Hip Hop Album Sales: The Week Ending 10/10/2010

Bruno Mars and Waka Flocka Flame get Top 10 debuts, as two releases from Brick Squad and UGK fill the charts proudly, and Skyzoo & !llmind represent lovely.

Atlantic Records' sensation Bruno Mars scored a #2 debut with his debut Doo Wops & Hooligans. The longtime songwriter and producer cleared 50,000 first-week units in a softer week altogether for the charts. After scoring exposure via his "Nothin' On You" feature alongside B.o.B. earlier this year, Doo Wops & Hooligans features Damian Marley.

Eminem's Recovery stayed in the Top 5 for another week. The Interscope/Aftermath Entertainment release has the possibility of reaching the three million mark by year's end. 

Another debut this week came courtesy of Brick Squad rapper Waka Flocka Flame. The Atlanta sensation's debut, Flockaveli features Pastor Troy, Wale and Uncle Murda. The Lex Luger-produced album scored a Top 10 debut, appearing at #6 for Warner Brothers distribution.

Singer Trey Songz slid two spots to #9 with his Passion, Pain & Pleasure. Headed towards the 380,000 mark, Trey may now be Atlantic Records' biggest star in the wake of T.I.'s legal woes. The Petersburg, Virginia native's fourth album features Drake and Nicki Minaj. 

Notorious B.I.G.'s widow Faith Evans returned with a new album, Something About Faith. Released through E1 Entertainment, the #15 debut features Raekwon, Snoop Dogg and Lil Mo.

* Please note: figures below approximated to nearest thousandth.

Top 200 Album Sales (Top 5 Hip Hop/R&B)

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
3 Bruno Mars Doo Wops & Hooligans
55,000 55,000
4 Eminem Recovery 52,000 2,768,000
6 Waka Flocka Flame Flockavelli
37,000 37,000
9 Trey Songz Passion, Pain & Pleasure 32,000 380,000
15 Faith Evans Something About Faith
23,000 24,000

I Am Not A Human Being was a digital-only release through Tuesday when the collection of songs is appeared on CD. After selling 110,000 first week, the release scanned 23,000 this week. The collection of songs features Young Money Records artists such as Nicki Minaj, Drake and Lil Twist. Production for the album released in honor of Wayne's September 27 birthday was handled by Cool & Dre, Boi-1da and Streetrunner, among others. It was Country star Kenny Chesney that prevented Lil Wayne from achieving that coveted #1 spot.

Also remaining in the Top 20 Gucci Mane made it a double Brick Squad chart week with The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted. The Atlanta, Georgia sensation's sequel to The State vs. Radric Davis cleared 20,000 more units, as The Appeal features Nicki Minaj, Swizz Beatz and Wyclef Jean. The Warner Brothers/Asylum/1017 Brick Squad release curiously did not feature Gucci's artists OJ Da Juiceman and Waka Flocka Flame. Waka released his debut album, Flockaveli, yesterday.

UGK co-founder Pimp C's final posthumous album, The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones sold 18,000 first-week units. The Rap-A-Lot Records release joins band-mate Bun B's Trill O.G., which officially cleared 100,000 units this week.

Ice Cube's first album in two years fell to #54. The controversially-titled I Am The West, debuted 32 places higher last week, though it now cleared the 30,000 overall mark. Released through Cube's own Lench Mob Records, the aggressive collection of songs featured fellow west coast pioneer WC, as well as veteran Jayo Felony and Cube's son, OMG. I Am The West featured a reunion with 24-year production partner Sir Jinx, as well as iTunes bonus tracks produced by E-A-Ski and DJ Quik.


Brooklyn emcee Skyzoo and New Jersey producer !llmind teamed for Live From The Tape Deck last week. The Duck Down Records release features Rhymefest, Styles P and The Boot Camp Clik. Skyzoo's second full-length, and !llmind's first, made the charts at #174, selling over 2,000 first-week units.

Rank Artist Album This Week Est. Total
16 Lil Wayne I Am Not A Human Being
23,000 133,000
18 Gucci Mane The Appeal: Georgia's Most Wanted
20,000 80,000
25 Pimp C The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones
18,000 18,000
54 Ice Cube I Am The West
8,400 31,000
174 Skyzoo & !llmind Live From The Tape Deck
2,400 2,500

Will releases from Foreign Exchange, Chiddy Bang and veteran producer Nottz keep the charts ever-changing? Stay tuned to HipHopDX.


