Production Credits Added To Kanye West's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" Tracklisting

UPDATE #3: RZA, No I.D., Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker join Kanye West at the boards for the album's most-talked about album.

As his 35-minute short film, “Runaway,” premiered across all of MTV’s televised and Internet platforms over the weekend, Kanye West’s official tracklisting for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy was also posted on iTunes. At least six of the tracks previously released as part of West’s G.O.O.D. Fridays preview made the album, including the debut single, “Power.” In addition to an uncensored version of the reportedly banned album cover, those who purchase the digital copies receive a digital booklet and the bonus track, “See Me Now.” The listing confirms months of speculation, although West announced earlier that 90 percent of the music from the album would be featured in “Runaway.” As previously reported, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy will be available in stores and digital formats on November 22.

Below is the tracklisting for My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

1.    Dark Fantasy
2.    Gorgeous (feat. Kid Cudi & Raekwon)
3.    POWER
4.    All of the Lights
5.    Monster (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver)
6.    So Appalled (feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, Cy Hi Da Prynce, Swizz Beatz & RZA)
7.    Devil In a New Dress
8.    Runaway (feat. Pusha T)
9.    Hell of a Life
10.    Blame Game (feat. John Legend & Pusha T)
11.    Lost In the World
12.    See Me Now (bonus)

(October 24)

UPDATE: A newer version of the final tracklisting to My Beautiful Dark Fantasty has been added. Miss Info reports that the new version will include "Who Will Survive In America," featuring singer, author and poet Gil Scott Heron. Earlier this year, Heron's released I'm New Here, which featured soundbeds of Kanye West production.

Previously, Kanye West sampled Heron's song "Home Is Where The Hatred Is" on Late Registration for the song "My Way Home" with Common. The new listing also includes an "All The Lights" interlude.

Here is the new tracklisting:

1. “Dark Fantasy”
2. “Gorgeous” (feat. Kid Cudi and Raekwon)
3. “POWER” (feat. Dwele)
4. “All Of The Lights” (Interlude)
5. “All Of The Lights”
6. “Monster” (feat. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, and Bon Iver)
7. “So Appalled” (feat. Jay-Z, Pusha T, CyHi the Prynce, Swizz Beatz, and RZA)
8. “Devil In A New Dress”
9. “Runaway” (feat. Pusha T)
10. “Hell Of A Life”
11. “Blame Game” feat. John Legend and Pusha T (The Best Birthday)
12. “Lost In The World”
13. “Who Will Survive In America” (eat. Gil Scott-Heron

(October 31)

UPDATE #2: The iTunes bonus songs are as follows. Several of these songs have been heard before, but may be subject to new mixes:

"Chain Heavy" feat. M.I.A [Exclusive iTunes]
"Momma’s Boyfriend" [Exclusive iTunes]
"Power (Remix)" feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz [Exclusive iTunes]
"Pure" feat. Mr Hudson [Exclusive iTunes]

(November 1)

UPDATE #3: Production credits are as follows. All tracks, besides "Devil In A New Dress" are produced by Kanye West.

"Dark Fantasy" is co-produced by RZA, with additional production by Mike Dean and Jeff Bhasker.

"Gorgeous" is co-produced by Mike Dean.

"Power" is co-produced by S1, with additional production by Mike Dean, Jeff Bhasker and Andrew Dawson.

"All of the Lights" is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.

"Moster" features additional production by Mike Dean and Plain Pat.

"So Appalled" is co-production by No I.D., with additional production by Mike Dean.

"Devil In A New Dress" is produced by Bink!, with additional production by Mike Dean.

"Runaway" is co-produced by Emile, Jeff Bhasker and Mike Dean.

"Hell of a Life" is co-produced by Mike Caren, No I.D. and Mike Dean.

"Blame Game" is co-produced by DJ Frank E, with additional production by Mike Dean.

"Lost In The World" is co-produced by Jeff Bhasker.


  • Samuel

    This is the best album Kanye West put out so far.

  • Ms. Mary

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  • Ed Lover

    "at the boards for the album's most-talked about album." This damn site

  • WOW

    @7Cities, man i have to respect your depth, content ,lyrics and wordplay, it is such a pity you are not a rapper (or are you?). it has become normal for people to get in front of their computers and call others names when they really have nothing worthwhile to say. @Anonymous, i know you learned a thing or two because from here i can feel your brain spin (from all the ether) Ya Dig?!!!.Lol

  • No Stan

    oh my god only Kanye Stans on this site. Hype, hype and again hype for a decent but really a great album. There's to much singing on the album check:runaway, blame game. I mean is he a rapper or singer. Fuck that songs 9.08???? with 5 minutes beats and singing.

