MTV's "10 Hottest MCs In The Game" Recap

MTV has rolled out their picks for the rap game's best emcees over the past couple weeks, here are the final 10

On October 18 MTV kicked off their annual Top 10 Hottest MCs In The Game. The list concluded on Sunday with a familiar face taking the top spot. Here is the rundown:

10. Ludacris
9. B.o.B.
8. Waka Flocka Flame
7. Lil Wayne
6. Nicki Minaj
5. Rick Ross
4. Drake
3. Kanye West
2. Jay-Z
1. Eminem

Last year's list notably left Eminem off it altogether, which led to criticism from Jay-Z, who had the number one spot. Ludacris, B.o.B., Waka Flocka Flame and Nicki Minaj are all making their first appearances on the list. For Minaj, she is the first female to ever be selected. 

What do you think about the list? Love it or hate it? Who deserved to be included and who should've been left off? Let us know in the comments.


  • Trippdaddy

    correction.. wasnt Eve in the top 25 last year?

  • mark

    1. Kendrick Lamar 2. Nas 3. Black Thought (The Roots) 4. Tech N9ne 5. Jay Electronica 6. Slug (Atmosphere) 7. Ace Hood 8. Immortal Technique 9. Meek Mill 10. T.I. I think the top 5 are right but after that I'm probably forgetting people

  • Anonymous

    10 Drizzy Drake Rogers 9 Rawse The Bawse 8 Fabolous 7 Common 6 Yeezy 5 Jadakiss 4 Game 3 Jay Z 2 Shady 1 Nas Jeezy, Wale, B.o.B, Kendrick Lamar, Tech n9ne are my darkhorses.

  • GDEx

    My top 10 is: 1. Nas 2. KRS-ONE 3. Game 4. Kendrick Lamar 5. Snoop Dogg 6. Eminem 7. Rick Ross 8. Busta Rhymes 9. DMX 10. Menie Fresh

  • nikoloza

    eminem king off rap!!

  • nikoloza

    10. Ludacris 9. B.o.B. 8. Waka Flocka Flame 7. Lil Wayne 6. Nicki Minaj 5. Rick Ross 4. Drake 3. Kanye West 2. Jay-Z 1. Eminem



  • Anonymous

    1.2PAC 2.The Game 3.Emeneim 4.Biggie 4.Fat Joe 5.Papoose 5.Trick Daddy 6.Jin 6.50 Cent 7.lil wayne 7.T.I 8.Kid Cudi 8.Jada kiss 9.Paul Wall 9.Snoop Dogg 10.Ice CuBe 10.DMX 11.Dr.Dre 12.Dr.Dooom 12.Xzibit 13.Nas 14.Mysonne 15.Obie Trice (the same numbers r the same rankings)


    First of all after MBDTF dropped, any list that doesnt have kanye west as number 1 is a farce and should not be read. 2nd of all any list that does not include the clipse's pusha t should not be taken seriously as he has had one of the best years lyrically even overshadowing kanye at times...yes eminems lyrics have been great but theres nothing we havnt heard before from him on the new album as much as i love him going back to his roots. J.Cole should most definately be top 5 as his wordplay and flow are brilliant.

  • joe

    i got next years list for yall right here 1. Lil Wayne 2. Eminem 3. Jay-Z 4. Wiz Khalifa 5. J. Cole 6. KiD CuDi 7. B.o.B 8. Nicki Minaj 9. Curren$y 10. Fabolous Honorable Mention: Lloyd Banks, Drake, Rick Ross, Kanye Future top 10 emcee's: Mac Miller

  • Anonymous

    i dont agree with this list i do agree with the eminem spot and thats all ima say

  • Nizz

    1. Lil Wayne 2. Eminem 3. Drake 4. Kanye West 5. Nicki Minaj 6. Rick Ross 7. Gucci Mane 8. Fabolous 9. Wiz Khalifa 10. Waka Flocka

  • Anonymous

    My top 10 1. Diggy-MO' - the greatest rapper you'll never know 2. BigBoi - Cyz his his album was the shit and the beats were crazy 3. KanyeWest - Cuz MDTF is going to be a classic 4. Nicki Minaj - yeah you could name a shite tone of femces in the game but let me ask you.... what the fuck have they done thus past year? I'll wait.... 5. PSY - After listening to his album I shake my head to anyone who thinks wacka makes good music 6. COMA-CHI - A rapper that can actualy sing and rap?!  7. B.o.B - Best Hip Hop album I've heard from the states in years 8. Drake - Album could have been better.... But over all better than half the of the gay shit that been coming outa the south 9. Kid Cudi - Cuz his secound album will crush all  10. Micky Factz - alpha and pradise have been slept on like crazy listen to that shit people!   

  • Eciti

    Here it is my list 1. Eminem 2. Jay-z 3. B.o.B 4. Kid Cudi 5. Wiz Khalifa 6. Blackthought (lets say Roots) 7. Currensy 8. Drake 9. J. Cole 10. Ice Cube

  • Anonymous

    this list is about whose hot RIGHT NOW! People mentioning people that only have buzz in your areas not nation wide and as much as you may hate wakka, you cant go to a club in the U.S without hearing one of his tracks

  • lorenzo

    t.i., 50,fab, and tell me what dues have nikkie and drake payed to be on this list ,they are just hot artist right now and wacka flocka what , come on man this is a joke. you want to be on this list just come out whith a couple of hot tracks thats it.

  • Anonymous

    Typical. MTV has always sucked. This whole list thing has been about bullshit for years. Let's just say that MTV (Masonic Television)'s defenition of "hot" is what we call sales/publicity/attention. Lyrics are irrelevant for MTV, cause if that shit was relevant, then you had people like Lupe Fiasco, Mos Def, Tech N9Ne, Black Milk, Royce da 5'9", Elzhi, Joell Ortiz on the list. Yeah, they're like invisible to the mainstream, but that doesn't mean they're not hot. Real hip hop is doomed.

  • Anonymous

    this is the worst top ten ever! niki minaj? wocka flocka flame? thanks mtv for reminding me why u suck!

  • dmize-one

    yall are nuts.. every persons top 10 is gonna be different because everyone has a different opinon.. top three are jay, kanye, and em (no order) and then its a toss up between like 25 other dudes.. have fun arguing..

  • dulow

    1.JAY Z: not even close 2.KANYE WEST: hes really pushing jay 3.FABOLOUS: he really stepped it up this year...lyric are crazy 4.EMINEM: he sold 3 mil with not marketing..(would he sold that much if he was black...just asking. white ppl buy music) 5.RICK ROSS: hes putting out lyrics 6.WAKA FLOCKA FLAME: Terrible Rapper but hes songs are keeping the south relavent. and the go hard in the club 7.GUCCI MANE: has the streets on lock..other than that he suck. 8.WIZ KHALIFA: mixtape was crazy for the weed smokers.. still not ready to go mainstream 9.NICKI MINAJ: shes sexy as fuck.. lyrics are nice but dumb weird. has to stop rapping like that. 10.LIL WAYNE: hes in jail and he really feel off...that gillie situation still is in the air. get back on squd shit leave drugs alone.

  • Anonymous

    where the fuck is banks!!!officer down,beamer benz or bentley,start it up....HIS HYPE RIGHT NOW IS CRAZY!THE HUNGER FOR MORE 2 IS GONNA BE EPIC!

  • Jeff

    I'm shocked Gucci is not on the list..

    • Jeff S H Lee

      lmao although gucci is a terrible terrible emcee, this isnt the best lyricist list its the top 10 hottest. hottest=most popular. most popular also = talk about bullshit, good beat and you're "HOT".

    • sharpsh00ter155

      im shocked one person in america thinks he should be on the list.

