Game Features AZ On "R.E.D." Album's DJ Premier Track

Black Wall Street talks some Firm biz on Game's new album, as the Compton star finds two masters of the east coast sound.

Compton, California Rap star Game is actively working on his fourth official album, R.E.D., planned for release on Aftermath/Interscope Records. After reconnecting with Cool & Dre for leaked single "Shake," as well as DJ Toomp, and the album's executive producers Dr. Dre and Pharrell Williams, Game has finally locked in a session with DJ Premier.

While other star rappers such as Jay-Z, Nas, 50 Cent and Kanye West have all previously worked with the Gang Starr producer, this will be Game's first collaboration. Yesterday, Game revealed that not only will the song feature a pillar of east coast Hip Hop's sound, but it will also feature some vocals, in the form of Brooklyn, New York's AZ.

gettin AZ on the R.E.D. album. on a premiere beat. now sit back n WATCH me get it done !!! #hipHOPSfinestNIGGAless than a minute ago via web

Previously, AZ has worked with DJ Premier on his own works, 2005's A.W.O.L. and 2006's The Format, both released through Koch's Fastlife imprint. Game has worked with longtime AZ collaborator and Firm band-mate Nas on his last two releases, 2008's L.A.X. and 2006's The Doctor's Advocate.

AZ is presently at work on a 15th anniversary edition of his debut, Doe or Die, due to release next month.

The song has yet to be titled, but HipHopDX will keep you updated.


  • B Dizzle

    fail, it never came up on the album. prolly the label decided they didn't want an indie artist like AZ (who's not in the illuminati either)

  • killah_casp

    i know game thinks hes "mini dre" and all but seriosly this kids albums nearly as delayed as detox drop ur album and stop fukin about if kanye can produce and drop a dope track every week surely u can stop slothing about and drop ur album


    This album sounds like its gonna be sick Game to me has always been good he's had his off days but so has everyone else i bought all his albums and like somethings and disliked somethings but all in all he's one of my favorite artist ins this day and age and I will by this album aswell looking forward to this he's still going ppl and 50 is no where to be found everyone said Game would be done after him and 50 butted heads after documentry but i said he did good for him self 2 platinum albums and one gold not bad for someone everbody left for dead huh?

  • blackwallstreet

    Cant wait this track.

  • Anonymous

    wanna here this primo shit wit game. word up do you like titties? big bootys? drugs? jackass pranks? check out the new hiphop booty webshow

  • Killalex

    Good news. But every song i hear from R.E.D is some shitty club song like the new one with Cassidy. We wanna hear this premo shit!

  • DOPE whaaaat...NEW MIXTAPE!

  • game#1

    game is dope brake lights was one of the best mix-tape of the year and trust me red is going to quite all these haters oh and just watch HFM2 flop haha GAME R.E.D COMING SOON

  • Maris Pelshs

    good one, maybe game not yet done

  • Maris Pelshs

    i was forget already about game, because of his latest singles- bounce itd.. but this i really want to hear!

  • Anonymous

    Game and AZ in the studio working on this track


    what up yall i'm an up and coming producer check ya boi out and let me know what yall think! peace!

  • truuuu

    true game is so wack now!!!! he was only dope when he was with 50 but even 50 wack now... LLOYD BANKS THO IS POPPIN!!! HFM2 nov 22

    • Maniac

      loyd blanks cant sell, thts why he got dropped from interscope.. gay-unit is finished.. RED will change hip hop 4 the good

  • HBom919

    yea im pretty hyped about this too. should be ill. Game can rap but hes made some bad choices on the beat selection lately. Game lose Pharrell hes honestly hurtin you bc that justin timberlake collab couldve been "a grammy" with a dre beat and a different hook but the Neptunes been sending you their left over shit and your taking it. Do work Game im still a fan

  • wacc

    game= no buzz red= never gonna drop.. wasnt it meant to be out 3 months ago blackwall street= do they even exist? how many albums they dropped??? GAME OVER

  • CanadaDrea

    This is gonna be a classic! Major chess move.

  • over

    this fraud managed to flop on a song with justin timberlake on it... i mean i dont think thats ever been done! and wasnt this meant to be out like 3 months ago???? hmm game over

    • Scout

      50 is a fraud. But i wont air out that fairy. He's not worth the energy.