  • dninc

    Look like the entire Hip Hop industry is just doing bad right now, nobody made it to over 200,000 like they use to do back in 95(no limit, Biggie, NWA, era)-2003(cash money, big boy era) It could be the economy, it could be that everybody has grown up and are thirsty for something more mind stimulating?, it could be a variety of things. I know for sure there are a couple of saviors in the game but they aren't getting the recognition they deserve, Jay Electronica for one; his complex, intellectual, poetical lyrical style could possibly change the way we listen to music and give mind thirsty people what we're looking for, he's the missing link, the dude inhale and exhale 500 bar's all over any other rapper in the game right now and it'll all make sense in a clever way after you listen to it again. Then you got Curren$y who has his own style he can punish any type of production you put him on, then you got this one nigga no one has heard of but he's finally getting off the ground called "Dee 1" Nigga just called out all of the elites to step their shit up. he's finally about to get signed but will he sale? does anyone want to listen to "Truth" again? he may be able to sell to the club/pop crowd as well though so he's one of few that can switch it up for the kiddies and make it, but there are many that don't get heard and could be saviors of Hip Hop, instead we got the Flocka's, Gucci's, plies, young breeze of the world fuckin shit up. It's cool to have some let loose ABC, club, over produced shit but all the time? c'mon now! go support real shit!

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cube in 54 position and lil' wayne in 16? WTF!?

  • Str82dapoint

    Flockaveli?? Who the fuck does this guy think he is trying to compare himself to Makaveli? The title makes it seem like you think you are like 2Pac. Hell no... that shit is almost disrespectful to the GOAT. Dude needs to come up with his own shit... he looks like a wannabe with that title.

  • Monroe

    Your all retarted as fucck. Waka is the truth. Alot of those freestyles where older and some new. I think Brick squad taking the game over. Now It's Frenchies turn. Waynes album goes in but not that good. Eminem is always a classic. Gucccci! BURRR the real nigga in the game and running it. Fuck bruno marz

  • balls

    Haha, That's all Wacka Waka Waka sold?? Haha, i thought dude was bigger than that, for real...wow...

  • savage88


  • Bryant Carter

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  • Anonymous

    waka flocka's wack as hell

  • Proms

    Where can I get the entire list please ?

  • Yeah-yeah

    I posted this in another thread about a specific song, but it still rings true here... If you want Hip hop to be better, support the artists with talent. Rec Execs only put money behind the artists that sell. But someone like Skyzoo has fans who only download cause they ahve this cynical view of the industry. Dudes, the industry does what we want it to do. Buy good music, tell your friends to buy good music. Stop complaining, it's up to you

    • @yeah

      no that's not how it is. on your fist post you wrote buy the album. on your second post you wrote stop complaining. you're a fake advertiser

  • lilhooverdashooter

    Dats whaddup Check out dis real hip hop. http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_5473508

  • Yeah-yeah

    whoever doesn't give this a five is killin' hip hop whoever chooses to give this a five, but then not buy the fuckin album when it comes out is killin' hip hop whoever chooses to give this a five, but then downloads it, listens to it nonstop until they get tired of it, and then when it comes out, doesn't buy it because, "that's so old, man...that came out last year" -- It's old because you fuckin' listened to it for 6 months straight before it came out you faggot, BUY THE ALBUM OR YOU'RE KILLING HIP HOP IF YOU LIKE THESE ARTISTS, BUY THEIR SHIT! THERE'S NO REASON BUDDEN, ROYCE, LUPE, WIZ, WALE, CUDI, COOL KIDS, BLU OR ANY OF THESE GUYS CAN'T AT LEAST GO GOLD! IF THEY DON'T, IT'S BECAUSE OF US. WE CONTROL THINGS. IF YOU LOVE HIP HOP, SUPPORT HIP HOP! BUY THE ALBUM

  • SutterKane

    People always crying cause cats like Em, Jay and Kanye have actual FANS who support their music...... Real Fans >>>>>> Compalining Internet crabs



  • @nas

    and again I agree with you. As for the "fuckin trend followers" line. Blame the labels, the media, and the CEO's for that. They decide what goes on heavy rotation. The fuckin trend followers are only doing what the media wants them to do. Like you said 6 people em, kanye, j, ti, wayne & drake. That's because when you turn on the TV or radio, or check internet websites THAT IS THE ONLY SHIT THEY ARE FORCING DOWN PEOPLE'S THROATS!!! So its not really the fans or the artists who are to blame. Its the media. Like I said cut them out of the deal. Get the fans and artists to work together. Fuck the 8 figure CEO's in business suits they are the ones who are ruining music. Nas did well in 1994 because back in 94 plenty of real and regular people had connections in the media. Its not like that anymore. The media is the problem.