  • killaseason

    straight up this list aint suppose to be no best lyrists or none shit like that. This list suppose to represent which artist puttin out the hottest music this year. My list wouldve been 10. Waka Flocka Flame 9. Wiz Khalifa 8. Fabolous 7. Kanye West 6. Nicki Minaj 5. Drake 4. Lil Wayne 3. Gucci Mane 2. Jay-Z 1. Eminem those are the artists that i bumped the most this year and the artists who are most relevant in hip hop in the year 2010 whether you like it or not.


      if this list is about whose putting out the hottest music this year u are fucking dillusional not to have k west number 1...wat a joke of a list are u asleep?!

    • Anonymous

      Glad u mentioned loso!he defo shud of been in the top 10!loso's way was class!

  • aRUG

    01. Eminem 02. Jay-Z 03. Kanye 04. Lupe 05. Wayne 06. Big Sean 07. Nikki 08. Drake 09. Cudi 10. Asher My list is compiled of the current and future hotspitters in the game. Sorry I dont fuck with TI or the feds (Ross). 50 went downhill fast. (Please pick it up.) Lupe is too ill. Jay still kills. Em cannot be fucked with. To me he is the GOAT. Asher cannot be slept on. Nikki shits on veterans in rap. Kanye is a mastermind. Personal favorite. Wayne will be unstoppable when he gets out. Drake is a monster. Big Sean. Nuff said. And Cudi is just different. Storyteller shit for real. -Honorable Mentions: Wale (I hate you.) Twista (Where U been?) CyHi Tha Prince (Don't Sleep) Chip Tha Ripper (smooth) Curren$y (catchy dude) Cassidy. Papoose. Everyone else licks chilli rings!

  • Thang X

    Who still follows or watches MTV? Wack shit.

  • Michael Desauguste

    i ent ga lie alot of da lists wat i jus c was rite but the mtv list some wat like yall say IN THE GAME rite so here is wat it shud been 10.Ludacris 9.Fabolous 8.Nicki Minaj 7.B.o.B 6.T.I 5.Rick Ross 4.Drake 3.Kanye West 2.Lil Wayne 1.Eminem really wnted ta put 50 cent n jay-z on da list but ta me it feel like dey ent wrk at all dis year but next year i'm sure dey da b on top of da list

  • jake

    Real top 10 mixing in Mainstream and underground buzz would of been: 1.Em (gonna sell 3 mill and again it's nowhere near 96-02/03 Em, but other than 5-10 mcs ever, who really is?) 2.Nas 3.DIABOLIC (Liar & a Thief is a CLASSIC) 4.Talib Kweli (Reflection Eternal Followup) 5.Black Thought (solid roots album) 6.Crooked I (all of slaughterhouse is dope, but this dude is called by TONS in mainstream and underground as a SUPER DOPE mc and I concur) 7. ELZHI (got screwed by Slum Village, but imho he's a top 5-10 breathing mc period) 8. Kno (DEATH IS CERTAIN IS FIRE, moreso for production that KNO's production...he's from Cunnin Lynguists for those sleeping and he spits also, but has features from TONEDEFF whose one of my favs, deacon the villan from cunnin lynguists, and some others...I swear this dude is a RICH MAN'S kanye, ppl just sleep...calls himself the "EMO PRIMO" which is well put) 9. Kanye (not a huge fan AT ALL of him as an mc, but you can't deny he's not hot with all the good friday ish/anticipation of his 4th RAP solo LP and a good overall ARTIST) 10. Kool G Rap, just b-c he's in EVERY SUPER DOPE mc's top 5-10 ever and has an album coming out soon...NO ONE can touch this list fyi (kanye arrogance over here :) )

    • Jeff S H Lee

      probably the best list i seen thus far on this thread. keep reppin that good ish homie. fuck hip-pop aka POP RAP! it's all about lyric driven hip-hop... honourable mentions: skyzoo (the salvation is CLASSIC), lupe fiasco (most talented mainstream emcee IMO), fashawn (BEST YOUNG MC in the game, even tho i resent that he did a collab w/ wayne but i don't blame him, i would do a collab with wayne too if im trying to get exposure)

  • C-Mo Money

    ok fo all yall ppl dat hate mtv's list, u have to keep in mind dat tha key words iz IN THE GAME not just MC, here's my list ( i think its accurate) 1. Eminem ( monster year) 2. Drake (not a fan but hes everywhere) 3. Rick Ross 4. Kanye West(not the hottest but skillful) 5. Nicki Minaj 6. Lil Wayne 7. Waka Flocka Flame (hottest n da streets) 8. B.o.B 9. Wiz Khalifa (100% independent grind) 10. Ludacris ( bad album but good MC) Honorable mentions: Lloyd Banks ( had an incredile year), Jay-Z (big tours and great guest verses but not enough buzz), The Roots (really good album), T.I (not feelin singles but tryna make a comeback), and J. Cole (beast lyricists but no sales ....yet)

  • bryan

    If you understand that they don't mean "hottest" mc to mean "spit flames" but to mean "buzz in the mainstream media" and are using numbers of albums sold to determine popularity, this list makes perfect sense. I think the bigger outrage, given the list's parameters, isn't that you're favorite rapper didn't make the list, it's how the crap is this Luda's first time on it? I mean his albums have sold how much and he's been in how many movies, and Drake and Rick Ross have been on this list before, but he hasn't? Sure, you're favorite rapper could probably freestyle circles around these guys, BUT on a list determined by sales and media buzz, LUDACRIS got beat to the list by Drake? Rick Ross got MTV love before him?

  • apollo

    em is only at the top bc Jay-Z was mad he didnt make it last year...Kanye has more hype surrounding him than anyone else out right now and how did J Cole not make this list? this is bullshit

  • lilworm

    1. eminem 2. drake 3. lil wayne 4. kanye west 5. T.I. 6. Young jeezy 7. ludacris 8. B.o.B 9. j. cole 10. rick ross

  • Akim

    mtv do not understand hip-hop ,this list is wack and stupid,were is Nas who came out with a classic album with Jinior Gong and the best album of the year with (Distance reletives).Nas suppose to be number one on this list.Fuck mtv,real hip-hopers do not take mtv seriously.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      and you sir, fail at a lot of points aswell. DR went gold. God's son is considered more of a classic than Stillmatic. Hip hop is dead is a solid album, and Untitled was emotional, and saying lil wayne outspit nas ever in any verse either of them ever did is a discrase to hip hop. he should not have been on this list at all, but im just replying to what you said.

    • NasStanKiller

      You fail for a lot of reasons. No one bought that Nas album because he was not even the star on the whole album. Second, you claim to listen to intelligent rap but fail to spell Junior Gong (the artist who showed much more heart unlike your 5 percenter boy) and even the album (Distant Relatives not Distance reletives). Besides, Nas hasn't made a great album since Stillmatic. Hop off his dick you Nas Stan. He even had Lil Wayne who had a better verse then Nas did on the whole album.

  • hellrazor

    another reason to loathe MTV. this list is a fucking joke and it's based on the following: record sales, popularity, amount of airplay, amount of publicity, bullshit collaborations, tec. THIS IS NOT HIP-HOP AND MTV DOES NOT KNOW SHIT ABOUT HIP-HOP!!! these cunts peddle frivotlity, banality, materialism and stupidity as if it were some sort of virtue. waka flocka flame IS NOT an mc (ignorant piece of shit makes soulja boy look like rakim), lil wayne (dont make me laugh), nicki minaj (seriously??), rick ross (ha!), ludacris (he was hot years ago but he done fell off), jay-z and eminem used to be hot but not no more (frankly they both need to retire). i believe and strongly endorse that MTV is in no position to rank anything or anybody. they specialize in stupidity. there are mcs in this game that truly encourage cats to do what they love and do this for the love of the art, not the fuckin money/fame like the majority of these cunts. FUCK MTV!!