  • 7Cities

    the Ignorance that people post on this sight is amazing: FIRST: no one said that Kanye is the greatest MC ever...i said that he is the greatest ARTIST, one who illustrates their vision for something that he or she creates SECOND: i think MOST people dislike Kanye because he is famous and do NOT listen to his music (Diamonds from Sierra Leon, Jesus Walks, Gold Digger, All Falls Down, Runaway, etc) all of those songs have sincere messages in them...if you listen THIRD: do you people think that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs created ALL of their inventions themselves? you think the owners of pro teams draft players, by themself? you think politicians make ALL of their decisions, by themself???....HELL NO they have help!!! FOURTH- what c*cksucker would compare Kanye to young money??? thats like comparing Lupe Fiasco to Gucci Mane...totally different styles of artists (although all of them are successful in their own lane) FIFTH- Kanye is SHAMELESS, which means he doesnt care to reveal his true self at the expense of looking bad...he lists his co-producers, but WHEN/WHERE did he or anyone else say that he doesn't write lyrics??? LAST- just because you like an artists music, you are a stan?...only fake b*tch*ss wannabe HipHop fans... (dumb muthaphukkaz i swear)

    • WOW

      Damn , who are you dude?and why do you even bother to school us? man i can't rememeber the last time i heard a guy come through this thorough and constructive on a hip hop site, i mean you actually compared the hip hop game to the technology game!!!! I got mad love and respect for you on that! hit me up man

  • Kanye stans

    Well what did exactly kanye do? The beats he did with others. And indeed kanye doesn't write lyrics. Kanye is a worse rapper. But the kanye stans think that kanye is the goat but hey they also listen to young money so i don't take them seriously

    • jesse

      btw, get off your high horse, you sound like a backpacker that will listen to any underground good or bad just so you can try and stand out amongst the rest that is pathetic both mainstream and underground got their goods and bads

    • jesse

      lolz, proof that ye doesn't write his own lyrics plz? you obviously just hating since your basing your opinion of an artist off of pure assumption btw, i have 356 COMPLETE albums on my iTunes, only about 1-10th of it consists of mainstream music, none feature young money, i listen to underground rappers you probably have never heard of, rappers that rival great established mc's like eminem, rakim, krs,(examples: shad k, b.east, blu ) yet all those rappers although are great MC's, they do not hold their own against Ye as an ARTIST, Music and even HIP HOP is more then just MC'ing, All Music Is Art, nobody in the game past or present has the amount of ARTISTIC Creativity and Delivery that ye has shown since College Dropout, Ye is not my favorite MC, but he deff is one of my Favorite Artists of all Time.....

  • Desu-Ops

    Yikes. That's a LOT of co-production. Let's hope it makes the LP good, because I'm kinda skeptical.

  • Anonymous

    Meh, whatever I guess its better having him on top then Lil Wayne or Gucci Mane, but thats not much of a compliment

  • Anonymous

    Okay everybody is hyping this album but what has kanye done? He don't write lyrics he didn't do the beats?????

    • Me


    • TigerPawRAW

      ANY time someone says things like "I DO NOT like (fill in the rapper/artist) BUT i (fill in the thing they "respect" or "admire" about said artist), i can damn near GUARANTEE you they listen to em. REAL TALK. If u listen to Soulja Boy or Wayne, don't be scurred to admit it. That's so LAAAAAAAAMMMEE. REAL TALK.

    • Anonymous

      do you think B.I.G. would have been as popular without Diddy's grooming? you think Jay Z would have got picked up by a major without Dame & Biggs? Do you think Lil Wayne would still have a career without his stylist and ghostwriters (he would be B.G. and Juve)... whether or not you like an artist is one thing, but not respecting their hustle is different i do NOT like: Soulja Boy-but he dominates his brand, he masters his style of music and formula Lil Wayne-but his work ethic is PHENOMINAL i do NOT like their music, but i respect their dedication to their craft you can dislike w/o being a hater and you can appreciate w/o being a stan

    • 7Cities

      The MOST successful people say that they surround themselves with people who are smarter than them to accomplish goals (Obama, MLK, etc)... Diddy was a GENIUS for his ability to dominate the dance floor and pop charts in the 90s with his "productions", HOWEVER he did not make those beats, the HITMEN actually made the beats, they were technically more MUSIC smart than Diddy, but he had the vision to craft those chart toppers (or else the Hitmen would still be relevent, not Diddy) Dr. Dre has dropped CLASSICK albums, BUT Snoop, D.O.C., and Sam Snead wrote Chronic. Eminem, Jay-Z, Royce Da 5'9", Hit-Man wrote 2001....and he had a crew of ghost producers (Scott Storch) making his beats...but does that mean that Dre did not compile a classick album? Timbaland is EXTREMELY successful producer, but he has ghost producers and writers also...does that mean he's not talented? Most of R&B hits (especially female) are wrote by Ne-Yo, Sean Garrett, Drake R.Kelly and The Dream...does that mean the singers have no talent? some people's GENIUS is their ability to find the BEST person to fulfill their vision...thats what musical composers do

