Gucci Mane Arrested For Driving On The Wrong Side Of The Road

UPDATE: The charges against Gucci Mane have been dropped

Atlanta, Georgia Rap star Gucci Mane has been arrested for a number of moving vehicle violations, said Atlanta Police Department Spokesman Curtis Davenport to website Access Atlanta. The 1017 Brick Squad founder was reportedly stopped by Atlanta Police this week for driving on the wrong side of the road, not stopping at a stop light, damaging government property, obstruction, and having no license or proof of insurance. Officers reportedly had to use pepper spray to subdue the Warner Brothers artist.

Reports indicate that this arrest happened earlier today (November 2). Gucci Mane is presently detained at Fulton County Jail.

The emcee, government name Radric Davis, has reportedly spent time in a drug rehabilitation center. One of Gucci's classmates in Narcotics Anonymous told Ozone magazine of Gucci Mane being in the Georgia facility.

Gucci Mane has only been free less than six months. The rapper left prison on May 12 after serving time since a 2009 parole violation.

On September 28, Gucci Mane released his latest studio album, the ironically titled, The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted.

Read the full local coverage of today's incident and arrest at Access Atlanta.

HipHopDX will keep you updated.

(November 2)

UPDATE: Access Atlanta reports that all charges have been dropped against Gucci Mane. The Georgia rapper was ordered released from Fulton County Jail on November 3, prosecutors said they wouldn't pursue the multiple charges against him.

Gucci, real name Radric Davic, was told at his court hearing Wednesday morning that the case was being dropped "for want of prosecution." However, the charges could be refiled. 



  • Dready Paramour


  • T.I.


  • Dready Paramour


  • Anonymous

    flockaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bowbowow gucci

  • Anonymous

    Stop hating on Gucci and Free em

  • freshyboi

    how the fuck did he get his charges all dropped? must have used some of that trap house money to buy his way out

  • Jeremy Orr

    he was "geeked up" homeboy got arrested for same gotta be fucked up on SOMETHING 2b driving on the wrong side of the damn road!! i no my homeboy was

  • killa j

    fuck everything eles how the fuck this nigga aint got no proof of insurance...IN A FUCKIN LAMBO!!!!!! lmao!!!

  • Greg

    GEE DEE FOLK: Yeah want me to get some Gangstaizm in my life so I can be like some dumb ass nugga...ok son. Yeah...I wanna be one of them. Hood rat nugga...Me Soft? hardly son...and I am in the south..What!! Asafo: I know how rap started. Slang was used, however, you had intelligent dudes spittin' lyrics about something..whether it was NWA, PRT, LL, Rakim, Public Enemy, CL Smooth, Slick was about sending a message whether positive or not. Sure there are southern rappers that can do it, but are too dumb to see I was talking specifically about the dumb ones with weak lyrics who go to jail. Other good southern rappers: Little Brother, Supastition, Justice League kids, Median and them kids from the group The 3rd Day. Southern rappers like Gucci, Wacka and them are some minstel show ignant fools who show why black people who hang with Gee Dee Folk...will never progress passed hood mentallity and 2nd grade lyrical skill.

  • freshyboi

    he was probably driving a bright yellow lemonade colored lambo or some outrageous shit like that, if you do that shit in a normal person car they wouldnt have noticed or cared

  • murdock

    why would you let this guy drive anyway he can barely even talk!!cant rap at all and how can you when your speech is horrible

  • The MG

    Does this guy ever learn anything?

  • kennyken

    it's a double-edged sword for me. i love the music, but i hate to see them doing the shit. but also, i love it all. from dilla to ghostface to jigga to pharrell to common. i love hiphop. and i'm not separating southern from east or west. because in the real "enemies'" eyes, its all garbage. even roots. they don't respect us. give the man a break. i don't care. i'm just wishing he could stay out of trouble.

    • Greg

      They respect us less when we are on some dumb, illiterate, gun carrying drug ish all the time too. Respect is gained when a positive is made. Nothing postive about Gucci and his wack ass kind. Nothing!

  • LIL B


  • Anonymous

    My question is, is it Dippers?, Crack?, Coke? He's def on drugs but never say what.

  • Greg

    I've said it once...I'll say it again...these dumb, non english speaking, illiterate retards called southern rap stars are the most stupid people in the industry. They are lyrically challenged, drug infested, gun carrying fools that turned rap into a garbage and who cannot stay out of trouble. TI, Gucci, Wacka flocka, Soulja boy, Lil Wayne...all arrested for ass idiots....