    • uuu

      umm 50 aint no fraud he done 90% of the shit he talk about... game probably done 1% of what he talk about and thats when he admitt he was on change of heart... aint 50 sucks now too and so does yayo... BUT!!! LLOYD BANKS BUZZING LIKE CRAZY!!!! HFM2 nov 22

    • Scout

      In that case 50 is a fraud too, 90% of these rap dudes are frauds. Is that you yayo? hahahahaha . This sh*t gone be fire! AZ is G.O.D with the lyrics. Over a premo joint? Crazy ill.

  • hahahha

    game shut up u talk so much crap.. u said that track with justin timberlake was gonna win u a grammy.. shit was wack like everything u put out!! and u dropped that many songs off this gay ass album and aint none of em popoped... GAME OVER

  • deezy

    Game is about to revive Hip Pop.. i mean Hip HOP!

  • nasir




  • sick


  • Anonymous

    A year ago Game had a huge buzz, The RED Album was highly regarded, now song after song Game has chipped away at his own demand by releasing terrible subject matter with what seems to me be a digressing mic presence and flow. An anticipated album I once held in high regard I feel is barely holding on to what seems decent at best. Unless he has saved 12 tracks of fucking FLAMES, but considering he's released 30 tracks 2-3 were album material I'm more then skeptical, especially considering more pop/mainstream cuts seem to exist on album releases these days.

  • djspontaneus

    cant wait to hear this always sounds dope on good production...i hate when he raps on south flavored beats

  • tvr

    game is gonna sound dirty over a preemo beat, looking forward to this

  • mcmastermind

    West Coast rapper with an East Coast state of mind. Never hated on Game and now he picks the best rapper you can hear on a Preem beat. I can't fucking wait for this. AZ is top 5.

    • ripper

      U got damn right!!! AZ is top 5 dead or alive...Real talk...He just never rec'd the shine that he should've rec'd...

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait to hear this foreal.. repect to the Game, because alot of these rap superstar's don't recognise how ill premier's production is today!!!

  • Anonymous


  • 718rob

    Game's stock just went up 20 points with me.


    You see, that's what I'm talking about right there. AZ = the illest. Game's spits fire, and premo? please anyone who doesnt think he's of the top producers just dont like hip hop. straight facts. this track is a classic in the making. CANT FUCKING WAIT DOE OR DIE 2 all day. AZ killing it lately. He must reconnect with Nasir. For the good of hip hop please!

  • The MG

    I agree with Almar. Game's really been falling off lately. Not the biggest fan of him, he is decent IMO, but this song sounds serious right here. Game, AZ and Premo? Watch out everyone.

    • The MG

      You can be fans but don't go spewing bulls**t to make yourself feel better. Last time we heard of LAX on the charts, it was like 800k, 850k or something like that, and that was almost a year ago. So if my logic is correct, then no, it's not platinum, unless you got a legit source to prove me wrong. And I already checked RIAA, and LAX didn't appear on the list.


      yo the mg, LAX did go platinum man... get yo facts ryt

    • The MG

      LAX didn't go platinum man. And I do think RED is wack so far. The singles aren't up to par (except maybe Big Money) and all the details for the album make it sound like something I want to stay away from (Lady Gaga? Nicki Minaj?). But this planned collabo with AZ and Premo earned him back some points. Can't wait to hear it.

    • calibeatbox420

      Just cuz it went plat doesnt mean it was dope, I think homey means quality wise Game's fallen off and I agree, this should be real dope though I just hope Premo doesnt give him a left over beat...

    • Anonymous

      how did Game "felloff" when his last album wen plat? you havent heard shit from the Red album

  • HipHop

    This really changed my thoughts about Game. I never thought that he would put AZ on a track. A very dope move and with Premier on the boards, nothing can go wrong. Can't wait to hear it. Nice that AZ finally gets some recognition. He was always one of the best lyricist.

  • gnigga pleeze

    very good, very nice

  • Almar

    Game has really fallen off IMO over the last year because he hasnt had the right production, But He just got my attention by putting the greatest producer ever(besides maybe Dr.Dre)on a track with him, and AZ is a Def bonus. Very Nice.

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