T.I. Helps Stop A Suicidal Jumper

UPDATE: T.I. recounts his role to Ryan Cameron saying, "I was willing to do whatever I could to resolve this peacefully and favorably."

In the midst of possibly facing a return to jail for his September drug possession charges, T.I. reportedly helped persuade a suicidal jumper to avoid leaping from the top of a radio station’s building. TMZ reports that Tip called V-103 on-air personality Ryan Cameron after hearing about a jumper atop the building where Cameron’s radio show is hosted. Cameron suggested T.I. head over, where the rapper recorded a heartfelt video message that authorities played for the man atop the roof. After being talked down T.I. also met with the man, who will not face charges from V-103. (October 13)

UPDATE: After the incident, Tip spoke with Cameron and explained his role in assisting the jumper, who has been identified as Joshua.

“It had to be destined to happen, because I was on my way to shoot a video,” T.I. said. “I heard this on the radio soon as I was pulling out of my driveway. I called the station and made my way down there, and I asked the negotiators and the policeman if I could be of any help. I was willing to do whatever I could to resolve this peacefully and favorably. They came up with the idea of sending a message. Joshua believed in us enough to take our word for it. He came down off faith, and I was down there and spoke to him for a minute.”

Jason Geter told Forbes.com's The Beat Report that T.I. told man, “Nothing is that bad. Nothing in life is worth taking your life. I'm here to help you. Please come down to talk to me.”

The interview, posted early this morning, also claimed that the man who nearly took his life is an aspiring film producer. Read the full Jason Geter interview at Forbes.com .

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, suicide was the tenth leading cause of death in America in 2007, accounting for 34,598 deaths. The overall rate was 11.3 suicide deaths per 100,000 people, with an estimated 11 attempted suicides occur per every suicide death.



  • Anonymous


  • Andy

    This will help in court.

  • Heberpayy

    I would say: "jump motherfucker". Fuckin suicidals bitches. If you want kill yourself, kill, motherfucker! Don't act like a hoe saying you gon jump and shit.

  • cashvilles don

    yeah right who was jumping alfa omega get the fuck outta here the judge dont want to hear that ti shoulda been the one jumping

  • story

    I just watched some of the video of this event. Not only were many police there, looked like the national guard was sent in also. No idea how this can be a set up.

  • story

    Again I will make the same comment I made previously and did not get a response. How can this be staged? If it is staged TI would face even more legal problems. If this was found out to be a set up somebody would face charges. Am I correct? How can any of you think this is staged? Anybody who calls an emergency line as a joke faces charges. Please comment on this story accordingly.

  • Hand Grustle

    looks like t.i. is on another road to redemption. this nigga just cant decide whether he wants to be hood or good, confused niggaz like that need to be in prison for a long time. there even worse than the murderers and rapist least they made up there mind on who they want to be and that makes it easier for the legal system to do wat they gotta do. niggaz like t.i. think they could just do a bad thing and then balance it out by doing a good thing. this is a publicity stunt! this isnt new for t.i., this nigga has been doin shit like this from the 1st time he got arrested all the way to 34th. THIS NIGGA GETS HIMSELF OUTTA EVERYTHING! and its cuz he does shit like this. are u people this fuckin retarded? hes done it 34 times with several felonies too! who u know can have a rap sheet like that and get away every single time? no one! except for this clifford harris mothafucka. when u gonna realize this?! after the 50th? 100th time? lock this nigga up and throw a key!

    • @pico

      I don't know man, this isn't a publicity stunt. You face legal charges if you fake an emergency call or situation.

    • pico presi

      @ BRRRRR... Naw homeboy, if you dont realize this as a publicity stunt created by the good spin docters in the PR world, then maybe tip layin pipe to you man. This is just too damn obvious... u just blind daawg.

    • BRRRR

      Did Tip lay pipe to your bitch or something? And who the fuck appointed your ass judge, jury and executioner?


    Tip staged some shit to stay out of the pen. Can't say I blame him.


    guarantee if T.I. never caught another case, the man would have jumped and killed himself with t.i. no where to be seen..this nigga t.i. is sheisty and suspect. he should have involved his wife with this publicity stunt too, but nah that nigga only gives a fuck about himself. i like ur music, but fuck u tip! most unloyal nigga next to jay-z

    • Jadakiss88

      Question How does all that effect you personally? I know don't worry it doesn't...Are you mad because he's making bank and capitalizing on opportunities to make him look good? That's what I guess...

  • Moses Esan

    I cant help thinking this was a plan to get him a light sentence on his charges.

  • Alex Hayford

    This was a smart move by T.I. It's obvious that he's looking for a light punishment for his drug possession charges. He's really lucky that the guy happened to be nearby. Trust me, this is a good thing for him.

