DJ Premier Mentions Possible Album With Nas At A Show In South Africa

DJ Premier calls out Nas at a show in South Africa, asks the audience if they want a Nas and DJ Premier album.

At a recent show in South Africa, DJ Premier called out Queens rapper Nas for a possible collaboration between the two artists.

“How many people love Nas? How many people want Nas and Premier to do an album?” DJ Premier asked the crowd. “So on the count of three say ‘Nas, do a fuckin’ album with Premo!’ Aight then. And you know what? The first show we do [will] be right here with you motherfuckers. Ya heard?”

DJ Premier was met with much applause and loud jeers from the crowd when he mentioned Nas and even had the crowd scream “Nas, do a fuckin’ album with Premo” twice.

Back in 2006, DJ Premier spoke on a possible collaborative album with Nas as part of a feature story for the now nonexistent Scratch Magazine.

“Nas approached me about doing a whole album for him over a year ago, and I said, ‘I’m down, just holla at me when you’re ready,’” DJ Premier explained to the magazine. "This is the first time I’ve seen him since…I really hope we can get it crackin’.”

DJ Premier has produced a number of tracks for Nas including Illmatic’s “N.Y. State Of Mind,” “Memory Lane,” and “Represent.” It’s still unclear if both DJ Premier and Nas will in fact join forces for an album. 


  • Anonymous


  • Doubl Negative

    The way things are goin' at the moment, the labels probably wouldn't release it any way. Let's hope Def Jam do the right thing and release Lost Tapes II, at least.

  • Bvbvbvbv

    That will be awesome. It's about time for Nas to go back to relevancy.

  • Anonymous

    These dueds been talking about a collaboration since i think streets Deciple. As premier's beats never fail to amaze, i can't understand why nas and preme have'nt even nearly got round to working with each other since probably 99-00. The one mc, one producer hook-up is a great idea, for these artists..

  • C.

    sales wouldn't be great but the album would be classic! dam nerd bloggers & lame fuckers would leak & download.

  • Anonymous

    I gave you power by the way is stolen from Organized konfusion! Mc Shan even has done it befor on the track cocaine (where he raps about a girl but this girl is cocaine) same idea

  • Anonymous

    Why do guys want a premo and nas album? Do really think that his beats are so dope like 15 or 20 years ago? Premo is done! nas must work with new dope producers. But the problem of nas is he can't pick dope beats. Even the beats on Illmatic were garbage with acception of a few. Come on illmatic is dope but sounded so mellow.

    • Anonymous is HOE!

      If Premo is done then it's obvious that you're dumb ass is done with Hip-Hop music because you're not paying attention to it anymore. The only reason why you would say Premo is done is because your lazy don't listen to shit no more. DJ Premier is far being done and finished. He's just getting started with the deepest and hottest shit in his producing career that dumb asses like you aren't ready for. The Joell Ortiz joint that Premo did this year is the start of a new journey and a new avenue for DJ Premier right next to the other legendary avenues he's already accomplished. If anyone is over it's NAS. Not DJ Premier. NAS is over when it comes to beats because NAS would rather put his precious lyrics over some shitty ass beats that nobody will ever care about. NAS is the one fucking up the rest of his career by not choosing the right beats that'll make him more relevant again. NAS left the sounds that actually made him. Sorry but NAS and Pop music just do not mix and that's the reason why NAS keeps putting himself in a tough spot today because of his beat choices. Premo is never over and never came close to being over and it's NAS' fault for not doing the album and not Premier. Premier will mention it once again but at the same time Premo could care less to work with NAS at this point. Watch NAS' next album be some more stupid pop shit with his beat choices. I'll say NAS is done before I ever say Premo is done because Premier keeps moving and takes no fucking breaks whatsoever. NAS always takes breaks and doesn't stay on the move like Preme does.

    • 519're fucked bud..obv you dont know shit about hip hop..REAL hip hop..first of all how is Preme done??..his last few joints released in august feat joel ortiz n Bun B were hyype. and secondly how can you say illmatic was garbage thats hands down..HANDS DOWN - ONE OF THE BEST HIP HOP ALBUMS OF ALL TIME..START TO FINISH..PERIOD! TO ALL THE REAL HEADS OUT THERE CHECK OUT RAH DIGGAS NEW ALBUM "CLASSIC" IF YOU WANT THAT 90'S RAWNESS! PEACE

  • Jake

    I would bust a nut if this happened...Nas is still a god emcee, although personally I wish this happened b/w 94-2002...Again it will still be sick as Primo is a top 3 producer ever (most raw hip hop beats) and Nas is a top 3 SUPER DOPE emcee...Don't tease us with this kind of article...Features from Em, Redman, Masta Ace, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Elzhi, Crooked I and dudes like this would make it that much better, but if not that's fine also

  • Malcolm J. William Ault

    Nas on am album with actual beats would be insane. He hasn't had a cohesive sounding album since Stillmatic

  • Nazir

    Why doesnt Nas do an album with DJ Premier ? Premier wants it, the fans want it, why wouldnt nas want it ? I thought they get along well ?!I dont see what the problem is then ?

  • savage44

    NAS needs to get some dope producers again on his albums bring back the old Nas . DJ PREMIER is dope NEW MC EIHT ALBUM WHICH WAY IS WEST IS SUPPOSE TO HAVE SOME PRODUCTION BY PREMO TOO

  • Add new comment

    This shit ain't happening. They tease this album every couple years...I'd be happy to get a Nas/Premo track, which is wishful thinking at this point.

