Canibus Reportedly To Release, "Lyrical Law" Featuring K-Rino, Ras Kass

A onetime remix project evolves into potentially the third Canibus album of 2010, featuring Immortal Technique, Inspectah Deck and 3/4 the HRSMN.

Already in 2010, veteran New York emcee Canibus has released two albums in February's Melatonin Magik and this month's C of Tranquility. According to Rap blog UGWHH, he's far from over too.

The onetime Refugee Camp All-Stars member is said to be at work on Lyrical Law, his latest project on an increasingly expansive discography. The project reportedly began as a remix project for Melantonin Magik, but has evolved into a life of its own. The release has an album sampler posted on YouTube, but no official release date.

If legitimate to the artist, Lyrical Law is slated to feature Wu-Tang Clan's Inspectah Deck, K-Solo, Immortal Technique, Copywrite, Planet Asia, Heltah Skeltah's Rockness Monstah, Thirstin Howl III and 4 HRSMN brethren Killah Priest and Ras Kass.

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  • Jef-Fry

    Canibus-C of Tranquility review---

  • Cultures Clothing

    Yeah just to add info...I think the Lyrical Law info below this post is a tad least the last time I talked to Arch, he said that K-Rino & Killah Priest are def on the album. K-Rino is on there 2x. Deck and Jeru were the TBD ones...but I know something that you don't that I can't share yet LOL!!! I last talked to Arch on Sept 14th though, so I don't know how things have progressed since then. There were also talks of Pharoahe Monch being on the album. I'm most excited for the Bis/Immortal Technique collab!


    This will be Bis' 11th studio album. Legally it was pushed back because IM culture was releasing COT, announcing and promoting that as Bis' 10th studio album. Cant release the 11th before another label releases the 10th - Ha, ha. Plus The Architect wanted to add more newly recorded Bis tracks to album. This album will be worth the wait. About album, i cant say too much (out of respect) except it will most likely be a double disc release with a red leather cd sleeve and released in stores like Best Buy either Dec 2010 or Jan 2011 but most likely on 1 year anniversary of MM. This will not be a MM remix LP. However it will contain MM remixes on 2nd disc. 1st disc will have new Bis tracks. Let me repeat, this is an official new Bis album made possible by Bis working with The Architect. I have personally sat with Bis and discuss this album, as well as talked to Arch many times on phone...although i wont discuss what was said other than Bis and Arch will bring fans great new tracks on 1st disc and great remixes on bonus/2nd disc and are working VERY HARD on this project. LL will feature professional and underground artists (esp from Spitboss). Basically paring up Bis with the pros fans been asking for years and the underground artists that support the movement. I will release more info, only if it wants to be made public by them, very soon. The features im allowed to say are on here are : Emcee Features : Planet Asia, Rock from Heltah Skeltah, Copywrite, Diabolic, K-solo, Ruste Juxx, Immortal Technique, Chino XL, Ras Kass, Popa Wu, Buddha Monk, Thirstin howl III, DZK, Presto, Chopp Devize, Flawless, Pilot Rai, Epitaph, LMS, Damo, Passion, Skarlit Rose, Hugh Hayesbut BUT Digable Planets (tbd), Killa Priest (tbd), K-Rino , Inspectah Deck (tbd), Jeru The Damaja (tbd) are To Be Determined and more. Production Features : Reverse Polarity, Sicknature, Charlie G, Vherbal, DJ Kru, The Hypnotist and more. Scratches by : DJ Immortal Engineered by : The Architect

  • Vocab

    Shame dude fell off so hard, his rhymes are boring as hell these days. Guest features look dope though, cant wait to hear what he does with K-Rino

    • Vocab

      lol at dudes getting upset. Time to face the facts fella's, Bis just isnt an interesting mc anymore. He used the same style on every joint since Rip the Jacker. At this point he's just rhyming big words for the sake of rhyming, not to mention his flow and voice have gotten so monotones over the years its just flat out hard to stomach him for a whole album. dude was nice back in the day, his career was a dud though, Rip the Jacker was dope, everything afterwards was rubbish.

    • G

      Plus he was finally blessed with beats on C of Tranquility.

