George W. Bush Accepts Kanye West's Apology, "I'm Not A Hater"

UPDATE #2: Bush accepts Kanye's apology saying, "I'm not a hater."

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer, former U.S. President George W. Bush responded to the controversial comments made by Kanye West in 2005 during a telethon to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

"About a week after the storm hit NBC aired a telethon asking for help for the victims of Katrina," said Lauer. "We had celebrities coming in to ask for money. And I remember it vividly because I hosted it. And at one part of the evening I introduced Kanye West. Were you watching?"

"Nope," responded Bush in the interview. When Lauer asked whether the President remembered what Kanye said, Bush responded, "Yes, I do. He called me a racist."

"Well, what he said, 'George Bush doesn’t care about black people,'" clarified Lauer.

"That’s — 'he’s a racist,'" responded the former President. "And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, 'I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.' It’s another thing to say, 'This man’s a racist.' I resent it, it’s not true, and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency."

The interview will air in its entirety Monday (Nov. 8). (November 2)

UPDATE: In an interview with Devi Dev of Houston's 97.9 "The Box," Kanye West reexamined his infamous, "George Bush doesn't care about black people" quote. After his interruption of Taylor Swift during the 2009 MTV VMA's, irate viewers took to various social media platforms to hurl racial slurs at West and suggested his actions were motivated by race. Having been in a similar situation, West explained how he now identifies with the former President Bush.

"I definitely can understand the way he feels to be accused of being a racist in any way," West said. "The same thing happened to me, where I got accused of being racist. With both situations it was basically a lack of compassion that America saw. With him, it was a lack of compassion because he didn't take the time to rush down to New Orleans. With me, it was a lack of compassion and cutting someone off during their moment. Nonetheless, I think we're all quick to pull a race card in America, and now I'm more open. The poetic justice that I feel for having went through the same thing that he went through really connects me more with him on a humanitarian level. That next morning when he felt that, I felt that too."

(November 10)

UPDATE #2: A week after West apologized, it appears the overhyped rift between he and former President Bush has ended. While speaking on a number of topics and events which spanned his eight-year presidency, Bush said he holds no ill will toward West.

“I’m not a hater,” he said. “I don’t hate Kanye West. I was talking about an environment in which people were willing to say things that hurt. Nobody wants to be called a racist if in your heart you believe in equality of races.”


  • Ace.^

    i find it hilarious and not at all suprising that kanye west compares his dumbass, uncalled for opinion on national tv about the president to the backlash he got from another one of his dumbass moves running up on stage and saying somebody didn't deserve their award...............kanye west is a total douche bag and his view point on how things are got old an annoying a few years ago

  • Anonymous

    Whats funny is the Louisiana government and New Orleans city council havent accepteed their responsabilty in the Katrina situation. The feds wanted to come in there and force a mandatory evactuation 4 days before Katrina was even close. But the were told to stay out of it the local governments could handle the situation. Bush told the governor of Louisiana 2 days before Katrina hit to make evactuation manditory and they still didnt do it until the day before Katrina hit. So whos really at fault for what happened, the local democratic government of louisiana at the time is the ones at fault.

  • Greg Dougherty

    I gotta say, it was pretty funny when George Bush was explaining what he meant by not being a hater. We know... we all fucken know....

  • Lai lai

    Whoever believes that there are illuminati Freemasons and that jay sold their souls to the devil might as well believe in the Fucking boogie man.,.. Y'all niggas are so stupid it amazes me. If they came out and said tomorrow they bought their souls back you would believe that too... Lol how much does a soul cost how do you sell it out of your body? Who holds on to the souls y'all niggas is exactly why the chineese and white people gonna be smarter than us forever stupid asses

    • D-Anonymous

      lol ur so ignorant its funny kid....we dont say shit like that cuz we feel like it an cuz we heard shit..we say shit like that cuz its proven you gonna say david rochefeller doesnt wanna push a new world order WHEN HE FUCKIN SAID IT HIMSELF IN HIS BOOK YOU FUCKING IMBECILE...jay makes a record label called rocafella,puts skull and crossbones everyware an disses jesus in songs,thats more of a reason to believe in somethin then the boogie man...kid you need to wake up

    • joe

      I thought I was the only one.

  • Slimturk

    Kanye west did mention something very true..... The race card....Everyone in North America is extremely quick to mention the race card... It does not matter what culture you are....You and I know someone who has pulled the race card on something...


    Bush or Kanye, who is the REAL house nigga....

