Talib Kweli To Release "Gutter Rainbows" On January 25, 2011

UPDATE #3: In late February, multi-colored "swirl" vinyl will be released of the Brooklyn emcee's new LP.

Talib Kweli is readying his fifth and sixth solo LPs, called Gutter Rainbows and Prisoners of Conscious respectively. Earlier this year Kweli reunited with Hi-Tek for a second critically acclaimed Reflection Eternal album. The BK emcee will get back on the solo path, as he prepares his first solo albums since 2007's Eardrum.

Talib was recently touring in the UK where he sat down with SoulCultureTV and discussed his next two albums. "I have a new project called Gutter Rainbows, which I'm putting out completely outside the music business. But people still need to see it and feel it." Kweli said. When pressed for more details, he revealed a second album in the works. "Gutter Rainbows is an album, it's a Talib Kweli album. I've been working on this album called Prisoners of Conscious, and that album is not ready. There's a lot of music and statements I want to make on that album that I'm still working on but I still feel the need to put music out. So Gutter Rainbows is almost like the early outtakes of Prisoners of Conscious, but just embellished upon."

Talib also discussed his all-time favorite verses, but reciting them may have been a problem. "Ahmir said once to me that Tariq could keep 20, about 20 songs in his head at a time," he said, referring to ?uestlove and Black Thought. "That's about my average, the 20 songs that I'm performing tonight; I can keep those in my head. So I don't know if I can recite my favorite verse. Maybe "Respiration" is one of my favorite verses, "Lonely People." I don't know, without trying to sound arrogant I feel like I always get better as a writer."

(October 29)

UPDATE: Today it was announced that the first of Kweli's two planned albums will release on January 25, 2011. Titled Gutter Rainbows, the project will release in the United States in the digital format only. Producers for the project include Ski Beatz and The Away Team's Khrysis.

(November 16)

UPDATE #2: It has been announced that Duck Down Records will distribute Gutter Rainbows on CD, which will also be released on January 25. Vinyl pressing has not been confirmed.

(December 6)

UPDATE #3: On February 3, multi-colored "swirl" vinyl for Gutter Rainbows will be released, according to UndergroundHipHop.com.


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  • baaah

    kweli is trash. weakest voice in rap. rich kid always talking "poor me, look at my people". gutter rainbows is one of the gayest album titles ive ever seen. this nigga is so weak on the mic these days, just boring. hi-tek need to work with some better emcees, cuz the beats on revolutions per minute were tight. kweli just ruined them with his uneventful, boring, weak ass flow. ever since jay-z shouted this nigga out, he been spittin weak. he got fat off the daps. after beautiful struggle, i was done with kwe. i'm not alone.

    • Rival X Jordan

      might not be alone but you are with the minority. Talib Kweli is ill on the mic. One of the best. The Beautiful Struggle was a classic.

  • Drink the Kool Aid

    Besides Lupe, Nas, Eminem, and Crooked I nobody is near Talib. Andre 3k is up there too

  • Its Um

    So this a one time duck down release for kweli or kweli going to do more with them?

  • Anonymous

    i would like to see a kweli lost tapes type compilcation. he's got alot of remixes, loose sond out there that are good people haven't heard. his dscorapghy from the 90'2 is kind of a mess

  • G

    1. Nas 2. Lupe Fiasco 3. Andre 3000 4. Talib Kweli 5. Joe Budden

  • Young Lou


  • Loling @ the dumbass below me

    I know you're a troll, but they did make a song together...and Gucci got murked. lol

  • GucciManeReligion

    Yo, this nigga sucks ass... Gucci Mane will eat this nigga alive if they made a song together. Gucci Mane, OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame are holy 3 of the rap game. It's Gucci Time!

    • Z

      You obviously only listen to dumb nigga rap. If you are saying gucci man and wacka flocka got skillz. HAHAHA, dumb ass black folks always make me laugh. Seriously. And then people want to know why real hip hop went back underground, because people like you support bullshit that has no value or substance.