    • hellrazor

      "Undergroundsucks" nigga you about as clueless as MTV. you sound like you need to be gettin your nails done with them bitches on jersey shore. fuck outta here.

    • Undergroundsucks

      And yet you care because? This is based off MTV, what do you expect. Go listen to your Vinnie Paz (fag who only thinks of homophobic shit and is a fake muslim), Diablolic and Celph Titled faggots. All they rap is how they want Lil Wayne to suck their dicks. If they were real men, they would say Nicki Minaj would suck their dicks not Eminem, Jay-Z, Kanye or Drake. Besides, you're probably one of those loser high school kids who gets picked on frequently and cry that no one likes your shitty music. Fuck you and learn to grow up cunt.

  • Anonymous

    Ahahaha, what a crap list, not one member of SLAUGHTERHOUSE listed just a bunch of faggots, Rick Ross? you've got to be fucking kidding me, MTV still remains clueless when it comes to Real Hip Hop, these artists listed are Pop artists

  • chris

    u guys are idiots skyzoo should be on this list top 5 jay-z skyzoo thats all an im from compton lol

    • Jeff S H Lee

      skyzoo is nuts, he was ACTUALLY on BET the other day. even tho i dont watch wack ass BET or MTV, good to see REAL talented emcees that hasn't sold out be on national TV.


    so waka makes this list but jcole doesnt?

    • tigerpawraw

      um...30 somethin is NOT a flop in this climate right now. I can't name u one wacka song that wasn't off the radio (aka i'm not a fan), but pushin' 30K off an album that was supposed to be a mixtape without any mainstream viability at all is pretty solid these days. Real talk.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      where im from jcole be gettin mad buzz on the streets, idk where the fuck you from. waka went 37k first week, which is a major flop kid.

    • C-Mo Money

      J.Cole is undoubtably a better MC, but the list is not about skill it's about the HOTTEST. Waka's got mo sales, mo buzz n iz deliverin quality street shit. J. Cole aint heavy in the streets or mainstream.....yet

  • Nazir

    Where the hell is Nas ? Distant Relatives is my favourite album of '10! Fuck MTV they dont know shit about hip hop

  • Anonymous

    1.Murs 2.Charles Hamilton 3.Slug (Atmosphere) 4.J.cole 5.Asher Roth 6.Kanye West 7.Chip tha Ripper 8.Rhymefest (El che was the Dope shit) 9.Freddie Gibbs 10.Fashawn 11.Kid CuDi 12.Wiz Khalifa

    • Seriously?

      Ummm...your list makes u seem like u just started listening to rap like...last year. On that type of shit...

    • Anonymous

      Charles Hamilton? not to mention the rest of your list mustve been made by the special class at the end of the hallway

  • Tunde

    What has Jay-Z done to be that high on the list? With all the hype surrounding Drake, he should have been higher than Jay-Z. Flocka Flame needs to be off. I can't stand watching the show because it is essentially a pop contest, skill needs to be added to the equation. For all the Nikki haters she has been featured on a shit.

  • Anonymous

    O and the ppl yall naming, yea they GOOD MCS but they aint HOT They UNDERGROUND for a REASON I like good music like da next person...but hot is hot yaknow

  • Anonymous

    Far as HOTTEST (Which is actually the point of the list).....1-4 is Correct and Em, Jay, or Kanye Coulda been #1....Drake ehhh....far as hottest...guess he coulda been 1 too But Nikki??..she hot but somewhere along the line...skill has to be accounted for yaknow... Ppl like FAB aint on the list? Fab is ALWAYS gettin features and he steadily murks ish...He has diversity...he can be on gangsta ish and even R&B joints...and that Mixtape he as hell Lloyd Banks been ripping ish up lately Luda on the list is looooooooooooooooooooong overdue I really think T.I shoulda been on... He came outta Prison rippin shit up...far as singles and everybody was glad the King was back lol And Waka was only hot down here in the South...and like i said Previously...SKILL does have to be accounted for somewhere down the line I would take Waka and Ross off the list...Add T.I and Fab Luda wud remain simply bcuz dis shit LONG overdue Lupe dropped a mixtape and been leaking a whole lotta music Not A Fan of Lil Wayne personally...but that nikka Hot... Nikka is Def. HOT as in she gettin features and shit...on Big records but she aint an impressive MC...She would eitha be like 10 or off the list and replaced with Lloyd Banks SO my list would go 1-4- Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye, and Drake 5.T.I 6.Fab 7.Luda 8.B.O.B 9.Lupe 10. Lloyd Banks/Nicki/Lil Wayne

  • Mike Meraz

    I'm not even huge fans of Wale and Weezy but they got skills. Although everyone Weezy associates with is garbage.

  • Mike Meraz

    As of 2day... #1 Black Thought #2 Lupe Fiasco #3 J.Cole #4 Blu #5 Eminem #6 Talib Kweli #7 Wale #8 Joell Ortiz #9 Kanye West #10 Lil Wayne Honorable mentions: Nas, Asher Roth, Wiz Khalifa... I'm treating this kind of like a "Pound For Pound Best Fighter In The World" type of a list. Judging by their last performances and the kind of performances they have been putting on as of late in the past year or 3.. Can I get an AMen?

    • jake

      Decent list, better than mtv for sure, but i would change ALOT STILL...Asher roth is a clown and getting MURDERED by a TON of mcs you didnt put (crooked i, royce, buddens, DIABOLIC, copywrite who MURDERED HIM twice, Mac miller who for an 18 yr old white kid spits solid, Jay Electronica, ELZHI aka one of the dopest breathing to name a few)...Take out Wale, put in nas (much higher), take out Wayne, put in ANYONE i named...i mean if you can put dudes like lupe/blu in then i'll add g rap, kweli, common, masta ace, pharoahe monch, etc)

    • blu#1

      id say you was treating it as your own top ten!!lol but a great list...blu, talib, joell, black thought would all make my list, not sure how lil wayne got in there but you get an AMEN from me!

    • Mike Meraz

      Jay-z as an honorable mention as well

  • lazuarus

    all of you bitches are dumb the hottest rapper is w.i.l.l out of a.t.l

  • Mike Meraz


    • Anonymous

      I can get B.O.B, but Nicki Minaj? is Laughable..Waka is the worst and Even drake's album SUCKED, Weezy i get but i still don't lke him..and I think Em has sold out and his new album was terriable J.Cole should be top of this list

  • David James Robinson

    Rick Ross is too high on the list for the "hottest" standard. And it's a shame he's even on the list. What's next? An ex-FBI agent turned gangsta rapper.

  • YungJizzle

    Imma be on this one day , check me out

  • Anonymous

    dmx scarface cam'ron ( despite the laffy taffy shit he still goes in ) nas t.i. snoop dogg common jadakiss immortal tecnique ja rule

  • Ricky

    My List of Rite Now Not All time- 1.Eminem 2.Kanye West 3.J Cole 4.Joe Budden 5.Drake 6.Jay Z 7.Nicki 8.Fabolous 9.LLoyd Banks 10.lil wayne

  • realhhyadig420

    With that said this my list 10.Ras Kass 9.Yukmouth 8.Ludacris 7.Jadakiss 6.Rick Ross 5.Gucci Mane 4.Lil Wayne 3.Drake 2.Kanye 1.Eminem I know none of you listen to ras kass or yukmouth but yul and ras' albums were fire. not to mention ras' album had sooooo many features from everyone thats respected in the hip hop community. its cause his lyrics are dope as hell and half yall wouldnt understand it cause it go right over ur head. i know they dont move mad records but there shit is mainstream worthy they just held down cause they old and dont put up with record companies bs. Yuks done a solo album and a collabo with c-bo his solo sh!t was the bomb i be bumpin that everywhere i go same with ras kass eminems album is hot too idk why jay even on there he aint been puttin in no work fkcu him he a pussy bitch. Dr dre been workin hard as hell too i hope he be puttin out detox soon that would be sick. Peep ras kass-goldyn chyld (unlreleased but find on internet its a classic). Also peep yukmouth godzilla both are classic albums see where im coming from dont hate and listen to Do it B.I. by Yuk dont sleep