  • Nas Esco

    hahahah! album sales these days are pathetic..Nas illmatic sold 59,000 copies in 1994 with no airplay or big sinlges and still beating these wack CD's that come out now...hip hop dead when only eminem,kanye west,jay-z,T.I,Lil Wayne,drake can go platinum!!! that's it 6 people? fuckin trend followers..Eminems past 3 albums have been terrible but white kids gonna support him regardless if he farted on a track..Where's the 36 chambers,e 1999 eternal,death certificate,the chronic,all eyez on me,the infamous,only built for cuban linx,ready to die,reasonable doubt etc.. of this generation?? nobody puts there heart and passion in there music anymore..fuckin one hit and quit wonders

    • @nas

      good post, agree with just about everything. However, I think people do put their heart and passion into their music, its just you don't see or hear from them because the labels and corporations control everything. You only hear and see what the labels and corporations want you to hear and see. One hit and quit wonders that's what most music artists are anyway, because it is very difficult to put out a quality 2nd album after you have already signed to a major contract. From an artstic standpoint you can hear what talent someone has then after that all you will get is the same artist and same style rehashed over and over again. Everybody deserves a fair chance to record professionally and be heard and that is not happening we only hear from a selected few who are chosen by the corporations, that is the problem. It seems people keep blaming the artists or the fans, that's not the main problem. Its the labels and corporations who control the studios, production, radio stations they are the problem. The artists and the fans need to colloborate and cut the labels and corporations out of the deal. Until then music will be total garbage.

  • Jake

    WACKA F...ING FLOCKA FLAMER sells more in first first week than Skyzoo, Diabolic, Reef The Lost Cauze, Roc marciano, AOTP, vinnie paz, elzhi (08 album) COMBINED...Truly tragic

  • Joshua Bechard

    it disgusts me seein the album sales. so many wack motherfuckers sellin records lol america is brainwashed. id rather cut my dick off then listen to eminems new shit. and wayne still sucks im glad he isnt selling as much anymore gimmicks can only last so long

  • Ramon SupaSwag Angelo


  • Octavian SoArtistic Johnson

    wow....waka shouldnt even be in the top 100....what the fuck are people thinkin yo...that album is garbage

  • cogna

    why do i give a shit about Bruno Mars again? Why don't you talk about fucking hip hop DX

  • Yvenel Fuse Benoit

    If u dont buy dats what u get, How u want quality music but wanT buy a CD, But got the LAST 10 YEAR ON UR IPOD, um tired of buy a cd wit 12songs feel me, goin gold is the new platinum

  • nuts

    White people are just buying eminem recovery by the gallon's, stocking them up like bread

    • derby

      And Jay still continue to get that white bread!!

    • jake

      ummmmmm who the hell do you think mad biggie go diamond, jay-z sell 40 mil worldwide, nas sell 10 mil plus, roots 1-2 mill+, 2pac SIXTY MILLION WORLDWIDE!?!? WHITE PEOPLE FOR THE MOST PART you f*uckin idiot. Gotta love reverse racism...So you think legends like kool g rap, masta ace, redman, nas, phroahe monch, rakim, krs-one, big daddy kane, jay-z, along with dope lesser known yet dope ppl like diabolic, copywrite, elzhi, royce, crooked i, j cole, ill bill, slug, brother ali, ortiz, to name a few are LYING when they say (in so many words), "Em is SUPER DUPER DOPE and a legend in this game...one of the sickest to ever do it, especially 97-03."

    • Ronnie Guess?

      You Mad??