    • X

      They already made a song togther titled Poltergeist...dumb ass

    • tha real Gangsta

      you a stupid dumb ass bitch punk all of bricksquad sucks ass thay all trash!!!!

    • Atl2trill

      This is fuckin joke. SMFH.

  • EddieMurrrphy

    jeah jeah jeah thank you duckdown

  • Anonymous

    okkkkkkkkkk look at thiss http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg

  • Anonymous

    if you liked this check out http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WxEtfs36qpg lemme know what you think hiphopdx

  • Anonymous


    • Rae The Realist

      bro, that probably the most accurate top 5 list i have ever seen on this site. i wouldnt change anything myself. You know, with everyone riding young money and dipset dicks, its good to know there are some real hiphop fans out there.... respect

    • Lo

      3000k would be 3,000,000

  • B

    Yup, Talib is hands down top 5 alive..... This is gonna be next to LASERS nd Detox for album of the year. NY IN DA BUILDIN

  • 123

    YES, cannot wait Talib is top in da game along with Lupe nd Nas not so happy bout all these albums being digital only but fuck it still gonna cop dis nd bump it all year.

  • DJJJ

    I still buy albums on CD and vinyl. I am not happy about the digital idea. That means you will lost money, sorry Talib. I don't buy a digital download. I WILL BUY A PHYSICAL COPY THOUGH....SO PLEASE RELEASE THIS ON CD AND VINYL FOR THE REAL MUSIC FANS...DIGITAL IS BULL.....Why would you pay for a digital download, no artwork or anything to hold in your hand while listening to the album....Man this game is messed up, the music industry is bad. But I am excited for both of his albums because Talib Kweli is one of the best ever.. PEACE & LOVE TO EVERYONE!

    • doneffidme

      3rd...just something about having liner notes and shit, and I like to actual have tangible copies of the shit I spend my hard earned money on. Fuck happens if something goes wrong with your mp3 player and you haven't dubbed the damn thing? Then you're just S.O.L. and buying the shit again...

    • EddieMurrrphy

      thank you agree fully. real heads is exactly what that is. not some internet researching pricks. grabbing discographys off the net on monday and are experts by wednesday. fags. owning a copy is truly owning the work in my opinion.

    • Charles ExSavior

      Man I couldn't agree more. I bought CDs to learn how the entire work was put together, and enjoy some art and shoutouts.

    • krams

      I second that motion 100%

  • Its Um

    Well I look forward to all of his joints, too bad that Res still hasn't been able to put her own music but I hope kweli still call on her for more vocals for his songs.

  • Dee Cold Knocka

    Man im like whatever with kweli, there shoulda a been a return to roots black star album, but that prob wont happen...Dissapointment on the new R.E. album wtf? That should of just been Eardrum 2......Eardrum is better than R.E. RPM....But none of these projects are better than Train of Thought.... Kweli: 1)Black Star 2)R.E. †rain of thought 3)LIberation 4)Quality and the rest are like whatever, with an exception to Eardrum....

    • Edward Heard

      Naah, he does make a little sense even though I don't agree with him... He saying the new Reflection Eternal project (RPM) or Kweli solo projects are better than the first Reflection Eternal project (TOT). I rate them like this. 1. Train of Thought (favorite song: The Blast) 2. Quality (favorite song: Get By) 3. Black Star (favorite song: Respiration) 4. The Beautiful Struggle (favorite song: Beautiful Struggle) 5. Revolutions Per Minute (favorite song: Black Gold) 6. Right About Now (favorite song: Two on Two) 7. Ear Drum (favorite song: Give Em Hell) 8. Liberation (favorite song: Happy Home)

    • vargo05

      So you say none of these projects are better than Train of Thought, but then list it second on your list. What the fuck kind of sense does that make? Brain dead fucks on here are just flat out ignorant.

