50 Cent Explains New Approach To Recording Album

50 Cent reveals his recording process for his next solo album.

50 Cent is no stranger to recording solo albums. However, this time, the Queens rapper is trying something new.

"I made collaborations [but] this time, I actually just wanted to create things and see if anything came out that I felt like other artists should get on," explained 50 in an interview with maximotv.com (watch below). "My previous albums, I went in the studio with them -- this time I'm making music and then trying to find ways to put them on the records. It's more me even when it's a collaboration. It's them fitting into what I felt was right now as opposed to us making a total compromise."

In the interview, 50 also discussed his upcoming film, Things Fall Apart.

The album, which is a follow-up to 2009's Before I Self Destruct, would be 50's fifth solo release, and would fulfill his obligation to Shady/Aftermath.

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