Public Enemy's Fan Funded Album A Success

Public Enemy raises $75,000 in fundraising money for their new album thanks to fans and fundraising site

Late last month iconic Hip Hop group Public Enemy announced via their Website that their attempt to raise funds for their upcoming album was a success.

“We just received word that our fund raising campaign has completed. This is truly a great moment for us and we owe it all to our fams on SellaBand - our true 'Believers,'” said the group via a statement made on  

Thanks to Public Enemy was able to raise $75,000 for recording, marketing, and promotions for their new album. The group originally aimed for a $250,000 fundraising goal, but later recalculated the amount and brought it down to $75,000.

“As the title of this entry suggests, it has been a long and winding road,” said the group. “We've had explosive starts, media attention, corporate troubles, media criticism, recalculations and finally resurgence. When its all said and done, the bottom line is that we never lost faith in ourselves, our fams and the future of fan funding as a model.”

Public Enemy is currently on tour in Europe; it is unclear when the group plans on working on their new album. 


  • DJJZ

    Chuck D, please make it quick. This game is in dying need of a real leader. We have Brother Ali, Talib Kweli, Common, Mos Def, & KRS-ONE but without you nobody is speaking the truth all the time. PEOPLE ARE ASLEEP AND LISTEN TO GARBAGE NON-SENSE, HIT THEM WITH THE REALTIES OF TODAY!!! CHUCK D FOREVER! PUBLIC ENEMY LIVES ON!

  • C'mon Son

    Anonymous you are an idiot

  • shone jones

    Chuck already has the money. He's just following what Diddy and others have been doing for awhile to avoid having to recoup budgets to their distributor, basically they find "SPONSORS". Diddy was seeking sponsors for his upcoming album, in exchange for product placement and free advertisement and promotion in videos, his MTV shows and his parties. The only thing is as controversial Chuck is he won't be able to secure those corporate sponsors, so his best bet is "loyal fans" That dude is just a hustler, he always conjures up schemes to get some paper. Like all those frivolous lawsuits he had against the B.I.G estate and DJ Pooh for his St. Ides commercial. The only way I'll invest in it is if he gave me a share of the publishing and add me on as Executive Producer. Goddamn, Chuck ..CAN U EMAIL A BROTHA AN MP3 of what one of your SINGLES MIGHT SOUND LIKE?

    • Shone Jones

      @ Anonymous That's fine and dandy, but my question is if he did win the lawsuits: WHAT WAS CHUCK D. GONNA DO WITH THE $$$? If wasn't gonna do anything productive with it , other than PUTTING IN HIS POCKET, he just as bad as the crack dealers and malt liquor makers. Chuck is a true CAPITILIST, just as much as Puff and Jay. It's just that he sugarcoats it with a militant rhetoric and that's all it is....rhetoric, plus Chuck's lawsuits are always misdirected. Instead of hitting the pockets of the white artists and execs he claims to be directing those suits at, it's always the Black artists that suffer. Also, the Madonna lawsuit was a stupid lawsuit when you think about it. Any real beat digger would know that the SECURITY OF THE FIRST WORLD drum pattern is a complete rip off of the JAMES BROWN instrumental masterpiece "The Funky Drummer". How are you gonna sue somebody for sampling your sample? Chuck has always been a hero to me, but on that one he fucked up!

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, Chuck needs to send you a single because after some 29 PE albums you still have no idea what a PE album might osund like, huh? Also, what is "frivolous" about suing people trying to use your voice without permision to sell alcohol (St Ides) or for songs about crack slanging (Notorious BIG), when you spent your whole music career opposing these vices? Man need to have principles.

  • Assassin221

    Idk, the way nobody buys albums anymore this might be the way of the future. You wanna hear a new album, you gotta pay for that shit yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Sad Story, looks like they Broke! Flavor needs to do Flavor of Love, they still gotta tour in Europe!!! to make money and they beg Fans to spent money for a new Album? WTF happened to this Band? Chuck D. and Flav both 50 Years old & Broke or what???

  • r.pgh

    so if fans funded the album, shouldn't they also get a stake in any profits from it? only seems right. I know these dudes aren't broke. Shit, VH1 probably paid Flav a couple of million for his b.s reality shows.

    • Shone Jones

      Dude, it's a TV Show. I've been a fan of PE since "Yo Bum Rush the Show". I understand the importance of having Flav in the group because as Chuck said..."it makes for good theater" The contrasting images of the clown Flava Flav and the militancy of Griff and Chuck proved Chuck's point when he said in a SPIN interview that "America has a love affair with two types of Negroes: the non-threatening clownish buffoon or the militant revolutionary. P.E plays on those images" As Chuck said, Flav is the "lubricant" needed in a hard-running machine known as P.E, which sound and message may be too difficult for people to grasp. Trust me. Flav is good money for PE.

  • Jesse Andersen

    On tour makin money in Europe and yet people had to fund their album?

  • SutterKane

    And I bet you most the people who donated the 75K probably never donated to a worthwhile charity in their lives..... SMH Why couldnt flave flav just fund it with his VH1 money??.......... or did he spend all that on crack already??

  • g-hoppy

    yea lets keep it real, mtv made flav look mad dum

  • g-hoppy

    PE been the first rap group back in the 80s that ive listened to. they have started my love for the game, opend my eyes on the mission and just changed my whole life by that. for the younger ppl who know only flav from mtv its might impossible to believe this but the older ones will know what im talking about.

    • Onyx

      g-hoppy, u r right. the haters criticisms scream youth. were it not for p.e. rappers today wouldnt have the lyrical freedom (maybe lyrical is too smooth of a word for many johnny come lately rappers) they enjoy. and as re: flava. flava is still flava. i'll give him a longevity badge for that. sigh. but these kidz here, well...'they watch channel zero'. wink!

  • hell2tha

    Salute to Rap's greatest group still making albums.

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