    • Charles ExSavior

      Fuck both your anonymous dickheads. Co-production can mean a lot depending on your task and that goes from laying down chords, bass lines and sometimes manipulate the original drum pattern. Mike Dean is a beast on the boards/engineering, and to me you'll feel HIS sound more than Kanye. All this "Kanye does it all from the heart and soul he's such a genius" is BULLSHIT when he had ALL that help for it.

    • Anonymous

      lol idiotttttt were you got that stuff about lyrics from ? issit just something cool people say now or did kanye ever say he didnt write the lyrics

    • Anonymous

      its co produced you dumb ass do yo ueven know about production you faget

  • 7Cities

    KanYe has a history of leaking (& encouraging) bootlegs of his material, then changing it at the last minute before official release...SAVVY! also, i thought Pete Rock and Preme worked on this album KanYe started having more help when Jon Brion (folk producer) used to program his drums to give his albums depth of production...Ye is not tring to make hot beats, he wants masterpieces...GENIUS KanYe is going to go down in history as Hip-Hop's GREATEST ARTIST or visionary: -not most lyrical (Rakim, Canibus, Black Thought, Eminem etc) -not the best content (2Pac, Chuck D, Nas etc) -not most political (dead prez, Immortal technique) -not best wordplay (BIG, Jay Z, Big L, Lil Wayne ect) -not most poetic (MosDef, J Electronica, Lupe, ect) but the GREATEST ARTIST, he has the most integrity in his projects and has visions to expand the Culture without being corny... im buying the album

    • C.j. Lampkins

      7Cities just schooled a bunch of dudes. You, sir, speak truth. Kanye may not be the best in all of those categories but the man is advancing our genre and legitimizing rap by making it art.

    • 7Cities

      Content= the subject matter of a song Lyrics= punchlines and the precision of a rhyme bar Wordplay= gepth of metaphors and double metaphors maybe HipHopDx should have an entrance level examine to qualify people to make valid comments on...HipHop?

    • Anonymous

      maan lyrical, content, wordplay and poetic are all like same category wtf is wrong with you lol maybe content and wordplay are 2 subcategorys of lyrical/poetic but idno.. wierd comment

    • 7Cities

      @ Victor- yea agreed...i just have yet to see anyone else bring in prolific visual artists to do the album covers and have the ballet dancers (performing arts) in videos and live performances, but i guess we'll see @ Vanno-those lists were just used to illustrate a view point...i didnt want to get lost in the forest looking at the trees when the article is about KanYe's prod credits...there are FAR too many MCs to catagorize and analyze in one quick post my friend

    • Vanno Davis

      i consider alot of thins wrong with your list but your comments on kanye i agree 95%

    • Victor Cruz Perez

      ONE of the greatest over all. Definitely puts his heart in soul in to everything.

    • 7Cities

      INTERESTING, 1st- you had to visualize your comment. 2nd you had to think of typing it. 3rd you actually posted it online... based upon that plus your previous posts, I think it is clear on who has issues with their sexuality

    • Anonymous

      Do like to have his nuts in your mouth or resting on your chin?

  • dillaDOOM

    can i jsut say i fucking hate that i get less because i go to the effort of goin into a tore and picking up a copy of my cd as opposed to some idiots sittin behind there compter getin it cheaper earlier and more tracks. but fuck it illegal download ohh fuck yeaaa.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares. the only people who are into this are closet faggotts just like Kanye is.

  • God Via LPTrax

    I'm So Appalled Is My Fav Track & This Is One Of My Fav Beats

  • DdotDouble

    Damn! Mike Dean is all up in that shit....Unlike Kanye, Mike Dean is a true production/engineering legend.

  • Charles ExSavior

    This is a big reason why I don't like Kanye as a producer anymore. He has an average of 2 producers helping him on each track... that's like your favorite rapper asking two other rappers for lyrics to write a song. Even if this list isn't 100% accurate, looking at the wikipedia page of all the help he got for this album and G.O.O.D. Friday tracks convinced me that the majority of the time Kanye will rather pay good money for a beat than do it all on his own.