    • jon murdock

      i agree too its all true every word

    • Asafo

      Yes because of course all those rappers represent ALL of southern Hip Hop. Lets forget Ludacris, Outkast, Jay Electronica, J.Cole, Curren$y, Nesby Phips, Scarface...etc. And of course up north emcees don't go to jail more than once because they're soooo much smarter than those southern rappers, and use much better english. Dude are you retarded? Rap was built off using slang, and not using so called "proper english" (whatever that is). And if you think a few rappers can ruin an entire music genre that has been around for over 30 years, then you don't know much about that genre of music in the first place. T.I. is a dope emcee regardless if he goes to jail 20 times inna row, his body of work speaks for itself. U ain't tryna be friends with the rappers, just support their music if u like it, and if u don't..leave it at the store. Thats it thats all...stop tryna use it as an excuse to diss southern Hip Hop. Even though southern Hip Hop is home to 4 of the best emcees in the game right now. J.Cole, Jay Electronica, Andre 3000, & Big K.R.I.T....u FAIL.


      look man i lived in the projects w/ them catz, sunvalley partments shawwty, and im from up north. #1, the lifestyle of "southerners" is different i used to hate on the south till i moved there. i RESPECTthe south and i am proud to have kicked it wit them cuz they AINT no phony niggas mane, they will leave yo ass in the bushes, they some REAL niggas, and i respect em all mane,who gives a fuck what they do mufukas get caught doin dumb shyt all the time, so fuckin what faggot, u wont kick it in the hood sissy,HOLLYWOOD COURT NIGGA! GATEWAY, SWANSON HEIGHTS THE OP'S KIRKWOOD GRESHAM ROAD, nugga get yo gangsta on and stop bein a cute soft ass faggot, get sum gangsta izm in yo life

    • inspirmentalist

      couldn't agree with your more greg.

  • Ant

    HIM & TI are examples of what happens to our youth who grow up in crime. It keeps happening to them over and over again. They dont learn. I pray for these brothers, bc they have the youth thinking its cool to go to jail. They make great music but bad decisions.


    i thought the dude was in rehab

  • kennyken

    man these dudes need to slow down man...drugs will kill you dog no doubt, gucci needs to chill.

  • Articulate1

    Crack Cocaine is a hell of a drug! Fuck this retarded coon!

  • mythangbig


  • tim

    Wrong SIDE of THE ROAD!!! and he had the nerves to say on the hip hop awards last year that he enjoys his sobriety.

  • Anonymous

    yall love me dont you?

  • Rap Beats

    Wrong SIDE of THE ROAD!!! and he had the nerves to say on the hip hop awards last year that he enjoys his sobriety

  • sunshine

    damn to bad a semi wasn't on the road the world could do without gucci mane. the world could also do without all those pussy brick squad members


    what is gonn be i got pepper sprayed by the Apd driving wrong side of the road high as fuck while snortin some blow what its gonn be Gucci mane remixxxx brick squad flocka flocka flocka

  • problemz/problema

    I'd be driving against traffic if I was his wack ass also..

  • anom


  • Bubu K

    I was seriously lafing hella hard wen i saw this! DAnm! how are r u really gunu drive on the wrong side of the road Lmao! dats hella funny!

    • Anonymous

      especially when you have no license, and no proof of insurance, runnin some red light/stop sign doesnt really help the situation either

  • Sean Felder

    C'mon man when Gucci Mane gonna wake up,all this unecassary stupity wil get him in more hot water with the law.

  • Anonymous

    atlanta rappers stay blowing it big time!!!!! grow up

  • freshyboi

    this guy goes to jail once or twice a year so its nothing mane

  • freshyboi

    go to straight jail! do not pass go! where dey do dat at? cmon bro why dont you have a driver?

  • mONroe

    WTF Gucci needs to think for sure. 1017 BRICK SQUAD!!



  • trapstar

    he must be gettin high off his own supply to be doing shit that stupid maybe that black magic heroin or hes smoking boulders big boulders of crack your literally asking to get arrested. I think its too sell records but thats my opinion....

  • H.

    T.I. Gucci,Put all these fuckers in jail if they can't respect Laws!

  • ranndy

    Man here we go he on probation???

  • Joal Wray

    its guccci tiiiiime!

  • Blue Mercury

    They interviewed Gucci afterward :D

  • Bauce

    Once a hoodrat, always a hoodrat.

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