T.I. Won't Face Drug Charges For September Arrest

UPDATE: T.I. will report to prison on November 1, and will serve at the same facility as his weapons arrest three years ago.

As reported earlier, T.I. will have to serve another 11 months of prison time after violating his probation following a September 1 arrest in Hollywood. Tip and his wife, Takema “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested for suspicion of possessing methamphetamines after police pulled over their Maybach in West Hollywood. TMZ reports the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office won’t pursue the drug charges “because, in essence, he’s already been sentenced to prison since the arrest was a violation of his federal probation.”

Reports also state there were issues with the probable cause that led to T.I.’s arrest. No marijuana was ever booked into evidence, despite arresting officers claiming to have smelled it at the time of the arrest. T.I. and Cottle were also arrested immediately after the vehicle made the illegal U-turn without having any registration check performed. However, since Tip was arrested—regardless of the charges—he will still have to serve the prison sentence since any arrest is grounds for his parole being violated.

Shortly after the arrest, civil rights leader Andrew Young, who served as Tip’s mentor, questioned the probable cause of the arrest.

“I assume that you’re innocent until you’re proven guilty,” Young told The Associated Press in a telephone interview. “If he was driving and smoking marijuana, that is absolutely stupid. But why was he pulled over in the first place? Because he had a Maybach? Because he was black? Because they know who he is and resent his success? We never talked about drugs. Maybe I should have.” (October 25)

UPDATE: It was announced today that T.I. will report to prison on next Monday, November 1. According to The Associated Press, the rapper will serve his sentence at Forest City, a low-security prison. Previously, T.I. served there after his 2007 weapons arrest.


  • hiphophead10

    I AINT FEELN TI NO MO, illest rapper alive is JMHUSSLE, 50 BARS OF DEATH, 50 CENT DISS, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wpioNr4QwY

  • amp

    actually, its a correctional facility in 'Forrest City'.

  • Theo Odoemene

    this song is dope http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtWJ3RT3wfY

  • qwestionevrythng

    Did he really pull the Race Card? Come the hell ON! He was arrested because he had Drugs, and pulled over because he made an illegal u-turn!!!! ....reminds me of an interview i just watched of KRS ONE.....Youtube it....KRS ONE interview.... very interesting......But damn Tip..... Very disappointing!

  • Rozaay

    "...outFOX these ninjas ...now we rock our own apparel..!" - Rick Ross The Sly Fox...keep up ladies and gents...cheerio mate from the U.K.!


    some people happy some madd



  • FLOCKA!!

    LMAO! well watdayaknow this nigga t.i. getting off the hook once again. STOP SNITCHIN, STOP LYIN! just acccept the consequences for fuckin up u fuckin pussy

    • Anonymous

      he got off easy because hes going to a resort-jail and not federal prison like the rest of us would

    • haha

      what is a flocka? anyways how is he gettin off the hook? i know 3 people who have violated there probation and they have got a year and a day in prison its different state to state but its usually between 10 months and a year for it so id like to know how hes getting off the hook?

  • Josh Carter Trevino

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  • haha

    this andrew young is a complete dumbass im a big T.I. fan much respect to his body of work but seriously theres no excuse for it this time and no not even they pulled him over cuz hes black thats really old and annoying so get off that one they pulled him over because of an illegal u-turn and he had drugs in his car if it was anyone else the judge would throw the book at him so get over it!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Did you really say getting pulled over cause you black old you sadly mistaken you must havent rode though the hood lately or you in surbana house nigger

  • ScrappyRap

    Ay TI, I hope go vote before you go to the clink. In Michigan as long as your not currently incarcerated, you can still vote. Get back at dem folks that make up the laws that lock "US" away. Republicans are trying to take Obamas power away. Dont let that happen. Let the peoples voice be heard. Vote Democratic Nov. 2. If Republicans get control of Congress, they will help their corporate friends out while the middle class and below will become a forgotten statistic. Go vote Nov. 2 to keep Congress Democratic. Help yo boi Obama out. Nov. 2 = 8 days away = very important Scrappy Rap

    • Good Vibrator

      What spell are you under? We, as in black people are responsible for our own ups or downs..No law. If you break them you set yourself up for failure. So instead of promoting get out the vote or else, propaganda, start preaching "Take Control Of Your Life"..because the last time I checked no political party forced an Uncle Tom to do no dirt. But people like you who keep perpetuating that "victimhood" indoctrinated passive Sambo mythology, are doing the black community no favors. Vote Republican or Vote Democratic..Do what works for you.

  • Garvin Inoa

    Who he snitch on now?

  • eliteworld

    TI gets 11 extra months in prison, for violating his probation, while Lindsay Lohan, who also violated her parole (with a positive drug test fail) is still garnering sympathy and has yet to complete 2 months in jail.... DisAgreeAble - Not equal....what makes TI one who needs more prison time and Lindsay one who needs sympathy and rehab??

    • Anonymous

      its totally different being in posession of drugs and just failing a drug test.

    • FLOCKA!!

      yea lohan never had gunz or been a convicted felon 50 times before either. but she still more real than pussy nikka t.i.

    • wyatt harris

      ti has been arrested and gone to jail how many times now? at least twice from what i count but i may be missing one. lohan has been in trouble a few times, but not near the trouble tip has been in. ti should be thankful it is only 11 months. he shouldnt ever touch a drug again after his 10th chance.

    • Anonymous

      lohan never had gunz

  • EddieMurrrphy

    awesome. i paid 1500 lost my license for a year and had piss test for a year and a half. for my friends being caught on tape smoking. i wasnt even on tape i was in the car a half hour later though, when it crashed lol. i was sober though which is rare and prob why i crashed

  • KALA

    Um... Why isn't he facing the charges? Like, what type of fcking rationale would there be for a repeated felon not to face these drug charges? Is it because he is a celeb? Makes no fucking sense at all.

  • L

    He was pulled over for an illegal U-turn. Break one law at a time. If you have shit in ur car, u better follow traffic laws. Cops said they smell marijuana just so they can search the car with "probable cause". Cops are dirty, but TI should know that already.

  • Anonymous

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