Swizz Beatz Praises Kanye's "Runaway" Film At Premier

Swizz Beatz praises Kanye's artistry during the premier of his "Runaway" film.

Swizz Beatz had high praise for Kanye West on Thursday (October 21) night in New York City, where Kanye West premiered his "Runaway" film to an exclusive crowd.

"I just want to shout out my brother Kanye for being so brave, that was his expression of our music and culture," said Swizz to MTV News.

"On a 1 to 10, it was a 9," said Swizz of the film, which follows Kanye after he rescues a phoenix, and tries to bring it into the human world. "The reason why it was a 9 was because it should've been longer. It was a deep, deep story and you have to, one, know Kanye, to really understand it."

Kanye's "Runaway" premieres on tonight (October 23) at 8:00 PM EST on MTV, MTV2 and BET, and will stream live on MTV.com, BET.com and VH1.com.


  • sharksbreath

    There was no story. He just threw a bunch of images on the screen and set music behind it. Van Gohh was insane. Just like Kanye. You would have to be insane to get the message. I'm waiting for him to come out and claim he's Hip Hop's Liberace. Looks to me like a waste of 3 million dollars by a guy who can't act, can't sing, reuses every simple melody in the book and thinks way to highly of himself. This album will be just like 808. An album his own fans won't listen to for more than a month. If you knew anything about music the last thing you would call Kanye is a genius. More like a hack. Far as Swizz Cheesy. He's the corniest man in hip hop. Right behind him is Kanye. Look at that cony ass jacket he's wearing.

  • pooda

    i guess the reason y i didn't understand it is cus idont't know knaye..this is hip hop..how many of us common folk realy identifies with all this rembrandt and van goh type art shit

  • Christopher Johnson

    It's bad enough rappers are trying to act but quit tryin to make movies. Haven't we learned anything from Master P?

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  • Set_Gecko

    Man, all this dude does is DICK RIDE ALL DAY. He and other dudes like diddy, ross, drake, minaj, all of them niggaz do nothing but DICK RIDE ALL DAY REVERSE COWGIRL

  • Christopher Bell

    " It was a deep, deep story and you have to, one, know Kanye, to really understand it." If we have to really know Kayne to get the film, I think it defeats the whole purpose. Anyway..the film was eh. The songs were well produced though. Instead of calling it a short film, "advertisement" would've been a more appropriate word for it.


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  • Scrappy Rap

    I might watch this. I'm curious. If it sucks tho..... you can help make sure the next 2 years of Obamas presidency doesn't suck. Go vote November 2 to keep the republicans from controlling the Senate. Vote Democratic so you can help them help us. Democrats want to help the "people" while the Republicans want to help their corporate donors continue to make record-high profits while the rest of the country(normal people) continue to struggle finding employment, keep their homes, and keep food on the table. Scrappy Rap

    • sharksbreath

      Fistoffury, thetrooth: You two just proved his point. Dumb Fucks.

    • Fistoffury.

      VOTING DOES NOTHING! .. The people do not choose who stays in office or who becomes president!! Wake up! ... GET THE FUCK AWAY with your constant spamming bitch it's nothing but bullshit! It's the same person posting this shit under diff. names

    • Anonymous

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    • thetrooth

      you dumb fucks....this is why are country is in the shape it is..because dumb mother fuckers like you who tell people to go out and vote democrat. Obama is a horrible president and he isn't doing shit to help out the poor and middle class. do some fuckin research before you just spew out some bullshit reteoric that you heard on the news. I for one would never vote dem or rep... ITS THE SAME FUCKIN PARTY WITH THE SAME AGENDA!

    • sharpsh00ter155

      i hope every1 on a goddam hip hop site would vote democrat. if you dont, i can guarantee your dumb as fuck.

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