    • Ha

      Just because there are multiple producers on the track doesnt mean kanye didnt do as much. Another producer could of came in and laid one chord down and could still get a percentage of the song. Anyone who had anything to do with song is going to get a credit/percentage of the royalty. Charles should learn about the industry before posting a dumbass comment.

    • Anonymous

      recovery and thank me later both had 5 writers helpin drake. same shit with lil waynes gay ass. all these maintream dudes get input from other people.

    • Charles ExSavior

      Either way, the album sounds good. I'm all for collaborations and whatnot, but Kanye runs his mouth on how awesome he is, but at the end of the day requires more creative input than people like Primo, Pete Rock, RZA, J Dilla (R.I.P.), etc. that have done it better than him.

    • Charles ExSavior

      Sampling is what Kanye is notorious for, and y'all mean to tell me it requires multiple producers to work off a sample?! Eat a bag of babydicks you cornballs.

    • truthssssssss

      Well said G-Roq. Charles get your retarded fb account out of here son!

    • G-Roq

      Show's what you know about the music industry. Multiple producers working on a song is standard practice! Just making a tight beat, doesn't make you a "producer". When you have the resources Kanye do, it will be stupid of him to try to do "everything" by himself.

  • fcvs


  • kayel

    I wanna believe this but where's the source for this info cuz.....this is not what it says on itunes and Kanye hasn't confirmed this either.

    • J-hunt da Prodigy

      I'm just waiting for the actual album to drop. I'm half-expecting Kanye to pull a 360 on everyone and just switch the album up

  • mythangbig


  • Openwindow

    Kanye is the truth! His production and verses set standards! There are very few right now surrounding the throne! He is definitely 1 of them. Devil in a New Dress....bananas!!! Wait till Mos Def album drops under G.O.O.D Music! Yall just wait!

  • Anonymous


  • DallasUCMR


  • foCuS

    heard 6 of the tracks already...major leakage

  • Anonymous

    disappointing only 13 tracks and a interlude. Why not a few more?

  • Ricx

    Daammn it !! Chain Heavy & mama's Boyfriend In Itunes Bonus Track !!

  • Anonymous

    dx still puttin up updates for errors damn you guys are a sorry, no talent, incompetent, can't write, can't run a website, always reportin the wrong shit, always trying to hype people up, decaying into a secondrate gossip site bunch of muh'f...

  • Anonymous

    damn it no christian dior denim flow?

  • breezy

    i'll be suprised if runaway and devil in a new dress arent the only two on the final cut.

  • I.N.V

    god damn feels like i've been waiting ages for this. Goood to see hes givin pusha some shine

  • Luzh

    I have heard 9 of the 13 tracks listed on the album. You have to wonder if people will still buy the album.

    • Grizzle

      If people bought Drake's So Far Gone EP, which was originally a free mixtape, then... Do I really need to finish that thought?

  • Luzh

    The parallels to Rick Ross don't end there. Both artists have struggled to light up radio especially pop radio. Power was critically acclaimed but it wasn't a hit. Same for Runaway and Monster. Rick Ross even made a video for Sweet Life with John Legend but radio didn't bite and the track was eventually left off the album. Kanye gave away a radio collabo with one of the world's biggest popstars, Beyonce. The track was right for radio but...nothing happened.

  • Luzh

    Earlier in the year Rick Ross released an album that was almost entirely leaked (sometimes by himself) a month before the official release. It didn't appear to hurt him as Teflon Don is still widely recognised as one of the Rap best albums of the year and sales are just shy of gold. Kanye is doing the same thing and I can't help but wonder if the gamble will backfire.

    • sharpsh00ter155

      the fuck you talkin about. just because your group of fudgepackers thinks its one of the best of the year doesnt meen anyone else does. all the critics loved the production but thought rick ross was a gay fudgepacker. fact.

    • Bitchplease

      Definately was, maybe not by you, but was very critically acclaimed-and the streets(the actual- non internet-non tmz cop joke cracking-just music loving streets) most certainly recognized as it as one of this year's best--it is one of this years best Albums!-theres really no debate-its #5 right now on Billboard Rap charts-its been in the top 10 its entire 14 weeks and has been as high as #2 all during which Drake and Em have been on the charts meaning at some point he was selling better than one of them(probably first week-whatever)-if you don't like The Teflon Don-cool-I question your ears but thats definately your right, but don't act like everyone else hates it too--yall internet nerds ain't a reflection of real life people---and PS.-Kanye will sell crazy

    • ASEE

      Not hating but sorry bro, Teflon Don was definitely NOT "widely recognized as one of the best rap albums of the year."