    • Yvenel Fuse Benoit

      hell naw bih shit 2funny

  • real post

    Music is music. Music is not money. Those are two completely different things. But right now in the industry all music is is money. It is supposed to be about music. And "supporting the artist" right now is the wrong move, because you are just supporting the millionaire's who pull the strings. Most of us, as fans we keep looking for the 50 cents, Eminem's, Rick Ross to make good music and what we have to realize is that we have already heard the majority of those dudes artistic talents. Its time for other people to get the same chance they did. And to get that chance you need. 1.A quality producer or artist who has years of experience 2.At least $100,000+ of quality equipment. Because that is what the professionals do and that is what the professionals use. To sound like a professional, you can't go to Best Buy and spend $5,000 bring the stuff home record by yourself and expect to sound good. You won't. You need to get the same chance that all of the big names we have heard of gets. Until something in the industry changes, don't "support" any of it. Because all you are is a puppet or a $$$ sign. You're not going to hear any quality music until artists who have already made it are put on the same level as the average person, and the CEO's and corporations are cut out of the deal. That's how it is.

    • @zood

      "It also costs money to use said studios" No it does not. It is recording equipment that is already there. "How do those who own studios turn a profit" Why do people who have made money well into the the millions have to continue to make a profit? It is not against the law to give something to somebody to help somebody out. "Unfortunetly people need to spend to be heard" Wrong, you can upload stuff onto the internet for free.

    • @zood

      It doesn't cost money to use studio equipment that is already there. Like I said, it is similiar to gym equipment. Most gyms aren't open 24/7, so when the gyms close the equipment stays there and is unused. Whether the equipment is used or not, it doesn't add or decrease in value. Same thing with studio equipment. Its all electronics. You don't need investment for high exposure. Why do those who own studios have to always turn a profit? If there are times when the equipment isn't being used, as very few things are open 24/7, it doesn't cost anybody money to record at that time. People do not need to spend to be heard. This is 2010 we are in the future here. The things you are talking about that is the past. People need to change things in order to make things successful again. And if all you are thinking about is how am I going to profit off of this, you are stuck like everybody else. Plenty of money has been made in the music industry over the past 20-30 years. If there aren't things and methods of communication to be used without the idea that somebody has to profit off of it, then they industry will be stuck in a halt for good. It is time for people to do things differently and stop always trying to be the one who profits the most.

    • zood

      True say, but then it also costs money to use said studios, otherwise how do those who own the studios turn a profit? The fact is for music to have high exposure, it needs investment, just like everything else in life. Unfortunately people need to spend to be heard.

    • @zood

      the studios are already there. you don't need any money. you just need to use the equipment that is already there.

    • Zood

      And what do you need to fund a studio set up or a producer? Money. So regardless the industry will still be about money and without money there won't be much support for the artists to come through. Vicious cycle.

  • cornball killa

    Waka Flaka...BET hip hop awards performance...Garbage as expected...Waka is one the worse artist in music period..hahahaaha Nigga rap like a slave on a plantation..."Hey Masser, I's be a rapper now boss"...Yall niggas be giving niggas props because of sells and money hahahaha..I got more money than all you bums and dont need to rap because I got paper..I still can party and take trips and blow Kush while you lames up here talking about another nigga success..So all you Waka fans can take his dick out yall ass a be a G about ya life and stop following wack ass niggas...Yeah and you lil Wayne fans, stop talking bout "Oh well he may be a faggot but he sold this much this week". hahhahaha you niggas act like girls so no wonder that gay shit dont bother you homos..hahaaha

  • Anonymous

    i dont know whos worse flockaveli or gucci pants lmaoo if you like big titties and big butts and ridiculous pranks click here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwG5BCujS4

  • CMB

    whats weezy's total?????????

  • mrnoluv

    Man, you young cats don't know this but Cube was the shit back in the days. Out here in LA back in 89-90, he was LA, before Pac, all these other fools...Ice T and Cube were the streets. AmericKKKas' Most Wanted is the best album I have ever heard. But man, hearing Cube now is like watching those last few Tyson fights. Cube needs to hang it up, old cats like me need to let these young cats do it, even though most suck.

    • G

      Wait a minute. I'm 18 and AmeriKKAs Most and Death Certificate bump in my walkman as much as J. Cole or Joell Ortiz. Its f'kin sad how (other) kids these days judge Cube by his current albums. BUT! Cube's cousin is Del. I heard that he wrote half the lyrics for Cube's joints.

  • jon murdock

    all i have to say is industry took it over and 99 percent of the new so called hip hop is trash.Heres a question was any hip hop done in the 2000s even close to 90s at all?Hell no maybe when people start making banging music it will sell

    • G

      its not really new hip hop in the mainstream. Its ghetto-fied pop. Yes there are many cats that are raw. eLZhi, J. Cole, Shad, Joell Ortiz, Reks, Lupe, Kanye (at times), Talib, Blu. Phonte, Sha Stimuli, Immortal Technique etc. LYRICS. Beats will never be the same though. Midnight Marauders is still beat perfection.

