Sade Rejects Jay-Z's Offer To Collaborate

The Soul legend refuses work with rappers for fear of seeming inadequate

With all the success he’s seen in his career it’s a safe assumption that Jay-Z rarely hears the word “no.” But that’s exactly the response he received when he asked R&B legend Sade to collaborate with him. And Jigga isn’t the only rapper being denied access to the British soulstress’ talents and samples of her recorded work; she has apparently turned down many similar requests.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times Sade explained her reasons saying, “I’m too scared. They’ll find me out. It’s like The Wizard of Oz. They’ll find out there’s nothing there. As for collaborations, I’m collaborating with the band and do what we do. I see myself as a member of this band who does these songs that we write.” Though she does add that in the unlikely event that an artist does get a sample of Sade’s music cleared it likely won’t cost them much. She jokes, “When it comes to sample clearances, I’m probably the cheapest chick in the west.”

Sade and her band of the same name released Soldier of Love earlier this year to great critical and commercial acclaim, including a number one Billboard debut. They are currently touring in support of the record.




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  • Duh-Beast

    Jay's name is used by the paper to get some popularity NO ONE CARE BOUT PEOPLE BEING REJECTED 'TILL jAY WAS...

  • duh-Beast

    dumb ass people the article's not about Jay-Z being rejected It's about SADE not wanting to come up alone because it's not her work...It's the whole band's, idiots

  • dlp

    Yeah "Sadie", screw that non music making clown!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Rumor has it that she did a song with the "best who ever did it"...." The only nigga Sade dated. The most hated. Nas nigga!

  • DazzOne

    Krayzie Bone didn't seem to have a problem clearing a Sade sample for 2001's Hard Time Hustlin'. Hmmmm...?

  • rapskilz

    Jay-z don't need Sade and Sade don't need Jay...... Its her right to say no... I do think though, that if her last album only sold 200,000 copies should would be doing the Collabo.... Just saying

    • Doc Hol

      Sade sold 500k first week with ZERO promotion in 2010 which is more than Jay sold with BP3 and he spent a small fortune marketing his joint makin sure it was all over the radio/recruitin every hot new mainstream name plus the hottest female mainstream artists to boost his albums appeal further if he'd done it solo sales would of been even lower and he's also known for buyin bulk copies of his own shit REALLY who would boost who...

  • Bryant Carter

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  • Andre Katomski

    Could have been a career booster for her.. but its her choice...

    • sadefan

      Andre, just stop. Sade is a true artist and doesn't let the labels, managers, publicist,ect make choices for her. I've been listening to her work since Diamond Life and they way she works has never changed.Either you're not familiar with her or are just talkin' out ya azz but stop or you're gonna continued to get clowned.

    • The Known Unknown

      Career Booster!!!! you must be young Sade don't need a boost she been legendary, you go back to school too, yall talk without the facts, you's be a good politician LOL,

    • The HardRhymer

      Stupid Comment.

    • Drew

      Ummmmm Andre is it? are u fucking kidding me? What other artist do u know waits 10yrs per album? Note the word "waits". She doesnt have to pump out 2 albums a year just to have a combined million records sold.....Sade sits down in the lab for 10yrs, does QUALITY work, gives us 10tracks of perfection, then goes back to her cryogenic chamber to think up more deep shit. THATS an artist. No disrespect to Jigga because he's a genius in his own right. But to say it would have helped her? To be honest if she HAD done a collabo with Jay she would be taking a step down and Jay a step up. Jay could NEVER leave the game for 10yrs and try and make a come up. Sade did it twice and literally raised the bar. AND she is hotter than all these 20somthin year old fake tittied bitches ( had to be said)

    • CRIME


    • Andre Katomski

      were has sade been? this could of been a come back... legend or not some people die out.. she can still be making music but its not out there like that, and a jayz track with sade?? ok fellas??

    • Nick Dastardly

      100% Co-sign RDWash. He not knowing that it woulda been a career boost for Jay-Z. Trying to add to his resume'. Sade already did what Jay doin now. She doesnt need a boost from a rapper. The thought alone is laughable.

    • rdwash

      Did you really just say that about a legend???

  • GQ

    she did a remix with Nas while he was @ Sony but sadly it in the vaults.

  • MysticNero

    "Rappers are being denied access to sample her work" - Did Mobb Deep clear the sample for Where Ya Heart At?

  • sparkie martin

    great move we will co/promote some dates..her Sade brand needs to be in is lane and I compliment her for not accepting those advances ..she has been islolated for over 25 years and has maintained herself..thanks but no thanks as she go girl! see you on tour in june 2011..already booked tickets on sale now!!!