  • asdf

    George W. Bush had more black people in his cabinet than any other president in history including Obama. Obviously he doesn't hate black people

  • Alex


  • Alex Avram-Rusu

    i read in kanye's twitter that he said that his answer was taken out of context...:)

  • realness


    • badnewzxl

      yeah, FUCK Kanye and GW Bush. Kanye is a bitch for cutting off a fuckin little girl (that chick was like 17) just to make a point that didn't need to be made. That nigga should have never won an award for his lame as music either. And Goerge Bush DOESN'T care about black ppl,lol! Not bc of Katrina, just in general. He don't care about Mexicans, poor ppl, ppl in the ghetto, or anybody that ain't contributing to his party or his pockets. We didn't need Kanye to say it. Kanye's statement just made a circus out of the politics surrounding the aid to Katrina, and that's NOT a good thing

  • John-Boy

    Really disappointed in Kanye for apologizing to George Friggin Bush of all people. Want to know why Bush is so butt hurt over the comment?? Because its true!! I have been around enough racist people to know that the worst thing that they hate being called is... a racist. Call a racist person a racist and they will go beserk and get mad about. The truth really does hurt. Bushs reaction made believe %100 that hen is a racist. "Bush is pussy, Why the fuck you think his name is Bush? Pussy is Bushy".

  • Atl2Trill

    Kanye is an attention whore and hollywood now. Bush doesn't care about poor people either. Bush was a dumb ass puppet for a bigger agenda. Whether it's Democrat or Republican. It's the same team at the end of the day. Politics = WWE

  • Nico 3

    West was looking to press buttons and get publicity back when he called Bush a racist. That was the past. Having a war of words now doesn't benefit either one of them. Best to accept apologies and move on.

  • Anonymous

    kanye didnt need to apologize for that shit.. what happened everybody forgot that bush belongs in jail?

  • jonocareelgee


  • jonocareelgee


  • SZA-736

    I find it funny how George kept pronouncing Kanye's name as "KanWAY" LMAO

  • Anonymous

    the whole Kanye west and Taylor swift thing was a publicity stunt, it helped them both sell more product and get them noticed, think about it..

  • T_Snooks

    Katrina was a disater, on all fronts. I think what upset Kanye, as well as millions of others in the United States, is the inept response the government took afterwards. I don't care for Bush, Kanye, Taylor Swift, etc. And it's my right to say so. Bush a racist? Don't know, because I don't know the man. I can say from a citizen's standpoint, that he didn't and doesn't seem intellectually qualified to lead a country.

  • Adam J-Boogie Amin

    Poetic justice is the best way to put it. And honestly I feel the same. I caught myself defending Kanye from being called racist or anything when he went on stage. But I was one of the people saying Bush was racist or at least agreeing with Kanye statements of Bush not caring about black people. I'm not racist and I dont think either Bush or Kanye is either. Lets forgive each other and move on. There is a lesson to be learned here.

  • Anonymous

    not once did he apologize for calling for what he said. egocentric faggott

  • Kanyesucks2010

    Kanye West sucks... he's evil and illuminati. TAYLOR SWIFT IS REAL MUSIC!

  • dot

    Ohh yeah thats right Canada can be stated as down here when your refering to someone in the United States. Moron

  • Nico 3

    People have the right to have an opinion, but they do not have the right to sit around all day trashing presidents, current or former. Yeah, we live in a society that has always rewarded the upperclass and made it hard for the lower class to succeed, but sadly, that's just the way it is. That goes way beyond the successes and failures of Bush, Obama, etc. How ironic that Kanye, a multi millionaire, living this lavish, self centered lifestyle, would think to bring up race in the first place. Katrina took everyone by surprise and there was no one decision that would could have lessened what happened.

    • BEEZ

      By suprise?? Are you serious. They definitely knew exactly what was going to happen, and that is not no "conspiracy theory", but rather a fact. For one thing, the Army Corp of Engineers said as much and requested additional funding, but President GW Bush in fact cut their funding! Katrina in NO was a man-made disaster; lest we forget the storm actually missed NO

    • Anonymous

      I dont see that at all. I know 3 different immigrants who came to america with nothing in their pockets. and now each of them own their own very succesful businesses. that they earned off of their hard work and not taking any handouts along the way. even the corporations that so many people cry about were started one day by a hard working individual or group of people. they did it to better their families for future generations. That sort of desire seems dead to me now a days. thats what a capitalist society is supposed to do and thats reward those who put in the hard work and have the desire to succeed. It seems so like so many people now days would rather just work parttime job, collect welfare to make the difference and expect so many things to just be given to them or they feel entitled to something simply because they live in america. its not the governments fault people are lazy now days but its also not their responsabilty to take care of them too.

  • Jesse Andersen

    Pretty sure G-Dub sent buses upon buses to New Orleans and gave them plenty of warning. If you were in New Orleans and got hit, it's called Natural Selection, survival of the fittest. I lived in Japan at the time and knew an above average hurricane was coming to New Orleans. Anyways, if you stayed, enough said.

