Vado Wants Justin Bieber For "Speaking In Tungs" Remix

Harlem diddy-bop meets Canadian kiddie pop, as Vado seeks "Shawty Maine" for an official remix.

Pop singer Justin Bieber made his way into Hip Hop courtesy of a “Baby” remix with Ludacris as well as a “Runaway Love” remix with Raekwon and Kanye West. Bieber has since logged studio time with Dr. Dre and been endorsed by the likes of Snoop Dogg and Drake. And now, UN member and Dipset affiliate Vado would like to use the 16-year-old crooner to boost his mainstream profile. A video of Bieber rhyming over Vado and Cam’ron’s “Speaking in Tungs” has Vado eyeing an official collaboration.

“We need to keep his verse for the remix!” Vado told the New York Daily News. “We might finish the remix this weekend, and let Justin go first. I’m definitely going to contact him.”

Vado hasn’t ruled out returning the favor by unofficially remixing one of Bieber’s tracks—so far Bieber has three singles within the top 20 of Billboard’s Hot 100 this year. Bieber’s “Speaking in Tungs” viral video has amassed over 300,000 views since being posted on Twitter yesterday.

“I was shocked!” Vado added. “He killed it! He sounded like [Notorious] B.I.G. When I seen it on Twitter, I didn't believe it.”


  • dj_oneday

    yes sir lil justin did do his thing on that...great mentor like Usher if I not mistaken no doubt Justin will exceed the limitations

  • Güzide Kayıtmazbatır

    Süper.... Hepsini süper yapıyor, Rap söylüyr. dans ediyr süper İnglizce konuşuorr vsss

  • Anonymous

    i love you justin bieber

  • Fatima

    So the white boy sounds good - we cannot compare him to Biggie. But you need to stop hatin.


    i love yiou justin

  • Anonymous

    wtf biggie is lyrically miles ahead of the fool lol

  • Jizzle

    I aint tryna hate on dude but he jacked bite waynes lines from go getta when he say "tired of the fame , proud of the pain , im a lion my mane . . . . " just sayinnn .

  • Crus, Clans, Cliques and Squads

    debut didnt even drop and he already selling out SMH

  • Bullshit

    how the fuck do you compare his ass to biggie? motherfucka needs some new ears..

  • DevilishThoughts

    Wowwww...RIP Rap. I wanna kick this little bitches ass for disgracing an artform like that. First of all, his ghostwriter isn't even that good. Obviously he didn't write those lyrics himself. Second, he sounds like he hasn't hit puberty yet, actually he probably hasn't...I mean come on that's like Michael Buble or more accurately Hannah Montana trying to rap...fucking pathetic. Vado is a fucking retard for wanting to work with this guy then again, I've heard Vado's music, he already sucked now he just made it obvious to everyone. And what's this bullshit about Dr. Dre logging studio time with him? If this little bitch is on Detox I'm not gonna fucking buy the record...come on Dre...10 years since 2001 and you're gonna let some little pop baby work on your masterpiece? WTF? Bullshit. I don't believe it.

    • DevilishThoughts

      What do I got in my radio? No Vado that's for sure. He sucks. Lately I've been listening to Cudi's debut album and just going back to that. But the new shit I've been bumpin is a lot of Joe Budden, Lupe Fiasco, Emilio Rojas, Kanye West, Ice Cube and J. Cole. That's what I've been listening to. Real fucking music not Vado's fucking SLIME FLU wtf.

    • K MON3Y

      You said vado what you got in your radio now? cause vados killin it right now instead of listening to beats pay attention to the lyrics my brotha, but then again vado did say he sounded like BIG

  • sharpsh00ter155

    gucci and wayne both used the exact same lyrics in two of their songs, along with this underground rapper who freestyled over beamer benz or bentley. sounds exactly like one of the greatest rappers ever to touch the mic, right?

  • Necknoose

    I think Vado just killed his rap career by comparing Justin to Big... That's an absolute FAIL!!! I's over Vado...Don't be surprised if Cam cuts him loose...

  • gutter man

    and oh yeah- bieber need to get put in his fuckin place- little privledged shit head aint raw and is projecting an energy and a aura that could never be him- back up bitch ass bieber. but you know his manager or misleading corporate controllers told him to do it or post it. he's' a whore and a joke and i cant beleive so many rappers have fucked with him. its 1 thing to be open minded and well rounded by branching out and doing a collab with a real rock singer or band, but quite another to stoop as low as bieber the pop clone. Big L would smack vado. it also one thing to use certain artists to help your career, but you sould never as a real socalled street rapper or real hip hop cat work with a clown like bieber the gased up breast feeding yes man.