  • story

    look all I'm sayin is that if it was staged TI would be looking at more legal troubles. Am I correct? This is a real story, TI really helped this guy. Look at the stats 35,000, and 11 times more make the attempt. This is a real issue.

  • STFU

    You guys are all insecure faggots. Damn seriously got issues up in here. Sorry your dad's left you back in the day, but don't bring that bullshit in here. Get your panties out that cunt-bunch.

  • jadakiss88

    Does it really matter if it was staged or not? No!!! The fact remains that if this indeed was TRUE and T.I. showed the genuine effort to help someone from taking their own life, ya'll should shut it up and stop playing into the media so much. The media is putting the doubt in your head not T.I. and not his pending court case. I am glad I am not a celebrity I am pretty sure everytime I give a dollar to goodwill or salvation army ya'll would call it a publicity stunt. If I drop a dime or a quarter in a homeless man's cup ya'll would call it false and I was trying to pull a publicity stunt. It never ceases to amaze me..

  • T.I.P.

    illumanati believers thats what u fantazing niggas is. This is not staged! u guys must be fucked up in the head watching to much tv or looking up shit to believe in on the internet or something to think this is staged. imaginative niggas

  • Anonymous

    How the hell does his Beanie stay on his head like that?! Man Brothers got some wack fashion

  • Anonymous

    yeah, how many suicides did i just hear about on the news and this nigga in legal trouble? let's what i can do as an artist to put out a positive image to help me with the courts, IF i didn't cut a deal with them already and this is my part in that deal. i feel sorry for the kids that follow these people

  • Chris Dras Payton Jr

    Naw...just because TI says he didn't does that really mean that.???? lol Man Really think about it.... Dude brags about what kinda genius he is on the strategic level in his lyrics all the time......... I couldn't put it passed him.......... Pay some dude to do that so he looks like a good guy... and the lawyer can use that in his case... But its an opinion.... the only people who Really know the truth is TI and close connects......... New Beat Free Beat Package!!!!!!!!!! (Release Date 10/06/2010) http://rapidshare.com/files/423574447/Dras_Beat_Em_Down_CD_2_____MP3_.zip Old Beat Package (Release Date 09/06/2010) http://rapidshare.com/files/418831951/Beat_Package_1.zip Will Rap 4 Deal Album http://rapidshare.com/files/418828395/Will_Rap_4_Deal_Str8_Trippin_Records.zip I work with every body.......just hit me up about collabos, beats, verses, or shit any thing.... Contact Info: 210-264-1290 heydras@gmail.com

  • Lay

    Rap is now officially the new WWE... The fakest genre of music in the world!

  • Connect With Twitter

    If this wasn't staged...good job...but given the timing of his court appearances, I can't not consider this being a ploy.

  • Tye Battle

    Not sure how legit this is. TI knew this would make him look good. If TI serves no time for his last infraction then I would believe its a set up.

  • Steven Ireland

    Pretty cool on tips part and glad the guy was saved. I mean could you imagine what a fool he would have looked like if the nigga went through with the jump lol!!!

  • Chris Dras Payton Jr

    Man... He really don't want to go to jail..... ****New Free Beats CD by Dras "Beat Em Down"*** Dras Beat Em Down CD 2 (Date Released: Oct. 6th 2010) http://rapidshare.com/files/423574447/Dras_Beat_Em_Down_CD_2_____MP3_.zip Dras Beat Em Down CD 1 (Date Released: Sept. 6th 2010) http://rapidshare.com/files/418831951/Beat_Package_1.zip Contact Info:

  • Milad Ghasemzadeh

    smh @ some of the haters here. dude helped SAVE A LIFE and people are talking smack. and i'm not even a t.i. fan.

    • Asafo

      This is actually directed towards 'Gusso". Umm T.I. has been saving lives even before he got in trouble with the guns. Dude does charity all over Atlanta, and the rest of the country. Not for community service hours but because he wants to save lives...but since its not some major feat like stoppin dude from killin himself, then its not reported in the news. Give dude his props man, stop tryna bring him down.

    • Gussso

      Why didn't T.I. help save a life when he was going double platinum with "Paper Trail"? T.I. always finds a way to look for good deeds that'll help get himself out of the trouble that he continuously keeps placing himself in so that's why people are talking smack. This shit is like that movie The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher. Let's say if T.I. never had Codeine,Ecstasy,and Marijuana in his vehicle with Tiny. Let's say if T.I. and Tiny were going back home or back to the hotel completely clean without any problems whatsoever. And then this day came along with the suicidal jumper a attempting to jump atop the building where Cameron’s radio show is hosted. If T.I. never had any drugs in his vehicle and didn't get caught up in anymore legal situations then he would have never gone to save that man from jumping off the roof of that radio station. The Cops would've tried to help that man off the roof and T.I. wouldn't have been involved and who's to say if that man would've committed suicide. T.I. can be a little bit slick if he wants to but he knows why he recorded that message to help the man off the roof from committing suicide. All of sudden after T.I. gets in trouble again he finally realizes that as an entertainer he has a responsibility towards helping others? Get the fuck outta here... T.I. should've known that shit a long time ago. Why now? T.I. needs to go to jail and take it like a man again. Stop trying to bail yourself out of what you did wrong. Accept what you did wrong and keep it moving to being a more stronger person. T.I. decided to help save a life only because his life was at stake of being sent off to prison again because of his dumb foolishness as usual. If T.I.'s life wasn't at stake for going off to prison then that man would've probably had gone ahead and committed suicide and nobody other than the Cops would've been there to talk him out of it. Nice try T.I. ...Just do your time and handle your time like a man yo!