  • Almar

    The Album will be amazing regardless of the leaks or not, Plus He's Got Gil-Scott Heron on a yet to be heard track, Im Not sure if most younger people are familiar with Gil-Scott, But Kanye Sampled alot of his shit and its dope, a couple of his good samples are Home Is "Where The Hatred is" and "Angel Dust", Check em out, Some old school shit.

  • Bryant Carter

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  • stanky

    hmmmm....christian dior denim flow is conspicuously absent from the new tracklist kanye done fucked up

  • Anonymous

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  • where are

    the madlib beats? if they arent a part of this album, then its gonna be a shame. From a twit post, i think he said him and jay were in the studio recording on a madlib beat. so it might be on his next ablum with jay, whenever that shit comes out. Fuck kanye

  • Anonymous


  • Meh

    Hopefully he reveals every week that there's a new song for the album (a la a new track list every week) just to fuck with everybody. Still. To go from pretty much nobody on Graduation to almost having a Khaled album is something.

  • Anonymous

    I have this album already, at least by the track listing, except for all the lights. Kanye is a pompus doucher.

  • Hot New Hip Hop

    The track Gorgeous just leaked and it's straight fire. It's not up on our site yet but heres a link to listen to it

  • None of yo Bidness

    Man if ya'll believe anything about anything that's bein' said about this album right now then you're very naive. It's all publicity, and not to mention if Kanye can keep the bootleggers guessin' til' Nov. 22nd I'm sure it's bound to help sales in some form or fashion. This dude gonna blow your mind when the album drop and it's got a ton of songs on it you didn't even know existed lmao...not sayin' that would happen but at this point I wouldn't put it past dude. Just be patient and stop stressin' over things you know nothing about yet. Be ez.

  • Hbom919

    ummm how about the fact drake and rihanna r on All of The Lights. left that part out too...just sayin

  • TonySincere

    fuckin ridiculous...

  • krammer

    What happened to the Pete rock, Rza & Premier joints. I´ve heard 9 of 12 songs on the album already, Fuck This

    • AMAru

      yeah man I feel the same way, a damn disappointment, dark fantasy is produced by rza tho, I expect the PR, preem and madlib joints to appear on kanye's and jigga's "watch the throne"

  • slit234

    devil in anew dress has rick ross on it now 2

  • thekabsin

    apparently Kanye is the master of sampling, or borrowing. The hook on hell of a life is taken from iron man from black sabbath(the melody, not the words)

  • DNO

    if you've seen "runaway", you've heard the whole album. they're all there. in the order of the tracklist. except for "monster", "so appalled" and "see me now". definitely a solid album. ye did it again. buy the shit!

  • Anonymous


  • Andrew Pheabus

    hopefully theres more tracks we havent heard

  • achpe2

    A prime example of 2010 Hip Hop. It is not about the music anymore. These rappers today want to talked about and gossiped about like these hoes. Plus they want to keep us guessing, well I'm not going for it. As fans of Hip Hop we need to stop this. Same thing goes for Dr. Dre and Detox, Im not sitting around waiting for these rappers. Get a life if you doing that. The music will come out when it comes out. Im not trying to figure these guys out, GET BACK TO THE MUSIC. Kanye wants attention and with stunts like this, he's getting it. Why would you leak over half of your album before it comes out? Attention whore, but he can do that cause he know yall STANS are sitting around here wondering what he going to do. Campaign TAKE BACK THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Campaign TAKE BACK THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Campaign TAKE BACK THE MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • nahhman

    Personally, I aint been feelin kanye at all. You can't help but think theres some hidden meaning behind this whole thing he's been doin wit this project. Especially shit like the 'power' video, that shit was just straight masonic. Kanyes lost it after graduation for real.

    • .

      If u look at it, in plain sight, right in front of you, without lookin real hard for it, and u have any knowledge on the subject, it doesn't take a genius to figure out what kanye west stands for.

    • potato w/jive

      wow. its still going. The silly masonic/illuminati talk. One things for sure. If you look hard enough, you're bound to find anything...

  • Alexander Zubarev

    Kanye should just make a "Monster" Music Video already.

  • Cogna

    The fuck we've heard half the album

  • Ben_

    in that interview on mtv after runaway kanye said: the people think they know the songs, but they do not so the songs on the album will be different to the leaks and the snippets from runaway oh and he also mentioned the album will have 13 or 14 songs i hope he put on chain heavy and mamas boyfiend

  • Infinit Flo

    yo, I'm hoping there's more unreleased material on the album...these tracks are cold but more material should be added just because we've heard these already.

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    Expected Release:Nov 22, 2010 Please note: The pre-order contents listed here are subject to change without notice and the final product received may differ. The sentence above that is on the iTunes page suggests that what will be on the final product may be different to what we're seeing, so everyone take a chill pill and wait until Nov 22 before you make a decision on whether the album is worth buying or not.

