Another Correctional Officer Disciplined For Visiting Lil Wayne

Capt. Raphael Collazzo becomes the third Riker's officer accused of making inappropriate visits to Lil Wayne.

The New York Daily News reports Captain Raphael Collazzo will be suspended 10 days without pay for making an unexplained 45-minute visit with Lil Wayne. The Grammy Award winning rapper was placed in an isolated, solitary cell on October 4 after being caught with an MP3 player.

“I spoke to the captain and I said, ‘Do you know what's going on?’” Captain’s Correction Union President Patrick Ferraiuolo told the Post. “He goes: ‘I have done nothing wrong...I don’t have any dealings with this guy.’”

Collazo is the third Riker’s officer to be disciplined for matters related to Lil Wayne. In April, Amelia Negron was accused of trying to enter Wayne’s cell and get a closer look at him. Negron denied the charges, was subsequently fired, and made mention of filing a federal lawsuit on the grounds of harassment and discrimination.

In September, investigators questioned Captain Latanya Brown for spending additional time with the rapper. Brown allegedly allowed Wayne to stay in his cell while other inmates were locked out of their bunks and ordered into the recreation yard.

The Post quotes unnamed sources saying Collazzo's explanation “did not suffice to explain the time he spent” in Lil Wayne’s cell. Pending any additional disciplinary measures, Lil Wayne will be released from Riker’s Island on November 4, having completed eight months of a one-year prison sentence.



  • BJ

    Probably gettin him in da ass. HOMOS

  • lmao

    haha. So a female and a male officer spent at least 45 mins in a cell with Wayne? hmm. thought he was straight

  • murdock

    who cares as long as they do there job fuck it talk to him if your a fan for 5 min.i think hes garbagio but this story is wacker then him.

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  • MusicFiend

    Probably making him listen to his wack ass raps trying to get signed lol

  • CitizenHobbes

    I wonder what Negron 33 has to say about this.

  • Set_Gecko

    Damn dude, wayne is a fucking predator for that virgin correctional officer booty..... Jesus, Rick Ross dont know whats coming his way on Nov. 8

  • Yo C.O!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok i am a correction officer and there is NOOOOOOOO WAAAYYYYYY that an officer should be inside of an inmates cell for that long!!! the only time we are in a cell for that long is if ''we'' are searching the cell for something!! and i say ''we'' because one officer never does a search. its always two or three in there together!!! i believe something was going on!! not saying the officer an wayne were fuckin but something was going on!! 45 minutes is a very long time to be inside of a cell with just an officer an a inmate!!! gay!!!

  • Leo Major$

    Y'all got jokes. If you're going to risk your job, at least get some camera phone pictures of dude and sell them to TMZ. What are you doing in another grown ass man's cell for 45 minutes?

    • Anonymous

      talking maybe? if you got the chance to meet someone you looked up to wouldnt you try to spend as much time as you could hanging out with him? you guys now days are so lame with your gay innuendos

  • fcvs

    rick ross back in his business BAWSE

  • Co-Pay

    The captain was probably in Lil Wayne cell fuckin him.

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