CL Smooth Talks Reunion With Pete Rock

CL Smooth discusses being reunited with his former producer.

In a recent interview with Mr. Davey D, Pete Rock & CL Smooth sat down to discuss a myriad of topics, including the duo's reunion tour.

"It's an everyday process," explained CL. "Like I'm saying to everybody, everything isn't a cakewalk. Everything isn't as easy as pie. It's a process - you gotta work at it everyday. It's like a relationship and a marriage...cuz at any point and time that you take for granted that it's gonna be this or be that, that's where you're gonna fail. You just gotta keep your eyes on the prize, keep yourself motivated and in tune with what's going on...."

"Sometimes we don't have all the answers. I don't have all the answers," admitted the emcee. "But if we can listen and we can observe what's going on, then maybe we might process...."

When asked what song from his catalog would best exemplify him, CL Smooth chose "Straighten It Out."

Listen to the interview below:


  • Anonymous

    this would be cool. but ill believe it when i see it. indusrty bullshit. a million justin beiber clones tryin to take over the world CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!!

  • sum_body

    i hope they do reunite. i guessing this had somethin to do with Guru's death, never being able to reunite w/ premo, and thinkin life is short (and sometimes it is). u really dont know what u got til is gone. SV will never be the same w/o dilla and baatin, LB broke up and it didnt seem very smoothly. i just hope it materializes into somethin.

  • GregRodgers

    I will belieive it when I see it. Pete and CL have been acting like bitches for years. People have been dying for these two to get that chemistry flowing again, but fail to do so. The drop hits like Back on da Block and peeps go mental and then nothing happens. ISH or get off the pot son. Get in the studio and make some of those remarkable hits like you used to! Remember...y'all are getting "OLD" in this rap thing. The window of opportunity is closing.

  • pienman

    that would be the illest energy again! not that many younsters kno bout the musical & legendry these cats process & progressing for more

  • Aceloco78

    Grew up on these guys...when hip hop was original and not so recyclable!

  • achpe2

    Respect!!!! It would be good to see these dudes back together, but they need a new sound. Alot of they back in the day sounded the same, plus they are boring in concert.

    • GregRodgers

      You are kidding right? These two are responsible for some of the best classics out. Most people I know bump new stuff but always still go back to TROY, Straighten it out, Mecca and the SOUL brother. You even have DAMU the Fudgemunk reviving the Pete Sound on Y Society joints. What we need is an updated Pete Rock style with that 90's original feel to it....that's whar rap needs now. Remember whats old can be new...

  • Nico 3

    Translated, CL Smooth is broke and needs Pete Rock to eat. It's kinda pathetic, comparing marriage to the fact they fell out artistically. Man up and find your own way.

  • Charles ExSavior

    I would love to hear a new Pete Rock and CL Smooth album.

  • Indiemuzik

    FINALLY! I freakin love these dudes.

  • 914

    Its The Three Letter Man Eli Check me out... Just Put 19 old Tracks that i had sit out..Just a taste while im work on the Mixtape..Check them out and give your feedback. Featuring Hit Singles: Let Get 9!4, Creative Mind, Lonely, Jus-Eli... Show Some Love

  • sexytime

  • DJ

    outkast, UGK, Eric B & Rakim, blackstar gangstarr and Pete Rock & CL smooth You can argue over which duo is the best, but you can't say the best duo isn't in this group

    • Charles ExSavior

      Sorry Cory Tribe is technically not a duo, although Tip and Phife handled the bulk of the rhymes. I will have to say OutKast is my favorite out of all duos in rap, but that's followed by Run-DMC and EPMD no question!

    • Cory Pyu Milam

      I wouldn't count out A Tribe Called Quest. Low End Theory and Midnight Marauders were classics.

    • jry

      I would add a couple of duos to that list: EPMD & Boogie Down Productions (honorable mentions to Mobb Deep and Black Star)

  • problems/problema

    One of the greatest duo's ever..If there was a hip hop hall of fame they would be first ballot..oh yeah 1st

    • problemz/problema

      I can't even front...everyone mentioned would be first ballots..I would also add nice and smooth,organized konfusion,dogg pound,clipse and das efx...

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