  • Nola504YaHerdMe

    BRUNO MARS-Dude is made underrated Eminem-Fake album sales still talking about his coke problem, mom, kids dude is wack Waka flocka-Club music album its good club music thats all. Trey Songz-Who ??? Faith Evans-Just give it up Lil Wayne-Hmm all you people say he sucks he wack he a faggot but outsold everybody on the list execpt eminem with no promo + it got leaked it had 5 good songs outta 12. Gucci Mane-All that buzz he had going on song after song after song. Next time this dumb ass wnt leak his album on myspace lol his album was on some trap rap party shit Pimp C-wack ass rapper but a real nigga this album was full of old shit let the man rest in peace stop trying to make money off the homie. Ice Cube-He fucking with the wrong producers shit was kinda weak not wack just weak

    • Ronnie Guess?

      so album sales makes it ok for lil wayne to be a fag??? fuck outta here!! its people like you who support this new age trash!!! here is an idea... go put on head phones... blast lil wayne till you cant hear any outside noise, blind fold yourself, and walk in traffic around 5pm

    • knowwhaimtombaut

      pimp is a muthafuckin legond and thats not for bein wack. eat a whole dick and nuts

  • G unit- cAPE tOWN


  • Alex Mendoza

    Only album I wanted from among them was Skyzoo's. I don't like Cube's newer stuff, and lil wayne and flocka are just trash.

  • Heat-357

    Damn I was just thinkin... what the f#ck happened to Drake?.... dude had a huge buzz a year ago now he just disappeared?!?!?


    i fuck with pimp c FUCK THE REST

  • dukecityspecialist

    "win" my bad

  • dukecityspecialist

    So I guess wacka flocka is going to with "the I sold less than Tech n9ne award " this year???

  • CANT....BAN......DUKE....... BOY

    Flockaveli is a hard album

    • Ronnie Guess?

      Its a hard album?? wow you really have ''no'' idea what real hip-hop sounds like do you?? this dude waka is a fuckin clown!! straight up clown in hip-hop!! no talent at all!! just a bunch of tattoos (with zero true meaning) and red clothes to give his whole style that gang bang look!! add a little hair style to his whole image and some gun talk in his songs and ''PLLLOOOWWWW'' you got yourself a ''new age gangsta rapper''!!! fuckin wack!!

    • ...........

      its just music if thats his style then thats his style

    • miguel Guttierres

      Yes it is a hard album. It's hard to understand how so many people like this. Yes, I know that Waka said he isn't a lyricist. Tupac wasn't all that of a lyricist either but he's made a lot of songs that were uplifting and brought people out of hard times. So if Pac can do it, why can't Waka? Same for Gucci. They just shuck and jive so they can make money off of stupid people like you and demean our race even more. And Waka naming his album "Flockaveli" is a disgrace to a legend that actually cared about other people.

  • white milk

    y'all laughin at waka's numbers but if im correct waka is independent. he's not sign to a big label like def jam or atlantic so thats good numbers for him.... not that i like him like that jus sayin

    • Anonymous

      @raw hip hop^^^^^ raw crunk subgenre rap is a more accurate way to describe his album. Hip Hop is far from the first thing that comes to mind concerning the flockaveli cd, dude doesnt rhyme, at all! just a more aggressive version of lil john

    • raw hip hop

      waka flocka is a good album. shit has that raw hip hip energy, even thou he aint the best lyricist i'll give props where it's due

    • yugang

      he isnt that independent bruh, he had backing from warner bros who distributes asylum which is jointed with bricksquad. Tech N9ne is really independant not so much waka. Anyhow i feel bad for the 37,000 people that bought his record because they got ripped off when it comes to the quality of music.

    • miguel Guttierres

      He's under Warner Bros. and last time I checked, that's a major label.

  • verbs

    skyzoo and illmind got some real heads buying their music.. hottest album out there by miles!!!

  • JayLexus

    Live From The Tape Deck sold only 2,400?! I quess people just like to claim real hip hop, not support it. Shit is pathetic.

  • Heat-357

    Why the f#ck d people say the industry is dead??? Are they stupid? Do you still see hip hop in music stores? Do you see it on the web? Do you see it on TV? That's what I thought... so to all my friends who say hip hop is dead... its not.. But its possible that you don't like rap music as much as you think you do!