  • Heat Glaza

    whaddup j-23?? oh man i never get tired of pickin on that name. what a little kiddie loser. wats the j stand for? jet? nice article fagg. u always bring the most worthless shit to dx. j-23 lol idiot

  • EddieMurrrphy

    digital only? fuck you you righteous prick kweli!! i dont give afuck if he saves money. i am an avid cd buyer and i have all his shit and after eardrum, i am looking forward to more of his shit. especially w/ ski beatz and khrysis!!! but if there is no physical copy released i will illegally download this shit. fuck you man. i dont fuck w/ the credit cards and paypal shit

    • EddieMurrrphy

      man oh man, just back the fuck off you high horse buddy. i'm an old school type of head an i like to buy cds. i dont know why i still spend money in that market. maybe its because i already had 1000s before and i didnt want to stop adding to the collection. i'll sell it in forty years for a lil scrilla hopefully. who knows how hip hop will be in 40+ yrs.? that is how i give back to the artists that inspire me an i love to hear so much. and go to shows and get some merch and all that shit. paying for a digital album is just fucking worthless to me. i realized that he would lose money releasing it on his own through blacksmith. but he could still put out like 500 copies or something like that. fuckin ras kass can even afford to do that. dont tell me kweli cant but can press up a Strong Arm Steady record, come on man.. (who i love, no shots, in search of stoney jackson top 10 of the year). i dont know its a weird ass opinion i'll give you that, but thats me just one fan where its coming from. it doesnt matter. since i have a physical of train of thought quality right about now the beautiful struggle beautiful sturggle mixtapes 1 2 eardrum revolutions per minute liberation and of course black star (which im actually not too big on, a lil too pro black) i think i have earned the right to steal a kweli album in digital format if thats the only way hes releasing it. i will gladly accept disagreements with open ears

    • vargo05

      Did you stop and think for a second that he's releasing this album on his own and probably can't afford the costs of having it released on CD? Your mother would probably smack the shit out of you if she knew how damn stupid you are and that you're allowing everyone in the world know it everytime you post to one of these articles.

  • Anonymous

    if you think talib is dope click on this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_MP0_XQyLQ

  • Anonymous

    Best rapper in game along with Lupe

    • vargo05

      Yeah, I agree, west is an idiot. He's "wack" because he only had 1 hit? Go listen to BET some more clown. That must mean you think Drake and Wayne are hot. You probably like Soulja Boy too.

    • Anonymous

      west must be a tard....lupe is whack? only one single? a pussy? nigga you the barometer of all things manly??? now that's gay! whack ass nigga

    • west west

      lupe is wack he lways wants props for nothin he just got in the game he only had 1 hit??he biches all the time trys n act hard and we all no hes a pussy!!!talib got respect without asking. jay kool to stop hatin hell burn alot of ppl

  • EddieMurrrphy

    jay-z a fat sober pussy. never does shit to his brain. he remembers everything hes ever done. pussy

    • EddieMurrrphy

      oh come on a little bad taste joke got you that tightly wound? get the fuck outta here calm the fuck down. i was just making light on the fact that jay-z gets hate no matter what it is he does. i realize its hard to get jokes over text sometimes but really??? stfu was a good response, light hearted banter. with a view i was glad to see agreed w/. but this vargo05 asswipe.... im a prime example hip hop is a joke huh? well.... you have a nice little self-righteous college intellect buddy. you attending ithaca this semester dork. you are the prime example of a lost clown bettering the world with your godly third eye knowledge. when you dont even fucking know yourself fully. i've said this before to someone on here and i'll say it again because you earned it more than they did, that third eye you're looking at is your asshole, stop looking at the world through your one brown eye. you are the bigger tragic joke, for bein a hardcore hip hop head that is reppin it to the fullest, i bet you have a few torrenting programs on your college macbook. peace fagg

    • vargo05

      I agree with STFU. You're a complete fucking moron. You're equating being sober with being a pussy? You are a completely dim-witted fucking moron and a prime example why people consider the hip-hop culture a fucking joke. Get a clue dumbass.

    • STFU

      wow, your a complete fucking idiot...

  • Truthenola

    Jay, forsure, he never writes so he says,. Jay-z is a genius .

  • Charles ExSavior

    20 songs? I really wonder if Jay-Z can really recite 5 albums off memory like he said on one of his songs lol.

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