    • risrob2

      no bro. Kanye confirmed the album tracklist during his interview wit sway......may add two more bonus tracks but thats it!

  • ll

    kanye doing his thing!!! but nov 22 im coppin LLOYD BANKS HFM2!!! fuck it might cop both.. support real hip hop gonna be a big day!!


    what up yall i'm an up and coming producer check ya boi out and let me know what yall think! peace! all tracks produced by me on my page!

  • Leoray

    Obviously Kanye's not doing this for money, so I'm guessing he doesn't care whether or not you've heard most of the songs or not. All the new, non good friday tracks I've heard on Runaway,have been amazing, and I'm copping the album for those tracks alone. I actually think this might be a smart ploy by 'Ye, in that he's letting people hear most of the album in advance to releasing it. People already know it will be good. Got to hand it to Kanye, the man has confidence that his music will be liked, and will sell even if people have already heard it.

  • bklynsfynest2000

    im hoping there is more to this album than that wild ass cover with him being rode by a white chick with a tail and kanye would have fit in with kool keith somewhere like I should have used that cover back in the

  • adedes

    is kanye serious? the whole cd is already out. and dark fantasy dropped today so that means 3 songs are new. what a joke

    • Potato w/Jive

      From an actual musical stand point the leaks were mostly unmastered, unmixed, and likely much less developed than the album songs. I'm betting the finished songs will feature a significant polish on the leaks joints. I mean he added verses from Ryan Leslie last minute, who knows what other goodness is in the works.

  • OneNaTrillion

    "Please note: The pre-order contents listed here are subject to change without notice and the final product received may differ." Quote from the iTunes page

  • OneNaTrillion

    Would I have liked more unreleased tracks? Hell yeah I would have but everyone complaining about hearing all the songs on the album already seriously need to shut the fuck up. Youre so damn broke that you cant pay $10 for the album of the year? Bullshit. And you wonder why rappers go commercial. Because the real shit doesnt get supported. Cheapass muthafuckahs

    • OneNaTrillion

      I see your argument Petey but Kanye never said he wasnt gonna put GOOD Friday songs on his album. Believe me, I'd love to keep all the joints and get 20 unreleased tracks just as dope on the album but its not gonna happen. I expect maybe one or two more songs added before it releases, people forget that its still a month away, but even if it stays the same way I think anybody that enjoyed those songs should go buy the album.

    • Petey Pete

      My mentality is this. I still buy CDs and I like to hear 95% of the songs during my first time listening. One of my favorite albums this year was the Roots and all I heard was How i Got Over before buying it and anticipated the album because i didn't hear much of it. That's how I wanted it to go with Kanye

    • OneNaTrillion

      Yeah I heard it, bought it and its not as good. Listened to every word of it. He had too many stand in hooks that werent that good in the first place and WHERE WAS THE DRE INFLUENCE? It was a 4 outta 5. The GOOD Friday tracks alone > Recovery

    • Anonymous

      You know Eminem put his album out this year too, right? TRIPLE PLat! RECOVERY = Album of the Year. Stop playing.

  • Mr Mogul

    Not really feeling the use of all of the "Good Friday" tracks. I anticipated "Monster" being on the album, but not "So Appalled" and "Devil in a New Dress." Both amazing songs, but I was hoping for more unreleased material. I'm thinking he may change this. Hopefully.

  • blackula

    If this is the actual tracklist, smh @ anybody who pays for it.

  • MaDaryl LaQuinton McNair

    w/e happen to da days when artist put out 16 or more tracks?? smdh..

  • LightUglyStraightReality

    IMO i really hope this is not the tracklist because if it is what is going to motivate people to get this album if you already leaked more than half of the Album. I have 9 of the confirmed 12 tracks why should i by this album? I mean dont get me wrong i appreciated the G.O.O.D Fridays but why would u release the same songs on the album knowing that theyll be on the album? Im not going to pay for something that you already gave me for free. Please Ye Change it Up a bit Give us something New to look forward to because 3 songs is not enough to look forward to.

  • DNO

    i got 8 out 12 songs from the album already! the other 4 better be up to par, cause that'll be a big disappointment. "see me now" should not be included. "christian dior denim flow" is a better pick. why pusha t on 3 tracks? enough talent on g.o.o.d.. i'm also gettin' the feeling the "watch the throne" album wit jay isn't going to happen.

  • mandddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    kanye iz gonna kill da game wit diz one. hard beatz, hard songz. every1 pick diz shit up. i don't give a fuck if u heard da songz, just pick diz shit up! and leave nickgay minaj-a-tois and lloyd bankz on da shelf where they belong. MBDTF nov 22 niggaz! GOOD MUZIK! GOOD MUZIK! GOOD MUZIK! and oh yeah, kanye and jay-z! destroyd nickgay minaj-a-tois on monster. WUT BITCH!