    • jonocareelgee


  • Jeremy Orr

    "it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency" ------- really? i wonder where 911 & Katrina falls in to his "disgusting moments"

  • Zach

    Notice all the anonymous ignorant assholes can't even spell properly, thinking they are informed, get the fuck out of here. So quick to blame the black guy after bush fucked us up for years, while Obama does work to get us on track. The stupidity of some people in this country amazes me. WHY CAN'T WE GET TOGETHER AND BASH THE FUCKING CORPORATIONS?!?!? Y'all Tea People don't even know what you are talking about when you preach freedom. They don't give a fuck about your personal freedom, it's the freedom of corporations to not pay taxes while you assholes vote to take away necessary taxes that keep the services that make this country one of the best. That comment Kayne said was damn near right, but George Bush hate poor people whether black or white. Exhale

    • T_Snooks

      You right about that. Corporate america runs this country. And Bush doesn't care about poor people. There aren't any lobbyist from the slums hanging out at the White House. The ghetto doesn't hold rallies and dinners to raise millions for his campaign. The old lady at the social security office doesn't have the money to donate to his campaign fund. I'm glad the US voted all of these republicans back in office. So when they fuck up the country even more in the next two years, people will remember why they voted for Obama in the first place. I can't get free health care, but the country can spend millions fueling a space ship that does nothing.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      i know of a woman in harlem who works 17 hours a day just to keep her 2 children fed and in a rundown apartment that walls were falling apart. 2 weeks ago she was avicted from her apartment and lives on the fucken road with her 2 kids. ty for rewarding her working her ass off day in and day out, fuck george bush and not wanting to share your goddam money you made because you were lucky enough to be born into a rich family

    • Potato_w_Jive

      See, this is the issue and you, anonymously, have illustrated it perfectly. Not once did Zach say ANYTHING about wanting to sit around and expect handouts. Not ONCE did he mention socialism. This is america and we do have the right to question and scrutinize our politicians. To question it is not to be anti patriotic or "socialist" (look it up before you simply regurgitate what you hear from activists.) Clearly, you have never been on the other side. You've never been poor. For you to simply think that working hard will transcend the many many limitations and restrictions American has in place is very short sighted. You can be born into poverty and working hard may or may not be enough. I think you need to really examine YOUR place and perhaps try to see from the other perspective to gain true knowledge. Until then you are just spitting out the same repetitive rhetoric you hear from other uninformed, possibly privelaged people. "Socialism is evil! Obama is muslim! Illegals are stealing our jobs!" Is simply not enough. Learn more and you'll find the truth.

    • Anonymous

      thats the difference. you want to keep recieving handouts where everyone else wants to limit handouts and make people work for a living in life. we live in a capitalist society not a socialist. capitalism is set up to reward the hard working and motivated. socialism is for the lazy and the entitlement group. how is better for the country to make things easier to sit around and do nothing? who does that really help? no one.

  • Kanye is CHEESE

    kanye is bullshi

  • Kanye is CHEESE

    kanye is a fuckin fruit

  • kalluminati

    Being from Canada, I only have one question from everybody critisizing George Bush negatively. Why did ya'll vote for him to stay in office for a second term? I wonder if Iraq was out of the equation would Bush have been regarded as a better overall President in 2010 and beyond? That being said Fuck Bush, we dont like him down here either, I'm just saying.

    • T_Snooks

      It's our faulty political system. He didn't even get more votes, but was still put in office, because of the system.

    • ranndy

      I said the same thing...stupid people voted him in office for the second time. SMH!! Now they shift their gears to Obama. Like Obama is the one that got us into this mess...Give a Break!!!

    • jc swagg

      man eddie that shyt wat yu just said was ignorant as hell bruh...

    • Doc

      @eddie shut your dumb ass up coz attitudes like yours are why 90% of Earth hates Americans you tiny minded ignorant fool now run along

    • Doc

      @eddie shut your ignorant ass up coz it's attitudes like yours why 90% of Earth don't like Americans you tiny minded fool

    • EddieMurrrphy

      asshole, he only got voted in once, the second time, knowledgeable people know this. it's america's business anyways stay the fuck out, nobody cares about an outsider opinion. especially a Canadian one. jackass. you don't like him "down" there in canada huh? moron

  • Anonymous

    i bet Goerge was expecting Kanye to completly fall back now it's been a good 5 years.. Kanye should not have gave him an inch and held firm to that statement...make it the title of your next album!!

  • Keith Bussey

    fuck bush!!! he never cared about the black bodies flowing down the river

  • Ronnie Guess?

