Soulja Boy Shares Lessons Learned From Kanye West And 50 Cent

Mr. Crank That credits Kanye for helping him expand his production style and says 50 gave him sound business advice.

If you were to judge him based only on various comment sections around the Internet, Soulja Boy is the worst thing to ever happen to Hip Hop music. But for all the criticism he draws, he keeps selling albums and singles. In the newest issue of Billboard magazine, Soulja Boy credits 50 Cent, Kanye West for his continued success.

While in Hawaii working on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye showed his support for Soulja Boy via Twitter, saying he “was one of my favorite most genius artists” and that the Atlanta native’s penchant for creating new slang and his work behind the boards represented “real hip hop.”

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In the lab with Soulja Boy and Cudi... 2 of my favorite most genius artist. Even in my disappointment about the leaks I feel blessedSep 30th via web

“He changed the whole style I was using to make beats,” Soulja Boy told Billboard. “He was like, ‘What equipment do you use?’ I said, ‘A laptop.’ And he had three pianos, a keyboard, a PC. So that inspired me to open myself up musically.”

The initial meeting with West and the changes it spawned sparked “Pretty Boy Swag,” which went on to sell over 500,000 copies. In addition to West, Soulja Boy said he picked 50 Cent’s brain on how to expand his brand beyond music. The result was the memoir, Teenage Millionaire, the 50 Cent collaboration “Mean Mug” and a recent cover of XXL magazine.

“When I was unsigned, 50 was doing it, and not just in the music industry: Vitaminwater, movies, books,” Soulja Boy explained. “He helped shape what I envision for my career.”


  • c.webb

    at least you guys could respect his gratefulness and loyalty,fifty has been helping sb for a long time,fif helped him to secure his deal with interscope,"mean mug" is good music it has good buzz.anyway sb is young he has talents he go much further with his career if he manages his business well and step up on his lyrics abilitie.he brought himself to the mainstream.go sbb

    • hip-hop is an art

      ayo c. webb, FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • hellrazor

      STFU. industry whore 101 is what the lessons need to be dubbed as. fuckin soulja boy's brainless, insipid, vapid, mindless horseshit's for 12 year old morons who've been listenin to hip-hop for about 5 minutes. most likely from MTV or BET. fuck him. fuck the air he breathes. i could care less about the $ he makes cuz his cunt fans use that as an excuse for vouchin for this garbage. so fuck him, his fans, his label, 50 and kanye. there's real hip-hop existing out there and soulja boy does not fucking count

  • Anonymous

    Is that 50's cum in soldier boys mouth??? Yep it is!!!!

  • Articulate1

    The only "genius" Soulja-Fag exhibits is getting brainwashed 12 yr olds to buy ring tones of his retarded, degenerate noise. When he says 'Ye inspired him to switch up his style it must have been from dog (yank that) to bullshit (pretty-boy fag). This clown is already on his way out and no one will remember his name in a couple of years...

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Dab

    Outside of making money at a young age, I see no reason why this kid gets so much love from the Hip Hop community. He just seems like the typical "flavor of the month" rapper except 3 years younger then most

  • J-hunt da Prodigy

    I have no problem with Soulja, every single he's released from this album has did poorly on the charts. He can't seem to understand that his simple-ass lyrics abt Swag aren't going to cut it anymore. He will be set for a long time with the level of sucess he has now, yes, but if he wants to get up there with Kanye & 50, he has a long long long LONG way 2 go

  • Anonymous

    madd respect to him Check out the illest web show on the net featuring Ass of the week and crazy jackass stunts and big blunts

  • Anonymous

    he's far superior to Drake/ Urkel

  • LJbigbang

    I hope Kanye was being ironic when referring to Soulja Boy as a "genius"...

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