  • gutter man

    as long as cam aint on it, but its cams song, so..UH OH... DONT TO IT CAMERON GILES- your the only one thats kept it gutter thus far.

    • gutter man

      actually you fuckin square retarted ass clown- cam paid to make it, he hired araab muzik, probably came up with the overall concept and he's rhymin on half the track you sucker and it was originally on cam and vados boss of all bosses 2.5 go finger your mother

    • Anonymous

      its vados song from his new mixtape album in stores now

  • Ronnie Guess?

    sounds like biggie?????? please just kill yourself! cant believe this shit is happening!! i give up!

  • Anonymous

    wow rap is gay these days

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Shawty Maine = The Notorious B.I.G. ^^^^^^^^^^^^ Blasphemy!!!

  • miguel Guttierres

    ROTFLMFAOWPM @ "He sounded like [Notorious] B.I.G.". That was probably the stupidest thing that came out of anybody's mouth since Soulja Boy's slave masters comment. What a joke!

  • Bryant Carter

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  • problems/problema

    I see maino and a bunch of other brooklyn cats goin at Maino for that reckless is wrong with vado b...that dude lost serious points with that bullshit

    • Anonymous

      cmon man vado is just trying to sell his new mixtape that came out this week that no one is gonna buy cause it is 16.99 US and its a mixtape but maybe if hes cool with bieber the lil kids will buy it $$$$$$$$

    • freshyboi

      maino is gonna go at himself? awesome

  • freshyboi

    thats hilarious that bieber stole lyrics from some unknown guys beamer benz or bentley freestyle!!!!! what a lil bitch, now vado and tory lanez are gonna gain all kinds of little white fans


    To say Biebor who hasnt hit puberty sounds like the GOAT in BIGGIE is outrageous... Vado is a big nobody who is using The lil white boy to promote himself.. Bieber might have just stuck a knife in Hip Hop if he keeps up with this whack ass bullshit he called a freestyle... I wanna see my nigga Royce da 5'9 send a diss to bieber an see how he reponds

  • tevans13

    bieber stole those lines from a rapper named tory lanez its on worldstarhiphop

  • hellrazor

    i'm gonna pretend i never read this article. for real.

  • zasman

    sounded like biggie? so bieber sounds like a hardcore black guy? HAHHAHAHAHHA.vado needs brain surgery!

  • Best Rappers

    He sounded like Biggie,lol,i no Biggie fans mad that vado said that.


    If it's cool with Vado, it's cool with me. Slime!!!!

  • jay

    sounded like biggie???????..kill urself now

  • truth

    I have nothing against the kid, but I don't listen to his music either. In spite this stupid rap he did -_-'...people can't give a "sophisticated" reason as to why they hate him. The kid can sing, his fanbase is teenage little boys and girls. If you're a MAN and this KID bothers THEN MAN UP! Seriously, if you can't give a firm reason as to why you HATE this kid, then stop jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else saying "Fuck Justin Bieber". It's one thing to criticized someones music (yes his music is trash), but it's another thing to hate him as a person. Know the difference between the two...

  • sdf

    Sounded like Biggie? GET THE FUCK OUT!!

  • stayoutofhiphopkaybieber

    okay whoever helped bieber write this should be ashamed of bringing him any further into an association of hip hop. "i just wanted to do this to prove that i got skills on the rap game". it's an avaerage rap that you didn't even write kid. trust you don't even know what a yellowbone is. What's worse is you're portraying that there was actually any skill in this rap. if there was it wasn't yours, it was your ghost writers. I'm all for people doing big things with their life, but this kid is basically stepping into hip hop with his shoes on, that's disrespectful. kanye, look what you did lol. call me a hater, but you're a silly ho if you actually defend this punk. that is all.

  • Izzy

    Sooo....are we going back to proclaiming hiphop is dead?

  • Anonymous

    did this nigga just say he sounded like B.I.G??? you mean he sounded like drake, mixed with a pre-molested bow wow... the fuck is wrong with rappers these days.

  • Toppdogg908

    Vado should hang himself for saying this guy sounded like BIG...SMFH

  • Brennen Jones

    Bieber did his thing on the track BUT he did not sound like B.I.G. Nowhere close, lol...

  • forreal

    Rappers are getting desperate for money these days. Crossing over is the in thing for these metrosexuals to do now.

  • anonymous

    est thing that has happened to your career yet...But PLEASE don't say he sounds like BIG. He's rolling over in his grave right now

    • Gucci Mane

      BIG is sHIT. dont compare VADO to BIG. Gucci Mane la flare.

    • anonymous

      The first part of my comment was cut off... I get that you want to jump on with Beiber, him using your beat was probably the best thing that's happened to your career...but PLEASE don't say he sounds like BIG. He's rolling over in his grave right now

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