  • realhhyadig420

    That list is for publicity only. F*** jay-z that dude aint dont sh!t all year everyone knows he only on the list cause he runs the fcukin industry. Waka flocka been puttin out a buncha shit this year for all u suckas that dont know he hot as hell down here in miami. IDK where yall from. Eminem def deserves number one his albums all are hot as hell fuck haters. kanye alright but what pisses me off is most of these dudes dont even rap that well it makes me angry. probably half of them can rap thats em jay waka aight check his album flockaveli theres some good shit on there. idk why gucci didnt make the list he should be top five fcuk nicki minaj she aint sh!t. lil wayne seriously go over most peoples heads so fuck yall he in top five as well even though he aint done that much this year i am not a human being was good i think jada should be on any list he done worked with every mofo out there he needs his recognition. His last two albums kiss of death and last kiss werent classics but they are good his lyrics are so slick plus all 1000 guests spots he been on he ripped that shit up. i do wanna say FCUK MTV UR LIST IS BS EVERYONE KNOWS IT LOOK AT THESE REVIEWS EVERYONE SAID UR LIST IS TRASH NEXT YEAR DNT FCUK UP U GUYS SUCK

    • Ryan Taylor

      Finally someone who understands that these lists are composed of garbage! 1. Crooked I 2-10 doesn't even matter haha

  • Trenamen

    haha. the mass public is a bunch of retards. people wouldn't know good music *mainly underground* if it cock slapped em in the face

  • kjdndfskv

    all of you guys are idiots. It obviously says 10 HOTTEST mcs in the game, and they do it annualy, meaning its for the year. Therefore lupe nas mos def or any of those other people who havent been relevant lately should not be on the list.

    • jake

      Nas hasn't sold since the 90's? Huh? compared to Em, Jay, and some others yea, but dude has gone gold-platinum a ton (DISTANT relatives prob won't but his solos do a ton at least up to 07)...I'm not positive, but I think his first 6-8 albums all went platinum...He's sold 15 mill plus in his career, not to shabby...A ton of DOPE lyricists haven't sold much at all aka kool g rap, pharoahe monch, masta ace to name a few

    • mr.scott

      most people forgot nas had an album. that list is correct from 1-6. hottest rappers. as in people that sell. nas hasnt sold since the 90's, or even made a classic album since stillmatic. jay, em, and kanye keep going and going. you people talk all this shit about mos, jada, technique, but they dont make great albums

    • yung_anakin

      umm did u not hear distant relatives, this year? one Nas verse off that album is better than ur fave rappers album. and lupe's Enemy of the State was straight fire.. looks like ur the one that donno what ur talkin bout fuckboy

  • Troop1971

    Take Everybody from three on up off..........What's Wrong with the voting commitee? Who makes this shit up?

  • Dab

    So basically my local radio station?

  • Moses Esan

    This list is a joke.

  • Anonymous

    just another popular list , wheres nas, common, mos def jadakiss ,ti ,ect. its best mc not popular artis.

  • tiquang

    who is waka flocka flame? I see the man's name constantly and seen that he's a dude with dreds. I could not tell you a single song he's made, and then i checked here on Audio singles here, and they're all shit. what's his deal?

  • 4/10

    Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye...and MAYBE Luda (that's a stretch) deserve to be on the list of the most influential artists of the past decade. But where are all the others? What about Lupe? Brother Ali? Immortal Technique? Tech N9NE? WHERE THE FUCK IS NAS? Talib Kweli? Tonedeff? Slug? Eyedea (RIP)? BULLSHIT LIST IF I EVER SAW ONE. 4/10 on there could be argued to deserve the top ten. The rest is bullshit.

    • Mike Rowe From Dirty Jobs

      No, No @ 4/ wrote "WHERE IS...tonedeff, slug, eyedea etc" I think you meant to put "WHO IS" bc no one listens to that shit lol

  • articulate1

    I didnt know the list was to select biggest sellout faggot who makes the worst noise possible. %1000 garbage...the millenium is a cruel joke and everyone knows it.

  • HipHop

    One of the WACKEST lists off all time. Pure Garbage.

  • Project

    hip hop is dead lol What a terrible list, nothing but toy rap pop artists on it

  • C.JayDee

    I don't get how someone like Waka FLocka made it, parallel to one who is mentally considered retarded, and then you have a genius such as J.Cole not even mentioned? I hate MTV anyways, but this is another reason for me to hate even more. Fuck this mainstream bullshit. Damn. Props to Em though...

  • burnblue

    Jay-Z is not hotter than Kanye right now. Diddy has been busy enough to work his way on to that list. I mean how do you fit Waka Flocka then? Nicki Minaj has to be higher, she's been hotter than Drake all year. When you can't even get a "state of the pop game" list right, you're really messed up.

  • Andres R.

    MTV would not recognize good hip hop, although bite them in the fucking ass. My lists; Of this year (according to MTV rules [how money they make, how popular they are, how many bitches come up in their videos and a little bit the lyrical level): 1. Eminem 2. Drake 3. Jay-Z 4. Lil Wayne 5. Rick Ross 6. Kanye West 7. Nicki Minaj 8. Ludacris 9. B.o.B. (Despite the pop records). 10. Pitbull (He says that makes rap). Of the decade (the BET list is a joke): 1. Eminem 2. Kanye West 3. 50 Cent Lil Wayne 5. Jay-Z 6. Nelly 7. Ludacris 8. T.I. 9. Nas (Don't have the importance than he deserves). 10. OutKast (Also deserves be more applauded). Of all time: 1. Nas 2. Eminem 3. 2 Pac 4. Rakim 5. Ice Cube 6. Xzibit 7. Andre 3000 8. Old Dirty Bastard 9. Dr. Dre (Has the best ghostwriters). 10. Lupe Fiasco

  • kreize

    fuck that bullshit, lil wayne at number 7, thse mtv european bumsuckers can go fuck themselves 100 tymz, weezy deservs top 5 at least, i mean seriously

  • GEKO

    These nig#@az are corny how can you place wacka flacka in the top ten when he said skillz are not important at all.F MTV I watch fuse.

  • Chris

    i understand the arguments towards this list not consisting of different mc's, but It's MTV. A massive staple in the music industry whether you like it or not so the way they're professionals construct these lists is on the stand points of success mixed with talent. Obviously most of us agree the likes of big boi or j.cole should of been seen on this, but these are the "stars" right now. The ones of have combined massive shine, buzz, appeal, wrapped up in to one entertainer with global success. Something that MTV cashes in on, the mainstream. C'mon. Relax. It's MTV.

  • jerz300000

    I think we all can agree that this has been Em's year so far. Kanye is on his ass tho. He deserved the #2 spot. Jay is my fav rapper of all time but he barely deserves to be on the list let alone in the top 5. Drake, Ross, Nicki Minaj, B.O.B., and even Lil' Wayne (considering his circumstance) all had great years so no surprises there. WTF @ Waka Flocka Flame and Ludacris. Hell i'd take Gucci over those two for 2010. Where is: J. Cole Wiz Khalifa Kid Cudi Young Jeezy Peace

    • jerz300000

      If anything Kanye is the reason Jay is even worth mentioning. Its sad to see Ye not get his proper due with all the work he has been putting in. Kanye is #2 at the lowest for the year. And if you wanna talk about right now, he is EASILY #1.


    to those who made one


    man damn yo list

  • Ruben Candelaria Jr.