    WTF!!!! Kanye ''GET OVER YOURSELF''!!!!!! Why does this fruit keep getting air time?? now we are comparing his life with a former world leader??? haha such a joke!! the media loves Kanye!! I cant believe Kanye gets this much attention!! He is trying to save is career and get back all the fans he lost!! So now he is a humanitarian?? Kayne is such a fuckin fake.. He said people are so quick to pull the race card!!! Thats all Kanye does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fuck outta here!! Now watch the haters kill me for this!

    • Will Hampton

      trill shit fam, Geaorge Bush doesn't care about black people, but neither does Kanye. All they care about is money, and in Kanye's case...fame. This nigga is a lost cause, he was cool when he first came out, a lil different from everyone else in the Roc, and now he's taken that beyond the point of No-Return. Kanye ain't hip hop no more, he's on that pop shit, which is a shame cause alot of his Hip hop shit is knockin, bottom line...THIS BOY IS LOST.

    • Anonymous

      mabey but it george bush its not like hes comparing himself to a good world leader he comparing himself to one of the worst this country has ever seen so idk if arnold can be governor this isnt that big

  • sharpsh00ter155

    george, stfu, and if that is the most discusting thing in your presidency then your a pathetic, pathetic man. worst president by far of all time, doesnt even deserve to talk about kanye in the same sentence.

  • Obama

    How soon we forget, Ya'll saw the world trade and pentagon footage, don't get stupid! he didn't convince me when he was in office and he damn sure don't convince me now' F*dat Keebler! Long Live Ye'

  • EddieMurrrphy

    among many many many many many many many many many many many many many many other horribly foul full fledged fucked up disgusting moments that happened during your presidency. faggot. monkey looking retard

  • Christopher Maker Harvey

    im with bush, Kanye is a cock!

  • etrsg

    I have to agree with bush on this one his administration gave more aid to Africa than any previous president his administration had more minorities than any previous president. the governor of the state and the mayor of the city should have been more responsible for new orleans

  • Anonymous

    liberals do what they're told. they think they're smarter; however, they are unknowingly spoon-fed by a liberal media and are continuously lied to by the very same people they elected into office. its a disgrace and I want my country back. and we will get it back. and obama can go back to wherever he came from because he's not even a U.S. citizen.

    • Potato-w_Jive

      hahaha "I want my country back!" What country is that because if you mean United States you are sorely mistaken. THIS COUNTRY BELONGED TO NATIVES. THEY WERE ALREADY HERE! Your ancestors came from ANOTHER country first and forced them out. You want your country back? Go back then. It misses you. Unless you are a Native American, PLEASE stop the arrogance. This is not your country to begin with and it is this feeling of entitlement and arrogance that is shielding you from truly understanding the perils of this country.

    • so appalled

      u have to be born in us to become president or arnold would have long ran for it.... im canadian and even i know that.... stupid people these days... jeeze


      The tea party happened a long time ago. Why can't the new tea party idiots make up a name relevant to 2010?

    • freeprodigy

      @ the 2nd anonymous .... u blind, blind motherfucker. i know i should feel sorry for u but its hard not to feel angry when u STILL have ppl who just cannot, or will not see then obviousness in everything that was wrong with the official story of 9/11. it's people like Your dumb ass thats wrong with the US! the ones who are still asleep..

    • sharpsh00ter155

      obama doesnt need to be told to show his birth certificate. it doesnt say newhere in the constitution thats required. the board saw it, and thats all that matters. oh, and btw to the first post, you could replace liberal with conservative and thats actually what it is. you are stupid, stupid people and should not be on a hip hop site. go back to your kkk meeting you racist, white, rich motherfucker.

    • Anonymous

      Obama was born in hawaii.

    • Anonymous

      one of the number 1 things the tea party movement is about is because obama has never showed a legitimate birth certificate and refuses to. according to the constitution he is not allowed to be president. if you want to get technical, hilary clinton is not allowed to be secretary of state because according to the constitution, you cannot accept a position on a job that you previously voted a pay increase for. as a NY senator she voted for a pay increase for secretary of state, and she is now secretary of state. as unimportant as it is, it is still in the constitution. i don't really care she is secretary of state, im just saying. i am more informed than you think. and this isn't just shouting without thinking. obama does NO have a legitimate u.s. birth certificate. nobody has ever seen one. but this wouldn't be the first time obama has broken the constitution

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ its dumb comments like that, that gives the liberals the fuel they need to feed the flames of racism. I hate Obama but I dont think hes not a US citizen. incase you didnt know the number 1 rule to being president to be a US citizen. comments like that are as dumb as these fools who think 9/11 was an inside job. just more ignorant shouting without thinking.

