Director Joeseph Kahn Hints At New Dr. Dre Video

In a year full of broken "Detox" promises, Joseph Kahn says a visual is on the way. Will it be an actual video or another commercial?

Eleven months into 2009, the year is nearly complete without any of the Detox offerings Dr. Dre and Interscope chairman Jimmy Iovine promised to release before the calendar turned. The pair said the Jay-Z collaboration “Under Pressure” would be released in April. But an entire month passed before Dre dismissed the critically panned track as “unfinished.”

News emerged that Dre was working with Game in addition to the Diplomats as well as Eminem and Justin Bieber, but so far, no audio proof has materialized. Now with roughly six weeks left in the calendar year, Director Joseph Kahn, says he is involved with Dr. Dre on some type of video effort.

Prepping DR. DRE. Hey Interscope, do you think there will be any BEATS headphones in this video?11 hours ago via web

In addition to the motion picture, Torque, Kahn has directed music videos for 50 Cent (“Ayo Technology”), Wu-Tang Clan (“Gravel Pit”), and U2 (“Elevation”). The Dr. Dre/Diplomats collaboration is the only of the aforementioned projects to furnish video proof of a song being completed, so it is unclear exactly what Kahn will direct. So far, the only videos Dre has appeared in this year have been promotional spots and commercials for Dr. Pepper and his Beats headphones and laptop series.

@PerezHilton "Beats by Dre." Not getting past this one.about 2 hours ago via Echofon



  • Kingtruth Dopeboyz-Ent checkout my music everybody on facebook checkout my music tell me what u think about my music

  • Detoxx

    leak the first single ya bum dre fuck

  • ASEE

    not even excited anymore.

  • urbanlegend

    By the time this mythical clunker drops weed will be legalized and folks won't be thinking about any detox.

  • jack johnson

    another ploy to advertise his Dr. Dre Beats Headphones, are these guys just taking the piss now? so far every dr. dre rumor has followed with something to do with advertising Dr. Dre's headphones, and now even this twitter post mentions Dr. Dre's headphones. if that twitter post is serious than thats just sad of dr. dre and shows how stupid he thinks his fars are

  • Mortis

    Won't matter what Dre does. Kanye has made Dre irrelevant.

  • David James Robinson

    It's about f'n time. We're ready for DETOX.

  • CooL RauL

    Y is everyone on Dre's nuts? Since when is not being original get a pass, cuz Dre has being getting a pass for over two decades. He doesnt write his own rhymes, how can anyone say that is ok. As an emcee you should be defined as how you put your bars together, not how you read them off an email your ghostwriter sent you. Dre is very overhyped, in the late Easy E's words a studio gangsta. For you kids new to hip hop ill quote someone you might know better than E, 50 cent, Dre is a 'wanksta.'

    • David James Robinson

      He's the best producer, why would he write his own rhymes when he can hear someone can write as Dre better than Dre writes himself? All this about he's not a gangsta. His job for most of his life has been making beats, and he's still gotten in more trouble with the law than most rappers nowadays.

  • Anonymous

    detox is a myth by now

  • readytoeat

    DX, it's eleven months into 2010 not 2009.

  • Alex Hayford

    I'm done with waiting on Dre. Fuck Detox, I won't be surprised if it sounds like ass. After all these years of hyping it up though, I wonder what kind of numbers it'll bring in. I wouldn't be surprised if it went Diamond.

  • Impatiently Waitin 4 Detox

    I can respect Dre's mind for taking the time to put out another "masterpiece". But what the fuck can Justin Bieber possibly contribute to a Dr Dre album?

  • Anonymous

    feel sorry for the niggas that's gonna get hyped off this

  • unterschleif

    Year 3000: Dr. Dres grand-grand-grand..........grandson promissed that Detox will hit the stores until before the milleniums end...

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