Twista's Life And Career Subject of New Documentary

Twista let's cameras into his world to chronicle his life and work.

Mr. Immortality: The Life and Times of Twista, a new film directed by Vlad Yudin, will, as its title suggests, take as its subject the record breaking Chicago emcee. The movie, set to be released by EMI on December 7th of this year, will document Twista’s career from its outset and over the course of its run-time pay particular attention to the way in which the Windy City has inspired the rapper, paralleling the rappers progress with that of the city that birthed him.

Guest appearances are included from such luminaries as The-Dream, Ne-Yo, Scott Storch, and more. While the film will of course focus on Twista’s career highlights, such as his work with Jay-Z and Kanye West, it also takes an in-depth look at the man behind the speedster flow, promising insights into the man that fans have not previously been privileged to.

Before the film debuts Twista has another big release planned. His long awaited new album, The Perfect Storm, will be released on November 9th through EMI/Capitol Records.


  • Anonymous

    this should be interesting thats crazy how he got signed then ended up working at a car wash then got signed again and became bigger then he ever was. thats real life shit. gotta respect dude. he put in his work and paid his dues CHECK OUT THE NEW HIP HOP SHOW BIG BOOTYS, BIG BLUNTS, AND HILARIOUS JACK ASS SKETCHES!!! IF YOU LIKE TITTIES CLICK ON LINK BELOW!


    Twista is household name, love it or hate it.

  • Justo

    Yo Ya'll Little Dudes Better Recognize, The Boy Twista Goes Hard. Dude Been Around Since You Guys Were Little Sperm Swimming Around.

  • edubb1977

    I dont know what some of yall are on but Twista go hard. Yes i know some of his recent stuff wasnt up to par but Twista's average music is better than some of these recent cats so called good music. But for that one cat to say nobody has fucked with Twista since he got down with ye is straight up fuckin stupid. Twista do ya thing fuck these crab nigga hatin muthafuckas.

  • Life Accordin' To Dutch

    WOW! ITS SOME DUM NIGZ ON say Twista dont hav a classic to his name is to show yo' age and stupidity..bein a chicago nigga offended to read biased dum shit like that..u need to check Twista resume..this a nigga who didnt put an album out for almost 10 yrs after his first one..came back out and went plat twice..foolish bum ass nigga..he did guest spots with the whole fuckin industry for a decade with no album out..always with the best verse.."CHAMPIONS" with Roc-a-fella at its that yo bitch"..the list goes on..fuckboy..and he is definitely on most Chicago nigz lists..speak for yo lame ass self..

  • SIX

    Yal niggas betta get it correct. Twista goes fed, listen to Adrinalin Rush, Get it wet, and the Speedknot Mobsta's, Pycho Drama, all these niggas from the Chi-Town that put it down from the midwest. I dont know if you niggas from other parts are deaf, dumb or stupid, the south been listening to Twista and other Chi-Town niggas for the longest. Wut up Crucial Conflict and Do or Die!!!!!

  • deeznutz

    all of ya'll can suck chingy's boyfriend's dick

  • hiphop11

    twista has been around forever and is on nobodys list. We all get it.... you can rap fast. But i cant remember one bar.


    sounds like someone from his camp wrote this article lol. really on his nuts. nd for real, why the fuck is twista making a doc? mainstream fans only gave a shit when he was fuckin wit ye. anything besides that is super trash. fuckouttahere

  • Bauce

    Twista gets a fuckin documentary? He's been awful this decade and hasn't got a classic to this name. A waste of talent

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