Bill Clinton Comments On Lil Wayne's Release From Prison

With Lil Wayne a day away from being a free man, the former President had thoughts on the matter

Hip Hop has come along way in the past 30 years, even reaching Presidential levels now. First Barack Obama says he has Lil Wayne on his iPod, and now former President Bill Clinton weighs in on Wayne's upcoming freedom.

"I tell you what I think about that. I know this is kinda a funny question for you to ask me. My daughter introduced me to rap and hip-hop music, after I said somethings she thought were not very smart. She said 'dad you need to listen, a lot of these people are smart.' This guy's smart and he's got ability and he's got a new chance now," Clinton said.

The 42nd President of the United States continued, talking about what he hoped for the Young Money emcee/ "I hope is that this is not something just to brand him as a cool guy, but that it will never happen again to him," Clinton said of Lil Wayne's time spent behind bars. "A lot of these people they don't get successful in that, just like any area of life by being really dumb, their really smart," Clinton continued. "But a lot of them have had really tough lives and they almost think its cool to get in trouble every now and then or they don't know how to stay out. What I hope will happen is that he has a good life now."


  • s.prashanth

    ey means keep it u r pocket if i ask show me the gun it catches fire buillet from vija sex persons i am suffering problem with u r a asking my mother father pls shoot me on height u can see my mother father that face asck is mead 6.6 hight u can see my mother father dong give gutts in front of mass mass is their to shoot and live this is last warning if abny body touches in jike i will kill my self only

  • dating

    I tell you what I think about that. I know this is kinda a funny question for you to ask me. ---------- Peter Fernandes

  • Sonu Chauhan

    yes clinton gave up the game on what these rappers be doing. He just told everybody that they do it to brand themselves. clinton thought is very nice for every person.

  • gg

    wayne aint smart.he deserved that he ruined the hiphop when eminem dies the nas is only hope

  • Sam

    Clinton and Lil wayne was smoking blunts together talking about nwo stuff. Trying to act like he dont know lil wayne rap

  • Beats

    Yo clinton gave up the game on what these rappers be doing. He just told everybody that they do it to brand themselves.

  • Soliddo Nazo

    Phucking ridiculous. Wayne prior to Best Rapper Alive stunt = Good. Wayne after Best Rapper Alive stunt = Bad. Oh and btw...there is a guy named Nasir Jones who performs under the mononym "Nas" you should listen to him.

  • ThatDude

    LOL what are you smoking Bill? When it comes to rapping, Lil Wayne is far from being smart

  • THEBEG95


  • THEBEG95

    you guys never fail to update us on stupid,relevant shit...


    these comment prove everyday that wayne is the best do i think hes the best nope but the way yall get bent out of shape by an article or what somebody think of dude proves it everyday

  • Anonymous

    anybody readin this that's next to clinton get this message to him for me please... clinton your daughter has bad taste in musicand she's delusional. lil is in no way shape or form what anybody would consider smart, lil wayne is functioning retard. i am personally schocked that they lil' wayne go out into public without a guardian. now for a upperclass statesman like yourself i find intriguing that your daughter has tastes for hiphop but there are better hiphop artistes that i recomend she indulge herself in.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    fuck i forgot my name. i dont wanna be an anonymouss pussy. rep that EddieM flag wat

  • Anonymous

    I fuckin love it LOL!!! "and they almost think its cool to get in trouble every now and then or they don't know how to stay out." goddamit why you gotta say that. it went from a harmless possibly positive moment in mainstream hip hop to crap. just ramblings from an old ass man. that quote and the zero sense it makes shows how removed and clown-like your opinion is. you are just an aloof white guy making comments on shit he has no business in. its cool he's aware of wayne i guess, but the way he conveyed himself he basically just shit out words. diarrhea of the mouth that made no sense. fuck off clinton, "they thinks its cool to get in trouble" LOL what do you mean You people?? i'm disappointed he thinks of wayne as a smart rapper. if only his daughter had been exposed to some real underground ish. with messages and the essence of hip hop an all that shit

    • EddieMurrrphy

      i agree weezy does get his hustle on and his millions more than the average bank account does have something positive to say about him. and i guess you right with the whole lyrical side. with respect that they just saying shit to release and try and hit you with stuff as hard as they were hit by it. it's an interesting way to convey pain, but it gets the adrenaline going. and it is a rush to do half the shit they lie and boast about. but all i'm saying is that i wish bill clinton's introduction to hip hop was a little enlightening. lil wayne's music is what it is. i just wish he had his top blown with some type of real hip hop shit. anything w/ a more potent message than weezy's shit. o.c. word life lp most shit outta d.i.t.c. bcc creative juices most anything that came out on the fatbeats record label (r.i.p. physical stores) psycho+logical- rhymesayers def jux fuck even strange famous some kinda listenable sage francis shit immortal tech maybe waaay too much shit to list i love everything about hip hop been doing this for years. but the point is something with a little more substance than tha carter vol. 1-3 and all his previous shit fuck off haters i know the history of hip hop from many many sides. and was it not a little ridiculous to you that the ex-president clinton of em all, just a harmless doofy old fuck, up and is introduced to hip hop through weezy. only knows of weezy and talks philosophically about the culture?? i dont know. it made me laugh picturing his voice saying that shit. plus his quotes were filled with so many stereotypical could-easily-be-intrepreted-as-racist remarks it was just funny as hell to me. and a little painful too that's why i came off the way i did, i couldnt believe the shit i was reading. too outrageous

    • Sensaye252

      With respect to you homey, what the fuck are you talking about? They DO think it's cool to get in trouble. Why do you think 90% of the things they talk about are illegal? That's not even debateable. And Lil' Wayne IS a smart dude, whether you're a fan of his or not, and I'm not.

  • prez


  • Moses Esan

    What the HELL does Bill Clinton have to do with Lil Wayne.

  • naughtyniemczyk

    Wayne hasn't had that hard of life. He's been filthy rich since when? Oh forever.

  • bill

    LOL at being smart getting you somewhere in this world. It's being smart and evil that works.

  • Joe0226

    Clinton's a globalist NWO scumbag

  • Ben

    Wow, whoever wrote this article needs to go back to school.

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