J.Cole Weighs In On Jae Millz And Wale Vs. Kid Cudi Beef

While he says it's all love with Jae Millz, Cole thinks the beef between Cudi and fellow Roc-Nation alum Wale was "a letdown."

Nearly a month into the fourth quarter, J.Cole is still not divulging many details on his upcoming album. In an interview with Funkmaster Flex, Cole said, “It could be in December; it could be in January...I’m not sure. I always say I want the most people to want my album. I don’t want to come out and do low numbers and just have my fans pleased. I want to reach the masses. That’s what we’re working on now.”

When talk turned to fellow Roc-Nation member and Blueprint 3 touring partner, Wale, Cole expressed disappointment at the rift between his peers. Kid Cudi threw a few shots at Wale in the October/November issue of Complex magazine, and Wale responded via Twitter and again in an interview with DJ Drama.

“From the outside looking it, I don’t know a lot about the situation, but it was a letdown,” Cole said. “You don’t wanna see that happen, especially with two artists who came up in the same era. But I think Wale handled it correctly, because everybody expected him to go crazy and black out with a Twitter rant.”

As far as his own perceived beef, Cole put a stop to any talk that he directed some bars at Jae Millz during a radio freestyle in May. During a previous visit with Funkmaster Flex, Cole rhymed the following:

“Jealous niggas how many chances y’all blew / how many times y’all been new / all them advances y’all blew / now you see me on the rise and throw a tantrum or two / Like dog I’m iller than him / Nigga I’m cancer than you / You barely catching the flu / So who is you / Dear summer / You’re bout to have to tell a couple niggas lose your number / Cause Cole World coming / Later for them bench warmers / Bitch I get covers / You don’t even get covered…”

Some assumed the lines were in reference to Jae Millz complaints about who did or didn’t make the cover of XXL magazine’s Freshmen 10. But, J.Cole also put those rumors to rest.

“That wasn’t a Jae Millz reference,” he explained. “It was written before that. People always try to dissect my lines whether it’s Jae Millz, Drake, or whoever. I never felt like he was disrespecting me. I never got a chance to talk to him, but I know if I see him it’s gonna be love. It’s not even that type of situation. I’m sure whoever felt [Millz] offended them forgot about it.”


  • Killer Noise

    What? ha ha You better check your history. Jay Z was started on North Carolina sound (Ski Beatz)! Your an idiot for that statement ha ha ha

  • Nikaveli

    The "beef" between Wale & CuDi is misunderstood. For some reason people thing KiD CuDi initiated it in the Complex interview, but really he was responding to several subtle shots taken by Wale in interviews, videos, and then that line. As far as J.Cole goes though, that nigga is boring. He needs to try something new. It takes more than JUST being able to rap now. You gotta have an image, a movement, you gotta stand for something.

  • Anonymous

    they shud just rap battle. wale vs cudi. thats it. 3 rounds best mc wins. no more bullshit propaganda. if you wanna see them battle click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_MP0_XQyLQ

  • Killer Noise

    Please if J-Cole wasn't signed to Jay Z no one would care. This dude isn't original at all. All he does is steal ideas from other NC artists. OMG Small Word from DTP already had a title album coming out called Small World. This dude is a clown and nobody plays him in the Carolinas. GTFOH

    • Anonymous

      since when the fuck did north or south carolina determine anything about hip hop? you southern fucks wouldnt know good music if it shot you

    • killer noise

      Dude nobody plays this nigga in North or South Carolina his whole rap career is based on him being signed to Jay Z GTFOH!

    • KickinKnowLedge

      You dumb just for sayin that. J. Cole is the best from the new upcoming generation of these rap stars. Jay signed him for a reason. His last two mixtapes was dope.

  • bswift77

    Wow....I'm kinda dissapointed to hear Cole say the album aint out yet cuz he wants to appeal to the masses and not his fans? Hmmmmm sounds like J. Cole selling out. Stay true to yourself son, and stay true to the art.....F making all this bubblegum pop BS thats on the radio. If you do that and have good promotion, the people will know about you but don't conform to the masses J. You will destroy your legacy before it begins. I just don't wanna hear some J-Cole pop auto tune shit. That would be tragic!!!!!!

    • LouLou

      I completely agree with you. I think that J.Cole should make music for him and his fans. Its an art form. If people want your music they will come to you, J shouldnt go to them. You cant please everyone.

  • mrconceited


  • sharksbreath

    Anonymous: wale is a fly on cudi nuts..... $ This is the problem with cudi fans. They mind always on a man's nuts.

