Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito Reunite For Honorary Show At WKCR FM

UPDATE: Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito make an honorary return to the radio show that they built, shaping 1990s and 2000s Hip Hop.

Following the closure of Fat Beats, another legendary Hip Hop institution is bieng threatened, as Columbia University has apparently decided to pull the plug on the Squeeze Radio show.

In a public letter, current host Sucio Smash explained that Columbia University has decided to pull the plug on the show, which was started by Stretch Armstrong and Bobbito Garcia in October 1990. After eight years, Stretch left teh show, and Bobbito continued with Lord Sear. Two years after, Sucio jioned, until Bobbito and Lord Sear retired from the program in 2003.

"In the past the program introduced NY and the world to Wu-Tang, Nas, Jay-Z, Big L, Fat Joe and more," wrote Sucio Smash in his letter. "Since 2003 The Squeeze Radio show has introduced NY and many listeners in the world to Kanye West, Consequence, Lupe Fiasco, Blu, Roc Marciano, Torae, Tanya Morgan and more."

The letter asks that "[i]f you are an artist that's been in the show, a listener, a Hip Hop fan or just someone that's tired of how we are being pushed around and shut down [sic] let your voice be heard" by signing a petition.

"We are running out of time," wrote Sucio in the letter's closing statement. "As of now [sic] we have one show left this thursday night and I believe and hope that with your help we can make sure that that is not the case. "

To sign the petition, please go to (October 14)

UPDATE: pointed out that the legendary duo of deejays Stretch Armstrong & Bobbito the Barber will return to WKCR 89.9 FM this week. The announcement was made two days ago:

Yoyoyoyoyoyoyo- this Thurs night, myself and Bobbito will be back on WKCR FM-NY 89.9 at 1am. Oh my.less than a minute ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Lord Sear has also agreed to be involved in the event as well.


  • karoumy

    turn teh spell check back on. lol

  • steve

    After listening to the last show I'm not surprised that it's being canceled. In fact, the show should have ended when Bobbito left as everything since then has been weak. So it's good that WKCR will now have students run the show. Hopefully they'll bring some new flavor to it and we still have Halftime on WNYU anyway, so does it really matter?

  • WKCR Supporter

    This article is completely one sided. First of all, it isn't Columbia University doing anything; WKCR is little more than tacitly connected to the Columbia administration. They give WKCR studio space, but WKCR is entirely student run, and they raise all of their own money. The show is not being cancelled. Rather, there is going to be a rotation of student hosts, all of whom are devoted to hip-hop. Giving the reigns to someone else is not the same thing as canceling an entire show.

    • audio tech

      devoted to what kind of hip-hop? is it the same trash they play on the clear channel stations? Colombia U most definitely have a say in who they have up at WKCR, dont get it twisted..i dont kno who at mgmt. gassed up ur head but take them lies somewhere else..we all kno what time it is...SAVE SQUEEZE RADIO!!!!

    • Bob

      How obvious is it that you are a representative of columbia university or wkcr? That post wasnt smooth at all. Get the fuck outta here with that shit. FUCK WKCR

  • Chris Dras Payton Jr

    ohhh that dude was out of jail...... Diddy ain't thinkin bout that nigga....hahaha he's smokin a Jeffery... ************Dras Higher than the Stars (NOTMIX/NOTMASTER) Snipt************ New Beat Free Beat Package!!!!!!!!!! (Release Date 10/06/2010) Old Beat Package (Release Date 09/06/2010) Will Rap 4 Deal Album I work with every body.......just hit me up about collabos, beats, verses, or shit any thing.... Contact Info: 210-264-1290

  • Ulukai

    Yep, all the grammar errors and other mistakes (calling Chamillionaire King Kooba, saying the one album will suffer a two-month delay and the new release date is in january 2012 etc etc) started as funny but now...

  • ASEE

    This is terrible journalism. Why don't you tell us HOW this university has the power to do this, and WHY they have decided to do so? Was it even the decision of the university? This is the most biased shit I've read in weeks. Give the other side or don't publish your shit.

    • Champ Fulse

      fuk all that grammatical criticism. this is hiphop lame azz pekawoods !

    • audio tech

      colombia u has the power to cancel the show because they're the ones who run WKCR..and the reason why they wanna cancel "squeeze radio" is beyond me cause Sucio Smash(the dj & host) is the only one playing independent underground maybe the mgmt up at colombia wanna go in a diffrent direction and start playing more mainstream hip-hop,who knows

    • TK

      Thank you! Those were exactly the same questions I wanted to ask. I think HipHopDx should return to the basics of news reporting. Please include WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY! ...and please use spell check and grammar check. Those green, blue, and red lines underneath the words on MS Word are there for a reason.

  • Graphics

    Can you please use spell check? "After eight years, Stretch left teh show, and Bobbito continued with Lord Sear. " It's spelled, "T-H-E" Also, please use commas. If I'm supposed to respect this site, you have to learn the basics.

    • Champ Fulse

      fuk all that grammatical criticism. this is hiphop lame azz pekawoods ! word

    • miguel Guttierres

      Don't forget about the sentence after that. "Two years after, Sucio jioned, until Bobbito and Lord Sear retired from the program in 2003." Don't you mean JOINED, HHDX?

  • audio tech

    save "squeeze radio"!!! one of the few real hip-hop shows we have left in nyc

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