  • Concerned Citizen

    His entire term was the most disgusting moment in his presidency....

  • Anonymous

    wheres the people calling for Obama's obvious fuck up in the gulf this year? everyone sat around and made excuses for him instead of getting on his ass to get that oil spilled cleaned up. there is still oil gulf and killing the wetlads of Louisiana but no one is blamming Obama. hyppocrits.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      you people are so stupid. every1 in america is just looking for something to fucken hate all the fucken time. none of these posts are thought out or true at all. if he fucken cleans up the gulf hes not helping the recession, if hes helping the recession hes not helping get jobs, just get over yourselves, as you have no idea to what hes done so far.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ my point exactlly, but he gets a pass from the media. though like I said about Bush, its not the presidents job to micro manage everything. my point is aimed at the hyppocrit media and the sheep that follow them

    • agreed

      I agree !! All Obummer has done is screw things up and play golf !! Where is there concern over the oil spill? 50 somthing days before he even gave it ANY attention... And then he refused any help from people and company's that could have staved off all the damage...

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      Cuz people would've bitched if he did, which would've had him not focus on the nation-wide recession. Either way people complain. No one knows what to rationalize anymore.

    • GNM

      Where the hell have you been? I clearly recall people blaming Obama and calling him out when he didn't do more than he could about the oil spill. I don't agree with it anymore than I didn't agree with Kanye trying to call out one man for not saving the day. The events were tragic but George Bush by himself could not make it better overnight. Neither can Pres. Obama!

  • naughtyniemczyk

    Bush lives in a WHITES ONLY neighborhood in Highland Park (Dallas). Naaaah. No racism here!

    • sean m

      I live in an all white hood does that make me rascist fuck no bush is rich he probably lives in an ultra rich area and the percentage of white millionaires is bound to be way higher than black millionaires,latin millionaires etc.

    • Question

      Question for you @naughtyniemczyk - am i a racist since i live in an all black neighborhood?

    • Aimee

      How sad....SOME Black people are just as racist as SOME whites so get over yourself...

    • Anonymous

      Bush doesnt livein dallas you idiot, he lives in Crawford Texas. theres no such thing as a "whites only neighbor hood" anywhere in Texas. here just might not be any black people who live in certain neighborhoods. quit making stuff up.

  • Joe0226

    No Mr. Bush, the most disgusting moment of your presidency is when the United States government brought down the THREE world-trade-center towers with demolition explosives. You murderer -- and that goes for you too Barry Soetoro, i mean, Barack Obama.

    • freeprodigy

      @ Anonymous.. NO YOUR THE IGNORANT ONE MOTHERFUCKER!! god u people still asleep make me wana just say fuck it.. THE PROOF IS EVERYWHERE You aint fuckin looked! they aint lies, lies is what u were told u sheep ass fool.. wake the fuck up

    • Anonymous

      wheres your proof? only ignroant fools still believe those lies.


    the republicans now have control of the house, which means WE will control the money and minimize all the stupid policies obama will try to impose on us. finally, in 2 years, WE will take over the senate and the presidency and get this country moving in the right direction again. bush>obama. donkey>obama and bush is not a racist. blame katrina on bush? check your facts. he did everything and more. blame the mayor of new orleans if anyone, and i doubt hes a racist because he was black.

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ also how in the world can Nobama still have a 93% approval rating with blacks when black unemployment has skyrocketed on his watch. Oh wait I know why. hes made it easier for them to remain lazy by passing ObamaCare and extending unemployment privalges to 99 weeks. this administration has done more to hurt the country than help it. they've encouraged laziness, given businesses a disincentive to hire new employees. why would anyone want to work when you can collect unemployment for nearly 2 years and have your healthcare taken care of. where is the incentive to work? Id trade an unwanted healthcare bill for an increase in jobs and high payings jobs anyday. but thats not going to happen because companies are being penalized for hiring more employees.


      never said obama was gona fix it in 2 years. lol. he wouldnt even fix it in 15 years. the whole economic downturn came by way of timing(economy goes up and down in spurts naturally), bill clinton(democratic pressure on banks to offer loans to "minorities" who would eventually default on loans; hence, the sub-prime crisis), democratic senate and house(just like obama will experience come 2011, nothing will be able to pass by the opposition in control of the house and/or the senate, and fyi the "democratic" senate had a worse approval rating than george bush during his tenure). and look what happened when the democrats finally had a clean sweep of congress, senate, and presidency for 2 years....they made it 10x worse. by all the ignorant liberals voting this schmuck in as president your going to ruin my childrens future too. and if anyone is racist...96% of blacks voted for obama. 96% of blacks are not democrats. that is voting on someone purely by race or becuause they are proud hes black, not because of how qualified he is.