    • Wu-Tang Forever

      Best verses went: 1. Jay 2. Nicki 3. Kanye 4. Bon Iver 5. Rick Ross Yeah that's right Bon Iver outperformed Ross and he didn't even need to rap haha

  • Yaphiet Arefaine

    pretty mad bout dis, good thng i expectd dis n only listend ta monster n power. and 90% of da album was on dat runaway movie? wow im hella happy i aint see dat haha

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    For those who are complaing that they already heard 3/4ths of the album... well you shouldn't have been listening to all of those leaks in the first place! The only G.O.O.D Friday track I've listened to was Monster, and other than that and the 2 singles I haven't heard any of the album songs yet so I'll be pleasantly surprised on November 22nd :)

    • Petey Pete

      They're not leaked. GOOD friday was done BY Kanye. He knew they were being released to the public I thought a few songs were going to be on the album not 9/10ths of what Kanye released

    • Castor Troy21

      I'm not complaining, but I do hope Ye adds some more tracks to the list if this is official. And the tracks weren't leaked, Ye released them himself on his own website. So to say we shouldnt have listened to them is kinda off. He wanted us to hear his music, and I'm sure a lot of people thought the songs on the album would be completely new material with 2 or 3 of the GOOD Friday tracks. I'm kinda torn about buying an album that I already have 7 tracks off of "legally".

  • Anonymous

    didnt I hear pete rock and premier were supposed to help out with production, I know rza got a track, but where dese udda niggas beeee, geeeeez..

  • Anonymous

    i love power, all of the lights.. personally i dont like appaled, devil in a new dress and monster im glad he put "see me now" on it also id love to see mos def on the album

  • chadskizee

    def could have put 'don't look down' on there to get mos def, lupe, and big sean on the album. and 'lord lord lord' is one of my favorite g.o.o.d. friday songs so far would have liked to see that make it.

  • DallasTx_Greedy

    LOL @ people trying Hard to convince them selves that this ain't the real tracklist ...Accept it for what it is.... the real tracklist !!! As wack as is lt looks this is it.......Smh

  • casparian82

    this IS gunna be sick. i have 9 of the songs that'll be on it and part of one of them (All of the Lights) and i heard snippets for the other two today. but i still appreciate kanye for keepin us entertained for like the last 4 months of this year for FREE!! quit complaining and buy his album. all the songs on here that were free are updated and are better quality than previously heard. He's being creative and artistic with all of his new shit. although those illuminati rumors do concern me cuz i straight up believe that shit's real!!!!

  • beatsbynonsense

    That tracklist doesnt make sense. Why am I gonna go buy a cd full of songs Ive already heard and can download already? Im just happy its more rapping than singing this time though. 808s made me laugh everytime somebody played the cd.

  • Ricx

    WTF ?? Can't See Chain Heavy & Mama's Boyfriend !!!

  • Petey Pete

    Hey which tracks were produced by Premo and RZA? Oh and if this is accurate is anyone else disappointed that we've already heard 3/4th of the album? I mean I thought he would release one or two songs from the album (excluding Power). I'm not saying I don't like the songs (so don't call me a hater) I'm saying I would have liked to hear less of the album with about a month to go.

  • JSelby

    11 songs?!?! He did 11 for 808s, can't he at least make 13-14??

  • Dab

    Boy I was hoping he'd change that ugly ass cover. I'm not sure if this is the offical tracklist but it looks good so far. I am hoping for a few more songs to be added, but so far so good. (assuming its accurate)

  • DION

    ppl I dont believe that this is the official tracklist this just for itunes so he can get everyone to buy songs we have already heard . . . I really hope im rite cause i already have 8 out of the 12 songs FREE and im plannin on buying da album hopefully a real tracklist is revealed

  • Maurice D. Randle

    I hope this isn't the actual tracklist, 'cause then that'll make this album REALLY REALLY disappointing! I think honestly that what he should do is drop a "Good Fridays Mixtape" after he's done droppin' new shit and THEN have his new album come out wit' only maybe a couple songs MAX from Good Fridays. We'll see what happens....


  • Tony Huebbe

    the whole album damn near already dropped but this man go hard on every pre released track

  • LJbigbang

    I'm a little disappointed: a) the lack of tracks and b) most of the tracks I've already heard. I'm probably still gon buy it, but I was expecting a bit more, aside from the G.O.O.D Friday tracks.