    • G

      I don't think Canibus fell off either. I do however think he was too potent on his albums with the scientific stuff. I admit half the time I was lost. I still have a lot of learning to do no doubt, but as I said in an earlier post, his amazing intellect does not always translate to good music. C of Tranquility is the Canibus I've been waiting for. Balanced, yet keeping his vocab outta this world, while understandable. For Whom The Beat Tolls Was Too Damn much. I hated it.

    • Ronnie Guess?

      @Vocab!!! How the fuck did canibus fall off??? he is an underground emcee!! his lyrics are amazing and it takes some education to understand his music.. education im guessing you missed out on!! an why the hell is your screen name ''vocab''??? saying canibus fell off and has boring lyrics and then calling yourself ''vocab'' makes you an idiot!! hahaha

    • Anonymous

      because they are above your head ...pick up a book dummy

  • hippaToDaHoppa is it going to be K-Rino or K-Solo? Because there's a big difference.

  • gnigga_pleeeze

    shit both releases this year were good. usually when underground dudes start puttin out several albums a year means the quality is bad but the first two were both awesome, and by the look of the guests on this next one it will be too

  • Pursuit Of Nappiness

    Canibus' voice and delivery are only fit for punchline rhymes. Since he's moved from punchline ryhmes to this metaphoric, new age lyrical content, he's been garbage.

    • Doc

      fuck you talkin about Canibus has ALWAYS been bout metaphors his rhymes from day one have been laced with metaphors it was one of the things what made him stand out the most in his early career...

  • Doc Hol

    C of Tranquility is dope one of my favourite releases this year and more than made up for the let down that is Melatonin Magik think Bis was jus surrounded by the wrong cats when he made that joint coz damn C of Tranquility straight bodied it and is one of dudes illest joints a true return to form can't wait to hear Canibus feat Inspektah Deck that shitll be bananas 2 of Earths most underrated MCs gettin it in together

    • Iron Fist

      I can.^^ I think since For Whom The Beat Tolls, which I enjoyed for the extremely off the wall references, he's been putting it in lyrically on a different mindframe. Like he says on "Melatonin Magik": "So yeah, fuck a punchline, I'm past that prime / That's not a crime, so go find somebody else to dickride / Focus on the truth, it's long overdue / And would've never happened if I told you what I wanted to do" With age and experience, artists sometimes discard their old traits, interests and styles to discover new ones. If someone says Eric Clapton's new record sticks to old strengths, I am thinking "Ah, that means it sounds like his last record." That's a reason why the last AZ record I paid attention to was Undeniable, just to find out it was The Format lite. I like progression. But it is a matter of preference.

    • G

      I'm betting NO ONE on here listened to that. I bet they're going off the Melatonon Magik and For WHom the Beat Tolls. THose albums were lyrical no doubt, but those lyrics do not translate to good music. Who can listen to Poet Laureate Infinity and not get a brainfreeze?

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is grade school dumb it down lyrics... This real shit~ Canibus kills most!

  • aqib

    canibus killin it the beats finally match the lyrics watin for the Immortal Technique collabo

  • KLAP215akaKnorr

    Canibus is steady bringin that real raw rap!!!

  • moresickaMC

    Canibus>>>>>Eminem Canibus is the greatest bar for bar rhyme spitter ever He's just too advanced for his time

  • SutterKane

    Sad part is I dont think all 3 albums combined will have broke 20,000 copies SMH....... Still vaguely remember a period of time when I was in jr high that this dude was suppose to be the 2nd coming of rakim

    • Anonymous

      @ Sharpshooter Not necessarily. You know how that is with downloads. You could sell 20k but have 3 million other people hear the record via filesharing or Youtube. Sales mean sales, that's all.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      sales meens that people hear it. canibus releases ill ass material and used to sell, so its sad to see that hes not anymore, because C of tranq was one of his best albums. instead of bitching about sales though, how bout you go buy a copy of both the albums right now.

    • Michael Knorr

      Slses have nothing to do with skill!!! How do sales show how good a artist is. This will be Canibus's 11th album!!!! Canibus is one of the greatest mc's ever!!!!!

    • Ronnie Guess?

      Who gives a fuck about album sales??? this is real hip-hop!!! Go listen to that soft pop rap!! its a story about a great album with great emcees featured on it and the only thing you felt the need to mention was album sales?? fuck outta here!!

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