Drake Explains Mixed Heritage, Recalls Bar Mitzvah

The emcee GQ Magazine labeled a "Gangster Killer" describes the perspective he gained from his Backstreet Boys Bar Mitzvah.

Saying Drake is a non-traditional Hip Hop artist may be a bit of an understatement. Despite drawing criticism in some circles, he made the transformation from a starring role in a cheesy teen drama to becoming a platinum-selling artist under Lil Wayne’s Young Money imprint. Drake has broken barriers as a Canadian emcee, but also as a Jewish emcee born to a multiracial couple, and recently joked with Peter Rosenberg about his upbringing.

“I went to a predominately Jewish school growing up,” Drake told Rosenberg. “I definitely had a Bar Mitzvah in an Italian restaurant, mind you. The song of the night was Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way.’ I was in synagogue; I had my yarmulke on.”

Granted, Drake is not the only  member of the Hip Hop community to speak on the matter. The Beastie Boys, 3rd Bass, and more recently, Ill Bill have all weighed in on their heritage. And, his Backstreet Boys, shout out aside, Drake views it as an asset.

“I think part of the whole appeal of me as an artist is that I had things that were initially seen as strikes against me—like being from Canada, being an actor, being light-skinned, being Jewish,” Drake told CNN earlier this year. “There’s all these things that in the stereotypical Rap world don’t really fit the package.”


  • Anonymous

    Hey skoolkrftgirl, you obviuosly have no idea what your talkin about, being half white has nothing to do with anything. Nobody has to try to be "down with the Brothas". We're black and were proud. and do your research, before you talk about all of us mixed folks, probably including you. 58 percent of African Americans have at least 12.5 percent European ancestry (equivalent of one great-grandparent); 19.6 percent of African Americans have at least 25 percent European ancestry (equivalent of one grandparent); 1 percent of African Americans have at least 50 percent European ancestry (equivalent of one parent)

  • Heberpayy

    I am the truth. Shall I continue to spread my message to these motherfuckers homo liking ass bitches?

  • Anonymous

    well i dont care about Drake but you must respect his success. CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GEwG5BCujS4

  • whoisthespiral

    A lot of people here seem to forget that Drake was releasing music, like, 4 years ago! Back when he was doing shit with Lupe and Little Brother, stuff like that? You people just heard "Best I Ever Had" one time and jumped right on the stupid fucking hate bandwagon...because it was popular. If he chose to stay underground I bet the same people calling him out now would be riding his dick. "for the record i just wanted to point out how easily influenced all yall niggas are you don't like drake yall jus make up dumb ass excuses for listening to him" ...what? No. I like what I like, regardless of whether it's popular or not. Isn't that original?

  • Sensaye252

    lol. The Industry has officially been taken over the by White America when the most popular Hip-Hop artist is jewish. X-Clan is rolling over in their graves.


    Hate is bad for your health

  • GR1PstealZ

    he's been in show biz for a while. he's ironically on a record label called "young money" when he obviously has old money. listen to the way he speaks in interviews, then listen to one of his songs... its like DUH!! so fucken obvious

    • skoolkrftgirl

      Thats real talk fam!!! LIsten to that lilly half white suburban/rich kid speak all white and proper as hell in them interviews and then when he grab the mike, he be tryin to sound "hoood" then a mug. He a fake ass 1/2 white kid tryin to be down with the brothas. Neighborhood he grew up in was 98.8% white, so when he say "he never met a cop he liked", only time he ever had a run in wit a cop is speeding in his mama's lexus!

  • trizev

    heberpayy, this is a srs ? are you retarded?

  • Heberpayy

    Immortal Techinique is a bitch-ass fake pussy. He's like that fat lesbian bitch Michael Moore of hip-hop industry. Lupe Fiasco is now a fiasco. Seriously... how can the lyricist of "Kick and Push" do songs like "for all my street niggas" and other shit. No wonder whys so much christian shit about Illuminati and Masons. Kanye is a disappointment. The man creates "Flashing Lights", but calls Soulja Boy a genius and say he's still apologizing for a year old drunk incident. Pharrell have some credits for being on his 40s and look like another 23 years old fake-ass no-rap pussy ass nigga. Nas is gay. Common got raped in the booty. I can go on and on, but I'm sure nobody'll read this.

  • Robert

    Holy Crap! drake is jewish? No fucking way dude! This is huge! Not only that, but his moms is jewish, unlike asher roth, so you know its 100% certified! 10 fold on the respect dawg!.....yeah Not really. what a fucking joke. Cycling trivialites

  • Bvbvbvbv

    Drake here, Drake there, Lil' Wayne here, Lil' Wayne there... yo DX, give some real and interesting news instead of always talking about those wackasses.

