Jay-Z "Decoded" Ad Campaign Launched, Hits Collection Tracklisting Revealed

The five unreleased tracks are unveiled to Def Jam's November compilation, including "Most Kings" and a remix of "My President Is Black."

With Jay-Z's long awaited book Decoded slated for a November 16th release, text from the book will be featured in various locations beginning today. The pages will appear throughout NYC, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Miami and London in areas corresponding to each excerpt. These will continue up until the release of the book. The text will be also be available via Bing/Jay-Z. The users who do will be eligble to attend Jay-Z's New Year’s Eve show in Las Vegas.

In other Jay-Z news, the tracklisting from his upcoming The Hits Collection Vol. 1 is below. The album drops November 22.

Disc 1

1. Public Service Announcement (Interlude) [Prod. by Just Blaze]
2. Run This Town (feat. Rihanna & Kanye West) [Prod. by Kanye West & No I.D.]
3. ‘03 Bonnie & Clyde (feat. Beyoncé) [Prod. by Kanye West]
4. Encore [Prod. by Kanye West]
5. I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me) [Prod. by The Neptunes]
6. Izzo (H.O.V.A.) [Prod. by Kanye West]
7. D.O.A. (Death Of Auto-Tune) [Prod. by No I.D.]
8. 99 Problems [Prod. by Rick Rubin]
9. Empire State Of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys) [Prod. by Al Shux, Janet Sewell-Ulepic & Angela Hunte]
10. Dirt Off Your Shoulder [Prod. by Timbaland]
11. Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem) [Prod. by The 45 King]
12. Show Me What You Got [Prod. by Just Blaze]
13. Roc Boys (And The Winner Is)… [Prod. by Diddy, Sean C & LV]
14. Big Pimpin’ (feat. UGK) [Prod. by Timbaland]

Disc 2

1. Young Gifted And Black
2. Pump It Up (Freestyle)
3. My President Is Black (Remix)
4. Go Hard (Remix) (feat. Kanye West & T-Pain)
5. Most Kings (feat. Green Lantern)



  • Nathan Lands

    Jay-Z gamified his shit, +3 creativity, +10 style.

  • Realness121

    Look if your a real Jay-Z fan like me,buy,if your not a 100% fan dont buy it,shut the fuck up about it.Those songs are all classic.

  • Mad Chemist

    Yeah they definitely could have put a few more songs on here. No Can't Knock The Hustle or City Is Mine? No Reasonable Doubt or Vol 1. at all for that matter. No Can I Get A? Jigga What? I mean this is only Part 1 of The Hits Collection... As for the bonus disc, that shit looks weak. A bunch of throw-away mixtape material. 2 old freestyles, 2 dumbass remixes, and a song of Black Album era verses put over a Green Lantern beat. Maybe Vol. 2 will be better?

  • Meh

    Expecting** Haha. Fucking hate typos. -_-

  • Meh

    Holy shit. There's at least three songs off of Blueprint 3 on here. I was kind of expectinv a bit MORE backtracking simply because BP3 came out last year lol. If I see it at a reasonable price I'll buy it, if not then I'll just did through a bargin bin and find his older shit for cheap.

  • i;m chuck d

    standin in the cross hairs here ya'll straight chicks got horse hair here

  • blackula

    my bad. Young Gifted & Black and Pump It Up

  • blackula

    Young Gifted & Black and are two of Jay's unreleased joints? lol, smh. Two nice joints, but they been readily available for years!! I thought Jay had more exclusive, unreleased in the stash then that. Plus those they're more like mixtape joints, not potential mixtape cuts. He should put "BK Anthem" on the unreleased. It's better than anyone of the five. Disc 1 is pointless if you already have his cat. Definite pass for this one.

  • Wu-Tang Forever

    Eh... Well to start, if this is a greatest hits collection.. idk because some of these songs weren't even released as singles. Next, the whole reason to buy this album if you're already a Jay fan is for the unreleased tracks and 3 of them are either freestyles or remixes (and I've already heard the My President remix, maybe just not a high quality version?) so we're left with 2 unreleased tracks, which is nice I guess. But if Jay thinks he's getting a purchase out of me he has another thing coming.

    • Just sayin..

      why does it matter? its not a "singles" collection anyway. its songs that he did that were big and got a lot of attention... Just sayin..

    • The MG

      Hey people, if you read what I said about Encore, I said that the Linkin Park version was the single, NOT the album version produced by Kanye. So what if PSA was a part of the Dirt Off Your Shoulder video? Was it released as a single on its own? No. Just happened to be one of Hov's well known songs. I stand by what I say.

    • Mad Chemist

      Yeah Encore was definitely a single with a video. ^^And yeah good call, PSA was the flip for the Dirt Of Your Shoulders Video.

    • Jeremy F Taylor

      psa was during the dirt of your shoulder video is one of his best songs

    • rapskilz

      I don't know about PSA.... but Encore was definitely a single.... with a video and er'thing...

    • The MG

      @ Nerd Ferguson: PSA and Encore weren't released as singles. And yes, I'm aware that Encore was remixed with Linkin Park and released as a single, but I'm talking about the original album version.

    • Nerd Ferguson

      What songs on Disc 1 weren't released as a single?


    it's hard to dissect jay-z tracks because his albums were always viewed as whole... very seldom were jay-z cd's skipped from a song to a song.. it was put the in and let it play.. the ipod generation has changed that a bit, but jay still offers consistency in his albums.. greater than any artist in history.. second is kanye and third goes to eminem.. look at artist catalogue.. kanye hasn't had jay's run, but when ye does an album.. he does an album, complete work of art..

    • Anonymous

      i was just about to jump on his ass (no homo) about the ghostface thing, but that dude beat me to it. i think compared to jay ghost is just as consistent or even more. to be real i think ghost is on an underground battle against jay, he's not gonna let jay stray too far and have all the glory.

    • shone jones

      @ Doc Hol The Roots' catologue is inconsistent. Tribe's first 3 albums are the only ones you need. Ghostface's catologue is hit and miss at best. And as far as Cube goes, I hate how mediocre Cube's shit got by the end of the '90s, but that dude was killin' in the early part. He was the most consistent, great albums, and was goin' platinium without makin' JACK SHIT for the radio during the first couple albums. He only got wack to me when his shit just had no more spark to it and he got into that real gimmicky "Ya wanna sue me, do me, see me in tha movie" People may say that his catalogue is dope in hindsight, but by Cube's standards at that point, and matched against the best music within that time period, it was inconsistent as shit.

    • Doc Hol

      100% disagree and so would anyone else who knows rap music Ems catalogues weak Kanyes is hit n miss and Jays catalogue of albums is mostly garbage with 4 maybe 5 dope albums The Roots ATCQ Ice Cube Ghostface all have more consistant catalogues than the 3 you named

  • xxsmokey420187x

    What a shit list...no reasonable doubt, and it includes Show me what you got, and roc boys, somebody fucked up!!!

  • prez

    if you don't have all of these tracks already you're jus missing out on some real music

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z in 1996 was the man but damn hes way more than hip hop the people who were fan from the first album know exactly who jay-z is and all the bullshit hes done/ gotten away with. When was the last time you heard jay say... R.I.P. Biggie without him jay is just another rapper

  • LJbigbang

    Probably skip this one - already got most of Jay's tunes. Might get the book. Maybe - not really on autobiography texts...

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