  • balls

    AHAHAHA...JAY Z, CUT ALL THIS BULLSHIT OUT, ANYWAYS. Keep your shit hip hop, MR. "I listen to Kings of Leon." BITCH! Shut the hell up!

  • kennyken

    i bet she'd say yes to nas

  • kennyken

    i understand what she means because she is looking at it from an overall point of view of hiphop music. the shit is just terrible. hiphop artists are not on the level of true musicians. quincy jones will work with them because he isn't afraid anyway. he isn't insecure of his own music quality. this is deep right here

  • asp

    integrity. Sade is a class act, not a quasi artist at best.

  • miguel Guttierres

    I like both Jay and Sade, but I can't picture the collabo working together. I had the same feeling when Drake wanted to collaborate with her earlier this year. Sade always stayed in her own lane, and it's worked perfectly for her.

  • jjim2x

    I definitely respect her decision but Jay-Z does not need Sade for a damn thing! This collabo would've made his resume a little more complete thats it.


      exactly,..jay has worked with lenny kravitz, alicia keys, mariah carey, mary j., micheal jackson, biggie smalls, linkin park, coldplay, the roots,..he really doesn't need sade.

  • Anonymous

    I'm SO glad she said no

  • mebeburke

    She probably heard his M.I.A. collabo!!

  • Dj Critical Hype

    i think the only rapper she ever worked with was Guru.... for the official King Of Sorrow remix R.I.P. Guru

  • digga

    good job sade. she don't need jay. he's just gonna mess shit up.jay don't rap no more.just money's that gonna mesh with sade? nas on the other hand? yeah,in fact she did collaborate with nas too,doc hol but it was unreleased. and she let krayzie bone sample "feel no pain" sade. good decision.can't mess up her quality of music with this nonsense

  • Doc Hol

    the only rapper she should collab with is Black Thought...

  • Anonymous

    I may think that she is very very wrong...but i respect a woman in her own lane. I hope it's not a racial issue like she don't like rappers and niggas

  • Anonymous

    All for Sade. Good for her

  • its true

    yea jay-z on somw straight illuminati shit exactly why she aint do it

  • yerrrr

    Although it is kind good to see jay hear a no cause of some of the ish hes done to his "friends" in the past but I cant get over her not collaborating w rap, that is foul and shows she has nmo respect for rap as an art form which right now dominates music all around the world. Jay z is not just a rapper no more he is a black entrepeneur and a business man. I think its ignorant for her to not support "black" music, very wrong, FCUK HER

    • Anonymous

      i had a feeling someone would react like yerr did. that's that "fuck oprah" oh oprah dont like hiphop so she probably don't like us. these niggas got serious self esteem issues

    • JPipe

      its not about black or white b/c she got a song with Krayzie Bone. so this arguement is invalid.

    • Rick Ross the Bawse

      You're a fucking idiot. She's ignorant for not supporting black music. Nigga she chose not to do it because that shit don't vibe with her. I can't stand niggas like you that always gotta turn shit into black/white. Music is music you fucking idiot. Is there racism. Yeah there is, but in this case to say Sade is ignorant for not supporting black music is just an ignorant statement and you sound like an idiot for saying it. Bawse!!!!

    • Anonymous

      what u mean 'ignorant of her not to support black music' ..that's an ignorant comment itself. She can 'support' w.e she wants. black music white music- no one gives a fuck. music is music. If she don't like rap she don't like rap plain an simple

  • exclusiveKICKS2


  • Goso

    Goes to show you that Sade is a more stronger dominant woman than Beyonce' will ever be. Sade is strong enough to tell Jay-Z the word "NO!!!" while Beyonce' isnt'...

  • Anonymous

    i'm proud of her. jay my dude but there's a stupid trend of unnecesary collabs to share fans and make money. sade can stand on herown as an artist that the message i got. jay stans dont start hatin.

  • zafoh

    Doomsday got that shit cleared. BIGUPPPPP

  • dhilhsdfdihdskjhbfdkj

    Sade turned Jay Z down cause she knows Jay Z is on some illuminati shit and she dont wanna be around that shit!!!

  • Infinity Entertaiment


  • Anonymous

    My nig nig Droop E just dropped that SADE sampled BLVCK Diamond Life street album!!!REAL COOLIN MUZIK SHOUTS OUT TO THE BAY AREA MAYNE

  • Dj Critical Hype

    ya she turned down Drake also...

  • dlydj

    Good job, Sade! Someone has to say no to these cats sometimes. You can't always get what you want, Hov.

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