    • Irvin Findlay

      thank you lol lloyd banks should definetely be there he's better than drake, lil wayne, waka flocka definetely and nicki minaj, and B.O.B. but i like drake and B.o.B. tho

  • Anonymous


  • Bigfoot

    MTV has lost all of its credibility...

  • tvdang7

    jay-z should not be on there. he released nothing this year. so what if he has a successful tour.

  • Anonymous


  • David Hadad

    What about Black Thought? he had a classic c.d. come out this year AND he's on Late night with Jimmy Fallon every night, HOW THE FUCK HE AIN'T HOT IN 2010??!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Googler

    lol at these people commenting about whining for J. Cole, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco. J. Cole is like Waka Flocka Flame with a little bit more lyrical but he curses 100 times a song and has Jay-Z on his side but can't even sell. Nas's album flopped and hasn't made a good album since Stillmatic. Plus Damien Marley stole the show in Distant Relatives. Even Wayne had a better verse than Nas who was just arrogant and cocky with his lame 5 percenters beliefs. Lupe Fiasco just is boring. No one wants to hear his lame ass anymore. Common is even more entertaining. I don't even like Waka Flocka, Nicki Minaj (she's hot tho) or Rick Ross but this is based on Hottest MCs who the general people listen to now. Nicki jumps on a lot of songs, Waka makes club bangers and is a street favorite, and Rick Ross Telfon Don sold very well even after being exposed. Kid Cudi, Lloyd Banks and Wiz Khalifa should be on the list if I had to choose to replace. Don't question my hip hop credibility as only Eminem, Jay and maybe Kanye would even make the list fro best rappers of all time.

    • Anonymous

      Idiot, J.Cole is nothing like Waka Flame, He has much more lyrical talent than most rappers today, and i don't see the Whole Point with Banks anyway, untalented muthafucka

    • Simon

      "maybe Kanye would even make the list (for) best rappers of all time" Umm...what? Are you kidding me? Kanye wouldn't even make the top 50 as a MC (Rick Ross would make it before Kanye.) And Lupe Fiasco is boring? Anyone who says Lupe Fiasco is boring is a sheep. Someone who, intellectually, is unable to understand an Emcee's message through a higher plane of consciousness As for the list itself, it is judged on the hotness of an Emcee, so it's not really an argument that can be debated.

  • ryan

    not in order J.Cole< Wiz Khalifa< Currency Da Hot Spitta< KanYe From The Jigga Set< Big Sean < And i loved eminem before recovery weakest hip hop album ever i guesss you can say it was a hit but that shit is pop to me Em get back on drugs please, THAT DRUG FLOW THAT MAKE BITCHES EYES ROLL

  • Anonymous

    where is j.cole they messed up bad,this is the mainstream list,what about the underground???

  • Anonymous

    It's mtv then dont know shit about rap.

  • ehh

    Alright people HOTTEST = BIGGEST BUZZ. Stop with all this whos better and whos wack shit, that doesnt apply here. This is MTV were talking about getting mad over it is like getting mad at a troll on a message board. Dont do it.

  • Anonymous

    damn how they leave out pusha T,bun b and gucci mane?

  • ada, barlow

    just shows the state opf hip-hop really. nicky minaj is rubbish and doesnt deserve to be there when there are femecees like rah digga who are on point much better with real lyrics unlike "im'a put my pussy on his sideburns". wacka flocka flame is well wack!!!! nas would body that fool!!! and b.o.b is hardly a rapper!!! where r all the greats nowadays??? agree with kanye but i thought it was over the last year and he's been hiding 4 most of it, he should be on it next year 4 what he is doing now. totally agree with 1 & 2 two of the greatest emcees ever but i think mtv need 12 show nas (gods son) more love and start putting him on this list instead of wack ass ringtone rappers!!! peace-

    • Tarell Jordan

      The do this forum every year bruh. And each year different people emerge and move to the forefront of the game. Everyone knows Nas is the truth. But he loves playing the underground elitist martyr for hip hop role. What significant thing has Rah Digga done for the game? B.OB. does something that very few artists period do, which is make a song from start to finish by himself. Was walk this Way hardly hip hop because Aerosmith was on it? And get off that Wacka shit dog. Man is selling out shows doing his thing. Every rapper isn't a lyricist every lyricist isn't hot. Cassidy is the truth but bores the shit out of me. Royce has epic bars but he will not leave a significant mark like he could have if he had made one mainstream song. Im not biased at all, I listen to everything, but I know what defines hot. Open your ears and your mind a little my dude. Think hard about what makes Nas "hot". He hasn't been hot since Stillmatic.

  • Anonymous

    waka flocka should not b on this at all. he'll even tell u that

  • alex-

    Not really sure why any of you were expecting something different from MTV... or why you'd expect anyone who gets little to no air time on that station to be on this list. Rename~ "Top 10 Commercial/Overplayed/Overrated Rapper-Type-People of 2010"

  • CJF

    This obviously not based off lyrics,flow, and talent. Just popularity thats why i hate when they do these lists. It make hip-hop look pop-ish and too mainstream is this based off of radios spins this year and how often you were in the news?? Mtv dropped the ball on this big time. Waka flocka on here man please....

  • Tarell Jordan

    It always baffles me how people get so upset oe dispute the findings of these panels. These are people who report, listen, and are involved in hip hop as their careers, not some guy in a basement with a box full of EPMD and Rakim tapes reminiscing about the late 80's and early 90's. First off, this isn't titled "Best 16 Spitters", "G.O.A.T.", or "My Favorite Rapper Who Gets No Shine because Rap Is Commercial but he's the Shit Nah He Don't Sell but Fuck That He Nice". It says "Hottest". Context clues you bitches. As in being talked about, generating a buzz, selling records, notable recognition, etc. The elitist may say its pop industry bs, which may have some truth to it, but a lot of these artists are widening the fan base for all of hip hop, which I don't see as a bad thing. so with that being said.... 10.Luda-Consistency over the life of his career. Hot rhymes, sales, high visibility, a staple in the game 9. B.O.B.-Southern rapper who is an accomplished musician. Top 5 debut. Creative. Stupid buzz. Produces, writes, plays instruments, etc. Respect it or check it. 8.Waka Flocka- Two Top Ten singles(O Lets Do It, No Hands) and a top Twenty single(Hard in the Paint). Ridiculous buzz and energy. Of course he isn't a lyricist. But he stays in his lane and his fan base is undeniable. "If you looking for punchlines and lyrics you can throw this shit out the window nigga this shit Flocka". Word. 7.Lil Wayne-Has been in jail since Mar. and can still sell more copies of a mixtape than your favorite rapper can of his album. That went a week selling only digital copies. Stupid work ethic. Relentless touring. Numbers dont lie. 6.Nicki Minaj-check any hip hop award show in the past year. Who's been sweeping them shits? Huge following and even bigger buzz. Weird but marketable. Has the females behind her, who are a force when it comes to sales. Monster Remix. Come on. 5. Rick Ross-Did you see what 50 did to Ja? Did you see what he did to Mr. Rosay? Nothing. Consistently charts, puts out good music. BMF. Super High. Tattoo Tears. Freeze Me. Monster Remix. Aston Martin Music. Bawse. He's not going anywhere. 4.Drake-Two gold plaques this year. Too many chart topping singles to name. You can hate on his image, his flow, or his shine but he knows how to make hits and sell. I defy anyone of you to say you have never bumped to a song with Drake in it. Every Girl, Forever, Over, Say Something, Fancy, Up All Night, Best I Ever Had.... 3.Kanye West-creative and talented beyond comparison. Worldwide sold out shows. Everything from H to the Izzo to Christian Dior Flow has his style all over it, and his style is the most recognizeable and profitable in hip hip today. Have you seen the music he's been putting out lately? And most of it isn't even on his album. He is a fan of Hip Hop, hell he signed Common Pusha T Big Sean and Cyhi. Nuff said. 2. Jay-Z-He's Jay-Z. 1. Eminem- Ditto. You know who goes diamond? Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Eminem. Think about that. Unmatchable flow. Passionate music. Handles the hate and keeps selling and shining like no other rapper.

