Cash Money Signs Publishing Deal With Atria Books

The Williams Brothers venture into the literary world with law books, fiction and the rights to an Iceberg Slim memoir.

The Wall Street Journal reports Cash Money Content has signed a marketing and distributing agreement with Simon & Schuster imprint Atria books. The deal also allows for Cash Money to sell books at concerts and hold red-carpet launch parties for authors.

“We think we can do more, market books in a new way,” Bryan “Birdman” Williams told the Journal. “We want to put out five or six books a year.”

The announcement comes on the heels of news that Cash Money’s flagship artist, Lil Wayne, may publish his prison journal entries. However, Cash Money has already secured the rights to the Iceberg Slim memoir, Pimp. The first release, Ibn Bashir’s Raw Law: An Urban Guide to Criminal Justice, is scheduled for a February 2011 release, and it will be followed by the Wahida Clark’s original novel, Justify My Thug.

After signing a $30 million pressing and distribution deal with Universal Records in 1998 some of Cash Money’s business ventures outside of the music industry have been hit or miss. Earlier this year Bloomberg furnished phone numbers and addresses that insinuated Cash Money’s Bronald Oil & Gas LLC was a shell corporation. Additionally, Miami Dolphins representatives also shot down Birdman’s claims of being in negotiations to purchase a minority stake in the NFL franchise. But Atria Publisher, Judith Curr was able to verify the reports of the book deal, and she also praised Cash Money for their expertise in appealing to their target audience.

“You’re going to see TV commercials, billboards, and plenty of YouTube videos featuring artists and writers talking about books,” said Cash Money attorney and business manager Vernon Brown. “Our books will also be sold at our concerts. When you’re out in front of 18,000 people, some will buy books, some not. But right now many of those fans aren’t being told what books are great. We’ll do that."


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  • Heat Glaza

    Wow they gonna tell us what books are gonna be great according to vernon "the fat nigger" brown. And they not even really caring about the books or the quality or content in them. it's all about competing in a new market and promoting and selling product. they don't care what's coming out, just the fact that they got something dropping. "we want to put out five or six books a year" wow what a fat tool birdman is. lol

  • Heat Glaza

    look at birdman's brother's mouth hang open. LOL

  • weasle

    Sometimes I think these clowns wear this Freemason shit on purpose just to get the internet trolls going, lol. "The time is now, sheeple, wake up!! there are symbols all around you..satan is real and he knows exactly how to get the ladies on the dancefloor...." The hat does look pretty cool, though.

  • I'm at work and bored

    this fool is rocking a Freemason hat.

  • RapDickRider#8493257089243570

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  • enimblmazm

    oh man i hope it does as well as his already lucrative oil company!!

  • enim

    man i hope it does as well as his very lucrative oil company!

  • freshyboi

    figures they would give a book deal to some guys that cant even speak propper english let along write it

  • OBAMA!

    Tell Me.... All Of You.... What Do Ya'll Know About The Emblem On The Hat?? Don't Tell Me Its Devil Worship Either. Tell Me About The Movement Itself, Somebody Please?? Because All Religon's, All Of Them Have Flaws, I am tired Of Ya'll Pedaling, & Not Going Anywhere With This, Besides In Circles' Peace'

  • EddieMurrrphy

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  • Anonymous

    for people who don't want to believe can now see for themselves. check homie's hat

  • Anonymous

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  • edubb1977

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  • MA

    Anyone else notice the mason hat on the guy (I think its slim) next to birdman in the pic... It's funy how DX didn't even try to hide it smh

  • Concerned Citizen

    Read mufucka, read a book..

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