    • How I Got Over

      Heat-357, are you actually retarded? They mean that Hip Hop has gone in a bad direction (Gucci, Waka etc.) and that's the shit you see everywhere. Do you even understand Hip Hop?

    • Anonymous

      ppl who say that mean good hip hops dead shit like drake will be in ur face forever

  • MONROe

    FLOCKAAA!!! GUCCI! Taking the rap game overrr.

    • @yugang

      No. Spending the 10 to 15 dollars isn't going to do a goddam thing. All its going to do is allign the wrong people with money in their pockets again. Until the system changes, don't pay for music. Plain and simple. Because all you are doing right now is making matters worse by keeping the wrong people in control of the decisions.

    • to yugang

      I'll give you an example, and its my own personal example. I've been trying to get into a recording studio since 1995. That's right since 1995, and I have not even come close to stepping foot inside one. Not even close. I know some dudes who are involved in hip hop, won't name any names, but they are good friends with a few household names, who all of you I'm sure have heard of. Everytime I tried to get up with these dudes they starting playing me like a puppett and a clown when I would talk about making music, and yes a few of them I would consider to be friends. Because that is what the music industry is made of. Fake people who try to play people like clowns. So when these dudes who I considered to be friends acted fake to me I basically said go fuck yourself. If I wanted to get up with them and do things that were not music involved they acted real. But the second I started talking about recording and hip hop that is when they started acting fake, because they have connections and I do not, so they try and make that be known by playing me like a clown. I have money, I'm not going to be played like a clown no matter what, I don't need the "music" industry. But I've been wanting to record since 1995. And living in a very populated area, I have not even come close to recording, you want to know why? Because when you go to record you need two things. 1.A quality producer who can produce the tracks to make you sound good. 2.Very expensive equipment, in the $100,000 range. You can't spend $5,000 and do it yourself and expect to sound good you won't no matter what you do. You need to do what the professionals do, and very few regular people have that opportunity. That is what the problem in the music industry is. What should be happening is this. Oct 15 DJ Premier will be at so and so studio in South Bronx from 11-7 to help people record. Oct 16 50 cent will be at so and so studio in CT from 12-9 to help people record. Oct 17 Eminem will be at so and so studio in Detroit from 10-6 to help people record. Oct 18 Big Boi will be at so and so studio in ATL from 3-11 to help people record. Oct 19 Game will be at so and so studio in LA from 2-12 to help people record. Oct 20 DJ Khalid will be at so and so studio in MIA from 11-9 to help people record. etc, etc, etc. That is when music will become good because it will take the artist who have reached popularity and the average people and bring them together, and the result will be stuff we haven't heard yet. Until that happens, don't support music in any way, because you are being played like a puppet by corporations and labels. THEY decide what music goes on heavy rotation, not YOU. Music is music. Music is not money, those are two different things. But right now in the industry all music is is money. We need to make it about music. And "supporting the artist" right now is the wrong move, because you are just supporting the millionaire's who pull the strings. Most of us, as fans we keep looking for the 50 cents, Eminem's, Rick Ross to make good music and what we have to realize is that we have already heard the majority of those dudes artistic talents. Its time for other people to get the same chance they did.

    • to yugang

      No. that is wrong. When you "support" your artist you support the corporation and label who signed the artist. That is why I wrote supporting an artist is a joke. It really is. All you become is a millionaire's customer. And you don't really support the artist, you support the CEO's and labels who signed them. The problem is the music and the artist becoming puppets, that's what the problem is. The music sucks because regular people are not put on the level as a huge marketing machine artist no matter what they do and what talent they have. When recording studios are free, that's right free, because the equipment is there, whether it is used or not, doesn't add any costs, and artists who have already made it are there in the studio waiting for anyone to come in and make music with them, that is when I will "support" music. Studio equipment is the same as gym equipment or computer equipment or even library equipment, whether you use it or not, it doesn't increase or decrease in value. Thus anybody should be able to go into a studio and sound good using $100,000+ of equipment because that is what you need to sound good. Until then it is all bullshit. We are getting played by corporations and CEO's. We are all puppets even the artists you look up to. The corporations and labels control everything.

