Insane Clown Posse Works With Above The Law, Paris For "Featuring Freshness"

I.C.P. links up with A.T.L. and Paris for an upcoming 3CD compilation of the group's three decades of collaborative work.

Throughout the years, Detroit, Michigan Rap outfit Insane Clown Posse has worked and toured with the likes of Snoop Dogg, Ol' Dirty Bastard and local native Esham. The act, which frequently is associated with both the Rap and Rock genres, is celebrating its 21-year career with a 3CD box set Featuring Freshness planned for February, 2011 release.

Billboard has reported that while the duo of Violent J and Shaggy 2 Dope will aforementioned works with the likes of O.D.B. and Three 6 Mafia, new recordings are made with two west coast Gangsta Rap acts, both contemporaries of I.C.P. - Above The Law and Paris.

Presently, Pomona, California's Above The Law is said to be working on a forthcoming album, the group's first in over seven years. A.T.L.'s leader, Big Hutch a/k/a Cold 187um released the aptly-titled Fresh Out The Pen in 2008. San Francisco, California's Paris most recently released a second volume of Hard Truth Soldiers last year, on his own Guerrilla Funk Recordings imprint.

The Insane Clown Posse is presently on tour.


  • Malakhi Lycypha

    Whats Funny To Me Is All The Haters Are What Truthfully Made I.C.P Famious. Talk All The Shit you Like But Them Boys Are Living The American Dream. Money Is Being Made & Honestly How Can U Hate That.

  • frankiefritz

    when deez catz that iz hot rite ni get washed up they gonna open up 4 icp @ tha gathering muthafacko im outie rydahataz

  • Tupac Shakur

    You motherfuckers are hilarious, if you think Insane Clown Posse is bad, then Lil Wayne and Jay-Z must be trapped shit in your shoe creases. They're clowns, they ain't suppose to be taken seriously. But they do drop some of the most unique rap stories at times. They'll always be hated, but that's what makes them a great group, why be associated with people who enjoy their music and enjoy some emo shit like The Killers or some old shit like Grateful Dead and Phish. They got their own fans, they get a little out of hand yes, but fuck it let them.

  • Anonymous

    icp is the shit and get the fuck outta here wit dat hatin azz bullshit. clown luv

  • MusicFiend

    I went through a short phase in my teens listening to this and Kottonmouth Kings and shit like that. Thought it was great. Now when I go back a re-visit, not so great. Props to them doing what they do though.

  • Drucifer

    Same thing I always say when it comes to these 2, One of the best Ideas in the history of rap, but the people behind the make up cant pull it off If You put Brotha Lynch Hung and Necro behind that make up they would deliver the best horrorcore album of all time, but these dudes just cant rap....... An Yes, I've listened to their stuff before, when that "Neden Game" song came out, I figured it was an intresting concept, bought The Great Milenko and sold it to Sound exchange about a week later

  • Bvbvbvbv

    Who gives a shit about those wakcass made-up faggots ?

  • soreallllly

    i like how everyone hates on them now kuz of one song, really. completely forgetting their older stuff. or psychopathic rydas, which is better than 95% of actual gangster rap....but you don't see people calling eminem the worst ever just kuz of Fack..

    • Anonymous

      I used to listen to ICP, but once Riddle Box came out I was done. I was at one of their Halloween Concerts in the 90's and they had Mystikal opening for them. Carnival of Carnage and Ringmaster were the 2 I would fuck with. But no they can't "lay a verse"

  • Charmelle

    try listening to the album ''Dumpin''' by the Psychopathic Rydas and tell me that the clowns cant lay down a verse. EAT A DICK.

  • 7dollabeats

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  • tim

    I've always been an ICP fan. I don't take them seriously, thats the problem with most people. Theyre CLOWNS, they aint MADE to be taken seriously! They arent great rappers by any means, but they have unique voices, their production is great and they know how to write a song.


    fuckin magnets, how do they work?!

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