Trademark Infringement Lawsuit Against Rick Ross Dismissed

Freeway Ricky Ross' lawsuit against rapper Rick Ross comes to an end following the dismissal of the case.

It appears that the battle between former drug dealer Freeway Ricky Ross and rapper Rick Ross over the name “Rick Ross” may have finally come to a close. reports that the lawsuit against Rick Ross was dismissed earlier this week on Monday, November 1.

According to a court document the case was dismissed because the plaintiff, Freeway Ricky Ross, was unable to prove that his name was an actual trademark.

"In support of his trademark claims, Plaintiff alleges that his name was well known in the drug trade and by law enforcement segments of the urban crime, rap and black comity because he did business as Rick Ross, until he was arrested, prosecuted and incarcerated in federal prison,” read a court document obtained by “Because this illegal activity cannot be used to establish secondary meaning, such allegations do not provide support for Plaintiff having a valid trademark for his name."

As part of his lawsuit, which was filed May of this year, Freeway Ricky Ross sought $10 million from Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Def Jam, and Universal Music Group.

Neither Freeway Ricky Ross nor Rick Ross has responded to news of the dismissal of the case. 



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  • Dumbshit

    I hope that ignorant bastard went broke trying to pursue this shit. Lazy murdering black ass needs to grow up once and for all and get a j-o-b and start becoming a decent member of society.

    • Afi Keita James

      You got that right, after what freeway did to the people of L.A, He ruined his own reputation, maybe the fake ross can help freeway undue the damage that he did. Chaz Williams was right about freeway.

  • Chillville Rod Ross

    WTF a drug dealer with a trademark on his name, LMAFO! one time for the BOSS! Keep making that good music!

  • JonnyBlazeTha3rd

    yo fuck rick ross, that fat fuck was supposed to do a show up here, i went n copped half his fuckin catalog then that fat piece of shit cancels

  • Nico 3

    10 million dollars, huh? Maybe 10 bucks and an autographed Teflon Don CD... Nobody feels sympathy for the real Ross. He's just another drug dealer who got caught. If he was smart, he stashed some of that old blood money away.

  • gaetarick

    Freeway Rick Ross is an idiot

  • Jay-Z

    Good looking out penal system HOLLA! Me and Rick Ross, the real one, not the chump ass drug dealer that got locked up, bout to take over the industry! The legal system just made it legal to steal anybodys name and likeness.

  • boondocks

    Why would he have trade marked the name after being a drug dealer and sent to prison. i mean American gangster probably gave him an idea to capitalise but how and what else for?

  • Anonymous

    that sucks for freeway but its hard to beat big business people, there's always appeals which he will do! check this out:

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