    • yugang: to yugang

      ^^^ not sure what you mean by that if your saying people dont support their artists (and by artists i mean the good ones not the crappy commercial bullshit) then thats true. All i was saying is as fans of real hip hop we need to support our artists for real dont just talk about, spend that 10 or 15 dollars so dope mcs can be more known to the masses.

    • to yugang

      "support your fav artist" not

    • yugang

      record sales compared to the last decade shows the decline not the increase of the music industry. Remember when artists typically sold in the hundred thousands, remember how easier it was to go gold hell when was the last time someone sold a million in a week? now mofos sales in the ten thousands, the biggest artist no longer can sell a mill in a week and now gold is considered a big success when gold wasn't even that big of a deal back then, and dudes sells more singles than albums i bet the oh lets do it single moved more numbers than waka's whole album. Yeah its a tiny improvement compared to last yr but we got a LONG way to go before the biz makes a good recovery. We need to start supporting our favorite artists, not just talk about it.

    • miguel Guttierres

      No sir, they're not! Flocka is going to be either off the charts or getting close by the time he reaches 100K and Gucci's album sold less than his previous one. More like the rap game is taking THEM over.

    • Anonymous

      50,000 units isnt taking anything over

  • VA~Reppa

    "OFFICER RICKY!!!"...Once agian Officer Ricky has fallen off the soundscan without atleast reaching GOLD-STATUS, Damn!!! How he let Lloyd Banks Indie single BBB outsell his albums with all that help from the Defjam machine, Puff Diddy, and Jay-z???

    • c red

      im not sayin ross sells alot of records even though teflon don will go gold and in this day and time thats not a flop he will prob hit 600k before said and done but what my point was doggin on ross like banks is gonna sell alot of records is crazy banks wont even sell deeper than raps numbers if ross album is a flop then banks last album was a brick not to mention the last g unit album we wont even go there

    • G-Sh*t

      Officer Ross got 3 straight flops in a row! DeeperThanRap flop'd at 400k...Triple C's flop'd at 12k...Teflon Don has flop'd at 415k!!! Yes there are Flops when u get all the resources from a powerhouse like DefJam and becomes Diddys b*tch-boy poster child trying to sell u to everyone after you got bodied in a fake beef you started for buzz!

    • BWS-Fish

      c-red, i dont know what the fuck you think it means when you put "k" after a number, but let me tell u it means thousand. So no, Officer Ricky did NOT sell 10,000,000 this week u fucking retard. Maybe you should learn to communicate a bit better before you start going at ppl on here. Also, i havnt mentioned for a while..... HELP 50 GO GOLD!

    • c red

      no not backing ross bro i like banks and ross but i will be real surprized if banks outsells ross or has a better album i think teflon don is the best album of the year so far with ems album but dude was raggin on rosses sales when banks last album was a mad flop

    • Kermikaze

      ur really backing rick ross and not lloyd banks...really?, wow you gotta be a youngn

    • c red

      haha hfm did not go triple plat but it sold off of 50s buzz anyway look what banks last album did it dident even do 300k and ross first album by soundscan is over 900k and second album is over 800k and teflon don will hit gold i hate to burst your bubble

    • Va~Reppa

      Banks has a Triple-Platinum album under his belt already with HFM1! Officer Ricky has NEVER sold platinum in his career! BBB single has outold BMF single and that cop's album! Truth hurts!

    • c red

      ross sold 10000k this week and getting close to gold lets see what banks does before you start hatin i bet e barely clears 100k first week

  • Anonymous

    LOL @ that faggot Waka Flop Hopefully someone knocks that cat out and robs him blind

  • Anonymous


  • freshyboi

    sad that waka flocka sold more records in 1 week than some artists with talent sell in months

  • Its Um

    aw no bilal or black milk this week?

  • D-Nice

    Flockaveli iz fire! wut da hell u talkin bout SutterKane? fool.

  • D-Nice

    Flockaveli iz da shit, fuck iz u talkin bout SutterKane?

  • D-Nice

    Flockaveli iz da shit, fuck iz u talkin bout SutterKane? fuckin fag

  • SutterKane

    LOL @ Waka, maybe he'll take the hint and find a new career

    • to 2nd anon

      "support" what a fuckin joke

    • Stan

      Shout out to Finna, u killed me!!! whaaaaaahwhahwhawh!! Wacka Floppa Flame!!!