    • Anonymous

      FACT: its not the presidents responsabilty to do everything. thats why there are different departments and agencies. The federal governemt offered their help to Louisiana 5 days before Katrina hit. The state of Louisiana rejected their help and told them to stay out of it because they had things under control. if the Fed. Governemt did what they shouldve done and ignore the state governemt people wouldve been crying calling it a military take over. FACT: Unemployment has sky rocketed under Obama's watch to levels never before seen in the country. black unemployment rates have sjkyrocketed as well but you ignorant fools make excuses for Obama and blame things on Bush that clearly arent hios fault anymore. FACT: America still has the lowest gas prices of any industrialized nation in the world, besides gas prices arent decided by the president anyways.

    • Swamp Thang

      You sound like an idiot. took the Bush Administration 3 days to respond and bring assistance to New Orleans. That's ridiculous. FACT.....During the Bush Administration, unemployment in America and gas prices were at an ALL TIME HIGH. And you think Obama was gonna fix everything in LESS than 2 years?? Let me come to yo house and f*ck it up for 8 hours and see if you can get it back to order in 2, you f*ckin' clown.

  • complects

    WOW. The ignorance of people in the hip hop community makes me wanna quit rappin (but as one of the few emcees left with actual talent, i must keep fightin)

  • i'm at work and bored

    yeah, killing millions kids for no reason and blowing up a country that had nothing to do with 911 was just fine, but when kanye claimed that he didn't care about black people? now that's disgusting.

    • Anonymous

      people want to wait for us to be attacked for us to defend ourselves. why does it have to be reactionary??? we know for a fact that people are out there plotting eveyday to killus and will do it. why not eliminate the threat before they do it to us. did any of you morons know anyone that died on 9-11? what do you think was going through the minds of the innocent people as they were being cooked alive so painfully that they would rather jump from 100 stories to their death?? they were thinking that their country better not forget this day and better get revenge on the people that did this. their country better not leave them behind. instead, the liberals would rather forgive than punish. liberals would rather suck p%&*y than get their d$^*ks sucked. who is anyone to tell us how to defend ourselves. that is the point of defending yourself. you protect yourself at all costs, whether its right or wrong. its survival. and the funny thing is that it is RIGHT.

    • Anonymous

      You do know Obama has increased drone attacks on supposed "innocent" countires and people killing far more random innocent lives that have nothing to do with any of the conflicts involved. personally I dont care. What Bush & Obama have both done and are continuing to do are defending their country and both have done a good job at it. if those radical muslims had the chance to they would kill every single one of us and not think twice about it, but fags like you sit there and defend them like they're your family members.

  • RANT...

    It was one of the most disgusting because it was. He understood how it would impact because Ye said it. And who listens to him the "hip hop" fans that are easily influenced by words of someone they jam to. I'm a hip hop fan to the death of me, but I will not be swayed by words music says. This generation of hip hop went right and left saying fuck Bush and that was it, all empty! Nothing more than that because they never cared to educate themselves on the topic at hand and just went through word of mouth by the culture. Yeah he was a slip up in some areas and came off strong and sometimes wrong in his approach of things, but I dare everyone who said fuck Bush to name 10 things on his policy list during his both campaigns for office, let alone accomplishments he made for this country. How much safer we are because of him. He wasn't the perfect pres, far from it. But this generation makes me sad. Who voted yesterday and knew who they were voting for in their precinct? Did you know more than 2 ppl? ... Obama is a good president, doing great things for this country, but I know a lot of ppl, not all, but the majority of my friends, voted for him because he was well spoken of hip hop artists, because he was black or maybe because 106 &park said so. I voted for him because of his policies, his outlook, and because I educated myself and compared him and McCain (ican hear ppl saying fuck MCain now, because he's white or Republican w/ nothing more than that to back it up). This generation embarrasses me... I proudly serve this country in th US Army as a 2lt and am a hip hop head until I die. I just felt like venting and this happened to be the place. My opinons over the years, I doubt anyone on here will agree, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of fuck yous and faggot remarks, but its ok, I'm not coming back to check this. God bless you all Gracias mis amigos.

    • swamper thing

      Youre dumb dude, pulled that shit from headlines. Go deeper in YOUR research and find out why we did from international intel. I agree with military man, dmize, and anon. No matter what party, its all bad nowadays. Get your own opinion dude and stop being an uneducated fuck head. Dumbass go back to your scattered brain world. Ha I like how u answered with fuck you faggot. Way 2 miss a good arguement opportunity with your remark, retard. Dmize I get you on ur 9/11 things, but its bigger than Bush and the US if you follow illuminati connections. Sounds crazy but look it up son!