  • truthenola

    We need this kid to sell,. i hope he sells out , just so we get more of him, hes paid his dues with the mix tapes, do a rhianna track cole, feat kanye and jay-z or something

  • Anonymous

    peep her music shes super dope jcole fanss will enjoy my boy put me on last night http://www.Myspace.com/1stladyrkz

  • Angel De Peña


  • Whiterthanmost

    Wale's tee >>>>>>>>> Majority of Wale's catalogue Cole, that's another story..... Hip-hop awaits.

  • Anonymous

    Kid Cudi is waaaaaack.

  • WhYESProduction

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  • gremlin

    damn, Wale look like a damn black gremlin high on some shit...LOL and their beef is weak man, either step it up or drop it

  • Blaque Ali

    Yo, Cole killed on that track on Wale's album!! These rookies are gonna be sumtin good to look forward to. Drake, Wale, Cole...future looks good. Wale - Content, lyrics Cole - Raw, passionate rhymes, lyrics Drake - Entertainer, not so lyrical, but knows how to put a song together. I really don't fuks wit Cudi though, but I just ain't had a chance to listen to him though.

  • cole worrrrrld

    cole's the truth, cant wait for the album, dude's got a good head on his shoulders. and let's let it be known, Wale is far superior to Cudi any day of the week, but J. Cole is far superior to both haha

  • sharpsh00ter155

    i would forgive cole if he did a timbaland track with rihanna to get that hit, just because of how dope i know the rest of his album would be. biggie did the same shit, as most of his albums were crazy deep, but with gayass samples for the singles just to increase sales, and this kid deserves to sell.



  • Anonymous

    “You don’t wanna see that happen, especially with two artists who came up in the same era. But I think Wale handled it correctly, because everybody expected him to go crazy and black out with a Twitter rant.” remember when that sentence would have been black out with a dope diss track? but nah..all these gay skinny jean wearing fags arent into that..they are into gimics and whack lyrics

    • Anonymous

      wasnt saying that ruff draft but rap is so pussy now a days. everyones so soft and im not saying if you dont shoot and slang your not hard but alls they sing about is gay shit and girls and gucci and stupid annoying shit..kid cudis new song? 2+ minutes of him going oh hey.literally. garbage.

    • RuffDraft

      Yea, if you aint talkin about killin, dealin and stealin than u really aint spittin.

    • Anonymous

      all yal niccas college boys wana beef dat sht funny as hell wale wack and cudi, dnt nobody in the hood listen to eithier one of em yal aint rapping bout real sht dat happing on the daily yall jus rapping

  • Anonymous

    is it me or wale look high as fuck in that picture?

  • Anonymous

    wale is a fly on cudi nuts.....

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    myspace.com natwalkerbeats

  • kasper843

    I'm a fan of cudi and Wale wish they could clear things up. The music they've done together in the past was pretty. @G Center Edge never planned to put an album out...it's just a colab that you'll see pop up on different projects. Both Mos and Jay were on Pilot Talk and Jay and Mos colab on 24 hour karate school. Don't sleep on Spitta.

    • Anonymous

      who co-signed the nick-name spitta? TO ME that's like t.i callin himself the king of the south. anybody thats lyrical in hiphop we say they can spit or they spitta, you don't just call yourself spitta like you're the only one spittin, FOH.

  • truthenola

    J. cole is sick but hes right , he needs a radio smash, if we like it or not , thats whats gonna transform him to a complete artist. He is by far one of the best to come around in a long time.

  • Almar

    I wasn't really familiar with J. Cole until i heard him on the Reflection Eternal Track "Just Begun" and since then im really digging this cat, Dude can spit.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    j cole iz rite. wale and kid cudi don't need 2 b fightin. we're all in da same family as roc nation/g.o.o.d. muzik so there'z no need 4 dat. and muthafuck gay millz. 1ce a cum money membah alwayz a cum money membah.


    drop that album maine

  • Charles ExSavior

    Why would Millz get mad at not being in a FRESHMAN 10 cover?? Dude ain't even close to freshman status 'cause he's been doing his thing since '99-2000, WAY before most of them. Anyway, J. Cole's the man. Can't wait for Cole World to drop but I'm still a little mad Jay Electronica's Act II has no word of release.

    • G

      BTW what the fuck ever happened to Center Edge Territory? Mos Def, Electronica, and Curren$y? Throw away curren$y and its ALMOST (not quite) a new Black Star.

    • G

      Didn't Papoose PROMISE an album in 2010. I also remember Jay Electronica saying he has HUGE plans for 2010. Elec-Chaunakah ain't never releasing shit. I'm mad, can you tell lol?

    • Charles ExSavior

      Thanks for the clarification.

    • cstew2006

      millz didnt get mad about not being on the cover. He got mad at some of the rappers that didnt deserve to be on the cover. Personally i think he was talkin about OJ the Juiceman. But majority of them dudes was smart for not respondin with a diss track to him. People tend to forget that millz came up as a battle rapper and he was pretty damn good too.

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