    • Anonymous

      you ever realise just for the sake of dickriding peoples standards get lower and lower every year. i noticed people develop this habit that just because thier artist isn't doin well there willing to call whatever that person made a success. they say some stupid shit like "oh we're in recession" or "people are downloadin it for free so 10 - 15 000 that's like platinum these days, it's til better than your fav artist". naw nigga a flop is a flop is a flop (that's not a typo) arist need to put decent music, labels need to push them and people need to buy records. every party has a part to play in the health of the industry especially consumers. if you dont support your fav artist labels wont invest in them and thus they cant put out better product. they cant get good production cuz they cant afford and they cant get good videos cuz they cant afford it. it's not fuckin rocket science, get it together people

    • Finnah

      Did you just say 37,000 is decent when compared to other albums by bigger artists? RFLMAOOOO!!! Sounds to me like your giving this unoriginal dick sucking Pac clown Waka Flocka an excuse for doing those low digit numbers. Eminem never sold those type of numbers with his debut with Dr. Dre when Em was a rookie in the industry. He sales blew out the water and Em has been on fire every since. Waka Fucka flopped hard and people need to realize that 37,000 is A FLOP!!! Waka Flocka just did a WAKA FLOPPA!!! Maybe that will teach Waka's dumb ass not to steal Tupac's Makaveli analogy. Remember that people don't like other rappers ripping creativity off of Tupac Shakur and that's why his dumb ass deserves to sell 37,000. Not a good look sorry and his other minstrel show homie Gucci Mane is finished as well...Say goodbye to these whack southern ass niggaz!!! Say goodnight to'em!!!

    • Anonymous

      his sales were pretty decent compared to other albums by bigger artists,

  • True

    your name is Gucci and Waka Flocka Flames .. and you expect me to buy your album???

  • Nico 3

    So let me get this straight. Supposedly only white people are buying Eminem's music, yet he hangs an collaborates with only black artists, whose music coincidentally isn't being embraced by those same picky ass white people. Guess the only other explanation would be talent. Some got it, most don't. Nuff said.

  • Bauce

    Rofl at Waka Floppa Flop

  • Nneka fan

    Anyone looking for some straight Lauren Hill-type soul shit needs to go to Youtube now and type in Nneka-God of Mercy live. This chick is incredible and so is her range towards the end of the song. Peace

  • shawtyacemusic

    dang waka flocka sold more than gucci mane .....dats wuts up label mates and ya cant hate on that

  • wow...

    Eminem sold 2,768,000 albums. WOW...this fool has the white fan base on LOCK. If eminem started saying "nigga" now, I BET you this fool would still go platinum. Why? Because of his white fan base...

  • ymcmb

    who is buying all these eminem albums record lable perhaps??

    • to ymcmb

      these dudes casper and gok are lying to you. they tryin to cover their tracks. nobody is buyin shit plain and simple. these labels are chokin thats the truth. they be buyin their own shit and fakin numbers, its a last ditch attempt to salvage whatever garbage they have left. to gok "let the public buy it" yeah ok dude, public ain't buyin shit. to be a customer of a millionaire yeah right

    • gok

      Why would a record company waste money on buying 100,000s of its own product. Itd make more sense to push the singles and let the public buy it

    • casper21

      you remember when the BEP released The END, that shit followed the exact same trend as Recovery is following now. They stayed top 5 and top 10 forever, over a year i think selling like 30k a week maybe a bit more. They released a bunch of singles too. Look back at any strong album, thats how they do, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, the ones that sold 2-3 million overall all had consistent weeks between 30-50k for months after the initial hype of their album died. It ain't labels buying albums, its artists with loyal fanbases for one, but putting out more than 1 or two singles for their records. The real question is how did Wayne go from selling like 108,000 digitally to only 23k in its second week. A 40-55% decline happens all the time, but an 80% drop in its second week prolly shows you cash money might have bought like 20-30k on their own.

  • rainer23

    the industry is DEAD.. im sad about that.

  • ymcmb

    damn ice cube flop like a mudafucka

  • El Gallo

    Damn! Skyzoo & !llmind only 2,400...thats crazy. That album is nice.

  • Rob

    Fuck sales! fuck that commercial bullshit!

  • Realhiphopky

    In this Day and Age selling a 1,000,000 records is like going 5x platinum in the old days. selling 500,000 copies is like goin Platimun now. Selling 250,000 is like going Gold! But Anything under 100,000 for an album release after like 8months, should be a No Return to the Game for that Artist! lol

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