    • dmize-one

      what about the surplus that was handed to bush and turned into a 3 trillion dollar debt?? what about the fact that the plane in PA was shot down and the passengers DID NOT storm the cockpit??(wreckage was spread over a 6 square mile area.. does that happen in a simple crash?? RIP to all those who died on 9/11, there is no disrepesct intended what so ever) im not even going to get into the rest of 9/11, i dont feel like dealing with those that wont have a rational conversation.. not saying obama hasnt disapointed me since taking office, but bush was one of the WORST presidents in US history.. on his watch, the bailouts began, the patriot act stripped us of many of our liberties, we entered into a war with iraq for WMDs knowing damn well we had no credible proof there were any, the fact that under his watch a real investigation of 9/11 was stonewalled (tell me how we spent 100 million investigating bill clintons blowjob, and only 12 million investigating 9/11), and bush dropped the world opinon of the US to an all time low... i could go on for a while about bush ( and obama for that matter), but ill end this lil rant o mine here.. the fact of the matter is that our country is going to shit, and it doesnt seem to matter which party is in charge of a sinking ship.... "those who trade thier liberty for security deserve neither" - Ben Franklin

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ what about the 7trillion dollars spent by the Obama adminstration & democrats ina year and half with NOTHING to show for it. you do realize the previous 43 persidents only managed a 5trillion debt in 200+ years. Obama matched that and eclipsed it in a year and half.

    • Swamp Thang

      You're right. F*ck you, Faggot. I wish we could delete your stupid ass comments. How about Bush allowing ONLY one plane to fly after 9/11. Do you know who was on it?? Do your research, Idiot. How about Bush vacationing more than ANY OTHER PRESIDENT in the HISTORY of the U.S.? Not too mention his dumb ass look and just SITTING THERE when he was told 9/11 was happening. What about the HIGHEST gas prices EVER in America? What about searching for WMDs that were NEVER THERE?? You are a f*ckin' FOOL and I'm glad you're never coming back on this site. That way people will see my comment, agree with how much of a b*tch you are and you'll just take it.

  • Rachael Misek

    man your a liar, you hate oceans to, you hate economics cuz you ruined that, crap, you just hate the planet!


    This is it: KANYE IS NOW OFFICIALLY A PLANETARY ARCHETYPE. I mean wow... Presidents fucking run their mouth about him... U.S Presidents have an opinion on him and feel compelled to voice it in all publicity ... wheew... kanye is going to surpass Jay-Z. Mark my words.

  • t

    i agree with homie, he dont care about the human race as a whole!!!! fuck bush!!

  • Anonymous


  • 9/11 we know the truth

    I honestly don't think Bush or any other one of the 'Elite' give two fucks about humanity as a whole let alone one race. Every president is a puppet, including Barry'Barack'Soetero... hey, anyone remember- 'Change' 'Yes we can' or 'Hope'(pointless word) Haha the whole thing is a fraud and there are still people who haven't woken up yet. Incase u didn't know already your vote means nothing. U really think there guna ever put the power in the peoples hands like that? ha no, and they never will. Stay alive to the truth people

    • NemesisB3

      Ya, it's only in the peoples hands during a campaign, but its only in a small amount of peoples hands when the vote comes up to make or amend laws. But politicians are voted into office, so I always so unless you voted, do you really have a right to complain? just wondering..

    • 9/11 we know the truth

      mvpsdad.. keep votin then motherfucker, if it gives u a false sense of importance.. so so many ignorant misinformed ppl in the US its almost laughable really. 'if u dont like it, leave' hahaha jesus christ, if i don't like what? why should i move.. because i dont think we elect our presidents and prime ministers? haha stfu. too many ppl are like u man

    • mvpsdad

      Get a life... your vote counts, your vote means something... if you dont like it .. leave, move to canada or something. and who the hell is "they" wake the hell up, stop blaming "the man" and grow up.

    • ed0n

      Did you know that 'Yes we can' is backwards 'Thank you satan' and 'Change' is 'Shame on You ''

  • derik

    guy from Europe here: you all hate Bush but from our point of view US just traded in a capitalist for a pure socialist. Yep, Bush was probably chosen with the help of his brother, yep he did some major mistakes in Iraq. But remember he went there for oil, for money and well being of your country. Had he not screwed up the planning phase u would be next to Qatar in terms of oil resources and Europe would be begging you to share some of it.. Say what u want but he didn't promote joblessness and living off society what currently seems to be a trend in US. And, above all, he wasn't marketable for 16-30 year olds, didn't have a support from singers and actors nor youtube or facebook

    • Grimez

      I'm sure alot of whites died too. but the superdome is probably in a prodominately white area. nobody commenting how a majority of 9-11 victims were white, an bush fuckd that response up also. Remember him reading, slash, finishing that damn kids book? when he thought we were under attack??? wow. but he sure got us into afghanastna right quick. and in my opinion we have every right to be in afghanastan but iraq is definitly suspect.

