J. Cole Explains Album Delays, Talks "Friday Night Lights"

While his desire to reach the masses holds up his debut, J.Cole hits UStream and promises a new mixtape "better than a lot of people's albums."

J.Cole wrapped up an eventful Friday night, which saw Kanye West feature him on the G.O.O.D. Friday’s track, “Looking For Trouble” as well as Cole’s own performance in Milwaukee by starting up a quick UStream session. In addition to answering the often-asked question about why his debut is taking so long, Cole gave a few more details on his upcoming Friday Night Lights mixtape, which will contain 18-20 songs of all new material.

While preparing Villematic, he threw out the idea of gathering all his recent leaks and compiling a mixtape. Cole says he was hesitant to use the term “mixtape,” because he honestly felt the quality of the music was superior to some of the material currently available in stores. As such, the only reason Friday Night Lights is labeled as a mixtape, is because it will be free. Cole called his previous outlook on mixtapes stubborn, and said he hoped to change that by giving fans what they have been waiting for.

Friday Night Lights is so good,” he explained, while also previewing a few tracks. “Really, I know anybody that’s a fan for real knows that I said I didn’t wanna do a mixtape. I was being real stubborn, because I didn’t want to over saturate shit…I didn’t really know how the game worked. You don’t really know when your album is coming out; it’s not really up to me. Not saying it’s up to the label, but things have to line up. I don’t even want to do 50,000 - 60,000. I really want this album to be something that people everywhere get and hear. I used to want to come into the game and get slept on. Imagine that like, ‘I gotta get slept on!’ But it doesn’t have to be like that. I can have a classic and still reach the masses. “

Slated for a November 12 release, J.Cole says the Friday Night Lights theme, which is taken from the movie and television show of the same name.

“It still embodies that J.Cole character—that basketball, high school athlete, varsity feeling without making it specific to basketball. People usually associate Friday Night Lights with football,” Cole added. “Where I’m in my career is like how a high school basketball player feels before a game. It’s excitement for the game, but it’s a little bit of nervousness about the game. There’s all these emotions—that’s what I think about when I think about Friday Night Lights.”


  • h

    dude is so dope! wud love a banks collab that would be crazy

  • Right On

    so does this mean he isnt coming out with an album?

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  • ShowTime NY

    Over saturation occurs when you give ppl too much of the same thing.IF you drop Something different each time and it's hot youre good. (Artist usually need time to grow..Live life. Gain experiences..And then Hittem again w/new shit.) Its like Food. If you serving Bake Chicken 14 days in a row ppl are gonna get sick of eating Bake Chicken. But If You serve 14 different Dishes and they were all good. Youve increased your value w/out saturating the market. Whats the Difference between Papoose flooding the Market and Lil Wayne, Right before the Carter 2? Cole just needs a proper single. Not a good album cut. Who Dat was anthemic to himself not anthemic to other ppl. The ppl wasnt the center Focus of that Song he was, nahmean. And ofcourse You can write a song about yourself while still making it feel like the song is about the listener. The Warm Up Brought him listeners Respect now He has to make us turn from ppl w/Intrest to ppl that treasusre his work. Its like me looking at Rondo's entry in the league and taking notice of him seeing his flaws but intrigued by his potential. And then Rondo Becoming who he is now. We like see-- I Told you that dude is gonna be the truth. Thats what he has to accomplish. www.soundclick.com/showtimeny

    • Espi

      Good analogy. I feel the same way; You see the potential that he has and also the flaws. Unlike most artist, he gets better and better and quickly. A good sign of a potential hit artist. I feel that a few of his tracks had mainstream potential already which creates the curiosity behind Jay's lack of direct suppport(e.g.Getting on a track with him and direct promotion.) However it does make sense that being a Roc-Nation artist you're held to a certain expectation (Being Great not just Good.)I can't help but feel like the iron is hot and he needs to strike while it is and get his paper while he can. On the other hand, I don't think Roc-Nation would invest in a hip-hop artisit that didn't have long term potential. So with all good in Cole's future assumed, this free mixtape will be the exact buzz he needs to make it to that level.

    • Anonymous

      PROFOUND, fam! Best explanation of where J.Cole is that I've read. And I'd say it's pretty darn accurate as I feel like this new mixtape is a collection of material that he INITIALLY put together for the album but is now back to the drawing board. When you are signed to Jay-Z's team, they not putting you out until they feel that you are gonna be a MAINSTREAM success. Ain't none of that 200k-300k records sold. You gotta get plagues for Roc Nation.

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  • 2nPac

    Already saw him when he came out for Bumbershoot in Sept. Cole killed it. Converted a bunch of corny, young Drake fans that day. Drake came on afterwards and I almost fell asleep. No lie. Anyways, will be checkin' J. Cole out in 2 weeks when he comes back out here. Can't wait. Just keep releasing great music.