  • DevilishThoughts

    I am in no way racist. This isn't a racial insult. So don't misunderstand. I am simply going to state, that now I've seen it all. A canadian lightskinned black jew rapper turned singer...what's next? A hawaiian kenyan president?!!!! Oh wait...

  • Heberpayy

    "being an actor, being light-skinned, being Jewish" He should get going and lists "being wack, being fake and ass kisser" Besides, WTF Canada has to do with this? I mean... the country where he comes from doesnt matter at all.

  • G Money


  • Jeremy F Taylor

    Jews rule show biz

  • daaaaaaa fuckkk?

    Drake does not speak for all Jews. Not one individual can be held accountable for the entire action of a group. Some people are evil, some are not...and drake SUCKs no matter what religious connotation he holds...... facts 1.lyrics are WEAK and corny 2. his flow is beyond consistent it is annoyingly too much elementary E.G. A-b-c-d next line e-f-g 3.his metaphor belong in a Dr. Seuss book "i can make you sea my language-rosetta stone" "got you feeling nervous-prom night" (Yo how much thought went it to that garbage?) 2.his message is mad whack....come on now, Success and love. I never new how much material could be spoken on such boring topics!(and for the douches that are going to say"What do you want him to talk about drugs and guns?"--i reply no, but those 2 elements should be in the mist not the topics) for the record i just wanted to point out how easily influenced all yall niggas are you don't like drake yall jus make up dumb ass excuses for listening to him....Massive radio play...social networks of your "cool" friend liking this lame influences and manipulates you to believe this insane douchebaggery!!! haha People et it together. People are dying=mass murdered, children are being sold and enslaved, mothers and babies are starving while yall niggas is listening to this shiiit! immortal tech lupe fiasco....support artists with a message...unless yall fags are "in love"

  • Controverse

    "Queens runs you n****s ask Russel Simons/" ~NaS http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JNFXHoaf4Vs

  • nightelement.com

    Can't hate on Drake.

  • Israel is full of rats


    • Sensaye252

      I shouldn't encourage racism, but LMFAO @ 'Kayke'....HAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • eitan

      there's nothing more amusing than radical Muslims that think they know what's going on in the middle-east better then the people who actually live there.

    • Mother FUcker

      shut your ignorant ass up,, if you had half a brain and didnt walk around soaking in stereotypes that came from stupid fucks who were jealous of jews intellect, you would know that jews have done nothing but good for the world... Any black male/female who hates on jews needs to check themselves..they done more for the black community than any other group, including being a big part of the underground railroad.. this is comin from an educated black man, stay in school

    • Free my People

      Please do not speak on this matter unless you are well informed. While it is true the Israeli people are occupying another peoples land illegally and murdering them daily it brings a shame and stigma to the Palestinian people when others defend them with bigoted statements. Apartheid can not go on forever and hopefully my people will overcome the tragedy of what the "chosen people" have inflicted upon them. ..... shiiit, laying claim to a land because YOUR 5000 year old holy book says it is yours? unbelievable salaam akhi!

    • Malcolm J. William Ault

      i'd call you a cunt, but cunts are useful

  • YoungMoney Exec

    Here are some snippets off the upcoming mixtape! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJUoctvGZyc

    • Anonymous

      ed didnt they tell you to sit down i know this media paid nigga aint defending a 9 yr old. that shit aint hip hop

  • Louisx

    *This just in* Drake was born rich. I hope Will and Jada's son gets signed, damn... waiting on it!!

    • Anonymous

      ed r u getting paid to advertise? cus u should....you are mad whack who the fuck cares about willow or will smith-that shit aint hip hop et the fuuuck outtta heerrreee wit that gay shit!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      what do you faggots think of sam adams? lol

    • EddieMurrrphy

      have you heard willow smith's song? what was the last will smith movie u seen? are you guys fuckin kiddin me. a little slow in the brain aint ya? i bet you got a copy of bowfinger on the shelf next to your bed. buy Nineteen Nienty Now by Celph Titled & Buckwild - album of the year for sure

    • RuffDraft

      How the fuck would Jayden Smith have real pain? Motherfucker grew up in a 20 million dollar mansion and has had anything and everything he ever wanted. For the most part money does buy happiness. Id rather be rich and sad than poor, hungry and sad.

    • Anonymous

      eddie murphy goooo home!

    • EddieMurrrphy

      at least we can be satisfied with Willow Smith and her deal. thanks to her families and jay-z "chance meeting" in japan she puttin out hit records on roc nation. "Whip My Hair" is a banger. jayden isnt sure if he wants to make music or be in hollywood movies more often. maybe he can do both, i guess we'll just have to wait and find out. fingers crossed jayden would have some shit to say and some real pain to turn into inspiring creative energetic songs. homeboy would tear mics in two!

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