    • Alijah Green

      @derik well said, but the elite don't care about us plain and simply. now get back to work and stop thinking to much you might get hurt

    • J27

      What's your point? You are completely off topic. It almost sounds as if you are saying invading Iraq was a good idea; we had/have no business over there. On topic: The fact of the matter is there weren't too many whites floating dead in the water or dying outside the Superdome. Kanye's statement appears to be true.

  • Frankie

    the most disgusting moments in his presidency were when he stepped into office and cheated al gore, 911, the iraq war, and the afghanastan war. wtf he talking bout, that kanye shit wasnt important

  • Strange Famous

    This man did two terms and it looks like Obama is gonna do just the one. Only in America..

    • wonder

      i think it was obvious that obama was only ever going to get 1 term.So my question is why didn`t he pull out of iraq and afghanistan,close guantanamo bay and quit the petty bullying bulshit with cuba.I wonder if he will return the nobel peace prize.Although the world was disgusted by both bushes i think we were more disgusted with the people that voted for w twice.



  • thecityofsteel

    5 years to respond, George was too shook to say something back then and he is now, fuck Bush and his complete disregard of the value of an American life...

  • President Jones

    Fuck you Bush.

  • crist821

    Interesting, so Kanye West calling him a racist was more disgusting than say, you not finding WMDs in Iraq as you thought and in the process shoving America on not one but two wars.

  • hippaToDaHoppa

    Anyone that actually thinks W was actually capable of pulling of 9/11 or the levee disaster is tripping. The dude was a pawn. There are greater powers at work. The same dudes that controlled him are the same dudes pulling Obama's strings. The two-party system is just an elaborate way to keep the people divided. The desired results of the true powers would occur no matter who was elected. I'm drunk by the way... I hope the conspiracy theories were entertaining.

    • Elmer Ayala

      co-sign gee..

    • Articulate1

      That's not a conspiracy theory...It's documented fact that the two party is a sham utilizing the tried and true Hegalian Dialectic principle to confuse the masses into thinking they have any real choices when it comes to politics or the media for that matter. People gotta wake up and take stock of this artificially constructed world for what it is. And yes, Bush is still a racist.



  • AxiomGates

    Typical ploys of the media. "Lets see if we can put a damper on this young mans album release, by defecating on his character". Knock down those we built up 5 minutes ago. Its no wonder celebrities and important figures live abroad..... Rant over.

  • Anonymous

    at least he's honest and up front about his feelings... still a racist tho fuck george bush

    • COSS

      LOL at that cheerleader for the right wing establishment....get out of here with your generic propaganda, we've heard it all before...the last year and a half is the result of the previous 8 years..The republican party has had an invested interest in obstructing everything, and I mean everything Obama has tried to accomplish...Sure we've had a democratic congress and senate for 4 years, and the white house for almost 2, but thats not nearly enough time to repair the damage of the Bush crime family...The republicans want one thing and one thing only, POWER, well actually two things, Power and Money, and they'll put the best interest of the country on the back burner in order to obtain it...You dont believe in God, Facism is your true God, Not christ. In what universe would christ ever be a republican? imagine that, Christ wants no government programs(medicare, food stamps, welfare, etc) and corporate person hood, yea right, lol... There is no such thing as a "liberal media", how can the media be liberal when the major corporations own it? Now I'll just sit back and watch the republican house stall and block everything, that's what republicans are good at, DOING NOTHING and RUINING EVERYTHING. Watch, all conservatives will do is bring about phony investigations, they won't actually govern because they dont have real substance to offer.

  • Anonymous

    took 5 years for a response... i see shrub

  • The.Watcher

    Fucking typos. *shoe

  • The.Watcher

    " and it was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency." -You mean, apart from that time someone threw a pie in your face? Or that other time when someone threw a show at your face? Or how about that time when you were advocating peace between homo-sapiens and fish? Or how cetera ad infinitum.

    • 9/11 truth

      or the time he stood by as the towers were demolished, and the pentagon was attacked, and the plane was shot down in PA.. one of the more disgusting days in human history, fuck his presidency...

    • Anonymous

      or how about when u orchestrated a sacrifce with the twin towers and katrina

    • harris89

      ^^"One of the most" implies that it was up there... and there are so many very, very disgusting moments in GWB's presidency that I highly doubt a rapper calling him racist ranks up there.

    • Sourc3

      Clearly, someone doesn't know the meaning of "one of the"

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