  • Espi

    I think Jay is holding off on the promotion because he wants J.Cole to make it off his own steam. I mean, Jay already signed him to his label and put him on a significant track on Blue Print 3. Plus Kanye put him on that "Looking for trouble" track which I'm sure put a bigger light on cole. I think Cole should charge for that mixtape though; I know I would pay for it. Drake sold his so called mixtape before his album and did relativley well. The only difference is Drake had a big hit off that and Cole has yet to have one himself. So hopefully this free mixtape will create a bigger fan base for him and put him in a position where his album could sell at it's full potential. Whatever the case may be, there's no doubt that this kid spits that DYLON FIRE.

  • Anonymous

    word up stop Jay needs to help him...what...that nigga dont want noone to hold his hand if he ever going to be good, i bet Jay gone b on his album though...if they get one good hit thats when his album gone come out, but J COle has yet to get a hit song that was popping, thats why being on Jay album, being on his tours, being on Kanye song or album, no one still dont know him even though alot of people do, but alot of people dont just show how important a hit is....

  • Moses Esan

    Looking foward to this. And yeah i also honestly dont think Jay Z is doing much to promote J.Cole. J.cole seems to be the one doing it all by himself. Well, he's good regardless of whether he sells or not.

  • aau

    blah, blah, drop a real album son! all these damn mixtapes are played. i'm willing to venture out and say that the delay with his album has more to do with the lack of a true single, because who dat wasn't. he's not kanye, contrary to him thinking he can be an elite producer/emcee. i'll give his production a C-, mic skills, a B.

  • Anonymous

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    yo why dont yall give JAY Z hell like yall did CMR/YM for not droppin drake album earlier then they did???? where is all the they need to drop jcole album chants at i mean yall did CMT like that over a dude yall dont eevne like??? bitch asses (home team) drop the album dog im buyng not big on mixtapes

    • Mylie

      he doing as much as he can had him on the BP3 tour, yankee, european tour etc. J Cole doing his own thing. stop hating on Jay-Z for no valid reason. mufukka appreciate that your getting some more music. ungrateful bitch

  • Justin

    Saw him in Milwaukee. Absolutely killed it.

  • bswift77

    I hope J cole knows what he's doing. I mean what is Jay Z doing to promote this J Cole? Honestly the only way to sell a lot of records is not doing all these mixtapes giving em away for free, it's doing features with other big name artist. The mixtapes will only get you respect with hip hop heads not the masses. If he wants to sell records like that, he's gonna have to jump on a Black Eyed Peas joint or do a joint with Rihanna or some shit like that. I just hope Cole doesn't sell his soul in an attempt at "Mass Appeal" It's like GURU warned everybody back in the day with the classic "Mass Appeal"


      anonymous is the only one telling the truth im from NC im waiting on the album im not hating on jay im hating on yall excuse making asses wayne did way more for drake then jay did for cole tru or false???

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ NO he's releasing the "mixtape" because the label shut down his album and got him working on better material. Therefore he is releasing what he has.

    • mte


    • stee

      jay did take j cole on his bp3 tour. j cole opened for jay and came out to perform a star is born


      one damn show bra wayne took drake out on tour why yall so quick to give jay z a pass this no different the drake situation dude said he brought him out to one show in yankee stadium (woooowwww)

    • Mylie

      Cole said he wants to do handle his own business like Kanye West did. plus Jay-Z took this man out to the yankee stadium shows. so his doing just enough.

  • Quon

    yo props my man. anybody listen to that ''You Got It'' snippet? sounds beautiful.

  • frank

    y cant u all jus like the fact they collabing without wanting some1 to get destroyed pop or rock n roll artist dont say hey i wanna destroy him they jus collab to make history music n jus cause drake dont make gangsta music dont mean he cant spit he can n he is equaly as good as cole there i said it get off cole dick they both dope jus admit it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    it'z cool, j cole. u want 2 convert all da flake and lil gayne fanz n2 j cole fanz so ur in da lab workin extra hard. i'll b patiently waitin 4 dat cole world album. but i will listen 2 dat mixtape tho. and 2 frank, if dat'z true, then i wanna hear flake get destroyd by j cole on dat shit. j cole>flake all day every day!

  • frank

    go on google n type it y will see me nigga

  • frank

    j. cole n drake got a new song on j.cole mixtape comin called "in the morning" song is hot the mixtape friday nights comin in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • john

      R u not a REAL j.cole fan....or not 1 at all.. In the morning is on "The Blow Up" mixtape......Old song not New..... BTW, saw him here in columbus ohio..... He tore it up...he gon b 1 of the best trust me.....#1 b4 yall kno it!!

    • Anonymous

      yea that song is on The Blow Up.. but drake's not on it.. Cole must have another version that they're gonna put on Friday Night Lights..

    • HAHA

      Jcole been had that song get leaked out. It was on his unofficial mixtape called the blow up if I am not mistakin

    • OneNaTrillion

      This is how he knows. Drake interview http://nahright.com/news/2010/11/08/video-drake-talks-in-the-morning-collab-with-j-cole/

    • quon

      how ya now that? Cole world no blanket son!!

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