  • Adrian A-Classic Joseph

    Put it this way, the songs that were released on G.O.O.D Friday that didn't make the cut such as 'Don't Look Down' were made available for free so you ungrateful whining babies haven't lost anything. Album sales will be very high after the consistent promotional campaign for the album from the free tracks each week, to the VMA debut, to the SNL appearance to the premiere of his short film etc. All eyes has been on KanYe and he has held us captivated by his genius until November 22. So just be patient wish him all the best and dry your snotty nose children.

  • G.O.O.D Music

    Check out snippets of the tracks that didn't make the cut, mixtape with all of them on the way!

  • madmax

    if this is the tracklist i dont think its going to do the figures kanye normally does

  • Anonymous

    and the rza track is the intro to the vid and the album

  • Anonymous

    this album is going to such a rip off. half the tracks you've heard already on good fridays and the rest i swear if you pay attention you'll hear them in the runaway vid. the joints with cudi, legend, pusha and rihanna.

  • Anonymous

    LOL this ain't the real tracklist !

  • lulz

    845 bitch sucks big dick with illuminati talk. Another dumbass media sheep with cock in his ears believing everything he reads on the internet or news. stay on TMZ retard faggot fuck bitch!

  • Rett

    smh why isnt lupe on this. i seriously think Dont Look Down was the best good friday track. everything in that song was exceptional

  • 845 boy

    is it me, or has kanye been getting weirder and weirder...when college drop out came out he was a normal rapper and shit and then now he is into this weird as shit like that gay ass video and album cover..the illuminati is controllign this guy for sure..look back when he came out and now.. btw his first 3 albums were amazing...and now 808 and this probably suck

    • word?

      i agree with you 845 boy. this nigga beginning to trip in a serious way, i mean this clown is really whilin' out! he on some nasty fagotry shit right now. lord save him.

    • al

      dont be an idiot, holy shit. He's a lot more artistically inclined than he was about 9 years ago when he dropped his debut. He's not being "controlled", he's just adding more complex themes and elements into his music. His goal right now is to bring together rap, fashion and art. If you don't get something don't just say "oh its something illuminati related", thats just stupid.

  • 3rd Son

    Or, can it possibly be that kanye's dropping this tracklisting for this "album" on Itunes so that he can drop the REAL album with more hits and bangers that we all want on regular cd for us to buy the shit physically? Makes more money. Instead of purchasing song by song. You wanna leak? Lets play! Settle for the half ass album on Itunes but if you get up n get dressed to hit your nearest record shop you can get the whole album with everything and everybody on it the way it's sapposed to be! That'd be dope! That'll only triple his worth.

  • 3rd Son

    This can't be right. Having heard these records already is cool or what not for the fact that they're good but then again these are records produced by Kanye himself. How about the shit he made with QTIP, PETE ROCK, DJ PREMIER, RZA ETC ETC??? Kanye must be fuckin' wit us lol. Atleast I hope so cus this can't be the full album and if it is the full album then atleast drop the rest of the bangers produced by everyone else early next year as a completely different album. Perhaps that GOOD ASS JOB IS STILL AT PLAY!

  • Killerboy

    I don't think this is the original tracklist, this is probly like when he couldn't decide on the name of the album hes just building momentum(which is working by the way), even if you look back on the rest of his albums there were like 12 - 13 tracks. The only songs that weren't in the movie were So Apalled and See me now and weve heard both of them. So Theres probly going to be at least 3 bonus tracks, Mamas Boyfriend, Chain Heavy and something else probly and if were lucky well have a few more... maybe even an actuall mixtape

    • Xela

      and if you think about well at least get 8 tracks from G.O.O.D. Fridays and probly some from which he will leak like he did with See Me Now and some of the other snippets

  • thefuck


  • thefuck


  • Anonymous

    I was looking forward to my mama's boyfriend and chain heavy.


    hmm he said We think we've heard the album, but we really haven't. Ok sure, but why only 12 tracks? FAREAL

  • Nickolas Reid

    Personally, I'm dissapointed.. I'll still grab the album but I really wanted to hear shit that hasn't been released.. I mean.. what ever happen to mama's boyfriend and all the songs he was talking about in the beginning.. i think hes gunna lose alota sales with this move.

  • leutrim rexhaj

    9 out of the 12 songs have either been released or leaked...that isn't alright kanye

  • Anonymous

    my favorite track was christain dior denim flow and its not on there

    • yamanrightchea

      Christian Dior Denim Flow is the best good friday leak, he shouldve put that shit on there cause so appauled is a good track but it aint even album worthy if you think about it

  • ivan

    so more than half the songs are already out..

  • Donnie Ingram

    First niggas! I can't wait for this shit!

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