Swizz Beatz Named NYU Producer In Residence

Clive Davis and Swizz team up in the name of higher musical education at NYU.

The Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts named Swizz Beatz its first Producer in Residence effective immediately. Davis and Swizz previously partnered through Swizz’s Full Surface imprint, which was a joint venture with J Records—which Davis founded.

“Swizz Beatz’ amazing track record as an artist and producer, coupled with his commitment to education, makes him the ideal role model for our students,” said Clive Davis Department of Recorded Music Chair, Jeffrey Rabhan. “We consider it a great honor to have him involved with this unique program.”

According to NYU, Swizz will be charged with the task to “guide students through a variety of portals, including one-on-one sessions, group lectures, songwriting critiques, and mentoring.” NYU listed Swizz’ mainstream success as a producer for DMX, Jay-Z, Beyonce and T.I. as a motivating factor in addition to his philanthropic efforts.

“I’m excited to be able to take my many years of experience in the music business and use it as an example to instruct students,” Swizz said in a prepared statement. “The invitation from Mr. Davis and Professor Rabhan is humbling and I’m honored.”



  • Sensaye252

    Pardon me, I meant Swizz. Damn, this site is so full of Kanye shit it's subliminally brainwashing me.

  • Sensaye252@yahoo.com

    Kanye is a beat maker, he is not a musician. Most of his beats are done with pre-set arpeggios on his keyboards, and people who make beats recognize that shit. I wouldn't say he's fraudulent, but I guarentee you if you watched him make a beat in front of you, you'd say "Damn, that's all he does?"

  • Anonymous

    i prefer producers who dont shout and yell lame ass shit all over the tracks they make, VRRRRROOOM VRRRRROOOOMMMM

  • problems/problema

    Swizz beatz?why?Was just Blaze or Rza or Kanye West or DJ Premier completely unavailable?Oh wait those dudes are actually talented and not bankrupt..Alicia wasn't playing huh Swizz when she said your ass better get a job..lmao

  • ninob1213

    fist nigggga!!!...... but reallly though aww shit time for us black kids to get our grades up for NYU acceptance( runs to grab school book)Imagine that though swizz beatz as you teacher

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