  • kevin

    Good for Tip. He is one of the few southern rappers that is actually lyrical and 1 of the few southern rappers i have respect for. Hope he gets his legal problems straightened out and hope to see him back at what he does best. Hope the next album is better or just as good as Paper Trail, which was my favorrtie T.I Album. PZ OUT

  • UntouchpuertorocNYC

    How ironic, the week he gets violated, he comes to someones rescue...this makes for a case that having him in the streets will do better serve the community from in the pen! I don't buy this bullshit, just another plot in the ever thicking TI saga!

  • story

    Yeah I dont' know what you people be talking about here. This almost has to be a real story. Because if it was set up, TI would face even more problems. I'm almost positive this is a real story and even if TI has made mistakes in the past, he just helped someone out and that is a good thing. I guess you can still dislike TI, but for this story you should have something postive to say about him.

  • r.pgh

    fucking haters talking shit on him for helping someone in need. smdh.

  • Garvin Inoa

    This fucking clown ass nigga. I told ya this talentless nigga is a phony publicity stunt snitch. Look what he trying to pull to avoid jail time this time. Ha, ha

  • DJ KO

    You got to love great news like this. As if his talent weren't enough he goes out of his way to save a life. Think how good the world could be if everyone worked as hard as T.I in both his career and actually helping people. Inspirational story

  • bizzle

    I bet you, T.I. set this shit up. what a bitch move.

  • Beats Making Center

    Wow that's great news. And he's lucky obviously this helped him a lot on his case. Good work TI.

  • ElmStreetPiru

    Is it true t.i. been arrested 34 times ? Wtf i thought in Ga after the 3rd strike with the same charge they throw football numbers at you. Smh son music is fucked up everything is fucked up now. You go to jail come out gangsta sellin dope its cool. You go to school get a job got to college you get called a faggot,nerd,lame,pussy. All that hard body talk t-lie don his songs is funny. He cant even do 1 year in P.C. smh

  • dope

    thats cool.it feels really good to save a life man,i know it.and dont forget that we all r human so its good that man is back to his friends/family i just hope carma helps tip out with court

  • freshyboi

    seems like a situation a record label would create to make him look better in the press


    T.I. either paid the guy to do this so T.I. could look like a hero and score some points with the judge he has to see next week or this is the work of the illuminati lending out a helping hand to this dumb ass nigga once again. one things for certain tho, this shit was a setup. no doubt

  • Powerphi

    If this is sincere, than props to T.I. I only have one question - how is it that you can save someone threatening to jump, but can't save your damn self?

  • Ariel Da Mp

    The king doin' good in his kingdom...

  • edubb1977

    Im not buying this bullshit the whole thing was planned. Anyone who doesnt think so is stupid.

  • Anonymous

    good shit man too bad he still goin bak to jail that sucks if you like big titties and big butts and ridiculous pranks click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwG5BCujS4


    T.I. is my boi when it comes to the rapping but this shit seems hard to swallow even for someone that wants to believe it was not planned. LMAO. He been done passed everybody as the #1 stunta

  • Joshua Doran

    Kudos too him for this...

  • BHAU

    Good shit T.I.... but your still going back to jail

  • The Ghost BKS1


  • problems/problema

    T.I probably planned that whole shit..lol..."yo listen i'll give u 50 g's if u pretend to jump..i got a hearing come up and I need good publicity"...that dude has a goood publicity team though..leaked that shit out with the quickness

  • Mr. I Rap Better That U

    I find that hard to believe but if it's true (which it probably is) that's great...props to T.I...

  • mrudangd

    I love when celebrities do things like this. Whether anyone says it was for publicity or not, at the end of the day, the man saved a life. Props to T.I.

  • gutter man

    this story made me feel good- the station didnt press charges- thats cool!!! and t.i. aint a bad dude. c'mon people he's tip drill the super aura overkill confidence persona.

  • Anonymous

    I guess T.I. is a Superhero

  • Daniel Lemus

    t.i needs all the good press he can get


    That's actually really cool. straight outta movie. Good for tip, get that dude some help

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