Ice Cube To Launch New Movie Franchise

Cube teams up with one of his former directors for a new film venture.

Ice Cube and Three Kings director David O Russel are in talks with New Line to create a new movie franchise.

According to, the west coast emcee/actor will play a plainclothes detective who isn't afraid to pull the trigger, in what has been described as "thematically a throwback to those 70s revenge films like the Harry Callahan movies that starred Clint Eastwood."

Russel will produce the film with Cube and his Cube Vision partner Matt Alvarez.

Cube is currently starring in Rampart, playing a detective on the trail of a crooked LAPD officer who's at the center of a coruption scandal.


  • r.ham

    Next up cube gonna be makin films like ''First Tuesday'' and ''Second wednesday'' .. hes gonna have a movie for every day of the week where in each one he gets in some shit

  • Lou Harrell III

    Love the 70's so I'll definitely give it a shot. Let's hope it's on some ill shit.

  • The_Ghost_BKS1

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  • Rachael Misek

    Clint Eastwood did a great job in Grand Torino, i love that Movie

    • snipes

      Gran Torino was sick ur trippin murphy..

    • STFU

      Man Gran Torino was a tight movie. I had to laugh at your response though, fucking hilarious lol.

    • EddieMurrrphy

      that-movie-sucked-dick. that movie blew soo hard. clint is way too old to make movies now. his new one with faggot-ass matt damon looks awful. gran torino was just his old white mind venting racial frustrations he's had buried inside him his whole life.

  • minnesota slick

    looking forward to rampart. cube is still a better rapper than most. i think i am the west was kinda to showcase his kids. either way been a fan and stayin a fan. make moves like cube does then talk shit.

  • soun fx

    cube, all your movies suck and you are bad luck at the box office. only good movies u done is friday pt 1 and 2 and barbershop pt 1 cus u had dj pooh do the writing. cube nobody wanna pay for the rest of ur lame ass movies

    • EddieMurrrphy

      yea it's true cube sucks dick at writing movies. he writes the simplest garbage. it is all so bland, his movies go directly from point a to b to c. in a straight line. nothing reall interesting going on. you missed a great cube movie though. longshots. that deserves a sequel. lol

  • Vegaisthename

    Its called growing up dumbass.

  • Tom

    Wasn't this the same dude that was in N.W.A.? What was that song they had... oh yeah "Fuck tha Police." Ice-T made the song "Cop Killer" now he plays one on TV... man who isn't selling out these days.

    • moises

      ur a fucking idiot how is acting selling out? selling out would them becoming real cops ur living proof how people come on net just to talk shit and diss people

    • dummiesLikeYou

      I'm sure Cube and Ice T feel the same about cops...crooked cops that is. That's what they were referring to to begin with idiot. Law Enforcement that do what they are supposed to do which is enforce the law get respect...not the ones who bend it for their self gain. If I'm doing 30 mph over the speed limit then I deserve that ticket but don't turn around and put some dope on me if only I did was had an expired inspection sticker...

    • Vegaisthename

      Its called growing up dumbass. When your grown you will understand

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