Lupe Fiasco Talks Meeting With Atlantic Records And More

Lupe Fiasco speaks on his meeting with Atlantic Records, credits social media for the scheduled release of his album.

After much debate between rapper Lupe Fiasco and his record label Atlantic Records, his Lasers album was finally given an official release date late last week. The first single off of the album will be released on October 26 while the album is scheduled to be released on March 8, 2011. 

In an interview with, Lupe spoke on finally reaching middle ground with Atlantic Records in regards to his album. He also credited his victory to the extreme dedication of his fans.

“We had a difference of creative opinion, difference of business direction, so we reconciled it all out,” Lupe explained to “Everybody got to say what they wanted, and we had a good meeting about it. Everything is fine, we are walking hand and hand into the sunset. We got the album released because of the fans, marches, petitions and protests, and everything. The people worked, they listened, they heard.”

In his interview, Lupe also revealed that social media played a huge role in his album finally being given a release date.

“It started on social media. It was all these different kids from all over the world connected into these one or two forums or blogs that everybody frequented,” said Lupe. “That’s where they kind of organized it, and you could see it in real time. They got a checklist of things that need to take care of, who’s going to get the vans, who’s going to get the permits who’s going to write the press release, who’s going to do “da, da, da,” and check it off. So, it’s like a real-time collective growing social activity, which is dope.”



  • Anonymous

    hes got dope fans to watch his back like that. real dope man im feelin that shit CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!! IF YOU LIKE TITTIES CLICK ON LINK BELOW!

  • UptownDC

    Now thats whats up...Now i can finally head down to Best Buy and pre-order this...



  • areyouserious?

    this guy really takes himself too seriously. He needs to realize he's a rapper, not a social activist. His racist lyrics are also wearing thin with me.

    • ThaRealness

      What racist lyrics you dumb fuck?! I've listened to damn near his entire catalog and never had I heard anything about any fucking race. Why can't people like you just read at least one single article (even if it's Wikipedia) about someone before judging. Wish I could just slap some sense outta you for that ignorant ass comment, but then again, you probably have an IQ of 40 and lower. Haven't you heard any of Lupe Fiasco's songs and thought at least one about what he said? No? Then GET THE FUCK OFF of his BALLS and go pollute your brainwashed mind on some Lil Lame music or Shitty Minaj's plastic ass!

    • ok so...

      Your Logic = Because you are a cant be an activist? Lupe normally goes around talking about music anways besides isn't he not in someway still an activist just using rap as a way to get his messages across? and what racist lyrics? and plz dont be a Wayne fan because if your talking abuot "takes himself to seriously" and a Wayne fan...then you shouldn't talk


      What racist lyrics?

  • ptone814


  • inspirmentalist

    i cannot wait til his 3rd album drops. i recently viewed his speech on how atlantic was trying to screw him over with a 360 deal. thus while i'll never get signed to the majors. they tried to change his music too...execs need to stick to they jobs and quit trying to be rappers and singers. f&f up!

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