Eminem Says He's Recording With Dr. Dre

Dre and Shady are back in the studio, but for what project?

Eminem gave fans reason to be excited when he revealed that he was in the studio with Dr. Dre - despite the vagueness of the news.

Shady called into "The Morning After" with Angela Yee yesterday (October 28), commemorating his Shade45 radio station's sixth anniveresary.

"I'm in the studio with Dre now, let's jus say that," teased Em, saying that Dre was in the other room. "Pretty soon he's going to make a beat and I might rap on it."

Em added that he was planning on "taking a break" after the success of his latest release, Recovery, and his four-date tour with Jay-Z.

Eminem did not clarify whether he's working on a new solo project, or whether the Dre beat is for the long-delayed Detox.


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  • Anonymous

    if you think Em is nice and one of the best alive click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_MP0_XQyLQ

  • Winning For Fun

    Em shouldn't take a break, I feel that he's only just come back out retirement since The Marshall Mathers LP! There's so much other Hip Hop artist that get slept on, who cares if Dre's doong Deetox or not. If he comes with a fresh sound then i'm all for it, but this whole on and off thing is boring now. Next!Zzzzzzz

  • Kanye West

    no one cares. ..kanye shit on eminems life ..no song on eminems last album was as good as any kanye track in that short movie. dre and eminem go hit the retirement home u dont appreciate music no more. em and dre jus doing it cus theyre just doing it.

    • SLYWUN

      Wow... way to ride your namesakes d!cc. Ride any harder and you'll end up with G.O.O.D balls on ya chin. Silly ass mark, if you don't know hip-hop n rap and recognize the history keep ya mouth shut n learn somethin.

    • Aldo

      Did you seriously just say that Em's music is shit and nobody wants to hear him when he is obviously the hottest selling musical artist out right now? Numbers don't lie.

    • Kanye West

      eminem was the illest mc ever, dre was the illest beat maker ever. whens the last time u heard a timeless dre beat? on the games documentary album? and u dick riders still on his nuts..ru serious? kanye is not a better mc then eminem, never will, but he is definately a much much better artist and u just gota hear every kanye album to hear his GROWTH as a artist. eminem he sucks now, he just yells on every track. wtf is that lame shit. nobody wants to hear him yelling on a track. that aint music. or should i say that aint G.O.O.D MUSIC.

    • Michael Davis

      if you think that dre and em should retire and they dont appreciate music then you should just go jump off of a bridge, like right now cuz your life has no substance

    • don matter

      Wow your a douche bag, toast to yourself you dumb ass

    • g-hoppy

      wow did he really included dre as well ? thats really cocky lol

    • Anonymous

      to even say in a joking manner that Kanye is nearly as good as eminem is ridiculous. anyone who really knows hiphop knows Eminem is lightyears ahead of kanye when it comes to skills on the mic.

  • ed0n

    Eminem planning on taking a break? LOL that motherfucker shouldn't take a break 'cause I want a new album from him next year or I'll be pissed as fuck. By the way; That Detox thing is probably a marketing stuff. Interscope/Aftermath has been telling people every month about it so people have actually paid attention to Dre even when he did nothing cool or released a fucking track or something. Buy albums, don't bootleg 'em. If you ain't have 12 bucks for a CD, then you must be a broke motherfucker from the ghetto. Oh, how the fuck you're supposed to have a computer then? LOL Peace.

    • Doc Hol

      broke muthafuckas from the ghetto start this rap shit cornball so stfu you bitch ass suburbanite fool n quit polluting our culture with your cornball attitudes

    • Anonymous

      I have plenty of money dickhead, I need more money. You talking about helping out millionaires, I support the underground and when those guys blow i download that shit for free and go to their concerts. Eat dick you spoiled brat.

    • don matter

      Your a retard

  • g-hoppy

    at least we know now that the OG is still alive lol hes hiding since 4eva

  • Sensaye252

    "Pretty soon he's going to make a beat and I might rap on it". Haha. This is news???

  • kennyken

    probably detox boss

  • Anonymous

    Cooking up some fiery ass Detoxified shit!!

  • Stopit

    Damn, would all hip hop sites please stop reporting anything about this mythical Detox album? Yall have been talking about that imaginary album for 7 yrs now. Talk about the shit when it actually comes out and shut the hell up about it in the meantime.

  • Truthenola

    Shouldnt this dude be finishing DETOX??? ADD ass mutha , damn finish your damned project its been like a decade. then you gonna release some sub par material,. everything sounds the same.

  • c/gaddic

    It's for Detox that's for sure Maybe that's why Dre was taking so long with Detox He needed Em's crazy unique (focused)lyricism as a final touch on the album Especially since he wrote the two best songs on Chronic 2001!(F About Dre+What's the difference)

  • casper21

    I heard the audio clip from the anniversary of Shad45, why the hell is this news? Em's in the studio with dre half the year, and aside from saying that there would be another single from Recovery he gave no details about anything. Why is this news?


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  • Anonymous

    This is the most powerful duo in hiphop or music

  • Anonymous

    uhmm he says he will take a break so i guess its not for his solo projecttttt god damn put shit together

    • Anonymous02

      That doesn't mean anything, son. How many times have you heard an artist drop a solo project with tracks that were recorded over a span of a couple years? Don't be surprised if the material that Em is recording with Dre now comes out on Em's next solo album in a year or so.

    • J.M.

      Ah, the power of logic!

  • Anonymous

    here we go again!

  • Rachael Misek

    really? Can i borrow your top Eminem?

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Jeremy Orr

    all i want for x-mas is "Detox" to drop!!

  • Anonymous

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  • SDC

    Em is gonna make Dre do Detox, just like he said he would on Encore!

  • RealDeal1

    Yea its obvious why Em is in the studio. Hes doing detox for dre.. probably writin him hella lyrics..cuz dre is slackin

  • Deer Doe

    Dr Dre is dissapointing in the last few years. I He Will Make a good album. Nara

  • Eric Evans

    I hope he focuses on Slaughterhouse.

  • Anonymous

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