Soulja Boy Explains Digital Media To Wall St. Journal

From SoundClick to YouTube and MySpace, Soulja Boy says, "I generated over $100,000 in high school."

During their “Weekly Conversation” series, the Wall Street Journal crowned Soulja Boy as “Rap’s Social Media King.” The title sounds like an exaggeration until the 20-year-old entertainer explains the amount of money he was bringing in via viral sites like YouTube and SoundClick before he graduated high school.

“I built my name on SoundClick first,” Soulja Boy explained. “Once I reached the top ten, my plays started to increase after every week. After I found MySpace, I linked my MySpace page directly to my SoundClick account. After I did my first million, my music was in the streets, and I just started doing shows from there.”

Some of the aforementioned shows would bring in up to $10,000 per venue. In addition to amassing over 3.6 million YouTube views, Soulja Boy says he leveraged his average of 20,000 plays into over $100,000 via SoundClick’s profit-sharing model while he was still in high school. The chart-topping single “Crank That” would eventually land him a major label deal, sell 10 million digital downloads and also spawn singles such as “Turn My Swag On,” and “Pretty Boy Swag.”

“I had thoughts of creating the next social media site,” Soulja Boy added. “I just really wanted to take Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and YouTube and combine them into one big social media network.”

While he didn’t create the all-encompassing social-media outlet, Soulja Boy did get 2.5 million people to subscribe to his Twitter feed. He also began using a subscriber-based service named SayNow, which he uses to reach an additional 4.9 million fans.


  • LJbigbang

    Yes, he is WACK rapper, but he's made a hell of a lot of money off of that wackness, so credit where credit is due. If you have no respect for the lady, you're gonna rape her and walk away laughing. Unfortunately, too many of us hip-hop heads DO have respect for the lady named Hip-Hop... so, you know...

    • yugang

      i feel you on that. There should be more good artists and less hustlers (with no real talent in rappin) rockin the mic

  • Matt TheBearjew Tompkins

    I'm reading this, and it sounds like a parody of rap. smh that its real.

  • PaleHorse


  • Anonymous

    THIS LITTLE BAY HEAD IS MAKING RAP LOOK BAD! Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2 Change Of Plans Oct.31 (Halloween) Get It Now!!!!!! Back On My Buck Shit Vol 2 Change Of Plans Oct.31 (Halloween) Get It Now!!!!! DOWNLOAD BOMBS PT 2 NOW!!!!! CASHVILLE TENNAKEY!!! Fuck the industry!!!! Fuck a mixtape dis shoulda been a album cuz dis is Quality 50 done bucked up. I under estimated Bucks skills. that nigga could of carried G-unit on his back. get em buck. Fuck G-Unit. Yall dont forget he just dropped a album in september called TheRehab go scoop that joint,but this here is fucking awesome.

  • c.a.s.s.

    woah woah woah,the last performance is this guy serious?!lmafreakinO!!!!

  • Andy from Benchmark Email

    Make fun of Soulja Boy's music all you want, but to have a success story in the music business today is big news. Bands should take note. Any band looking to break into the scene could learn a thing or to from Soulja Boy. -Andy

  • gutterwater

    but at the end of the day.. he's still WACK

  • potato_with_jive

    All the money in the world...couldn't make this guy a decent rapper. Without a doubt this kids a great entrepreneur but his talents are in marketing, not the craft of making music. Real talk.

    • yugang

      Lyrically & Musicially hes a disaster but as far as being a business man hes on point. He probably will go on to be one of the top money-makers in hip hop along the same lines as a 50 cent or a diddy in the future for his marketing ploys alone

    • Greg

      Real words son...

  • sam

    Why did i click on this bullshit?

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