    • Anonymous

      Tottally Agree what your saying and who cares what MTV says anyway..But what has Luda done this year? Waka Flaka Flame, Sells records, of course, Idiots from ATL love his shit, but you can't say he is one of the hottest rappers this year has scence, maybe "OJ da Juiceman" should of got a mention hey..Em's new Album SUCKED, Drake has the most boring old flow now and i am sick of it and his Album was not got at all, Say what you want you would of done this list different if you had the choice but you are just the guy with EPMD and Rakim records in your basement hey? You think you know everything, but your an idiot, stop sassing other people when you clearley are an idiot :) 1-J.Cole 2-Charles Hamilton 3-Asher Roth 4-Kanye West 5-Chip tha Ripper 6-Slug 7-Freddie Gibbs 8-Fashawn 9-Rhymefest 10-Wale

    • da1

      Hey man I liked what you wrote and I agree. This is a list of the most popular rappers not the best. And Lil wayne,jay-z, Drake, Luda, Rick Ross, Nicki minaj, and Eminem are all nice. But I believe that this time around they were pretty accurate. EMinem is number 1 because he sells the most and he has number 1 hit songs(two in fact). Jay-z was pretty good this year but what else is new. But I would've had ludacris replace waka flacka flame and LLoyd banks in ludacris' position. Maybe I'm bias and just don't like Wacka's music but I wouldn't have him on the list. But it is what it is.

  • Dion Juju Williams

    ppl dont even start to discuss how nas and big boi and other lyrical rappers should be on the list 10 "hottest" means 10 rappers that have the most buzz and whos everone is talkin bout good or bad . . .they dont even take lyrics into consideration otherwise jcole would be on the list

  • pen

    I feel disrespected. How do you call wacka flocka and nikki mc's??? really? lol why talk about whos more popular instead of who raps better or makes better songs? mtv stay on some high school shit.

  • wait what?

    ahhhh wiz khalifa???? currensy???? j cole???

  • thetruth

    my top 10 hottest mc's.. not in order lloyd banks, nas, kanye, jay-z, the game, eminem, joe budden j cole, drake and rick ross


    How many fucking years in a row do we have to explain to a big chunk of you mu'fuckas that "HOTTEST" is only a reference to their buzz. It doesn't have a fuckin thing to do with talent and/or skill but either way, the list is fucking retarded anyway. Its a list of who's labels put the most money behind their bullshit and who is putting money back into MTV.

  • Anonymous

    I realise why I don't watch MTV. Big Boi actually makes a decent rap album of which is a rarity these days and is ignored! I guess the panel haven't heard of OutKast. Shit list Em is crap these days as well! Pauly D and the situation are likely to poll higher than Lupe MTV sucks!


    MTV'S credibility is Gone, Wacka Flacka Flame???????

  • butta rhymes

    Hip hop ...The illuminati version!

  • xxnosnawsxx


    • djronviper

      That right pimp ! You tell them niggas ! Stop bitching and go buy your lame rapper shit.I like J.Cole but i cant play his bullshit in the club @ all. Its like he keep pick weak beats and im going to stop checking for new shit to drop and wait until he understand how simple it is to go get a hot ass track from swiss. Mr i didnt make the list is so Cole

  • Wahr

    7 Best Emcees (this year) 1. Big Boi 2. Nas 3. Kanye West 4. Black Thought 5. J. Cole 6. Lupe Fiasco 7. Shad


    check it

  • Rob W

    That was my thought exactly. MTV's list of the best emcees?? That would be like BET's list of the best Heavy Metal groups.

  • Anonymous02

    This list obviously is focused on record sales and popularity, not on skill or talent. Wake up people. It's MTV that is making the list, remember? I can't really argue with Eminem being number one because he is one of the very few cats that has both fame and skill.



  • i'm at work and bored

    ahahaha, yeah. last year they left em off the list and now he's number 1? ahahahaha, MTV is wack

  • NC Maniac

    I think joe budden is better then all them cats lyrically... he can do life songs story songs, hit you wit one club songs and sone you can relate too. you spend at least 2% of yo life in the club and thats basically wat this list is about, who got a hit club song.... fuck outta here!

  • angrywhiteboybeatsyourass

    okey eminem kanye and jay deserve those but where is dre and nas.who tha hell is wocka.And nickaj no no no he sucks wayne are you kidding he is biter.hey i made my list best rappers alive: 1.eminem 2.pac 3.big 4.nas 5.jay-z 6-ice cube 7.big l 8.snoop dogg(the old snoop) 9.kanye 10.the game And yes i think that white boy is better than black but music dont have races. and yes nas is great

  • chuck chizzle

    this list should read: "10 Most Relevant Commercial Rappers in the Game" if you wanna do a "HOTTEST MC" list, it shouldn't be based on sales or 'what have you done for me lately'. it should be straight up on skills. I will say that I am most happy with THIS top 5 list than yrs past

    • ScottyB

      "Hottest MC" essentially means who has the biggest buzz. Whose songs are tearing up the radio waves, the clubs, etc. "Best MC" would mean lyrical skill and all that. So MTV isnt saying Waka is the #8 best MC out right now...theyre saying hes got the #8 buzz

  • DatListIsBalls

    1. These aint MC's they just pop stars. 2. The hottest in the game period is G rap, Kane, Rakim, Sean Price, Nas...etc etc. So for these pop artists to be on this list they should have spat some harder bars than the real "top" MC's, which they have not so they are not.

  • Erratic

    1. Jay z 2. Young Jeezy 3. Jadakiss 4. Joell Ortiz 5. Rick Ross 6. Eminem 7. Camron 8. Gucci Mane 9. TI 10. Luda Now that's a list of people that earned and got skill

    • Rob W

      Toss Jeezy, add Royce 59, and we can talk.

    • BX4LIFE

      That's a good list right there Erratic... But personally, I would have replaced Camron with Royce Da 5'9" .. The flow is in my opinion more potent w/ none of those ABC rhymes that Cam is known for hitting us with.

  • ROB is God

    What? yall keep askin why is wakka flocka on the list. what you should be asking is why is wakka flocka even in the industry, epic fail to whoever signed him...

  • Erratic

    This is all bullshit politics. Nikki Minaj has even put an album out and she is one of the top 10 mc's in the game. Waka is str8 garbage let alone one of the top mcs. Obviously whoever picks these is told who to put on the list. Make the list about who is the most pop not top mc's unless you are going to include rappers with lyrical skill or they are at least dope. Jeezy's number one in da game right now and he didn't even make the list. That says it all

  • Jeremy F Taylor

    where the fuck is luda? his album came out in march and wasnt even that good. waka's garbage. the rest of the list is ight. i agree nicki is definetly ahead of wayne right now he turning out trash


    Ahem.....ATTENTION: If this is suppossed to be a list covering the hottest MC's out right now then where the F*** is JOELL ORTIZ....? That's all I'm going to say. *Drops mic..exits stage left*

    • yea

      people do know who ortiz is hes fucking plain garbage.just because he hasnt blown up doesnt mean hes good.....where the fuck is wiz and currensy

    • wilson

      unless your into hip hop nobody knows who Ortiz is. If he's not on the radio or MTV how can you put him into the top 10. Lyrically he may be just as good as anyone on the list but then you have to incluse royce, budden, cassidy, jada, juelz , banks, fabolous, the list goes on. joell ortiz could be on a list for top ten underrated mc's, how does that sound?

