listen to "Anatomy of a School Shooting" ill bill, or "Holy Are You" by Rakim.. thats some real rap for you... Recovery is 100% pop, and is truely yet another disgrace to hip hop.

    • nosaiddate

      @woodrowwilson.. are u serious. actually listen to it again and realise only 2 of the songs was pop. pink and rihanna. 'Emo'? gtfo, why cos he got a track talkin bout how he was the past fe years(talkin 2 myself) going through changes(talks about proof, how the fuck can u hate?) 25tolife, sounds like hes talkin bout kim, but talkin bout hiphop. 1 maybe 2 pop songs. get a clue

    • thewhat

      WTF is emo about it. what u chattin about. An people only sayin it's 'pop' cos o f a couple songs and how much love the way you lie blew up. other than a few, the rest of the tracks aint pop. sheep just jumpin on the band wagon. lame asses

  • J-byrd

    I hope its like Refill

  • HoldUp

    Please NO MORE Recovery bullshit Em. Rap is starting to head back in the right direction with albums like HFM2 and Kanye's new stuff. Em I'm begging you to drop the pop shit off a cliff. You use to hate that shit.

    • Drucifer

      @ Holdup If Kanyes album is where hip hop is heading I guess its time for me to find summin else to listen to

    • julius

      werd kanyes stuff is good but even he said ems stuff was hott and that he was the best rapper out right now



    • Anonymous

      Kanyes new shit SUCKS. hiphop aint heading in any direction with that

    • Anonymous

      Cosign. I liked Recovery, but it dont hold a candle to his old stuff. I still play a couple tracks off Recovery, but most of the time its some old school MMLP shit, or even Infinite. Come on Em, its getting harder to defend you cuz niggas think you gone soft or whatever and im starting to look like a fag for listening to your music. Im black too, imagine how hard it is to go around some of these hood niggas i be around playing Eminem. I can do it around my college friends that are black and white, but otherwise i get hazed. Either way, just make good music I guess.

  • Death DaVinci

    Detox single...that's my theory...Dre said something was coming before Xmas...Em said he was working with Dre and Joseph Kahn just mentioned shooting a video with 10 years?? Isnt that how long Dre's been talking about Detox?

  • fuckdx

    Who cares eminem is wack. Fuck any fags who disagree licks balls .

  • uhh

    Buzzin about this. DX though, it obviously aint gonna be a re-release of recovery if he said its gonna be new music and 'biggest song in the last 10 years'. And the fact its sales still goin strong and pushin 3mill what u on about dx ha .

    • hiphop don


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