  • bhbkinggss


  • dlp

    Nas is a dickhead and as much as we all would love to see this, it's not gonna happen...P.S. Primo definitely did "Memory Lane"

  • sharpsh00ter155

    if this happened, it would be the biggest album in the last 5 years for hip hop in general.

  • Rellmatic

    To justsayin, u dont know a damn thing about hip hop. illmatic is by far one of the best hip hop albums ever created. It was the most bootleg album as well. thats the reason why it didnt sell millions. but good music is not based on sales. all ur favorite rappers say (drake, j,cole, etc) illmatic inspired them to rap. when is the last time trackmasters did anything??? And the track that dre did on it was written was average. Premo maybe the best produer ever to do it. And has better chemistry with nas. news flash: jay-z 1st album reasonable doubt didn't sell well. but is also his best album ever. vanilla ice and mc hammer sold millions. does that mean they are the best emcess?? do your homework when it comes to hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      lpro then what album was????....

    • LPro

      Illmatic wasn't the most bootlegged album what a bullshit. Illmatic didn't sell because there were no hits and the beats were to mellow.

    • jake

      Well said, but don't get it twisted, Nas may have not sold as many records as Em, Jay, Pac, Biggie, but he did have like 7 plus albums in a row that went platinum, so THE GOD has def sold a TON of albums...More than other sick emcees like Common, Kweli, Black Thought and the Roots, Masta Ace, MF Doom, Mos Def, Pharoahe Monch, Rakim, Masta Big Daddy Kane, KOOL G RAP, Elzhi, etc (prob combined damn near)

  • Thisizpree

    justSayin You Talking Bullshit If It Was Written Was Nas Best Album You'll know premiere Produced I Gave You Power Which Is The Illest Song On The Album Ask Tupac He Stole The Idea For Me & My Girlfriend... Hiphop101....

    • Jake

      I will agree that It was Written is VERY slept on, but it's not on ILLmatic's level dude (basically nothing is, ask any dope emcee and it's in their top 5-10 albums period)...I gave you power, take it in blood are 2 of my top 15 Nas songs for sure though...both CLASSICS, and If i ruled the world shows how good RADIO hip hop (not 95% of the garbage today) USED TO BE IN THE MID 90'S

  • bswift77

    This should've happened years ago. Nas' best music came from premo or large professor beats. I think a premo Nas album would be the best album of nas' career. He would be crazy not to push like hell to make this happen.

    • 9thprince

      Wow !!!! Justsayin u r a dicklicking fool...u prefer to hear Nas on a just Blaze or alchemist beat than Nas on a premo or large pro beat...that shows u r not a real fan, u r a dickliking idiot...CHECK OUT NAS IS LIKE(PREMO),YOUR DA MAN (LARGE PRO), N.Y STATE OF MIND PT 1 & 2, EVEN HIS WEAKEST ALBUM NASTRADAMUS CHK 'COME GET ME' (PREMO)...GET THE HEAD OUT YO ASS FUCKA...

    • strollintolago

      @JustSayin, you are a complete idiot and have no idea what your talking about... your either 13 years old or just started listening to hip hop yesterday.

    • real talk

      this is the the guy above are really dont know shit do u? lol illmatic was a flop? lol yea ok u better go back to 93-94 n get your facts straight...and DR. DRE did like 2 joints on it was written and them shits was probably scott storch beats...either way both albums were fuckin classic...fuck album sales...i hate cats that say something is hot because it sold a certain amount

    • JustSayin

      Nas' best music came from tracks produced by Dr. Dre and trackmasters, which is why It Was Written was Nas' greatest album. Premo's and large pro's weak, mellow tracks are the reason why Illmatic flopped. Nas should do an entire album with alchemist or with just blaze.

  • R.Pgh

    the only reason this 'could' still happen is the fact that Nas and Damian Marley had talks about making an album together and a couple years later you have the brilliance of Distant Relatives.

  • Ahktane

    Fuck that! I got an even better one. Nas and Jay-Z album produced by Primo. Whew! I love Nas more than Jay-Z but lets go for the gold on this one.

    • Anonymous

      that would be epic but no way in hell would that happen. Jay only gives a shit about himself he really dont want to see nas doing good.

  • Anonymous

    We know this for years but nothing has happened. By the way i respect Premo but come on premo had his best time

  • blackula

    Premo been waitin'. This really depends on Nas as he's been known for not backing up a lot of shit he says. I won't believe it until I see the two of them together discussing it. Some of these guys make it seem like its impossible to reach one another. One of them gotta make that phone call, instead of just teasing a crowd.

  • sincerejk

    like most dream collabs, i'll believe it when i see it. also, i'm pretty sure pete rock produced 'memory lane.'

    • Charles ExSavior

      Pete Rock only produced "The World Is Yours" on Illmatic. HHDX fucks up on a lot of details but they got it right. And yeah, I won't believe a damn thing til I hear it. This was in Scratch magazine years ago when they were on the cover!

  • Its Um

    A Nas and Premo fans favorite dream, will ya truly make it come true are just a gas hope?

    • trizzoner

      yooo if anybody knows nas please pass him this info,, yoo nas do this fucking album with premo !!!if not ull lose a fan im tire of your shit being a dick is cool and shit but the god producer is asking you to do album with u soo fucking do it!! premo is the greatest hiphop producer not only to me but to the world n this isnt an opinion and nas to me is the greatest rapper ,personal opinion,,, soo nas if u care for hiphop and wanna see another great album be made , our only hope to maybe see a better album then illmatic is this,, hiphop is dead so bring that shit back to life .its on you asshole,,

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