    • Anonymous

      Hey Anonymous.. If you don't know you'll never know. Step your internet game up homie...and turn off the radio...not to mention MT-F'n-V

    • Anonymous

      What the hell has Ortiz done thats hot or been anything impactful to the rap game this year?

  • you know

    How is Nicki Minaj ahead of Lil Wayne she just bites wayne's style.

  • b haze

    yea 5 outta the ten suck, and waka flocka flame #8 is funny as hell.

  • Anonymous

    10 Best Emcee all time! 1.) B.I.G 2.) Nas 3.) KRS-One 4.) Rakim 5.) Jay-Z 6.) LL Cool J 7.) GZA 8.) Mos Def 9.) Talib Kweli 10.)Redman

  • Rich

    Key Word: Hottest, not best if that were the case then eminem would be off the list. Lets face it he got all moody and will never be as good as he once was.

  • Anonymous

    It is hottest folks not greatest! Even though most those guys suck ass! Luda is not even hot though he has not been hot since 2003 1. Eminem (Lady Gaga of Hip-Hop) 2. Lil Wayne (Always sells records) 3. Kanye West ( Most legit of the list) 4. Jay-Z 5. Drake (Emo sells dummies) 6. B.O.B (still not sure bout this dude) 7. T.I. 8. Kid Cudi 9. Rick Ross (Haters he sells,End of story) 10. Nikki Minaj (sucks ass)

  • czacal


  • czacal


  • Alexander Lezama

    WTF!? Waka Flocka? wtf is he doing there?

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha wow..... MTV has never been on top of the HipHop game but at least in the days of Yo-Mtv raps they had some clue.... List is close to 10 worst Emcees.. Top 3 are fine but the rest are wack including the latest Luda

  • Anonymous


  • Ahbal

    Fck All Yal WTF Lil Wayne Nm 7? Mr Bitch Ass West Nm 3!?!!!?!?! Yeah Maybe 33... come on sckerss

  • crazypee81

    first off change ur name from music television to reality television. thats all u guys show example real world,16 & pregnant, jersey shore etc etc etc. Now ur hottest mc list is straight elephant shit. So names like crooked i, pusha t,buddens, even fab i would put on the list. where is lloyd banks (he still can a hot 16) joell ortiz. i can name so many other hot mc in the game right now but my biggest issue is putting waka flocka in front of b.o.b who can actually rap and speak english in interviews unlike waka who couldn't put 2 words together to form a sentence if his life depended on it. dont believe me youtube waka flocka on 106&park and u will understand. waka flocka couldnt beat 50 tyson and thats sad. mtv next year dont make a list. matter of fact dont do nothing nobody checking for u guys

    • @caesar aka suckdaddydick

      no requirements needed to post a commenton this site. so if i decide not to be grammatically correct i can do so. do u hear that? ur daddy is calling u

    • Caesar

      dude I hate waka too but learn how to use proper grammar you idiot.

  • Desperado

    so waka flacka makes this list but banks doesnt?? what about ace hood he is killing every beat out there check any of his new freestyles and no one can say he hasnt been killin it..

  • Charlie Alvarez

    i dont mind them all but waka flocka? ar eu fucking serious? so how come all the good rappers die and shit like him get to stay? MTV is whack! MTV should be FAMTV (Fake aSS Music television)

  • ed0n

    nice to have eminem 1# but the people who makes these lists are ignorant fucks nick minaj? waka laka floka flame? officer rick ross? wayne? please

  • D ROG!

    i make music... but my list would definitely include FAB and Jcole. i do not fuckin see how they would not make top ten, jeezy and t i as well with all those hits. short dog has been a breakthrough and does got some bars. then the rest is based on numbers and personal opinion. but to me, eminem, wayne, drake , jay, j cole, fab, jeezy, luda, T I, short dog ...

  • Anonymous

    wacka flocka shame hottest mtv mc????? what is this world coming to!

  • sincere

    Bull shit ass list em not at 1 by a long shot

  • whatev

    MTV ain't played music in so long they don't know WTF they talm bout

  • bklynsfynest2000

    what does a network that barely even plays music or videos know about a top 10 hottest mc's in the game anyway? these lists are the end of the day as hot as these people seem to be in 5 years will you remember half of them? Do any of them make classic music? Nicki minaj is a joke....waka flacka wont be known in 2 years. the rest..they actually have talent. I give props to Jigga, Luda, Em and kanye cause they prove they can keep up and keep going and will acutally leave a mark on hip hop...i dont like wayne but i guess i gotta include him also cause he do have his moments of burning a mic....

  • Joey Ogoley

    Where is wiz khalifa, MTV dosent know good music

    • the man

      wiz aint that good man. Maybe for you becausse prob all u do is smoke and think about bitches, but for real men like me who have real problems.

  • Anonymous

    MTV who? What the fuck is this!

  • Tdot

    Yo why Fab not on the list this shit is funny

  • anon

    I just feel like em's lyrics have gone soft. I'm tired of his I'm not afraid/love the way you lie bullshit. Get back to the marshall mathers lp and off of this pop bullshit.

  • yERRRP



    Yeahh I know it says "hottest" and not "best" but still some people shouldn't be on here. People talk about Nicki Minaj's ass and Wacka Flocka but I never hear any of their shit on the radio or in the club...probably because it sucks. Kanye should probably be 1 on this list, he's the most talked about right now. Where is Kid Cudi and Lloyd Banks? They both more hot than alot of people on here.

  • wetaya

    so lame a list-only drake,jay and Luda deserve to be on that list-where is crooked i, Nas and Royce

  • twitter---->Freshprince2020

    Lets be honest this crap makes no sense...Even if you want to go with hottest EM shouldnt be in the top 5 ...cause his music is not bumping in the clubs..! Kayne just came back like 2 months ago soo he shouldnt be up that high... luda should be top 5 Drake lil wayne Em Luda Nicky Jay-z Fabolous young jezz gucci mane T.I hottest Mcs in 2010 not all time folks....

  • embarrassing

    wait...who's waka waka flame?

  • Fistoffury.

    If theres any confusion, I was sayin that i aint been feelin jay-z for years. should word that better

  • Fistoffury.

    Yo we all know what to expect from the likes of bet and mtv. Fuck them. The only ones makin any sort of real top10 list is eminem and though i aint been feelin him for years a lot would include jay-z. We know who the wack mc's are in that list, Don't take it too seriously. The real hiphop heads know where it's at.

  • Da_Monsta_

    LISTEN PEOPLE... This list CLEARLY says "HOTTEST" not most lyrical, most popular, most hardest, ect. You can't argue that anybody on this list isn't hot. I'm NOT NOT NOT a huge Waka Flocka Fan at all, BUT he is hot right now which is why he made the list. I don't know why people get on here bitching and spazing because their fav artist didn't make the list... LOOK its the HOTTEST MC IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW & the people on this list are HOT right now. Only thing I might change about it is I would add Wiz or Banks to the list, they are HOT right now #thatisall

  • biggy shorty

    Wiz Khalifa shoulda beenn in the top 10 for sure. They slept on him forreal

  • Megan Fox Lover

    This is typical BET/MTV crap. They know diddly sqwat about hip hop. Anyways, This is MY top 10 dead or alive; 1.Biggie 2.Nas 3.Rakim 4.2 Pac 5.Jay Z 6.Jadakiss 7.Eminem 8.Andre 3000 9.Lil Wayne 10.Big Pun But if MTV is talking about this year alone, then MY top 10 this year alone are; 1.Eminem 2.Kanye West 3.J. Cole 4.Lil Wayne 5.Drake 6.Nas 7.Black Thought 8.Fabolous 9.Pusha T 10.Nicki Minaj I fail to believe how any grown ass man would take Wacka flocka seriously as a "emcee" Really?? Hell, at least Gucci can put English words together to form a sensible sentence. But that still doesnt make him an emcee. And yall quit hating on Drake, he aint great but dont front like he aint good. As for Ross, no comment. Hell, they coulda replaced him with Bun B, even though Bun is still wack to me. Cant believe MTV slept on J. Cole!! Then when his album drops, theyll be slurping on his cock. Everyone too who overlooks him. peace.

