Books By Prodigy, Ice-T, Q-Tip and Benzino Planned For 2011 Release

UPDATE: Prodigy's memoir, and Ice-T's latest autobiography move to April 19, 2011 publication.

Emcees and Hip Hop personalities taking on publishing endeavors is nothing new. LL Cool J, Snoop Dogg, Russell Simmons, Chuck D and Jerry Heller have released autobiographies. In the last year, Common and Kurtis Blow contributed to Adam Bradley and Adam DuBois' The Anthology of Rap, while Kool G. Rap penned the Foreward to Brian Edwards' How To Rap: The Art and Science of the Hip-Hop MC. Other titles have included Invincible from Styles P, as well as works from The Click's D Shot and SKG. Most notably, Jay-Z will release Decoded this month, an in-depth look at his life behind his lyrics. The book is written with pioneer Hip Hop journalist dream hampton.

Looking at 2011, it appears as though the tradition will continue. According to leading book-seller, Ice-T will release a newer autobiography Ice: Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption From South Central To Hollywood. This will follow 1994's The Ice Opinion. The book is planned for February 22, 2011. The memoir is said to be co-written by Douglas Century.

Just two weeks later, one of Ice-T's favorite emcees, Prodigy of Mobb Deep, will release My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy.  The book will be co-authored by esteemed music journalist Laura Checkoway, and is said to be the main focus of Prodigy's creative energies while he's been incarcerated. Prodigy has been said by partner Havoc to be released from prison in February of next year, which would allow him to promote the book.

Another Queens, New York Hip Hop icon, A Tribe Called Quest's Q-Tip, who produced for Mobb Deep, is also planning a memoir. The emcee/producer and actor is believed by Amazon to be releasing Industry Rules: The World According To Q-Tip, From Linden Boulevard To El Segundo and Beyond. The release is said to come in July, making several lyrical references to ATCQ classics in its title.

Lastly, Boston, Massachusetts emcee and onetime co-owner in The Source magazine, Benzino is also planning to tell his story next year. The onetime front-man for both the Almighty R.S.O. and the Made Men is said to be penning, The Dynastyu: Sex, Murder, Drugs and Hip Hop on July 19. Previously, Benzino released a DVD, Arch Nemesis in 2004, telling his story. (November 9)

UPDATE: According to, Ice-T's Ice: Memoir of Gangster Life and Redemption From South Central To Hollywood and Prodigy's My Infamous Life: The Autobiography of Mobb Deep's Prodigy will be published on April 19, 2011.


  • whateverman

    About time these rappers started penning down some books, hopefully follow Cube and do the indie movie thang.

  • ironlung

    Look out for the Prodigy book on the real. He's gonna speak some real shit about some of these rappers out there, gonna reveal alot of truth beleive that. Just check out his letter he penned from jail talkin about the world and whats really goin on, and what Jay-Z is REALLY all about.

  • crakkhead


  • Anonymous

    fuck your books. they just wanna make money. Who wants to read about prodigy or benzino???? i mean your wanna read a book by michael jackson or a famous sporter not such dumb ass wannabe gangster rapper with no credibility.

    • Anonymous

      I dont wanna read about Micheal Jacksons life hanging out with chimpanzees and collecting dead peoples bones either, even tho it might make for a good horror story, lol

  • G

    good to hear q-tip gonna make a book, def buying that but benzino GTFOH nobody wanna read yo shit you suck

  • bostons big stan

    every body scared of real street hiphop you like that water down radio crap benzino will deliver

  • bostons big stan

    benzino's book is whats up hes a real dude check the news,newspapers his words are real talk

  • Anonymous

    rappers are so desperate. if you can't sell records then you gonna sell books. who wants to read a book from idiots like prodigy or benzino. What do they wanna tell? prodigy is going to tell about his hard life as a gangsta in queens. lol

  • Ronnie Guess?

    Who the fuck would wanna read a book that has anything to do with Benzino??? thats a waste of paper!!! i thought the paper he used to write his raps on was a waste of trees but now a whole book???? haha clown ass gayzino! doesnt this man understand that nobody cares!!!

  • Wolfman

    Prodigy..Cool.. Q-Tip..Cool.. Benzino.. Fuck outta here.

  • beachchairworstsongever

    Prodigy be on some shit. he knows whats good, supports Ron Paul, understands this big brother shit, knows how to be an individual definitely pickin that up. I dont need Jigga to explain his lyrics to me tho seriously if this dude is so rich why he is still writing books and producin broadway plays, jumpin on yung bois dicks like bron bron, damn jigga what u runnin out of change already?????



  • speedoflife

    On the real if ur gonna get one of these or any biography u gotta be gettin prodigy's book man it's gonna have some reall shit in it u know prodigys gonna go hard with it. He speaks the truth an u know is gonna show more up of jay-z an other artists he aint afraid. u no hes gonna talk some real issues an shit on the elite an all that to. cop that

  • Anonymous

    dope Check out the illest web show on the net featuring ass off the week and crazy kackass stunts and big blunts

  • SutterKane

    LOL, Benzino might as well just put Eminem on one side of the cover, Dave Mays on the other side and call it "My Life sucking off the white man for attention, volume 1"

  • we_cant_win

    Prodigys book should have some good anti-NWO stuff in it, looking forward fuck jay-z

  • g-hoppy

    wow q-tip is writing a book lol i might get that

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