T-Pain Says Michael Jackson Requested "P.Y.T." Remake

Auto-tune king, T-Pain addresses critics via Twitter, saying he got the co-sign from Quincy Jones and the late Michael Jackson.

Legendary producer and composer Quincy Jones enlisted platinum-selling artists T-Pain and Robin Thicke to remake Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T.” for his upcoming album, Q: Soul Bassa Nostra. Akon, Ludacris, Three 6 Mafia, Talib Kweli and a host of others are slated to be on the album as well, but it was T-Pain’s reinterpretation of the 1983 classic that drew the ire of most fans.

Soon after the song was posted online, comments surfaced saying T-Pain ruined the Jackson classic. Tuesday, T-Pain took to Twitter and defended himself, saying not only did Quincy Jones approve of his remake, but Michael Jackson requested the reworking before his 2009 death.

For all the ppl that hate mr for ruining pyt just stop listening to my shit. But if Quincy jones tell you he http://tl.gd/6pjdgi13 hours ago via TwitBird

“But if Quincy Jones tell you he want you to do something no matter how much shot [sic] you know ur gonna get from the dumb asses in the world, you god damn do it,” T-Pain stated. He also called out critics for being jealous and disrespectful, in a response so long it needed to be finished via TweetLonger.

For his part, Jones defended his picks in March, during an interview with Billboard magazine, saying, “Each artist picked a song that resonated with them for different reasons. I am honored that everyone wanted to be a part of this celebration of these songs. They all made them their own and knocked them out of the park.”



  • NaN

    I like autotune, but let's be honest: this cover was plain shit.

  • Feds wear black/black people are black


  • i'm at work and bored

    This Minstrel clown ass. Just go die somewhere

  • phinix

    hey suckers! jackson is gone ,geeta get some hommie to replace him

  • fuck a hater

    fuck all you haters...suck a dick die slow n eat shit.. if you all think t-pain is so garbage why dont each one of yall try remaking this same song with or without the auto-tune n see how "easy" it is. I bet your shit would sound like real GARBAGE...respect yourselves enough to not talk shit if you have nothing positive to say..because of negative ass self-centered people like you this world is the way it is... Get a life...if the only talent you got is to type shit in these blogs about these people out there grindin n gettin money n you think they dont got skills you got a SERIOUS problem..real talk.

    • hellrazor

      mr. fuck a hater, i could stick a cattle prod up a horse's ass and that would STILL sound better than t-pain. i bet you william hung would do a better job. like so many other cunts, you use THE MONEY AS AN EXCUSE FOR HACKS TARNISHING MUSIC!! I HEARD T-PAIN BUTCHERING THAT SONG AND IT'S MORE THAN APPALLING!


    they always hate just look at the asshoes below if that was the case the would have got another artist to do it dont yall think T-PAIN got more skills/talent then both of yall fools below no fan here

    • hellrazor

      hate? cant say nothing else in that moron's defense. how typical. he cant emit a sound from his fuckin mouth without auto tune (real singers dont need that shit).

    • hellrazor

      michael jackson must be turning in his grave right now. fuckin t-pain-in-the-ass cant even open his mouth without that auto tune bullshit. hate? cant say anything else in that moron's defense. typical. i still aint come across nobody who fuckin can.

    • Anonymous

      how we know that if all we here is his autotune ass

  • hellrazor

    if quincy jones wants to pay tribute to michael jackson by remaking one of his songs, he should consider getting someone who actually has talent and doesn't rely on fucking auto tune

    • Daniel

      and by the way ive seen two live t-pain shows!!.. and he can fucking sing!!!!.. he did lyk a 10 minute accoustic set just singin n the whole crowd was goin mad!!!

    • Daniel

      you are such an ignorant wanker.. autotune isn't just an effect that people use to make themselves sound better!! its like art, there isn't just one style.. its a style of music u fuckin twat.. if you dont like it then dont listen to it you stupid yank.. he doesnt use it because he cant sing.. you have to have a good voice for autotune to sound good why dont you give it a try and see how shit you sound on it!!.. example kanye cannot sing go and listen to 808s n heartbreak.. the autotune is shit.. listen to t-pain - chopped n skrewed.. autotune sounds wikid!!.. BELLEND!!

  • tha truth

    Oh yeah he Fucked up mike's song no doubt

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