    • Anonymous

      yea jada hasn't delivered a solid album and I bought both. But i aint gonna bash you cause on the dead or alive cause all of them are good besides wayne. however id go tupac nas em jay z, and w.e falls after that. the current list is good j cole definitly deserves a top spot warm up is classic and who dat got like almost 7 million views on youtube.

    • .

      at the end of the day though, Wacka is wack, name suits him perfect, so ppl gonna hate. And Ross is a fake.

    • eastside landlord

      ur gettin the list cofused.they said the hottest.that has nothin to do wit lyrical ability.wit that said the past yr nobody been hotter than flocka or ross for that point.not a big fan of either but 4 now they hottest.u cant front flocka got the streets on smashhh

    • .

      Yo how have got jadakiss over eminem? come one. And how have u got lil wayne in there man when u could have had Big L??.

  • prewoz

    you can hate me for this... but as far as I am concerned... from a mainstream point of view--- 1-5 are spot on.



  • XiK

    Em, Luda & Jay for sure the rest are all a big fat industry joke

  • Johnthan Speed

    The top five should be as follows: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Naw, but seriously, while some of these artists aren't the best lyrically, it's not about that (obviously). The thing that I love about these top 10 lists is that they spark all tons of creativity and debate. However, let's be serious. Who really takes ANY of these things serious other than some suburban kid that thinks that hip-hop is nothing BUT Em, Jay and Waka. Peace be with you al(l)ways.

  • Sean Mahoney

    slaughterhouse slaughterhouse slaughterhouse dylan dylan and dylan joell oritz royce da 5'9 crooked i and the black sheep


    @ FromDat202 right you are hottest does not mean most talented


    waka really?


    top ten lists are fucking stupid they will never be accurate until there are only 10 single people rapping, half these emcees on this list don't even do hip hop, just sell records, shits dumb

  • Castor Troy21

    Although I generally ignore MTV's assessment of anything, I seem to be one of few people who realize that they have always said "hottest" MC; meaning they're not talking lyrical content or critical acclaim. It's about who is resonating with the public, who has their name out there, how has a buzz. Which excludes a majority of underground rappers immediately. They pick the 10 MC's who anyone from a constant hip-hop fan to a soccer mom in Greenwich CT may have heard of. So while I may not be the biggest Waka Flocka fan, I recognize that he is hot right now. We could argue all day over the order, but in the end, this is a list of some of the most notable people from the last year in Hip-Hop.

  • Hus

    Jay is the best/hottest there is, the best/hottest there was and the best/hottest there may ever will be, Em next, people just hyping him becuz he's white.

  • FromDat202

    The key word is "hottest", not "best". U gotta admit, Waka, Nicki, and The Bawse are hot right now. Suprised Gucci ain't on the list.

  • Cogna

    If it's for commercial success sure. Otherwise its a stupid piece of shit.

  • Yung_Anakin

    REAL 2010 Hottest MC's List 10. Black Milk 9. Pusha T 8. Lloyd Banks 7. Drake 6. J.Cole 5. Lupe Fiasco 4. Nas 3. Jay-Z 2. Eminem 1. Kanye West Honorable mentions: Royce, Elzhi, Black Thought, B.O.B. Only list Waka should be on is the Wackest MC's.

  • trizzle

    I'm a little confused as to why Jay-Z is on this list higher than Kanye. I mean the Blueprint 3 was just aight... Kanye is the 'it' MC now for the remainer of the year. MTV sucks.

  • Greg

    Top Ten list of commercial acts. Wacka Flocka Flame...Nicki Manaj..Rick Ross...terrible. But it just shows you how bastardized the rap game has become. 15 years ago this list would have been filled with Underground Artists who crossed over on their own terms. Today...nothing but cookiecutter MC's. I will say that EM, JAY-Z and I will even throw Kanye in.. at least they have lyrics and most times are talking about something coherent.

  • Mr Brooks

    one thing..sales..

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross and nicky minaj better than LUDACRIS?? thats why the rap game its not the same, just shit.

    • Roc

      Luda nice he's dope but to be on this list this year is stupid. Teflon Don and Deeper Than Rap were both good albums and even Nicki stepped her. Banks should be on this list somewhere as well as Big Boi.

  • Grizzle

    If you call it "10 Hottest Mainstream MCs In The Game," then the list isn't horrible.

  • Angel De Peña

    I don't take this seriously at all

  • Denis Haugh

    how did jay get no.2 kanye should be just behind em.

  • Anonymous

    how is royce not on this? and wacka is?

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • worst list in history

    this list is the top 10mcs in the game... drake, nicki an b.o.b(much love to bobby ray but he only dropped one album) same for drake an nicki dont have an album. I wouldnt call them true mc's they more rap artists than an mc. WAcka flocka fuckface should not be on the list to even consider him an mc is beyound me.Rick Ross is whack as fuck he aint no mc. the real top 10 mcs (could be in any order) 10. fabolous 9. raekwon 8. ludacris 7. Big Boi6. slaughterhouse (joey, joel, nickel 9 an crooked) 5. jadakiss 4. kanye 3. lupe 2. em 1.nas Honorable mention: AZ but he underground not to many mainstream no who he is, b.o.b only one album, j.cole dude needs an album but to me he is better than drake, wiz khalifa nigga be buzzin of black an yellow an game if he wasnt so bipolar dude makes dope albums an has yet to dissapoint. didnt include hov because he hasnt dropped a dope album since 03 an if we are going top 5 all time he def int he top 5.

  • Anonymous

    kool keith no 1 dr dooom no 2 tashaan dorsett no 3 pharoahe monch no 4

  • shamrock12

    This is a bullshit list! MTv base it on the record sales and popularity of artists evey year not on the artist's lyrical ability or the most update, relevant or improved emcee. This list does'nt reflect the criteria needed to be a great emcee. As KRS-ONE said "emcees spit rhymes to uplift their people" But in saying that Eminem and Jay Z would be in nearly every list anyway

  • itopia

    i agree with the top 5 but i dont think they have them in the right order. I would stick with em at 1 but I dont think Jay has done enough to warrant second place. I would slide both Kanye and Drake in front of him, maybe even Ross cos whatever you say about him Teflon Don was a very good album. My top 5: 1. Em 2. Kanye 3. Drake 4. Jay 5. Ross As for the bottom 5, I believe the places of Nicki and Wayne are about right but B.O.B should have been higher and I wouldnt have either Waka or Luda in there at all. Waka is terribel and has limited skills and if Luda couldnt get a look in after Theater of the Mind then he doesnt deserve to be in this year following a much more mediocre album. Banks should be in the list...he has had a solid year and as for the final spot I would probably say Fab. Bottom 5: 6. Nicki 7. B.o.B 8. Wayne 9. Banks 10. Loso

  • Roc

    I'll agree with the first 5 except B.o.B. should be higher on the list and take Waka and replace him with Big Boi on the list.

    • Roc

      Yeah I'll agree with that Wayne comment I dunno if Luda should be there eihter I'm a huge fan but yeah Banks has been going hard this year. Even though I can't stand Nicki she deserves to be there.

    • SupSon

      Actually I think Wayne should have been at least somewhere in the top 5, if not at number 1, considering he is doing things in jail that most rappers arent. I think Waka could have been replaced with Lloyd Banks. Rick Ross shouldn't be number 5 either...

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